Review by DarkSaiyan20

Reviewed: 10/01/04

The worst game in a great series isn't always a bad thing.

After such a good run on the NES it was only natural that the Castlevania series would find it's way to Nintendo's original puke green screen wonder. Always considered to be one of the weakest and most challenging entries into the series, most people don't understand that being the worst game in an excellent series isn't always a bad thing. That being said Castlevania Adventure comes to the Game Boy not meeting everyone's expectations. But the patient player will find much satisfaction in completing the game. Let's see why.

Story - 6/10
Taking place 100 years before Simon Belmont's battles against the Prince of Darkness, we go back to yet another time where Dracula and his evil is spreading chaos across transylvania. Christopher Belmont grabs his sacred family whip and sets out to do battle with the forces of evil and rid the land of the evil Count.
It's a first generation Game Boy title so there's not much to work with but it's acceptable for it's day.

Graphics - 6/10
They get the job done as did many Game Boy titles at the time. Our walks funny just like his great great grandson did. As for enemies sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what they are but they can be seen so I'm not complaining.

Sound - 7/10
I happen to like the short soundtrack here. It's sounds pretty good coming from that tiny little speaker. It doesn't set much of a dark mood but it works.
As for game sounds it's the standard Castlevania stuff. It's all there.

Gameplay - 6/10
It's Castlevania so you probably already know the basics. Gone however are the sub-weapons. You start with a whip and that's all you get. There are whip upgrades like the original only the final one shoots out a fireball. Unfortunetly the whip degrades everytime an enemy touches you so in the later stages your upgrades probably won't last too long. That's why I knock off points here. It's just too easy to take hits it's not funny. That's another thing, this game is frickin hard. Prepare to see the continue screen alot. Especially in Stage 3 and 4. Luckily it can be beaten as the patient player will learn little tricks here and there as well as find hidden rooms in each of the 4 stages. And one last thing. In addition to being hard this one is extremely slow. Christopher walks like he's wearing 100lb. boots. It's a good thing all the action is slow too so you should be able to keep up.

Fun Factor - 7/10
I give this part a higher score because of the challenge. Although it may seem nearly impossible by the time you reach Stage 3, it can be done with relative ease with enough practice. Like the original Castlevania you have to learn where everything is and figure out enemy patterns. This kind of balanced challenge just kept me coming back for more until I finished it. I don't think I'd wanna play it again anytime soon so I'd say replay value is kinda low. Ya never know though so give it a try and see if you can beat it as well. If you can finish it you will definetely have a strong sense of satisfaction.

To buy or not to buy?
With so many other great Game Boy titles out there plus an excellent sequel you may really not wanna bother with it unless you're collecting or looking for a good challenge. If you are interested it can usually be found for a good price. I paid $8 for mine at EB and it was worth every penny to me.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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