Review by Earthshaker

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

A little too straightforward and easy...

I may love RPGs, but I found this just a LITTLE too simple and straightforward. Even so, I loved the game and was a little upset when I lost it, but I can still remember everything about it. Ah, the glory of turning monsters into... more monsters! How fun it was to shoot a lizard with a gun! But enough of the nostlagia. On to the review!

Gameplay- 8/10- Your normal RPG with turn based combat. Ho hum. Control is simple, and so is the game. As the synopsis says... its way too easy and straightforward! Control is like any other RPG, a simple button pushing to control the menus.

Graphics- 10/10- The pictures of monsters are wonderful, even if the animated monsters in the party aren't. Battle animations look fresh and realistic as well.

Sound- 10/10- I LOVE THE MUSIC! It is extremely catchy, and, in a certain place, will help open up a secret passage! The sound effects are realistic (for example, a thunderclap.)

Replayability- 7/10- The only two ways replayability scored any points is due to these two facts: One, you can go back to a certain dungeon if you sissied out and ran; two, you can vary a new party. Aside from that, the game is all the same.

Buy or Rent? I'm not sure if you can rent Game Boy games, but anyway, buy it. The game is worth the eight bucks I got it for. Heck, it would be worth it if I bought it for thirty.

Overall- 8/10- I don't care about averages, its just a LITTLE too straightforward for my liking. Ah well, there's always Exile on the PC...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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