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"Godzilla is not actionpact, but puzzle oriented. Who would have thunk it?"

You would think Godzilla would be an action paced game with a lot of fighting in it. Instead they made a game, where the point is too punch blocks around. I finally got rid of this game a few months ago, and Electronics Boutique checked their computer, and Godzilla was worth 0$. They did end up giving me two dollars anyway, cause the guy thought it was hilarious that the game was so cheap. But in truth Godzilla is not that bad if you like level after level of puzzles.

STORY (3/10): You are out to save some girl godzilla type thing named Manilla. I don't know who took her or why, so that is the first weakness present in this game. But at least there is a story present, and that is worth 3 points.

GRAPHICS (3/10): These are very shabby, even for classic gameboy standards. Godzilla does not change when he moves at all, except his fist moves when you choose to punch. The enemies all look very similiar, and the spikes just look like a bunch of spikes that really have no purpose there. What were these developers thinking?

SOUND (2/10): The same music level or level. There are alot of levels in this game, but little music to back it up. Plus the punching noise gets really annoying after a while.

GAMEPLAY (5/10): The point is too find what level Manilla is hidden in the labyrinth. There are multiple exits from some levels, and there is a square map to follow. Each level is a puzzle that revolves around you punching blocks to unblock vines and cross spike gaps. These get really tough later on, and plus there are many levels and you never know how close you are to beating it. These levels are fun, but some really challenge your thinking capability. There is no gamepack saving, and you will have to write down long passwords to keep searching on. However if you really like puzzles the gameplay will not disapoint you.

REPLAYABILITY (4/10): This game is actually pretty long, and it has around 30 hours of gameplay, and that is pretty long for a classic gameboy game. However once you beat it, there really isn't too much to come back too.

DIFFICULTY (10/10): This game is possibly the hardest Gameboy game around. The puzzles seem ruotinely impossible as the blocks stand up, and many times you will have to backrack cause you landed at a dead end on the labyrinth map. I had around the map halfway filled up when I sold the game, even though it was pretty fun I was getting no where anytime soon.

OVERALL (5/10): The rating really depends on what type of game you like. This is for people who really LOVE puzzles that challenge you noggin. But for you platform gamers and sidescroller, this is not the Godzilla we have come to love. However this game is worth more than the 0 dollars EB gave it credit for, and in my mind it is the AVERAGE game, or diserving of a 5.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/24/02, Updated 02/24/02

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