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Dedicated to slack jawing quests everywhere.

It was many years ago when this game first came out for the Gameboy that I got to play this game. Unfortunately it was my bigger brothers copy so I had a real pain getting to play it. I got very far on it, but I didn't beat the game before he wouldn't let me play it any more. But after many years of waiting to play it again, my brother got rid of his Gameboy and gave the game to me. Words can not describe how happy I was at that moment. Since I got the game from him 4 years ago I have beat the game 4 times and I will probably play through it again. Review time!

Gameplay:10 As soon as this game starts out, you have a choice of who your main character will be. Whether they re male or Female, Human or Mutant, or Robot or Monster. Shortly after you choose your first character you will be able to choose the other three you will use. ( An NPC will sometimes join up with you to help you out too.) Each character type is good at something different. Mutants are really good with magic. Humans are really good with weapons. Monsters have the ability to change into different monsters if they eat the meat of a monster you killed. Robots stats will go up with the more and better equipment you have on them. When you equip a weapon or item of limited uses, the amount of uses is halved, but when you stay at an inn you can restore the amount of uses in that item as many times as you want as long as you don't totally use it up. Picking a well balanced party is very important. If you picked a group of all monsters you will be in for a very rough ride.
As I said before weapons and items all have a limited amount of uses. And the more times that you use the weapons the more damage you will do with it. So if you had a sword with only one blow left and you used it, you would do massive damage for that final blow. Due to weapons having a limited amount of uses you may be forced to conserve usage of your best weapons for when you really need them.
I know that this probably turns some people off from the game. But I think it adds a touch of realism to the game. In real life you couldn't keep using the same weapon for too long without it getting broken.
Magic spells that mutants have learned can be recharged over and over when going to an inn. Even if you have used up all uses of a spell. But if you buy a spell book, when you run out of uses that's it.
The battle system is turn based and you always see the same clear background every single battle. It is really nothing new for an RPG. The way your human and mutant chars gain stats is that at the end of a battle you may get some stats raised or you might not. If your enemies are too weak you wont get any stat increases. No matter how many of them you kill. Speaking of enemies, due to some space limitations in the game when you run into more than one of a specific enemy there will just be a number next to them telling you exactly how many monsters of that type that you ran into. I think only up to three different groups of monsters can fit on the screen.
As you progress you will find pieces of Magi that you can equip to yourself to help out with specific stats such as power or speed, or protection against fire or ice.

Story:8 At the very beginning of the game your father leaves you to search for the 76 pieces of Magi. You decide to go out and search for him. Along the way you will you visit various worlds and you will have to find a specific amount of magi in each world in order to progress to the next.

Graphics:7 The graphics in this game are decent. Some of the bosses in the game do look pretty menacing. Especially the boss before the last. You also may notice a familiar enemy from the first Final Fantasy for the NES as one of the bosses.

Sound:9 Most of the music in this game is good to listen to and you may be humming some of it even after you are done playing. The sound effects mainly consist of your weapons and spells when they hit the enemies.

Difficulty:10 This game is pretty hard no matter what type of party you use. I recommend that you either pick a party with one of each type, or a party consisting of Two Mutants, One Human, and One Robot.

Replay value:10 The fact that you can have a totally different party each time you go through the game makes this game worth playing through multiple times.

Buy or Rent: You can't find this game to rent anywhere so you will have to buy it if you want to play it.I think it usually ranges from around $15-20. I hope that you will like this game as much as I do.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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