"A game which follows its movie counterpart very well"

DragonHeart the movie centered around Sir Bowen, a knight who was training the young prince Inen to be ajust king.Inen was a brash young boy, so much in fact that his loyalty to his father and determination to put down any resistance to his father's rule ultimately led to his tragic death. In sorrow, Bowen took the boy's body to Draco the dragon, who performed a bit of magic to restore Inen's life. This magic involved Draco's splitting his heart in two and giving a half to Inen. In gratitude, Bowen swore that his strength and sword would be at Draco's service should the dragon ever require them. But Bowen's joy was short-lived. Inen became, if anything, a more bloodthirsty man than his father, and ruled with an iron hand. In rage, Bowen vowed to destroy all dragonkind, and never to rest until Draco was dead. Thus begins your quest, as you, Bowen, seek out Draco to destroy him...Well, that's your initial goal. Your true objective lies in dethroning the evil king Inen. Thus, when you find Draco, you must join forces with him. Story 10-10.
Control 10-10. Easy. Attack with A and block with B. Move with the D-Pad. It couldn't get much easier.
Audio 10-10. There are few SFX, but what few there are fit what they were used for, especially the sound of a dragon breathing fire. The music was sparse, but the two or three tunes wich play throughout the entire game are not really annoying. They're quite good if you ask me. The intro/gameplay music was quite catchy and the tune that played when you talked to a townsperson was quite good. The tune for when you die can get a bit annoying, but if you're careful you won't here it much. The battle theme is the best, although there's only one battle tune for the whole game. On the whole, not bad. After all, each tune fits what it's used for, and that's all that matters, right? Right!
Overall 10-10. This game is probably one of the most unique RPG's out there for the GameBoy. Unlike traditional RPG's it uses a password system and not a save system. You also have to see a blacksmith in the first area to sharpen your sword or you won't get anywhere with the dragons. Now there's a tough time for you. You have to time your attacks just right or you'll get burned! I don't know how hard or easy this game is to find, but if you can find it anywhere, I recommend getting it. If you're truely into RPG's you won't regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/28/01, Updated 03/01/03

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