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"Godzilla is a great puzzle game"

When thinking about Godzilla, it brings up images of a giant green monster going on a rampage and fighting other giant monsters so making a fighting game about Godzilla seems like a match made in Heaven, but apparently Toho had other ideas and gave us a puzzle game.

The graphics are decent, and the levels look bland containing usually rocks, blocks, vines, and spike pits. The monsters look good, but they have been shrunken to miniature form making them look cute than menacing like on the cover.

The music is good, and the quality is clear however it does get repetitive after a while.

The controls are great however every once in a while I had a problem with climbing vines. When Godzilla is climbing a vine, he can walk to the edge of the leaves on the vine however when you do the controls reverse so hitting up means going left and down means right.

Godzilla's game play consists of destroying every rock in a level however destroying each rock involves a puzzle. In certain levels, you will have to use the rocks to reach ledges or to fill a gap to make a bridge or as a stepping stone, but if you make one mistake then the level becomes unbeatable however it is not always obvious that the level has become unbeatable. Once all of the rocks have been destroyed, two buttons with arrows on them show upon and sometimes there is only one. Stepping on the button will take you to the next level, but there is a problem with the buttons. They work just fine however where they show up is random, and there were several times where I would go back to the previous level because I was standing where the back arrow would appear.

In some levels, Godzilla will also have to fight against creatures, and most of them can be destroyed with a single attack however two of them cannot be hurt by Godzilla's attack and those two enemies are Ghidrah and Hedrah. Hedrah can be killed by dropping rocks on him or knocking him into a spike pit and lastly you can use the lightning bolt icon to kill all monsters on the screen, but Ghidrah is another story. He cannot be killed at all, but luckily he only show up if you are taking to long to beat the level. Once Ghidrah shows up, unless you are right at the end of the level, the result will most likely be losing a life.

The purpose of the game is to save Godzilla's son however it is up to the player to find Manilla, and he can be in any room on the map. The map is composed of 64 rooms in an 8x8 grind, and the game features a password system. There are two types of passwords in this game a 4 character and a 18 character password, and the 4 character saves your position on the map while the 18 saves the revealed map pieces and your position on the game. Writing down and reentering the 18 gets tiresome, but luckily when you get a game over you can continue where you died by selecting continue then last game so this saves it from having to reentering the password until you shut off the game then the next time you play it you have to enter 18 character password.

Godzilla is a great puzzle game, and while it is not what I first thought of when I saw the cover, it is a decent and long game however the lack of replay value really hurts this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/13/12

Game Release: Godzilla (US, 10/31/90)

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