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Reviewed: 04/08/01 | Updated: 04/08/01

Very good Game Boy RPG

Final Fantasy Legend 2; a rather old game for the original Game Boy. It picks up from the original Final Fantasy Legend released two years earlier. And, in this case, it's a lot better.

Final Fantasy Legend 2 is basically about finding Magi, some stones/orbs/whatever they are and finding your Dad, who went on a journey at the start of the game. Along the line of the story, you'll meet other characters who will join you in your quest. The character building is set up like the old Final Fantasy Legend, where you pick your characters for you party and build them from there. Note that there are a lot of combinations, all of them with different effects on the game.

Graphics: 10 - Very nicely executed for the original Game Boy when it was released back then. Even today, the graphics are clean with little slowdown. The enemy sprites are nicely drawn, too.

Music: 9 - Another high point of the game. I found the music in the game to be memorable, and sometimes stuck in my head after a few minutes of playing. Good selections would include the battle theme, the boss theme, and some others. Some of the sounds the weapons make sometimes gets annoying if they're used over and over, which is quite often.

Control: 10 - Very responsive, and near-perfect. The game is simple to learn, and has a good learning curve. Within the first two worlds or so, you should master almost all of the controls required.

Story: 8 - The lowest point of the game. The story sometimes gets touchy in a few spots. The basic plot is to save the world, and come back home with your dad. But, over a few worlds, one god is going to stick out, and try to stop you at all costs. The story is by no means bad, it just lacks somewhat.

Replay Value: Medium - With several combinations of parties, one could go through the game with one party, finish the game, and start over with another. This makes for much more experience in the game because all characters have different attributes. That makes it interesting to play again. The only catch is that there is no difference in the story; just your party.

Buy or Rent? Buy - Get this game for a quality RPG for the Game Boy. Since it was re-released by Sunsoft, copies of the game aren't that hard to find.

Overall Score: 10 (Not an average)

A very good game for Game Boy; probably the best RPG for it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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