Review by Z Raven

"Not a well known RPG, but an excellent one nontheless!"

Graphics 8/10

The graphics aren't that bad.The houses in the towns and villages are repeated in each new place and the backgrounds aren't amazing.But in battle they do get better even though there isn't really a background while in battle.

Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay is amazing!The battles aren't fought with menus like other RPGs but with the controls!A attacks B blocks and the Up Down Left Right controls uses the different magic spells or scrolls that you assign to them.This battle system is great and is original.Though sometimes your finger might slip and you might press another button and lose the battle which is very annoying because the bosses in the game are hard and to have to get to them again is extremely frustrating!On another point the main menu is easy to navigate and use.The NPCs can help you during battle with magic or cheering or actually fighting the monster for a round.The saving is easy to do and every once in a while the game auto-saves by itself!The names of the monsters is half enough reason to play the game!All the monsters are named after foods and some of the names will just make you laugh out loud!

Story 8/10

This game has a very interesting plot.You,Sierra Sam, are trying to stop Bio-Hazard Harry from polluting the Greene Kingdom.Your adventure takes place all over the different towns and villages of the Greene Kingdom battling different monsters and stopping the individual plans of Bio-Hazard Harry at each location.The princesses of the Greene Kingdom help you on your quest by fighting or cheering or other things.The text isn't too bad and the translation isn't horrible like the one from FF4(FF2 in US meaning no offense to FF4,that game is one of my favorites).

Sound FX/Music 5/10

The sound effects is what is expected of Gameboy sound.The music isn't to good either,they're really any catchy tunes and the sound effects are mostly beeps.

Replay value 3/10

The replay value is low after you finish the game.Although you might want to start again and get a laugh or two remembering the different monsters names.

Buy or Rent?

Buy this great game and experience its magnificence!Also I don't think any Blockbuster has this game for rent so I say buy this game!

Overall 9/10 This game is very good, as you can tell by its overall rating.I suggest you get this game if you ever get the chance to.Hopefully one day this game will be re-made and re-released...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/12/02, Updated 01/12/02

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