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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Manx

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/18/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Manx’s Great Greed Walkthrough
    v. 1.4
    As a kid in the early 90’s, it seemed like every TV show around was screaming
    at you to go green, from Captain Planet to Widget. Heck, they even had an
    Ultraman show back then mired in be nice to Mother Earth messages. Namco even
    released an almost-forgotten portable RPG built around fighting pollution, and
    while at first glance it might seem like they sacrificed entertainment to make
    room for preachifying, it’s really quite fun. If you’re reading this
    walkthrough, I don’t have to tell you that game’s name…
    1. The Combat System
    2. Walkthrough
    3. Party Members
    4. Equipment
    5. Items
    6. Spells
    7. Plot Items
    8. Legal Stuff
    The Combat System-
    Fighting monsters in Great Greed is unique from older RPG’s. Pressing “A” makes
    you attack the monster, pressing “B” makes you defend. Pressing “START” is what
    makes you run away (or try to). You use magic by pressing one of the four
    directional buttons. You assign a magic spell to each button beforehand,
    keeping in mind that healing spells can only be assigned to the “down” button.
    Chapter 1-Royal Refuge
    A sorceress named Microwave is fighting a monster called a Hunter, and escapes
    to our world, where you and your father are investigating acid rain levels in a
    forest. Microwave appears before you, and you need to walk over and talk
    to her. When you do, the Hunter will appear and Microwave will warp back to her
    world, but you’ll be taken along for the ride.
    You’ll reappear on an island in the kingdom of Greene. Talk to Microwave and
    agree to carry her on your back. Head north and west into the gap in the
    mountains. Walk into the cluster of trees then go up until you reach a wall.
    Either walk to the doors you see or talk to the girl, Princess Candy, standing
    in front of them. Microwave talks to King Greene and explains what you’re doing
    here and that she has to go to Burger Castle and she needs to find a way to
    regain her magic, which shorted out while she was bringing you back to Greene.
    You’ll learn a little more about the monster named Bio-Haz, who is threatening
    Greene with pollution, from Candy. After she’s done talking, “talk” to the dog
    in front of the door. His name is Calorie, and Candy will tell you about his
    collar; it can hold the special jewels she and her sisters carry. Go out into
    the hall, head right and into the first door you pass.  Talk to the men in
    there--Lunch Box and Time Out--then go back out and take the stairs. Walk into
    the doors to talk with King Greene. Candy talks to her father about helping in
    the fight against Bio-Haz when a guard rushes in and says that monsters have
    entered the castle. The King tells Candy to take you to safety. Go back down
    the stairs, where you'll have to fight the Hunter.
    The Hunter is not very tough, and three or four regular attacks should send him
    running. Go back to the throne room and “talk” to Calorie in front of the door.
    Go into the throne room and sit through all the dialogue, then take the stairs
    and enter the first door, which is the armory. Open all the chests and exchange
    your current gear for what you find inside.  Take the Heal 1 scroll and equip
    it, then leave the room and head out the doors at the bottom of the hall. Leave
    the forest and head to the cave that is now on the map.
    Just follow the passage inside the cave, because it never branches. You'll
    occasionally be attacked by Roaches, but you should be able to take them out in
    one hit.  If you see a message during a fight saying that Candy’s helping, it
    means that she's boosted your defense rating for rest of that fight. You’ll
    probably gain a level or two before you reach the ladder at the end. When
    you're about to climb up the ladder, Candy gives you Calorie’s collar and tells
    you to look for Cup Cake, the youngest princess, in the country you're about to
    enter. Candy will go her own way for now, but you'll meet up with her again
    later on.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you enter a new country in this game, there’s no way to go
    back to the previous one. Make sure you’ve gotten everything you think you need
    before proceeding.
    Chapter 2-Sushi
    Enter the Port Village, which is right in front of you, and talk to the
    villagers to get some information about the world. One of them mentions an
    upcoming election in a town called Shishkaburg. This will come into play soon.
    The inn is marked with the sign of a lantern above its door (a nice thing about
    inns in Great Greed is the rates are the same everywhere, as opposed to getting
    more expensive as you get further into the quest). The armory is marked with
    the sign of a sword, but everything they’re selling in this one is identical to
    what you’ve already got. Sell your old equipment to raise a little money,
    In the magic store (the building with the eye in the middle on the sign),
    you'll learn about a substitute for your healing spell: a Med scroll. Each is
    as effective as the Heal spell of the same number, but is only good for ten
    uses (some of the stronger ones are worth either five or fifteen, but at this
    point in the game they’re all worth ten uses). It’s probably the only thing you
    can afford right now, so go ahead and buy one. You can assign a Med scroll to
    the “healing” spot on your directional pad if you feel like it, and this is a
    good way to save magic energy for tough spots.
    Leave the town and head north through the mountains until you reach a town.
    This is Shiskaburg. You can see who’s winning the mayoral election by looking
    at the billboard near the middle of town. You’ll see that Cabbage Head is
    getting slaughtered by Crabby.  The two houses just north of the board are the
    homes of the two candidates. The one on the left is where Cabbage Head lives,
    and the bigger one on the right is where Crabby hangs out.  Go into Crabby’s
    house and talk to him (he’s the guy on the stage), and find out he has plans
    for the abandoned record factory out east. After that, talk to the girl next to
    the stage. If you talk to the other girls, you’ll be offered a bribe, but if
    you accept, you’ll pay for it later. Go outside, and the girl will follow you
    out. She’ll lead you into an empty building and introduce herself as Cup Cake.
    She’ll tell you she suspects Crabby of working for Bio-Haz, and asks for your
    help in exposing. You can refuse, but to get on with the adventure you’ll have
    to say yes.
    Go and talk to Cabbage Head (talk to his wife and say yes when she asks if
    you'd like to rest to have your HP and MP restored free of charge.  You can do
    this whenever you want). Cup Cake will tell the villagers that you’re striving
    for peace and will kill five monsters to prove it. Go out and fight five
    monsters. The Ropers and Eye Cakes shouldn't give you any trouble, but watch
    out for the Pop Pups until you gain a level or two. If you get a message during
    a fight saying Cup Cake is cheering you on, she’s boosting your offense for
    your next attack.
    After you win five fights, go back and check the billboard. Cabbage Head will
    have briefly taken the lead, only to be overtaken by Crabby. Cup Cake will
    promise the villagers you'll kill seven monsters. Go kill seven more monsters
    and check the billboard again. Again Cabbage Head will take the lead, but
    Crabby will once more overtake him. Cup Cake realizes it’s hopeless, and says
    you'll have to reveal Crabby as an agent of Bio-Haz. There’s a professor
    leaving in Condante Forest, which is to the southeast of Shishkaburg, who
    specializes in family trees. Crabby claims to belong to the venerable Crab
    family, but Prof. Condante can figure out for you if he’s lying. Be sure you at
    least buy a sword upgrade your armor if you can afford before you leave town.
    Head to the east until you come upon a town, Teapot Village. From there, you
    can head south to Condante Forest. First, talk to the villagers to get some
    info about the state of affairs here. One woman says she sometimes hears a sad
    voice singing in the nearby factory. After you’ve rested and gotten any new
    equipment you think you need, leave town and head south to the forest. Don’t
    worry about getting lost in the forest, but be sure to bring several Med
    scrolls since the enemies inside are pretty tough at this point. Follow the
    path to the large tree with the ladder on it, and climb it. Professor Condante
    lives inside the tree, but he’s feeling cranky and doesn’t want to help.  He
    eventually agrees to help you trace the Crab family tree if you can bring him
    the debut record of a famous singer named Lola Leftover. There’s an abandoned
    record factory to the north of Teapot Village, and if the record is anywhere,
    it must be in there. The monsters in the record factory are strong, so build
    yourself up to at least level six and buy the Freeze and Flame spells before
    you go in.
    Most of the chests in the record factory contain Med scrolls. To your left when
    you come in is a staircase leading into the basement, but it’s too dark for you
    to do anything down there yet. Instead, head to the right, and then up. When
    you come to the intersection, go left and follow the passage up. Go right when
    the hall enters a room and you'll see a huge record player.  The arm moves back
    and forth, and you need to step on the arm when it comes to the edge of the
    record, then step onto the spindle when the arm moves next to it. If you miss
    it, you’ll be spun around on the record and end up on its right side, where
    you’ll have to walk all the way around to try again.
    When you reach the spindle, walk right along it and then up until you come to
    the stairs.  You’ll see another set of stairs just above you. This is another
    of these giant records, but this time you’re starting from the spindle. Again,
    don’t miss the arm, or you’ll have to do this all over again.  Keep going left
    until you see a door in the upper wall. Go through and talk to the old lady
    inside. She’s Lola Leftover, the singer whose debut album you're looking for.
    She took up residence in this factory after her stardom started to fade, but
    she never gave up her singing, which explains what the woman in Teapot Village
    heard. Lola will ask if you’d like to hear her sing. Say yes, and after she’s
    done, she’ll give you the record Prof. Condante wants. She’ll also tell you
    that she’s seen strange people down in the basement, and she’ll give you a
    lantern so that you can see down there.
    Go back to town and heal up, then return and go down to the basement. Follow
    the hall until you reach a pair of doors. Inside, you’ll overhear a pair of
    Gremlins talking about how they plan to turn this factory into a toxin plant
    after Crabby wins the election. They’ll attack you then, but use the Flame
    spell and you should have little trouble. The second attacks right after the
    first, so be ready to use your first turn to heal yourself.
    Cup Cake finds a document detailing the monsters’ orders, and figures that with
    this you can expose Crabby. But you need a little more proof.  Go back to
    Teapot Village and stay at the inn, then head for Condante Forest. Talk to
    Professor Condante and he’ll give you a diagram the Crab family tree. You’ll
    learn from it that there is no-one named Crabby in the Crab family, so he must
    be an imposter (you can actually get the family tree before you go into the
    basement and fight the Gremlins, but you have to do both before you can expose
    Head back to Shiskaburg and heal up. Then go to Crabby's house and talk to him
    to start a fight.
    HP: 300
    Spells and techniques: Sleep, Freeze 1, Bolt 1
    Suggested level: 8
    Strategy: Freeze 1 seems to work the best on Crabby, but be sure to mix it in
    with regular attacks to conserve magic for healing. You should heal right after
    he uses Bolt on you.
    After you beat Crabby, Cabbage Head is elected mayor, and Cup Cake says you
    should confer with a Dr. Bromide in the next country. Be sure to rest up before
    you leave town, since you’re probably still reeling from your fight with
    Crabby. Then, go north from Shiskaburg until you come to a wall with a door in
    it.  You may have come to this before, but you can only get through now. Cup
    Cake will part company with you at this point, and give you her pendant before
    you go. Now, it’s off to Chow Mein.
    Chapter 3-Chow Mein
    Herbal Village, where Dr. Bromide lives, is in plain sight as soon as you
    appear in Chow Mein. Go in and head to the big house at the north end of town.
    Inside is Lolly Pop, Dr. Bromide’s daughter. She says her father was summoned
    by someone named Sarg from the town of Tuna, and hasn’t returned yet. Just then
    Springroll bursts in and tells her that Dr. Bromide’s been arrested! Hmmm, the
    plot thickens! Talk to the villagers and upgrade your equipment as much as
    money permits. One man says that the laws in Tuna change everyday.  You’ll find
    out what he's talking about soon enough.
    Head north through the gaps in the mountains until you come to another town.
    This is Tuna.  You’ll be allowed to set the day’s laws when you enter. The
    words will start changing.  Hit “A” when you want to stop them.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: You may not notice that it says “prohibitions” above the board
    where the laws are displayed. This means that the things shown in the three
    slots are what you CAN’T do. And the “guard” is the dude in the jail, while the
    “soldiers” are the armed men walking around town.
    Walk around town, trying to remember where the laws forbid you to go. You can
    go back and check the board if you forget. A guard comes up and sticks you with
    a fine if you do break the law. If you refuse to accept that, he'll threaten to
    throw you in jail.  If you refuse that as well, he’ll just walk away, but
    you’ll still lose money for the fine.
    A woman in a house on the east side of town talks about wanting to bring
    something to her jailed son, but the “don't talk to the guard” law never
    changes, and she asks if you’ll see if the machine is broken. Say yes and
    she’ll give you 1,500 gold coins. Talk to the girl standing on the left side of
    the law board and agree to pay her 500 gold coins to be allowed to fix the
    machine. Go through the door and walk up to the lever furthest to the left and
    press “A”. It’ll ask if you want to raise or lower the lever. Select raise and
    you’ll fix the machine.
    Leave the room, and talk to the girl on the right of the board. She’ll let you
    change the laws again for 100 gold. Before you do it, save your game. Then,
    give her the money and change the laws again making sure that the “don’t talk
    to the guard” and “don’t enter the jail” laws are not ones you select. If this
    does happen, load your saved game and try again, or just try again straight
    away if you won’t miss the money.
    After this, go the jail and talk to the guy inside. He’ll get out of your way.
    Go downstairs and talk to the woman, then to her son, who is behind the bars in
    front of her.  He’ll say that Dr. Bromide was taken to the Dragon Jail. The
    other inmates say that no-one has ever gone to the Dragon Jail and returned
    alive. You aren’t quite ready to bust Dr. Bromide out yet, so leave town and
    head north until you see a mountain surrounded by a moat. Walk up to the
    southern shore, and then inside the house (which is actually a boat rental
    place) you see. Talk to the man, who says he has to charge a lot to rent out a
    boat because dragons are sure to attack and destroy the boat. Say no to his
    offer of renting the boat, and he’ll tell you about the Kim-Chee tribe, who
    know how to find the Golden Pepper that you need to hurt the dragons. Head
    west, then south, until you come to another town. This is the camp of the
    Kim-Chee people, but the guard kicks you out when you talk to him, saying that
    they don't trust outsiders, only Dr. Bromide and his family (he actually says
    that they don't trust humans.  What does that make the Kim-Chee?).
    Make your way back to Herbal Village and talk to Lolly Pop. She’ll follow you.
    During a fight she’ll sometimes use her medical skills to heal some of your
    Go back to the Kim-Chee camp. Since you’re friends with Lolly Pop, they trust
    you and let you in. Talk to the people to find out what's going on. Seems
    Nikninja, a guy working for Bio-Haz, has taken over the Kim-Chee tribe’s
    ancestral home, Oasis Castle, and the only sustenance they can find in the
    desert is the Golden Pepper you need to fight the dragons. The men inside the
    tents are running shops and an inn. The one in the northernmost tent is not
    running a store. He is the chief, and Lolly Pop begs him for some Golden
    Pepper, but he says he’ll only give some up if you can get rid of Nikninja. If
    you accept, which you'll eventually have to, he’ll give you the key to the
    castle, which is to the south of the Kim-Chee camp. The chest in the chief's
    tent contains a Push scroll.
    Inside the castle, you’ll want to plunder the chest to the left to get a Med
    scroll, and then step on a raft when it moves next to the floor you’re standing
    on. Get off it when it moves next to the section of floor jutting out from the
    left wall. There’s a tin helmet in the chest on it. A raft passes on the north
    side of the island where you’re standing, and you'll want to ride this one and
    then get off when it doesn’t go any further upward.
    You should be on the upper of two platforms. Wait until another raft passes
    above you, then get on and ride it until it moves next to the walkway sticking
    out from the north wall.  Head to the right from there (there’s a tin shield in
    the chest). When you get to the right wall, you should see a platform below
    you. You need to wait for one of the rafts to move next to you and get on it so
    you can reach that platform, which has the stairs to the next floor. The chest
    next to you when you get to the next floor has a Regain 1 in it.
    From here, take the raft above the island you’re standing on and get off at the
    walkway on the north wall. There’s a Med scroll in the chest on the left. Take
    the raft that goes by just below you and get off at the lower of the two
    islands it passes, then get on the raft that crosses the island’s right side.
    Get off of the raft on the island just south of the one you were last on. Then
    take the raft that crosses the left side of the island you're on and ride it
    south to the island with the stairs.
    Take the stairs, then walk to the right to the non-moving raft against the side
    of the walkway.  After it stops, takes the stairs on the island you’ve come to
    rest on. Step on the moving raft and ride it to the next island with the
    stairs, then take the stairs up. On the next floor, take the raft that crosses
    the island on the left side. Get off the raft, and get ready to fight Nikninja.
    HP: 450
    Spells and techniques: Freeze 1
    Suggested level: 10
    Strategy: Just keep attacking and healing when necessary.  If you go into this
    fight with your HP fully charged and keep an eye on it, you should win. Magic
    doesn’t seem to work very well on bosses from here on out.
    Upon beating Nikninja, you’ll automically be sent outside the castle. Return to
    the Kim-Chee tribe and talk to the chief to get the golden pepper you need.
    Once you’re level 12, and have at least 500 gold coins, go back the boat rental
    place (approach the south shore of the water for that to appear). Talk to the
    man inside to hire out the boat. When you’re halfway across the moat, you’ll be
    attacked by a dragon called a Wif Worm, but it shouldn't even be able to hurt
    you. If you leave the Dragon Jail, you’ll automatically board the boat and
    cross the moat again, but when you go back the guy won’t charge you again.
    Once you’re inside the Dragon Jail, follow the path and plunder the chests you
    find along the way. When you use the stairs you come to, you'll find that the
    prisoners of the Dragon Jail are being forced by Sarg to mine stones that can
    be processed into toxins. Springroll and Dr. Bromide are being kept in solitary
    confinement, but to get to them you’ll have to go through Sarg. Take the next
    flight of stairs and get ready to fight Sarg.
    HP: 600
    Spells and techniques: Power, Poison
    Suggested level: 14
    Stragtegy: Make sure your HP is 60 or above when you see Sarg use Power.
    Otherwise just keep healing and attacking.
    After Sarg is beaten, check the chest next to where he was standing to find a
    Regain 1, then duck down the stairs behind the chest. You’ll find Dr. Bromide
    and Springroll, but Dr. Bromide has been fatally injured by Sarg. He’ll give
    you the documents detailing the results of his research on Bio-Haz, and tells
    you to take them to Princess Truffle in Curry, then croaks. The Dragon Jail
    starts to collapse, and you get the heck out, appearing again in Lolly Pop’s
    house.  Springroll tells you that to cross over to Curry, you'll need to cross
    over the Chcolanma Mountain and gives you his mountaineering gear.
    If you head west from Herbal Village, you’ll see a sign next to the mountains.
    If you read it, it will ask if you’d like to climb the mountain, BUT YOU SHOULD
    NOT DO THIS YET. Instead, go back to Tuna and see how things are doing there
    with Sarg out of the picture. Go to the big house in the northwestern part of
    town, and talk to the mayor, who has returned now that you’ve freed him from
    Sarg. He’ll give you 2,000 gold coins for liberating Chow Mein. NOW go back and
    climb the mountain.
    Chapter 4-Curry
    By the time you arrive in Curry, Springroll’s mountaineering equipment is
    ruined.  Go to the Cinnamon Village, which is just to the south, and head for
    the inn. Go upstairs and talk to the man standing in front of the far door.
    He’ll talk with someone inside for a second, and then come back out and tell
    you to enter. Inside, you’ll meet Princess Truffle. With the results of Dr.
    Bromide’s research, she concludes that since toxins and pollutants strengthen
    Bio-Haz, “things that are pure” must weaken him. To find out what the purest
    thing in Greene is, she suggests that you go to Pipe Valley in the south and
    confer with a psychic named Ralph Vader. When Truffle pitches in during a
    fight, she lowers the enemy’s offense, defense or speed. Before you go
    anywhere, upgrade your weaponry and armor and talk to the villagers. One guy
    says that the country of Curry is sustained by something called Power Water.
    Once you’re fully decked out, leave town and head to the west until the water
    ends, then head south and back east until you see the sign next to the
    mountains. Read it, and accept the invitation to enter Pipe Valley.
    Talk to the man on the right to hear what you have to do to get to the village
    at the end of the valley: you can’t attack any monsters here. When a monster
    does show up, just dodge it until it pushes past you.  If you attack a monster,
    you’ll have to start all over again. Once you get to the top, the guys in front
    of the Pipe Plateau village will give you 800 experience points and tell you to
    “go to the Nutmeg Village” (which is not the one you're about to enter). From
    here on out I’m not going to tell you to upgrade your equipment and stay at the
    inn when you reach a town.
    Go the north end of the town, into the big house. Ralph Vader is in the back
    room, and he’ll tell you that the Power Water of Crater Lake is the purest
    thing in Greene. You’re definitely going to need some to defeat Bio-Haz! He’ll
    tell you about how the gatekeepers outside the village can warp you to the
    other side of the mountain, where Nutmeg Village and Crater Lake are. Talk to
    one of the guys outside the village and answer yes when he asks if you want to
    go the foothill.
    You’ll need to head west, then north when you get to the coast. Head into
    Nutmeg Village.  An event will automatically begin where you'll find out that
    Bio-Haz’s henchmen have poisoned Crater Lake and it sometimes emits poisonous
    gas. Truffle and Pappu, the man who tells you this, get to work on an antidote.
    There’s just one problem: how you can move fast enough to reach Crater Lake in
    between the emissions of toxic gas. Truffle asks you to explore the area and
    find out as much as you can.
    When you leave Pappu’s house, a guy comes up and tells you the residents of the
    Hothot Village are having their “Ultrahot of High Speed” festival.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you hang around in the open in Nutmeg Village too long,
    poison gas will appear and you'll be in trouble. Get out of there as quick as
    you can if this happens.
    Head south from Nutmeg Village, east some, and then as far south as you can.
    You’ll pass a forest, but ignore it for the time being. Keep heading east and
    south until you come to Hothot Village. None of the stores are open at the
    moment, because the owners and indeed all the townspeople are running in
    circles in the center of town because of the “Ultrahot of High Speed” festival.
    To talk to the runners, press the “A” button just as they run underneath you.
    One guy tells you that they can’t lower the bridge to Spaghetti until the
    Ultrahot of High Speed is over. Another tells you that they can run so fast
    because they’ve nibbled the Ultrahot Flower. A flower that makes you run fast?
    Sounds like the solution you were looking for! You’ll need to talk to the girl
    to get the password to enter the forest to the west, where the flower grows.
    Head to the forest now. Go as far north as you can, and raid the treasure chest
    for a Flash spell. Then go as far east, and then south as you can. Talk to the
    baby bird to have its mother carry you past the roadblock of trees that kept
    you from going further east.
    Head as far north as you can, then go west, passing two avenues above you and
    going north on the third one. Head west after getting the Med 3 scroll out of
    the chest, and talk to another young bird. This time the mother bird will drop
    you right next to another young bird.  Do not talk to this one. Instead, head
    east, then north (there’s a Repel scroll in the treasure chest), then east
    again. Talk to the baby bird, and the mother bird will carry you to the meadow
    where the Ultrahot flower grows. Just walk into the flowers to get it. You’ll
    automatically be sent outside the forest.
    Head back to Nutmeg Village. Truffle has finished the antidote, but when Pappu
    goes to toss it into the lake, he sprains his ankle. Truffle asks you to take
    his place. Leave town and head north to Crater Lake. Make sure you’re level 18
    or above first.
    Now comes a problem: you have about ten seconds to reach Crater Lake in between
    the gas emissions, and have to run down a valley and dodge rocks in order to
    make it there in time. You can “nibble” the Ultrahot flower and double your
    speed, but you can’t make any mistakes to reach Crater Lake in time that way.
    You can also “eat” the Ultrahot flower, which will quadruple your speed but
    hack off about half of your HP. Even if you do mess up and don’t make it, you
    can try again without having to go back and get another flower. When you make
    it to Crater Lake and toss in the antidote, Darts will show up and attack you.
    HP: 850
    Spells and techniques: Poison 2 (which can stun you), Heal 1
    Suggested level: 18
    Strategy: Equip “Power” as one of your spells and be sure to use that first
    off.  Then attack and heal as necessary.
    After you beat Darts, Truffle shows up and chucks more of the antidote on him,
    destroying him. You’ll automatically get some Power Water. Go back to Nutmeg
    Village and get the Escape spell out of the chest in Pappu’s house. The
    Ultrahot of High Speed is over now, so you can go to Hothot Village and cross
    the bridge to Spaghetti. They’ll have to raise it again as soon as you get over
    because of the monster infestation. Make sure you're ready before you talk to
    the guy standing in front of the bridge and say “yes”. Truffle says she’ll stay
    behind and do more research on the Power Water. She gives you her broach and
    tells you to look for her strongest sister, Citrus, in Spaghetti.
    Chapter 5-Spaghetti
    Head west to arrive at Macaroni Burg. Talking to the villagers, you’ll learn
    about a resistance army organized to drive out Bio-Haz’s forces, how tough its
    leader is supposed to be, and about a female fencer at the armory. When you go
    the armory, you’ll meet this female fencer, who is a member of the resistance
    army. She thinks you’re strong, and asks if you’d like to enlist in the
    resistance.  If you say yes, she’ll come with you to the southern forest where
    resistance HQ is. If you say no, she’ll leave and wait for you there.  You may
    notice that she was asking the shopkeeper about good weapons. This info will
    play an important part in this chapter later on. If the fencer is with you,
    she’ll sometimes attack the enemy during a fight. Her blows won’t do as much
    damage as yours, but they are a help.
    Head east around the mountains, then south and west until you come to a gap in
    the mountains. Head south here and then east to enter the forest. Just go west
    and then north the first time you can.  There are no treasures to be found in
    this forest. When you can’t go north anymore, go east and then south. The block
    of stone you’ll come to is the resistance camp, and though you can’t see it,
    the entrance is on the south side. If the fencer didn’t come with you, she’ll
    be standing outside the camp. Talk to her in order to enter.
    Inside the camp, the fencer will introduce herself as Princess Citrus (yeah, I
    figured it out before this point too). The others aren’t totally convinced you
    are who you are, so Citrus spars with you to prove it. Even if you lose this
    fight, which you probably won’t if you don’t get too cocky, don’t forget that
    you're just sparring, so it’s not the end of the game. Citrus doesn't know any
    magic, so don’t worry about that.
    Your HP and MP are automatically refilled after the fight. Citrus goes to
    attend a strategy conference, and one of the guards stands in front of the gate
    so you can’t leave.
    The soldiers talk about how strong you and Citrus are, and about a lack of
    usable weaponry for their campaign. You also learn that the adjutant is named
    Shrimp. Head to the northern tent to meet Citrus and Shrimp in their meeting.
    Talk to Citrus, not Shrimp, to find out the situation. It seems that the
    resistance has no efficient weapons, and Citrus would like you to go south to
    Pasta Village to pick some up.  She’ll go with you to help out.
    Leave the forest (you can cast Escape if you want to), then head south, west
    through the mountains, and south again until you reach Pasta Village. The place
    is crowded because of an upcoming beauty contest. You’ll find out from one of
    the townspeople and the proprietor of the armory that all of the good weapons
    were sold as prizes for the beauty contest (!).  Yep, Citrus is going to have
    to enter the contest and try to get them. If you want, head to the upper floor
    of the inn and talk to the young ladies that will be participating in the
    contest.  There’s a peeper in the next room over, and if you face the wall at
    once place you’ll hear his cry of terror. You can talk to him by going into the
    other room.
    Talk to the guy in the house next to the magic store to learn about a
    coordinator named Fifi.  Head to the next house over to meet Fifi. Accept his
    proposal to help Citrus prepare, and he’ll send you to the Forest of the Fruit
    in the east to pick up an apple (for grace), a peach (for beauty), and a walnut
    (for wisdom). When you come back with them, he’ll use them to make an elegant
    gown for Citrus.
    Leave town and head due east until you reach the forest. Inside, go west until
    you see a tree standing all by itself. Search at its trunk to find the apple.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: In this forest are flying, bottled monsters called Bombers.  At
    any cost, you must destroy them before they can run away. If they succeed in
    escaping, they’ll take one of the fruits you’ve found with them, and you’ll
    have to go back to the tree where you got it to replace it! Your best bet is to
    use the Freeze spell and freeze them so that they can’t get away while you
    attack them.
    Head south and then west from the apple tree to find a chest containing a
    Regain 2. Then head north and west again. Keep going west until you find
    another solitary tree. Search it to get the peach. Now head west again, but
    ignore the chest, because it holds Trash. Keep going north as far as you can,
    and then east. Go north up the path to find a chest containing Weaken, then
    head back south and keep going east. You’ll come to the tree where you can get
    the walnut.
    Now that you’ve got all three fruits, cast Escape and go back to Pasta Village.
    DO NOT stay at the inn yet. Talk to Fifi, who will take the fruit and tell you
    to return in the morning for Citrus’s dress. NOW go to the inn. After you wake
    up, head back to Fifi’s house to pick up Citrus’s dress.
    Go into the big building on the east side of town, and talk to the guard
    standing just below the treasure chest. Citrus will head into the contestants’
    waiting room, and you’ll have to take the spectators’ stairs on the right side
    of the room.
    When Citrus gets onto the stage, she’s suddenly surrounded by the men in the
    audience, and Fifi reveals that he works for Bio-Haz and enchanted the dress so
    it automatically attracts men who see it. Citrus cries out to you for help,
    and, since you aren’t from Greene, you're not affected by Citrus’s dress the
    way everyone else is. Fifi reveals his true form and attacks you.
    HP: 1,300
    Spells and techniques: Flame 2
    Suggested level: 20
    Strategy: Fifi’s defense is pretty high, so use Power. Otherwise, just attack
    and heal as necessary, since none of the attack spells seem to work that well
    on him.
    After you defeat Fifi, he wonders aloud what’s happening to the resistance. You
    and Citrus quickly head back down to the lobby. The treasure chest is now
    unguarded, so you may as well grab the Stabber sword inside, considering all
    the trouble you went through for it.  Unfortunately, it’s incredibly weak. But
    nevermind that now. You’ve got bigger things to worry about.
    Head back to the resistance camp, where you’ll discover that the soldiers have
    been slaughtered by someone. One dying man tells you that the perpetrator fled
    to a valley in the southwest. If you go into the northern-most tent, you’ll
    find Shrimp gone. There should be no more mystery as to who caused this
    Head back toward Pasta Village, but this time keep heading south and then go
    west. You’ll confront Shrimp, another of Bio-Haz’s thugs, and then a fight will
    break out.
    HP: 1,400
    Spells and techniques: Power, Heal 1
    Suggested level: 23
    Strategy: Shrimp is very powerful, but you’ll win if you use your head.  Equip
    Power and Drain as two of your spells. You’ll need to use Power on yourself so
    that you can actually do some damage on Shrimp, and Drain to weaken him when he
    uses Power. Again, magic does little good against him.
    After Shrimp is killed, an earthquake begins. Citrus pushes you out of the way
    of an opening fault, but falls in herself. She gives you her ring and tells you
    to keep heading toward Burger. You can disobey and go toward her, but even if
    you do, you won’t be able to save her. But don’t worry about Citrus. She’s
    tough. All you can really do right now is head on toward the next country,
    Chapter 6-Escargot
    Head west to reach Fry Port. After the earthquake, only one ship is still
    intact. One villager says he saw a strange man chanting something at the cape
    to the west just before the earthquake began. The guy in the southeast house
    found a sword in the canyon where you fought Shrimp. It’s in the chest above
    him. I get the feeling that this sword, the Cutter, was the real prize in the
    beauty contest. Go ahead and take it; the guy won’t stop you.
    You’ll learn about a village called Torte in the desert to the north, but the
    desert is far too hot for you to make it through without protection. One guy
    talks about mint leaves which grow on the western cape that they use to cross
    the desert. You’ll need those leaves, and maybe you can investigate that guy
    who seemingly caused the earthquake.
    Head west and then walk south to the tree. You’ll automatically approach a
    cloaked man named Cadmium. He is the leader of Bio-Haz’s Hunters (you may
    remember you fought one of them at the very beginning of the game), and offers
    you membership in Bio-Haz’s forces.  Cadmium also says that from now on you’ll
    be under attack from his subordinates, even in towns (this no longer applies
    after you leave Escargot). He gives you some of the mint leaves and then heads
    to a cave in the northwest to await your decision.
    Now that you have the mint leaves, head for the central northern part of the
    desert, where you’ll find Torte Village. It’s a village of wizards, so there’s
    no danger of being attacked within its walls. A man in one of the eastern
    houses says that “the great wizard has returned”. Head into the big house in
    the northern part of the village to trigger an event where you meet this great
    wizard’s family, and the great wizard herself--Microwave! She’s regained her
    magic and is willing to help you fight Cadmium, and assures you that Citrus
    will be fine. Your next task is to enter the building in the northeastern part
    of the village and search for a powerful spell called Zap 1. When you get in a
    fight with Microwave helping you, she’ll sometimes cast Flame, Freeze or Bolt,
    all level 2.
    Head into the building and go down the stairs. Follow the passage until you
    reach another flight of stairs. Go down them. The Konklones are probably the
    most annoying enemies in here. Flame spells work the best against them, as they
    do with the Malatovs.
    After you descend the stairs, go into the door on the right side of the room.
    Stepping into the gray square in the next room causes a door to appear in one
    of the walls depending on which direction you entered the square from. You’ll
    want to go out the door to the right when you get it to appear. There’s a Speed
    spell inside the chest. Head south out of the room and then into the door to
    the east.  Go into the northern door to reach another of these transporter
    squares. Again, go out the eastern door once you get it to appear, and in the
    next room go south. Take the stairs down in the next room.
    Take the door on the north side of this room to end up in a room with yet
    another transporter square. Yet again, you’ll want to go through the eastern
    door when you get it to appear.  You’ll end up in a room with another
    transporter square. If you like, go through the door on the northern side to
    get a Slow spell out of the central chest and a Stamp out of the left one.
    Ignore the chest on the right, since it holds Trash. Anyway, go through the
    eastern door after you make it appear again, and you’ll go into a room with one
    more of those transporter squares. This time, however, go through the door on
    the northern wall to find the Zap 1 spell. Now cast Escape and get out of there.
    After you've built up several levels, it’s time to go confront Cadmium. Head
    north and then west from Torte. Head south through the mountains and go up to
    the cave you’ll find.  Make sure you equip Zap 1 as one of your spells before
    you fight the guard, because one quick use of it will get him out of your way.
    The shadowy figures moving back and forth inside the cavern are Maxigrems.  You
    can avoid them if your timing is good.
    On the first floor, you can really go down any passage you like.  Just remember
    the stairs are in the upper right corner. The chests on this floor don’t hold
    anything especially useful or valuable.
    On the next floor, go either left and down and around or down and left to reach
    the stairs.
    On the third floor, there’s a chest containing a Regain 3 on the far right of
    the chamber, but to move on you’ll need to go left and around the rocky walls
    to get to the next flight of stairs.
    The next floor is just a straight passage with no side-tunnels, so it’s nothing
    too fancy.  Waiting for you past the next flight of stairs is Cadmium.
    Cadmium asks if you’re ready to join Bio-Haz. If you say yes, Microwave asks if
    you’re serious, and if you keep saying yes she’ll kill you. Just say no and
    begin the battle with Cadmium.
    HP: 1,700
    Spells and techniques: Cancel (which cancels out spells like Power and Drain),
    Suggested level: 30
    Strategy: Cadmium uses Shove A LOT, so be prepared to heal yourself often. You
    should use Power, and be prepared to cast it again after he uses Cancel. Use
    mainly regular attacks, but mix them in with the odd attack spell too.
    After you beat Cadmium, he says something about you having the potential to be
    a stronger ruler than Bio-Haz, and then disappears. Microwave injures her back
    and you have to carry her again. She’ll still sometimes cast spells during a
    fight, fortunately. She’ll give you the key you need to unlock the ship in Fry
    Port. Cast Escape to leave the cave. Take Microwave back to her house in Torte,
    where she’ll tell you that you and Bio-Haz come from the same world, and
    because of that, only you can hope to match his power. She’ll ask for your help
    in getting rid of Bio-Haz (even though that’s what you’ve been aiming toward
    since the beginning, right?), and you’ll have to accept for things to progress.
    Go to  Fry Port and stand next to the ship, then press A to enter it.
    As you sail towards Burger, you hear Cadmium’s voice telling you that “this
    ship has a few tricks,” and he'll be waiting for you, even though you never see
    him again. Then the ship falls apart.
    Chapter 7-Soup
    You awake in Pint’s house, in the care of a woman named Marcela. Pint and Jr.
    introduce themselves, and then leave. When you try to leave the house, Marcela
    stops you. She says that to reach Burger you’ll need to cross dangerous
    mountains, locked in a perpetual blizzard, and traverse a channel. You’ve got
    no time to waste, so you automatically leave.
    One guy suggests you talk to the town doctor about your injury, and some of the
    other villagers talk about Pint’s status as a widower as well as how they think
    he and Marcela will make a good couple. Go to the house above the magic store,
    and the doctor will suggest that you go to the hot springs in the northwestern
    forest to treat your leg injury.
    Leave town and head northwest to the forest.  The path to your destination is
    straightforward. There’s one side path, but it only leads to a dead end.
    You’ll know you’re at the hot springs when you reach a building. Enter and talk
    to the guy standing in front of the door on the north side of the room. He’ll
    hang onto your stuff while you're in the hot springs. Go into the water, and
    you’ll instantly recover. Head back out, where the guy will run off with your
    stuff.  You’ll have to go back to the entrance of the forest, fighting off the
    monsters (which are pretty weak, thankfully) without your weapons.  When you
    get back to the entrance of the forest, you’ll find that Marcela has arrived
    and detained the guy who stole your stuff. You’ll get your possessions back and
    fight the guy, who shouldn’t give you any trouble. After you drive the guy off,
    Marcela will reveal herself to be Princess Gum Drop, and talk a little about
    her feelings for Pint.
    Head north, then a little to the west to reach a mountain with a sign next to
    it. Read the sign and say yes to begin climbing it. Gum Drop will set up a
    magic shield so that you don’t freeze to death. Keep in mind that this barrier
    doesn’t count during a fight, and Gum Drop will have to set up another one to
    protect you from the enemy’s magic.
    The first six areas are straightforward, but they’re pretty long and you'll get
    into plenty of fights. Nothing you shouldn’t be able to handle, just that
    you'll get into a lot of them. There’s a cave at the end of the sixth area, and
    an inn right in front of it.
    If you want to avoid a lot of trouble, go left and then up once you’re inside
    the cave. There’s a Block scroll in the chest you’ll find, and you’ll reach the
    stairs to the next floor quickly. The Yochokes and Mixmashes are probably the
    most numerous (and annoying) enemies in here. Use Flame against the Mixmashes,
    but just use regular attacks with the Yochokes.
    The second floor is just a straight passage to the next flight of stairs.
    The third floor involves a bend down the corridor where the next flight of
    stairs is, but that’s it. There's a Regain 3 in the chest.
    On the fourth floor, you should keep going down when you reach the part where a
    path branches off to the left. The shadowy figure is actually on your side and
    will sell you Regains and powerful Med scrolls.  On the very southern part of
    this corridor is a chest containing Zap 2. With that done, head back to the
    other corridor, and follow it left and then up to the next flight of stairs.
    Follow the passage down and to the left when you get to the fifth floor. You’ll
    come across another passage leading up. There’s a Med 3 scroll at the end of
    the left-bearing passage, so go and get that if you want, then double back and
    take the upward passage to reach the stairs out of the cave. There’s an inn on
    this side, too. Despite the fact that you're supposed to be in a blizzard,
    Freeze works very well against the enemies outside the mountain.
    Head down the first slope on your right. When you reach a ledge, go over to the
    slope further to the right and continue down that. Go all the way down, then go
    east and then up the next slope. You’ll need to cross over to another when you
    reach a ledge, but keep going up.  You'll have to cross over to another slope
    again when you get to another ledge.
    When you get to the peak, climb down the slope to your right to another ledge
    with two slopes leading down from it. The slope on the left leads to a chest
    containing a Med 3 scroll, but the one on the right is the one you need to take
    to continue. You’ll reach another ledge with two slopes. Take the one on the
    left. When you get to the bottom, you’ll finally be out of the mountains. Head
    a little south and then west to reach Won Ton Village. You’ll have to cross the
    channel to the south to reach Burger, but that will require a little
    By talking to the villagers, you’ll find out that flying kites is a popular
    pastime in this village, and one Mr. Steak is in the process of building an
    enormous kite. You thinking what I’m thinking?
    Go ahead and talk to Steak (who lives in the house next to the armory), then
    leave town and head south to the cape. After Gum Drop gets an idea, go back and
    talk to Steak. Youll have to ride on his kite to cross the channel. Mr. Noodle,
    a guy with the skill to fly the kite over the channel with you on it, is due to
    cross the mountains soon. Go back to the mountains.  You’ll meet Mr. Noodle,
    who saw a child fall off a cliff over on the west side of the mountain. It was
    Pint Jr., and you’ll have to go help him.
    Head all the way up the slope and take the one leading up on your right. Head
    to the left on the next ledge, then go up, head left, and then down until you
    reach the bottom. Then, head left and take the slope up. When you reach the
    ledge with two slopes leading to it, take the one on the left. Go up to the
    next ledge, then go down on the other slope. Head left (there’s a Fix in the
    treasure chest), and then down the slope to find Jr. Some guys will take him
    back to Steak’s house, which is where you should go too.  Just retrace your
    steps to get out of the mountains.
    Talk to Mr. Noodle in Steak’s house, and he’ll tell you to head to the channel
    ahead of him.  Go south to the channel, and when you get there, Mr. Noodle will
    get ready to fly you across. Gum Drop says she can’t abandon Jr., and gives you
    her earring before you leave.
    Chapter 8-Burger
    The kite lands in “the town of Trash”. Don’t forget that you’re in enemy
    territory now, so you should be extra careful.
    Trash is “the most polluted town in the land,” so you must be getting close to
    where Bio-Haz is holed up. All the shops and most of the houses are abandoned.
    A tower at the north end of town is where somebody named Dust Ball lives, but
    it’s heavily guarded and you won’t be able to get in--yet. Dust Ball is somehow
    attracting all the trash in the land, turning this town into a garbage dump.
    Head to the house in the northwest part of town. You’ll be ambushed by someone
    inside--Lunch Box! He’ll recognize you and lead you up to the attic, where Time
    Out is (you can access the attic by walking up to the wall one square away from
    the bed [even if you aren’t facing the wall]). Lunch Box says he’s going to
    start a riot to distract the guards while you slip into Dust Ball’s tower and
    take care of him. The vase in this room will heal you if you walk up to it and
    press “A”. You'll come across several more of these in the game. The chests
    contain various spells, but you should have them all already. The one in the
    upper left contains a Med 3 scroll, however.
    When a dialogue box appears saying “Riot!!” it means the attack has begun. Go
    downstairs and outside. The villagers will be fighting Dust Ball’s guards. If
    you talk to the guards, you'll fight them, but they’ll still be there if you
    win. Go to the tower and talk to Lunch Box, who will push the guard he’s
    fighting out of your way so you can get into the tower. Head up the stairs in
    the upper left part of the room and get ready to start climbing. The stairs go
    around the edges of the next six floors. When you reach the top of the tower,
    you’ll fight Dust Ball.
    Dust Ball (Thyme)
    HP: 1,948
    Spells and techniques: Flame 4, Freeze 4, Bolt 4, Drain
    Suggested level: 35
    Strategy: Equip Power and be sure to reuse it every time he casts Drain. Dust
    Ball will only roll out Bolt 4 in about the second half of the fight, but
    during the whole fight be sure to heal yourself when you drop to 200 HP or
    Dust Ball asks why you’re siding against Bio-Haz, since Bio-Haz is trying to
    save Earth by bringing its trash to Greene, and then dies.
    The chests behind Dust Ball, from left to right, contain Freeze 4, Flame 4,
    Guard, and a Rapier. Go back down the tower. When you get to the entrance hall,
    Lunch Box will enter and tell you that he plans to build an army. He also
    advises you to head to Burger Castle in the east.
    While the shops are still closed, the two guys standing at the gates of the
    town are selling magic spells you may be willing to buy. You can also sell any
    unwanted articles to clear up space in your inventory.
    Head east to the castle. Inside you’ll meet Microwave, who will say that the
    King and Queen are in the castle somewhere. She’ll go off on her own to look
    for them. The door out of this chamber is on the east side of the north wall.
    Go west down the hall until you reach the stairs, then go up them and head
    east. Go through the door in the south wall and you’ll enter a room housing
    several chests. Their contents go like this:
    Skirt	Trash	Trash
    Trash	Trash
    Med 4-5
    After you've taken what you want from the chests, head out the door to the
    south. You’ll enter another room, with six chests on its eastern side. They go
    like this:
    Skirt	Trash
    Trash	Shoes
    Toy	Trash
    Head out the door on the west side of the room.  There are five chests in this
    next room too:
    Diary		Trash
    Trash		Trash
    Head out the door to the north to reach a room with more chests:
    	Trash	Book
    Glasses	   Trash    Trash
    Take the stairs up to the next floor. This hall has one or two bends but is
    pretty straightforward. Head into the door in the west wall when you reach the
    end of the passage.  You’ll enter into another room with treasure chests:
    Stamp	Trash
    Take the stairs up again. There are no turns in this hall and the door is on
    the southern wall.  You’ll enter into a room with a strange pattern on the
    floor. You’ll understand the significance of this place after you beat the
    game. Head out the door to the west. There are more chests in here:
    Trash	Dentures   Trash
    Go out the door to the south. You’ll end up in another hall. Go west. There’s a
    room along the way that contains yet more chests:
    	Med 4-10	Rouge
    	Trash	Cap	Trash
    Take the stairs at the end of the hall to enter another hall. Go through the
    door in the north wall to enter what looks like a throne room. There’s a fix in
    the chest in front of the platform. Take the stairs in the upper left corner,
    but be ready, because waiting for you is the creep you fought on Royal Refuge,
    who has since become known as Megagrem...
    HP: 2,000
    Spells and techniques: Cancel, Shove
    Suggested level: 37
    Strategy: He won’t start using Shove until you wear him down quite a bit. Use
    Power and Guard on yourself often.
    After you beat Megagrem, he threatens to detonate some bombs he’s carrying, but
    Microwave bursts in and sends him flying out of the castle. There’s another one
    of those vases that restores your energy behind the King and Queen. Talk to the
    Queen to find out that you need the symbols of the royal family to pass through
    the flower garden in the southwestern part of Burger. You’ll also be told that
    Cup Cake and Truffle have penetrated Bio-Haz’s town in the south. The chests
    behind the King and Queen contain the Knight's Sword, Armor, Shield and Helmet.
    Take and equip them all.  Don’t worry about being attacked on your way out,
    since there are no monsters in the castle anymore.
    Head to the southwestern part of Burger. You’ll reach a building, where the
    door out the back is being guarded.  But since you’re an ally of the royal
    family (evidenced by your weapon and armor), the guards let you through the
    flower garden into Bio-Haz’s realm. This is the one time you can go back to the
    previous country if you should need to for whatever reason.
    Chpater 9-Bio-Haz's Realm
    Technically this isn’t a separate country, but it seemed like it to me.
    Head south and then west. You’ll come to a town, where the people say that
    they’re glad Bio-Haz is giving them medicine so that they can survive in this
    polluted environment. In one house a woman says that a child is sleeping in the
    back room. Go into the back room and investigate. As you may have guessed, the
    child is Cup Cake, whose health has declined because of the poor environmental
    conditions in this town. Go up and talk to her. Cup Cake will tell you that
    Truffle has figured out how you can destroy Bio-Haz, and will lead you into the
    building in the southwest that you couldn’t enter before.
    Truffle is inside the building, and she’ll tell you she’s found the source of
    the purity in Power Water, which she uses to coat your sword. Cup Cake, feeling
    ill, retires to bed again.  Truffle tells you that you can penetrate Bio-Haz’s
    territory through the sewage tunnels in the north end of town. There are three
    chests in the upper floor of the warehouse. From left to right, they contain a
    Fix, a Med 3-10 scroll, and a Regain 3.
    Go to the north end of town. You couldn’t get into this building, the sewage
    treatment plant, before, but Truffle uses chemicals to dissolve the rusty lock
    and you can enter now. You need to head for the north end of the room, where
    you’ll be attacked by the guard. He shouldn't be too much for you to handle,
    Say yes when Truffle asks if you’re ready, and you’ll be dropped into the
    sewers, but Truffle will have to stay behind for now. There are no twists in
    these passages. When you run into the Zappers, use the Bolt Spell. That works
    the best on them, as it does on the Froglegs, but the Zappers have an annoying
    habit of running away. There’s a Med 4-5 scroll part way down the second tunnel.
    The way onto the next one in each tunnel is a sort of “crease” in the water
    that denotes an opening. Look for it. Eventually you'll reach the end of the
    sewers and come out in Bio-Haz’s home turf.
    From here, you cannot go back. Time to bite the bullet. Make your way through
    the barriers of black gunk, looking for Bio-Haz’s castle. It’s kinda near the
    northeastern side.
    When you’re near the entrance of the castle, Gum Drop will run up and join you.
    She says that Candy has been kidnapped! Now you’ve got something else to worry
    about. Go into the castle.
    Once you’re inside, the doors will lock. You cannot get out until you destroy
    Bio-Haz, so don’t waste time your time or energy trying. Go through the door on
    the north wall, which will lock behind you as well. In this room are
    rectangular panels that will damage you if you step on them, but Gum Drop’s
    barrier can protect you. The stairs up to the next floor are in the upper left
    After you make it past several of the panels, Gum Drop’s magic gives out and
    she tells you to go on without her. You can go back and make sure she’s all
    right, but the only thing that’ll happen is that you’ll get hurt. Keep an eye
    on your HP as you head for the stairs. Each time you step on a panel
    unprotected, your HP is halved.
    When you get to the next floor, a boulder will drop and keep you from going
    back down. The chest contains a Med 3-10 scroll
    You’ll see two doors in the north wall. The first one on the left leads into a
    room with an energy-restoring vase. You’ll be sent to this room if you cast
    Escape in this castle. You won’t be able to get through the other door yet, but
    don’t worry about it. Take the stairs at the end of the hall.
    There’s a Regain 3 in the chest at the bend in the hall on the next floor.
    You’ll have to climb six floors to reach the top of this tower. Once you reach
    the top, go to the left where you’ll see Candy chained to the wall. The
    Noknight will attack you.
    HP: 1,500
    Spells and techniques: Freeze 4, Guard, Heal 2
    Suggested level: 40
    Strategy: Use Power and keep hacking away, healing when you need to.
    Go up and talk to Candy to free her. She’ll join you, and give you her hairband
    to complete the set of jewels on the collar, which will become a magic necklace
    and give you 5,000 EXP. Bio-Haz will then appear and taunt you, telling you
    he’s left the door to the top floor open. The shadowy figures in the cells are
    selling magic spells, but you probably already have everything they’re selling
    that’s worth having. Cast Escape. The other door is now open, but you’ll
    probably want to build up several levels before you go through it.
    Go through the door, then up through the room beyond it and down the stairs. Go
    down and around the bend. Go up the stairs at the end. You’re now in the upper
    half of the room with the vase. The two chests contain a Regain 3 and a Fix.
    Take the other set of stairs to move on.
    Go through the door in the north side of the room and through the hallway
    beyond. Take the stairs in the southeast corner. The five chests in the next
    room are like this:
    Trash		Trash
    Trash		Med 4-15
    Go out the door in the north wall.
    You’ll enter a hallway. When you come to the fork, go right to meet one of
    those shadowy shopkeepers. Be sure to stock up on Regains here.
    Go back and take the left fork. Follow the hall to the door at the end. In the
    room beyond, take the stairs in the northwest corner and then head to the south
    door. Follow the hall to the door at the end. Take the stairs in the next room.
    There’s a Med 4-5 in the chest, and another hall beyond the door. This one is
    fairly short, however. You’ll enter a large room.  At the far end is a door,
    and when  you walk up to it, someone will say “Enter”. Before you do, make sure
    you're fully healed and your magic is replenished, because Bio-Haz and the
    final fight of the game are waiting for you on the other side of the door.
    You’ll probably also want to make sure you’ve got less the 8000 EXP to go
    before your next level-up.
    HP: 2,200
    Spells and techniques: Flame 4, Bolt 4, Power, Confuse, Cancel, Speed, Guard
    Suggested level: 44
    Strategy: Use Power and Guard, then keep hacking away, healing as necessary.
    You should beat Bio-Haz with surprising ease...
    After you’ve beaten Bio-Haz, Citrus bursts into the room, and Bio-Haz reveals
    that you haven’t seen his full power. The fight begins again, and if you had
    less then 8000 EXP to go you’ve leveled up and recharged so you’re ready. This
    time, it’s for keeps.
    HP: 4,000
    Spells and techniques: Same as before, plus Heal 2.
    Suggested level: If you were at least level 44 for the first round, you should
    be okay for this one.
    Strategy: Do what you did the first time. Remember, Citrus is helping you this
    time, not Candy. Make sure you heal yourself often.
    Congratulations! You used my walkthrough to beat the game!
    Party Members-
    Princess Candy
    Areas of assistance: Royal Refuge, second half of Bio-Haz’s castle
    Helps out by: Boosting your defense. This doesn’t seem to count against magic,
    but it does last the duration of the whole fight.
    Princess Cup Cake
    Areas of assistance: Sushi
    Helps out by: Increasing your attack power for one strike.
    Princess Truffle
    Areas of assistance: Curry, entrance to sewer tunnels in Bio-Haz’s town
    Helps out by: Lowering the enemy’s offense, defense or speed.
    Princess Citrus
    Areas of assistance: Spaghetti, round two with Bio-Haz
    Helps out by: Attacking the enemy.
    Princess Gum Drop
    Areas of assistance: Soup, first chamber of Bio-Haz’s castle
    Helps out by: Creating a magic barrier that deflects the next spell used on you
    by the enemy in that fight.
    Lolly Pop
    Areas of assistance: Chow Mein
    Helps out by: Restoring 25-26 of your HP.
    The Inventory Listing-
    Weapons-Weapons, armor, shields and helmets are listed and equipped in the
    “Item” section of the subscreen.
    Knife: +5 AP
    Dagger: +10 AP
    Sword: +20 AP
    Scimitar: +30 AP
    Foil: +40 AP
    Katana: +50 AP
    Hotcut: +70 AP
    Stabber: +15 AP, +20 SPD
    Cutter: +80 AP
    Bigcut: +90 AP
    Badcut: +100 AP
    Rapier: +110
    Knight's Sword: +130 AP
    Cloth Armor: +1 DP
    Padded Armor: +3 DP
    Wood Armor: +10 DP
    Leather Armor: +15 DP
    Tin Armor: +20 DP
    Copper Armor: +25 DP
    Bronze Armor: +30 DP
    Iron Armor: +40 DP
    Ceramic Armor: +50 DP
    Steel Armor: +60 DP
    Silver Armor: +70 DP
    Knight's Armor: +80 DP
    Wood Shield: +1 DP
    Leather Shield: +7 DP
    Tin Shield: +15 DP
    Copper Shield: +20 DP
    Bronze Shield: +25 DP
    Iron Shield: +30 DP
    Ceramic Shield: +35 DP
    Steel Shield: +40 DP
    Alloy Shield: +45 DP
    Silver Shield: +50 DP
    Gold Shield: +55 DP
    Knight's Shield: +60 DP
    Hat: +1 DP
    Helm: +2 DP
    Helmet: +7 DP
    Tin Helmet: +10 DP
    Copper Helmet: +15 DP
    Bronze Helmet: +20 DP
    Iron Helmet: +25 DP
    Ceramic Helmet: +30 DP
    Steel Helmet: +35 DP
    Silver Helmet: +40 DP
    Gold Helmet: +45 DP
    Knight's Helmet: +50 DP
    Items-These are listed and used in the “Item” section of the subscreen.
    Regain 1-Restores 30 MP.
    Regain 2-Restores 80 MP.
    Regain 3-Restores 200 MP.
    Fix-No idea.
    Other Items-The various other items that appear in the “Item” section of the
    subscreen.  They’re not good for anything besides some quick money, but you
    might be inclined to keep a few just for laughs. The phrase in quotations is
    what is shown if you try to use it  I don't recommend equipping these, but the
    stats are provided just in case you want to know. Not all of them can be
    equipped, by the way.
    Trash: “Just junk.”
    Price (selling price, that is): -1,000 (you have to pay a shopkeeper to take it
    off your hands)
    Limburger: “Smelly cheese!”
    Stamp: “Worthless.”
    Price: 75
    Diary: “It's blank!”
    Price: 1,350
    +2 DP
    Book: “Can't read it.”
    Price: 3,075
    +20 DP
    Brush: “Great for may hai”
    Price: 2,700
    +3 AP
    Glasses: “I feel smarter!”
    Price: 4,650
    +2 DP
    Wig: “Totally ugly!”
    Price: 675
    +32 DP
    Dress: “Smells good!”
    Price: 15,000
    +5 DP
    Skirt: “Huba huba!”
    Price: 4,350
    +10 DP
    Apron: “Nice lace!”
    Price: 2,700
    +3 DP
    Rouge: “I look pretty!”
    Price: 1,875
    Dentures: “Gross!”
    Price: 2,925
    Shoes: “Wrong size!”
    Price: 3,075
    Cap: “Looks expensive!”
    Price: 6,225
    +5 DP
    Toy: “Looks stranger.”
    Price: 900
    Heal 1-Restores  50 HP. MP cost: 2.
    Heal 2-Restores 100 HP. MP cost: 4.
    Heal 3-Restores 180 HP. MP cost: 8.
    Heal 4-Restores all HP. MP cost: 16.
    Like the Heal spells, the attack spells--Flame, Freeze, and Bolt--come in four
    levels of power. Unlike the Heal spells, the MP cost for the spell, no matter
    the level, is always the same.
    Flame-MP cost: 5.
    Freeze-MP cost: 7.
    Bolt-MP cost: 9.
    Escape-This spell transports you to the entrance of a dungeon or maze you’re
    in. Can’t be used in battle. MP cost: 1.
    Repel-This spell keeps some monsters away, but it doesn’t last forever. Can’t
    be used in battle. MP cost: 10.
    Power: Increases your Attack Power when used in a fight. MP cost: 10.
    Guard: Same as Power, except it increases your Defense Power. MP cost: 10.
    Speed: Increases your speed when used in a fight. MP cost: 9.
    Drain: Weakens the enemy’s offensive power. MP cost: 5.
    Weaken: As far as I can tell, this does the same thing as Drain! MP cost: 5.
    Flash: This spell temporarily blinds an enemy, making them more likely to miss.
    MP cost: 5.
    Silence: Prevents the enemy from using magic. MP cost: 5.
    Sleep: Puts the enemy to sleep. MP cost: 5.
    Push: Knocks the enemy over. MP cost: 7.
    Block: Deflects the next spell cast at you by the enemy. MP cost: 8.
    Slow: Slows down the enemy. MP cost: 5.
    Tactics: According to Chris Hilton (zana.killer@gmail.com, sorry, I lost the
    email with your SN :/), this temporarily reduces the rate of random encounters.
    cost: 6.
    Zap 1-A spell that automatically dematerializes a monster it’s used on, but it
    doesn't always work the first time, and never works on bosses. There are a few
    enemies that can’t be beaten by anything but Zap. MP cost: 10.
    Zap 2-Has the same effect as Zap 1, but I guess it’s twice as likely to work.
    MP cost: 20.
    Plot Items-These are the items that show up in the “Misc.” space in your
    subscreen. These are verbatim copies of their descriptions, errors and all.
    Collar: “There are five slots to hold the jewels.”
    The collar that belongs to Calorie, the princesses’ dog.  It has five slots to
    hold the jewels you'll get from the princesses, and reveals a hidden power once
    you get all five.
    Jewels: “One of the five jewels for the collar.”
    You get one from each princess when you part company with them, and once you
    get all five jewels, you’ll be able to release the hidden power of the collar.
    Pedant-Cup Cake’s
    Earring-Gum Drop’s
    Lantern: “Magic lamp.  It never goes out.”
    A lantern you get from Lola Leftover to investigate the strange happenings in
    the basement of the record factory. You’ll carry this throughout your entire
    Record: “Lola Leftovers rare debut album.”
    Lola Leftover’s debut album, which Professor Condante is looking for. After
    listening to her sing, you;ll get this.
    Orders: “These orders link Crabby to Bio-Haz.”
    The document detailing Crabby’s plan to turn the old record factory into a
    pollution plant. You’ll get this after beating the Gremlins in the factory
    Lineage: “These orders link Crabby to Bio-Haz.”
    The Crab family tree. You get it from Prof. Condante after you deliver Lola
    Leftover’s record to him.
    Key (1): “Opens the gate to Hack Castle.”
    The key needed to enter Oasis Castle.
    Pepper: “Use this to defeat the dragon.”
    The Golden Pepper you’ll need to be able to beat the dragon guarding the Dragon
    Jail. You get it from the Kim-Chee tribe after you return from beating Nikninja.
    Note: “Important documents about Bio-Haz.”
    Dr. Bromide’s notes from his research on Bio-Haz’s weakness.
    Pick: “Use to climb mountains.”
    A gift from Springroll that you’ll need to cross the mountain into the next
    Flower: “Very spicy! If you eat it, you’ll run!!”
    The Ultrahot flower that increases your speed when consumed. You need it to
    move fast enough to reach Crater Lake in between the emissions of poison mist.
    Antidote: “Use to neutralize poison.”
    An anti-toxin Truffle and Pappu develop to eradicate the pollutants in Crater
    Water: “Very pure water, will help defeat Bio-Haz.”
    The Power Water of Crater Lake. This water is the purest thing in the world of
    Greene, and is needed to defeat Bio-Haz.
    Apple: “Expensive looking apple.”
    One of the special fruits Fifi needs to make a dress for Citrus.
    Peach: “Sweet smelling peach.”
    One of the special fruits Fifi needs to make a dress for Citrus.
    Walnut: “The knowing nut. It looks like a brain.”
    One of the special fruits Fifi needs to make a dress for Citrus.
    Mint: “Use in desert for heat protection.”
    Leaves used to shelter people from the rays of the desert sun. You’ll get some
    from Cadmium after you talk to him at the cape.
    Key (2): “Key to the only boat left in Fry Port.”
    Microwave gives you this key after you defeat Cadmium. It’s the only way to get
    into the ship in Fry Port.
    Legal Stuff
    Great Greed is copyright 1992 by Namco, Ltd.
    Gladrius’s Great Greed Walkthrough is copyright 2004 by David Anderson. This
    document may not be distributed, in part or in whole, without the consent of
    the author.  I can be reached at gladrius@hotmail.com

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