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"FFL2 : Not as good as originals, but fun nonetheless"

When you say the words “Final Fantasy,” most people will shout the name’s ‘Cloud’ and ‘Squall’, and some will even yell ‘Rydia’ or ‘Terra’ your way. As since only a few years ago when Final Fantasy 7 came out, and even before, for some, there has been a great rush for all Final Fantasy fanatics to grab a copy of every Final Fantasy game they can. Amazingly, many seem to pass over the Gameboy as a possible system for one of these games, when actually four different Final Fantasy games have blessed the system. Final Fantasy Adventure, Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy Legend II, and Final Fantasy Legend III are the great games from this series linked to the Gameboy, and in this review I will pick apart one of them. As many haven’t played it, I hope they will soon after reading this review. May the Final Fantasy Gameboy Series prosper soon, and may many speak its name. Final Fantasy Legend II, second in the series, truly has much to offer, and is a unique game in contrast to the rest of the series. Debuting first and only on the Gameboy, it is truly a good show of Nintendo’s talent at making Final Fantasy games. Starring anyone you desire, Final Fantasy Legend II practically lets you choose your adventure. Choose wisely, as you will have your party for a long time, playing and enjoying this great game, Final Fantasy Legend II.

Graphics- 7/10: Yes, this game has pretty good graphics, but nothing to call home about. The monsters are pretty well drawn, and very easy to recognize. However, the character sprites are sometimes confusing and unrecognizable. I also found the magic animation a bit elementary, though it was impressive overall. The world map was drawn fairly well, as was most else. In general, I thought the graphics for this game, while not stellar, were fairly good, and deserve a 75% for their score. Actually, the graphics make the game more enjoyable, and can be wonderful. This point of the game is a definite good point.

Sound- 5/10: As with most Gameboy games, a good soundtrack really wasn’t the game creator’s first priority. In such circumstances, the sound effects and music seem to be very repetitive, and boring, as is seen here. Final Fantasy Legend II, while excelling in other areas, does not do well in the music department. This is yet another game where I keep the volume on low or silent. With reoccurring songs and annoying sound effects, the Final Fantasy Legend staff could have tried harder. The soundtrack is truly the low point of the game, and it is a pity, as they could have done so much more with what they had.

Control- 8/10: Final Fantasy Legend II has easy to master regular controls, but some things bewilder me to this day. An example is the equipping of “globes”, which seem to help you excel in certain areas, yet it tricked me, as I couldn’t see a difference. Even so, walking, equipping armor and swords, and fighting in battle are all simple tasks. Luckily, this game has a square by square moving process, so it is rather hard to miss your mark when walking. Even so, some tasks are difficult, but that’s why they call it a game. Overall, Final Fantasy Legend II has pretty good controls, deserving the 80% I gave it.

Fun- 9/10: This is truly the high point of the game. While the items are a bit expensive, and some battles very hard, Final Fantasy Legend II is very entertaining. I have played this game through several times, and each time having forgot certain things that surprised me when I started again. With four types of characters (Humans, Mutants, Robots and Monsters), thousands of enemies, and temporary characters, Final Fantasy Legend II is very fun. Only lacking in the fact that random battles are too common, this game meets all standards. Relying for most of the game on your own decisions or actions, Final Fantasy Legend II is fun and interactive! If you have any doubt, play the game yourself- you will not be disappointed!

Graphics: 7/10 - Alright
Sound: 5/10 – Not good
Control: 8/10 – Pretty Good
Fun: 9/10 - Good
Overall: 7.25/10 (Rounded to 7/10) - Alright

Buy or Rent- Buy: If you are a true Final Fantasy Legend II fan, you must not pass up a chance to buy this game! While it is not great all around, it truly is a fun game, and would be a pity to pass up. Final Fantasy Legend II is your own personal game, with your own chosen characters and their own attributes, making their way along the quest! If you can find this game, purchase it as soon as possible! Go to you local used-game shop and buy Final Fantasy Legend II, today! You will not be disappointed!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/28/01, Updated 05/28/01

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