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Reviewed: 02/20/03 | Updated: 02/20/03

A Final Fantasy that excels on the Game Boy

The Final Fantasy series is one of the most acclaimed RPG series ever made. And it's excellence shines brightly on the small screen. Although not a true ''Final Fantasy'' (It was originally a SaGa game, but for the US release the name was changed to the more recognizable Final Fantasy in order to boost sales) but nonetheless it is still considered a sort of side story to the series. This game has most aspects of thee FF series anyway; good story, emotional characters and enjoyable game play

Story: 7/10

In the beginning, the ancient gods created the world and harnessed a power called the Magi that bestowed great power to those who wielded it. The Magi was split into 77 pieces and scattered about the world after the gods passed on. Now there are various people hunting the Magi in order to become New Gods and corrupt the world. However all is not lost; a secret organization known as the Guardians are out to stop anyone who tries to use the Magi for evil. You are the son/daughter of the Guardians' Captain and he has left you at a young age in order to face the new evil. Years later, at 16 years old you decide to head out and search for him, along with 4 of your best friends. Little do you know that a simple search and rescue will result in a battle to save the world from the New Gods.

While the story may not be stellar like some console RPGs, it's enough to get you involved and contains many plot twists, including a betrayal, a misunderstanding and a misconception. The characters express emotion and are all involved in the story's development. However there are some issues that never get fully explained but they're minute ones so it's no big deal. All in all, it's a tale that doesn't get monotonous or boring.

Gameplay: 10/10

You get to choose your party from different classes: Humans, Mutants, Robots and Monsters. Humans are great at melee weapons and are agile, Mutants provide magic, Robots utilize the games guns efficiently and provide good defense, and monsters give you variations of unique attacks. Each race levels up differently: Humans and Mutants by fighting, Robots by adding more powerful weapons and armors, monsters by eating the meat of other monsters (the meat is sometimes dropped after a battle, if the monster was strong, your monster will become stronger by eating his meat). With a varitey of different party combinations to choose from. you'll find yourself playing over and over to see how different parties work out. This adds to the replay value.
Very enjoyable

Sound: 9/10

Yes I know it's old Game Boy but Noubo Uematsu does very well with providing music for this game. Boss music gets the blood moving, especially the final boss music. Each tune suits the various situations well and never gets boring.

Final Note:

Any RPG fan should definitely check this game out. It's old, but it's a classic. With a good story, good gameplay and replay value, you can't go wrong. It may be hard to find now, but it's worth the effort, believe me. FF fans try this one out. You won't be disappointed.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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