"A Game That's Physically Painful To Play"

Very rarely do you come across a game like this, and I'm extremely glad for this. The second installment in the Final Fantasy Legends series, is probably the worst, and later on, becomes physically painful to play.

Graphics : 5/10

Probably one of the nicest parts of the entire game, the graphics are nothing amazing, but nothing extremely horrible.

Story : 1/10

Here's where things start to go bad. You get woken up one night by your father, and he tells you about the 77 pieces of ''Magi'' spread across the world, that when put together form a statue. You, obviously, go in search of them. Normally I don't have problems with simple stories, but when combined with the monotony of the quest, you'd think they would have written a better story, to keep you interested.

Controls : 5/10

Nothing really bad, typical GameBoy RPG controls, you'll get used to them very quickly.

Gameplay : 1/10

As you journey around, you have to battle against other monsters, and buy weapons/armour, like any other game. The only problem with FFL2 is the fact that you never gain a ''level'' you just randomly gain stats, which gets annoying, since you have to spend so much more time ''level'' building, than any other RPG I've played. And when you get to the later levels, and the monsters are extremely tough, this becomes even more annoying, with the limited weapons use. You have say ''hit points'' for each weapon, for example: You equip a sword, and it can only be used 15 times before breaking. Now, of course, as you continue onwards, you find that weapons become even more expensive, and slowly begin having less, and less hit points, so when you do want to ''level'' up, you have to get new weapons every several battles, just to keep leveling up, which takes all your gold, which means to do anything else you need to go fight.... it's an endless cycle that becomes annoying in the later sections when you face up against some extremely hard boss characters. Luckily, you do run into a few ''super'' weapons that don't have any ''hit points'' but they're very few, and by the time you find them, you've probably already grown sick of this game, and thrown it against a wall.

Sound : 1/10

A problem that seems to infest all the other GB FFL games, is the overly ''sad'' music. Normally, I don't complain about music, but in most games, the tunes are at least halfway decent, and you can continue playing without having to have the game on mute. But with FFL2, the music just is so repetitive, and melancholy, even during the ''happy'' parts of this game.

Replay Value : 1/10

If you have enough strength to go through this game once, trust me, you'll never want to go through it again.


Unless you really adored the original FFL, STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME! EVEN IF YOU SEE IT FOR ONLY 2 DOLLARS! DO NOT BUY OR RENT THIS GAME! Pick up FFA or FFL3 for halfway decent Final Fantasy games on the GB.

Final Comments:

I was stuck with this game and Mario Golf being my only entertainment on a cross country trip (I lost 4-5 of my GBC/GB games in a hotel room) and every time I tried to stomach through this game, I kept running back to Mario Golf. Please, if you want a good game, get anything but this.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 11/25/01, Updated 11/25/01

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