Review by Saikyo Ki

"To put it simply, an amazing RPG."

This game truly is a diamond in the rough. Namco is not known for their RPGs, but for some reason they decided to make one for GB. Virtually all of Namco's games are great, and this game is no exception. Great Greed is hands down a must have for RPG fans.

Story: 7
You are an environmentalist. You and your dad are inspecting trees when all of a sudden you are teleported to a completely different world, where an evil overlord is endangering their world's nature. Armed with swords and sorcery, you have the power to stop Bio-Haz (yes, I realize that this is a very lame villain name).

The story theme has been done before, but the part of the story you will enjoy is how interesting the characters are. They have personality and substance, and will more than likely make you laugh with their antics. Unfortunately, because the plot is basically a Middle Ages version of Captain Planet, this category can't have a higher rating.

Gameplay: 9
Extremely extremely fun. Along the way there are many different things your character must do besides combat. This keeps the game interesting as you go along. The combat itself could have been better. The battle system is very rudimentary. Not only that, but you could only cast up to four of your magic spells in battle at a time.

Along the way, you will meet up with people who will join you as secondary characters (very much like in Final Fantasy Adventure). They follow you on the world map and sometimes they do things in combat to help you. Please note the fact that I said ''sometimes.'' Some characters only cheer you on. Luckily some characters cast spells and help in combat. A few people you ally with have special abilities that help you in other ways.

The game world is HUGE, and you will have fun exploring and conquering it. It will take you a while just to get through this game once.

Graphics: 8
The graphics in the game are fine, but the combat graphics could have been better. The enemies are well detailed, as is your character, but attack animation consists of one sprite scrolling towards the other until they collide. Not very exciting. When your character casts spells, there is *one* extra frame of animation of your character raising his hands in the air. Again, not very cool looking. Spell effect animations could have been better, also.

Sound/Music: 9
Sound effects are just fine. The music is actually very good! The overworld map has this adventurous sound to it and made me not want to rest until I've gone everywhere and done everything. The other songs were also good and fit required moods nicely.

Control: 7
This doesn't get a very high rating because of the poor combat control. You had to tediously map spells to the *direction pad* for use in battles...

Replay Value: 5
There sadly isn't much reason to play the game again after you beat it. There are a few parts of the game where the outcome changes if something different happens, but these events are VERY few, and most people will not want to play through the whole game again just to see.

Bottom Line?
One of the best RPGs on Gameboy. A long quest that will keep you playing and exploring for many, many hours. Secondary characters could have been a bit more useful, and it would have been nice to be able to use all your spells during battles, but these flaws don't change the fact that this game has many secrets and twists to it, which more than makes up for the mediocre combat system, which is why I give it a 9.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/26/01, Updated 06/26/01

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