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"Along the journey the game allows you to remember what happened was important."

Ah yes the second of the SaGa games for game boy which like the first was renamed to the name Final Fantasy Legend. Of course in the case of this game it was called Final Fantasy Legend 2. In any case this is my favorite of the game boy SaGas. It it took the rough ideas of Maniac World Tower Man SaGa (Final Fantasy Legend) and molds them into some of the best game play ever. Now on to the break down of the scores for SaGa 2 Treasury Legend. Why couldn't they use the japanese names..... Final Fantasy Legend 2 does not compare. However for the sake of the review I will use the american version name for simplicity. Enough it is time to begin.

Graphics- 8: This may be a game boy game yes, but the graphics are pretty good. The look of the final area is very effective and the way the many worlds were made to feel different thanks to the graphics was a nice touch. Over all Square worked very well with the graphical limits of the game boy based on their skills at the time. Some enemies are recycled yes, but what do you expect with limited memory and it is not the worse thing in the world.

Music- 10: The game boy can make music like this is what I thought when I first played this game. The final area tune is catchy. Along with the final boss tune being the best in the series of SaGa final boss tunes at least for the gameboy ones. Final Fantasy Legend 2 also has a battle tune that is good enough to actually make you glad items run out of uses so you can fight battle after battle after battle. Still I wish there was at least one more battle tune in the game and maybe if they remade this they should give each major boss his or her own tune. As it is the music is great.

Story- 10: You heard me right the story deserves at least a 10. Okay here is why the game successfully combines the main story which is to collect all the Magi to protect from evil ones who want to use it to become Gods with a separate plot in each world. This gives the effect that you are in not in a world just to get the Magi. Well you will get it anyway I guess, but you are there to interact with the people of the world. When ever I went to the next world I was left with memories of the people in the previous world I was in. If you ask me a game that makes me think about the past is very effective. Another cool thing is at certain points your members will say something. Who says what is depending on who your main is and what their posistion in the party is. It can be fun to play through this a second time and have a different race say a line by changing your order. Each plot in each world is simple, but effective. This game also boasts one of the biggest twists for a final battle ever. I'd say if the spoiler rule did not exist here. In any case this the best plot of all the Final Fantasy Legends oh heck I thought the plot of this game was better than Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy 2 US)

Gameplay 10: If you ever wonder where SaGa Frontier got its game play look no further. This game has the same species except for 2 facts. First in SaGa Frontier they are refined a little more and second SaGa Frontier dumps Mutants also known as Espers for Mystics. I like Mystics but I love mutants. Well enough about SaGa Frontier let us talk about Final Fantasy Legend 2. First off just like Final Fantasy Legend the items have limited uses this forces you to buy strategically. At first it may seem bad, but it isn't that bad especially with the new features of the species which we will get to in a second. Okay the game also features Magi. If you equip say the agility magi your character will have more agility. If you equip the fire magi then you will have higher defense against fire and do more damage with fire related attacks. In fact the more magi of a type you have the more effective it will be. All right now on to the species. Humans gain stats depending on what items they use. If a human use an agility weapon their agility may increase for example. They can equip up to 8 items, but only 1 Helmet, 1 pair of shoes, 1 glove and 1 armor. Humans can get strong quickly, but their problem is they have no skills which can be recharged by tents or staying at the INN like the other species. Monsters have preset skills. Whenever you let a monster eat meat which randomly appears at the end of a battle the monster will become a different form. The good is the fact when you change forms a monster refills their uses and their skills can be recharged by tents. The bad is many early monsters have so little uses it is pathetic and they can not equip anything. Robots work like this. If you equip an item on a robot the uses get cut in half and if you take it off the uses get cut in half unless you are giving the robot a martial arts move. Also robots can equip anything. What equipment you give the robot determines the stats of the robot. Another cool thing is if you use a tent or stay at an inn the items with limited uses will be restored to half their full amount. So if an item has 50 uses the robot can restore it for 25 uses. This can save you money if done right. For example if your humans if using an item with 40 uses max and it is about to run out and you are trying to save up your money. The item is about to run out of uses let the robot have it then go to an inn to restore it. As long as your hp is max INNS are free then take it off an use it 8 more times. Sure you have to keep an eye on things and go back to the inn a lot, but it is still cool. What is bad about robots is mostly getting a robot with good stats in several areas is hard. You have to be really pick about what you give a robot. Also magic items do no good for them. Mutants are my favorite of the 4 species. Mutants work like humans except they can only have 4 items max and the other 4 slots are eventually filled by skills. These skills are randomly learned at the end of battle. Once you have 4 skills the bottom one in the list is replaced. Since their skills can be recharged unlike humans collecting a good amount of money early on isn't too hard. The bad part about mutants is the fact the 4th skill is randomly replaced so you have keep an eye on what you are doing. In other words always switch it so the skill you hate the most is the bottom skill which is the 4th skill. Over all good game play.

Over all- 9: Amazing game play and good story are not what makes this game so good. No it the fact the game is fun to play. No matter how many times I have to replace my weapons I still enjoy it. This game is a true classic deserving of an update is you ask me.

To Rent or Buy: Buy! Buy! Did I mention buy? This is the best of the final fantasy legends pure and simple.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/20/01, Updated 01/20/01

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