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Reviewed: 02/16/00 | Updated: 02/16/00

Okay, Square, things are looking better...

...but not too much better. Final Fantasy Legend 2 is Square's noble attempt to make up for the mess that was FF Legend, the first of a maligned RPG series for the Gameboy. While the original suffered from problems such as basically buying your level-ups (like HP and Strength) and finite weaponry, the sequel remedies a few (but not all) of these shortcomings. It centers around a much better story: as a hero heading a party of four, you must follow after your father, who is in pursuit of ''Magi.'' These Magi are 77 pieces of a shattered statue of a Goddess that have the power to change the world, and you must go on a quest to find these pieces before an evil person does (and many are trying). Your encounters range from facing the rotten Ashura and Greek gods Apollo and Venus (although why Square used one Greek name and one Roman name is beyond me).

Much better. The towns and overworld along the ''sky pillars'' that connect the world (much like the Tower of the original) look much the same but the enemies have much more detail. Each Goblin and Fairy that attacks you is a great example of how Square committed to making the game look much better. It is at least now on par with other Game Boy games. As a side note, some characters (like Apollo) are large and well-drawn and the Giant's World (in which you gain a new perspective on life) are truly excellent. Blurring is not a problem (thank God).

Yeesh...the sound is much better, but that isn't saying all that much. The Game Boy just isn't suited to composed masterpieces for sure, but FFL2 makes decent use of the portable, and the tunes are not really irritating. The Sky Pillar music is a little too happy as compared to the rest of the world, but you spend little time there usually so it's not too damaging on the ears.

Traditional FF controls; well-done and easy to navigate subscreens. Not much to say, except you will be used to them in about two minutes if you aren't familiar with them.

It's just like the original game (well, almost): you walk around and encounter random enemies, fighting your way through the worlds in search of Magi. Thankfully, there is a Magi piece that acts like a radar and lets you know how many more you must collect in each different ''world'' level connected by the Sky Pillar. However, Legend improves on its predecessor on one important point: characters gain HP ups and Strength and Agility and Magic bonuses after battles (think Saga Frontier but easier to manage). This is extremely helpful, as it is a twist on traditional RPGs but is more intuitive than the original FF Legend. The boss monsters are well-placed and the way each world has a theme is a good feature. The clues that the townspeople give you are usually easy to figure out with a little effort. The idea of collecting the Magi pieces is also a nice variation on the tired FF themes.

It's okay, as I said before. A nice twist, but nothing that will blow you away. Some of the characters, like Apollo and Venus and Odin, are truly evil and nicely developed for a GB game.

Replay Value
Sure, you complete the quest many times with different combos of characters, but you won't want to. It gets stale.

Average (6/10)...Why weren't the NES Final Fantasies 2 and 3 released in the U.S., but this inferior GB counterpart spread so rapidly? It makes you really wonder...

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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