Review by PContaminator

"Just when you though FFL couldn't get any worse!"

Well, I must say this is one of the worst pieces of crap Ive ever played! Worse than Shadow Madness and Yes, even worse than the first FFL. This game at least had its heart in the right place but not its brain. This game has all the flaws the first ones did plus some. The only thing that even sightly improved was the story, but with the new abundance of flaws and crap, the story couldn't save it. The graphics are dull, the sound is just as horrid and the gameplay suffers just like the first one. Overall this game is just like the first one with a few extra screw-ups.

Graphics 3/10- Dull, bland, unispired.... These are just some of the words that come to mind wen I see these graphics. Ive seen a lot better on the game boy before, A LOT better. Though some of the enemy pictures are cool.

Control 2/10- These controls are really crappy! These will really interfere with the gameplay. Sometimes you choose the wrong battle commands or something. As I said before Frustration and boredom.

Sound 2/10- Ahh! Turn it off, TURN IT OFF!!! The sound is absolutely crap! Im sorry I hate the music in this game, its more annoying than the ghost tower in pokemon! Gameboy has games with some descent tunes, but this one is one game you'll need to mute.

Gameplay 1/10- Well like the first title in this series, this one suffers from the fact that your weapons break after a while. So this makes it nearly impossible to upgrade armor! Then you try and get robots or monsters on your team, they don't have to go through this big weapons beaking thing but then they turn into pieces of crap right before you fight a boss. Your right at one of the toughest guys in the game and your already and then your teammate turns into a frog and has 25HP. Also you'll get really far and end up starting over and over cause your stuck. Anyone who beats this game has some uncanny LUCK!!!

Story 3/10- There are 77 pieces of magi scattered all around the world. They possess a hidden power. When put together they make a statue of Isis, the goddess. Then your father tries to prevent anyone evil from using the Magi pieces and sets out on a journey, but never returns. At least this one has an okay story but still this game is really annoying.

Replay 1/10- You will not paly this game again trust me. Chances are you won't even beat it the first time!

Overall 1/10- This game is total crap! This game is an excellent example of a good idea combined with lack of effort. The graphics, gameplay, Everything!!! If your looking for a good RPG on the gameboy FFLIII or Pokemon will suffice.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 03/04/00, Updated 03/04/00

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