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I was so happy when I first knew I was getting it. The only castlevania game I played before this was bloodlines,so I thought hey! This should be good! Konami made it right,and it is a castlevania game! I Was Wrong!
Dont ever play a game based on the company that made it. It is stupid. You'll see why. Read on young padawan...

Graphics: 7 out of 10

The graphics are good for gameboy standards. This was the first castlevania game for gameboy so I didnt have high standards for this game's graphics.The best part of the game.Even though thats not saying much.

Gameplay: 1 out of 10

Oh....My....God....THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! He can't jump,it has got to be a pixel perfect jump or you die and you get GAME OVER or you lose a life,and he walks like he's got iron boots on! He moves at a turtles pace.(maybe a turtle walks faster than him) He has the usual delay when he cracks his whip. ust do it away from the enemy. The enemy placement is horrible. An example: jump over bridge with 2 holes on each side. Jump over the first hole and a bat comes out. You whip it. Then another bat comes out, and knocks you into the hole on the other side. After that, GAME OVER!

Controls: 7 out of 10

The controls are easy to figure out. Theres only 2 buttons anyway. A is to jump and B is to whip. The controls are a little sluggish.AND YOU DONT WANT TO BE JUMPING PERIOD OVER A HOLE! God I thought the other reveiwers were lying when they said the jumping was appalling. I know Cristopher(christopher belmont) is a Belmont but this is TERRIBLE! NO Belmont had jumping problems like this, and if they did I didn't play it yet.

Music: 7 out of 10

Some good music. The first level and the Ending song are the only good ones. There's only 4 levels which mean 4 pieces of music right?

Difficulty: 1 out of 10

Why a one? Because the game is TOO HARD. It's break your gameboy hard! No game should be hard like this! You better be prepared! I beat it so I have nothing to worry about.


Get this game if your a hardcore Castlevania fan. I dont regret getting this because I added it to my Castlevania library. Just dont ever buy a game because of the company!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/01/03

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