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"Like Godzilla? Like Puzzles? Well my unique friend, have I got a game for you!"


Godzilla's son has been kidnapped by Godzilla's greatest enemies and hidden in a maze called the Matrix. Battle through the labyrinths to rescue Minilla before it's too late!!! Okay typical story but a nice way to tie in all the various monsters Godzilla has fought in the movies at one time or another.


Graphics are very simple even for a Gameboy game, but this is necessary in order to make the puzzle idea properly work. Levels are detailed simply enough with boulders, vines, spikes, ladders and such. The in-game graphics are clear and distinguishable as are the enemies and Godzilla as well.
Bad guys making an appearance from the Godzilla universe are Baragon, Rodan, Anguilas, good old Mechagodzilla, my favorite Hedrah, and the dreaded Ghidrah. Occasionally as you progress through the game you'll get to see cut scenes of each monster which I think look fantastic for the old Gameboy and are easily the best graphics in the game.


As far as I can tell there are only three songs in the whole game, one in the menu when you start it up, the song you here during gameplay, and the song at the end of the game. Meaning basically you hear the gameplay song over and over and over again. But honestly it never really bothered me too much because the song isn't half bad.


Typical sounds that are relevant for the game, although the sound of Godzilla being hurt is a little too whiny for the king of monsters.


Like I said before, this is basically a puzzle game with a Godzilla theme. Not only do you need to have a fast trigger finger but you also have to think logically in order to beat the game. To pass levels you have to destroy all the boulders in each scene by punching them against a wall or spikes. Each level requires you to strategically place boulders so that you can gain access to the other boulders that would otherwise be out of reach all the while fighting off the other monsters.
All of the monsters can be killed by punching them except for Hedrah and Ghidrah. Hedrah can only be killed by falling on spikes or crushing him with a boulder. Ghidrah cannot be killed but he will only appear if you take too long in passing a level.
Upon destroying all the boulders level exits will appear. You typically have a choice as to which exit to take to move on in the labyrinth which is composed of 64 levels.


Re-playability is definitely limited in this game because once you figure out how to beat the levels you'll whip through the game like nothing because the levels always remain the same.


Without a doubt I appreciate this game more now that I'm older than when I was a young tyke expecting Godzilla to barbecue and stomp his way through everything. If you like Godzilla and puzzle games then this game is for you, if you like one or the other then still check it out, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Otherwise stay clear.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/09/05, Updated 03/14/11

Game Release: Godzilla (US, 10/31/90)

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