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""This is STILL not a Final Fantasy Game, although it's a gamer's game." ~Gamey McGamer-Game"


Graphics: 10/10
Sound Effects: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Originality: 7/10
Play Control: 8/10
Group Enjoyment: 4/10
Individual Enjoyment: 8/10
Challenge: 9/10
Ending: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

As I began with in the review for Final Fantasy Legend I, I must first inform you that this is NOT a Final Fantasy game. This game, as with Final Fantasy Legend I, FFL III, and FF Adventure, are not actual Final Fantasy games. The ''Final Fantasy Legend'' series was made by a company called SunSoft. ''Final Fantasy Adventure'' was actually ''Seiken Densetsu'', which has had many successful sequels (like Secret of Mana and Legend of Mana). Now that I've made my point, on to the review!

Ah, ''Final Fantasy'' Legend II. The sequel (obviously) to ''Final Fantasy'' Legend 1, for the Gameboy. This game really has no connection to the previous game at all, except it deals with the main character and his 3 friends (with an occasional helper) who set out to find his lost father, and right any wrongs they come across. These brave eventually travel to different worlds through the use of the gigantic tower in their world. So, does this game match the previous one, or does it fall short of all our expectations, hopelessly burying any chances of a 3rd ''Final Fantasy'' Legend?

Good Points:
This game was even better than the first! There was an underlying plot throughout the whole game, along with LOTS of other, smaller plots. You deal with Gods, Outcasts, Samurai, Banana Smugglers, and the Magi, the magical shards that enhance your character in different qualities by equiping them with it. Plus more monsters, more weapons, more abilities, and an easier to gain mutant abilities (the bottom-most one is the one to change, so keep your worst one there) makes this one a definite winner!

Bad Points:
Some parts of the game are WAY too hard to beat by the time you get to them. You can waltz right through some parts, but then you reach a task that’s just too difficult! (i.e. Apollo, The Dungeon, Venus, etc.)

General Ratings:

Major improvement over the previous game. Where FFL1 had a few monsters, this one had a GREAT deal more. Sure, just about every enemy sprite was used for anywhere from 2-5 different enemies, but you still knew what they were! And all the weapons had much better animations. Swords were swung, axes were chopped, guns blasted everything in sight, and flare...well, flare didn't leave much around.

The sounds were great. They all fitted what they were used for, whether it be Excalibur hacking it's way through a group of Haniwa, or a Sub Machine Gun blasting a group of O-Bakes to death. I liked the individual sounds for the spells, as well. Nice touches all around! Good job!

Again, great. They music that was kept from FFL1 was improved on, and the new stuff is wonderful. I'll bet these could be improved on even further and put into a future Final Fantasy game, and they'd still be considered great. One of my favorites (which you can hear on any jukebox) is ''Eat the Meat''. It has that underlying feeling of emergency, driving you to explore and conquer.

There were a great deal of changes from the previous one, and at the same time there were a great deal of things left the same. That's perfectly fine for me! So now I'll list a couple of the originality points for this game:

1) The Robot. The robot is a new character, different from all the other characters in a variety of ways. It gets its max life and strength from what weapons and armor you equip it with. And whenever you stay in an Inn, it’ll regain it’s weapon counters back (Meaning if you’ve used your sword so much that it’s down to 2 uses left, and you go to an Inn, it’ll be back to it’s full). Problem is, the Robot only gets half as many uses of each weapon. So if a fighter has a Long Sword with 50 uses equipped, and the Robot equips it, he/she/it will only have 25 uses. Sorry...

2) The Magi. One of your ongoing quests is to collect the Magi in each world. There are several kinds - Strength, Speed, Mana, Fire, Ice, Poison, Pegasus, Masamune - that can be equipped on each character. If you equip the Power Magi, then that character's attacks will be radically boosted. If you equip a Fire Magi, then your character will be immune to Fire damage and all of their fire attacks will do massive damage. The specialty Magis, like Sight, Pegasus, Heart, and others, give you special abilities. Pegasus can move you from town to town without using any items or magical abilities. Masamune gives that character infinite use of a powerful weapon, the Masamune (duh). Whats even better is the more of each attribute Magi you collect (Power, Fire, Speed, etc), the more powered-up your characters get when equipping them!

Play Control:
Come on, it's an RPG! The only problem with the Play Control is that if you hold against the direction you're travelling on moving stairwells and/or the tower's transporters, you move slower. Hold with it and you travel even faster. I personally liked the idea of holding the A button to make the action in fights go faster, and holding the B button to stop action.

Groups don't mind THAT much watching it, but it's still below average for groups. Playing solo, though, is plenty fun for me! I still want to see a multiplayer RPG like this...oh well, I guess that'll just remain in my dreams ('til FF XI, that is!).

Ok, some of the game is ridiculously easy (the beginning, after you get the Excalibur, after you get your first Magi, etc), while other parts are downright irritating. The raising-ability concept is good, but it seems to be too random (what do you mean I lost my immunity to poison and gained a weakness to fire? DIE!!!). It should have been closer to FF II for the Famicom. Now THAT game had it right.

You'd have to see it, but suffice to say, it wraps up the story, and doesn't leave you feeling like you've been cheated (playing all the way through the game to get a crappy ending always made me mad).

The Gameboy sure has it's fair share of heavyweights, and this is easily one of them. Although it's not quite as inventive as Pokemon or as addictive as Tetris, it's just as fun to play. The multiple plots, lots of weapons and armor, and diversity in enemies makes it easy to appreciate why the Gameboy has survived for so long.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/16/00, Updated 08/16/00

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