Review by Paulos

Reviewed: 02/22/02 | Updated: 02/22/02

Better improved gameplay than Final Fantasy the first.

Well, I will admit it... this Final Fantasy game was QUITE better than the original Final Fantasy Legend. Finally, in this game, you are able to gain HP, MP, and stats by fighting monsters instantly at times, and sometimes it may take forever to gain these certain stats... although still, it appears that this is QUITE a better game than the quite bad Final Fantasy Legend I.

Final Fantasy Legend II still has a few of I's annoying trades. Such as buying weapons that can break in just a few hard or medium battles, at LEAST MONEY is easier to earn from easier battles unlike in I when you could not even finish one battle without a serious problem, always having to worry about your money, and weapons... in this game, you just have to worry about your weapons, which is slightly fun... an unusual rpg stat to have in a game, but still, worth making such a game to add to your Gameboy gameection... due to having a collection is about having usual, and also perhaps unusual games!

In Final Fantasy Legend II, you will play either a Human, Mutant, Robot, Zombie, or so on... and you get to later pick three people of those same classes to come with you on a quest... I suggest pick 4 male humans due to the fact that they gain HP, and stats faster, and they are pretty much the most basic character and stronger, and also have some SLIGHT magic... if you have the right weapons and strength with your humans... you do not even need magic type of spells.

Something else I really did enjoy about this game was the freedom you had in this game. For example, you could just keep training your party for ever at the second town you reach, and just keep training and training and training until they just get better and better! That was sometihng that I found interesitng and fun.

Graphics: 34%
Words: Graphics were a little horrid, I will admit. What do you expect from an original Gameboy game though??

Sound: 40%
Words: Sound and Music is VERY repetitive and eventually it may even make you go crazy... well, almost go crazy.

Replay: 6%
Words: Honestly, even if you get close to beating this game there is practically no more fun in the game after you get all your stats high and beat the game... really.

Gameplay: 45%
Words: Either way, the gameplay is still difficult, but in this game it is finally a little more improved and easier to use and to play...

Story: 0%
Words: The story is you must find 77 Magi and rescue other worlds from chaos and defeat a evil warlord, to me, bogus story.

Characters: 46%
Words: Without the Human, Mutant, Zombie, and Robot, this game would have NO good characer % rating! Believe me, because that is true! But seriously... still, semi okay characters...

Final Words: Well... buy this game due to the fact that it is quite improved from the original Final Fantasy Legend, really it is quite updated than that game... just not great...

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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