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"A fun, hard to find RPG game for Gameboy."

I got Great Greed last November at Funcoland, I had heard about it before and I figured it was only selling for $10... so I figured, might as well try it, after all, back then I was in the serious need for rpgs... so I bought it along with a few other games... and after that time, Great Greed was one of my semi favorites... really.

Great Greed starts you off as a wandering traveller, you are wandering with your friend on a small mountain, as suddenly, time shifts and you are transported to a strange world suddenly... you have just been transported to a small castle, and the king says he must help you get back home... however, his kingdom is under siege against evil monsters of a very evil lord...

You try to escape with the princess, Candy... but before you know it, monsters attack you, but you easily slay them, as you escape with her. You must find your way to other towns, villages, earn experience, gain money, get levels, a normal type of rpg that seems like it is quite fun... I had a few problems with the repetitive music tunes, really, it was not fun listening to the same battle music EVERY time, and the SAME map music every time, because you always had to be on the map, and when you got into a new scenario to figure out a maze or such, it was the same music as the map music. The tunes could make you insane at times... really.

But this is still without a doubt a fun game to play. A few good things is the battle mode, how you can use certain controls to make certain attacks, defense, run, or use your character's magical powers. Attacking would make your character slash at your enemy, and most of the time, kill it on the main world map. When you killed it, it would be defeated and you would earn experiece and gain gold. Quite fun... very, very fun I must say.

Something sort of annoying to me was that all the bosses you fought, and mainly the last boss, was a KILLER to beat. TOO difficult, perhaps you could beat it, but there was FAR, FAR too much difficulty in this game. TOO many monsters to fight, and too many difficult bosses at the wrong times to battle. But a semi interesting story as well... a good game though, worth buying at alot of prices, despite some minor delays and bad things, there are good things as well.

Graphics: 54%
Words: Graphics are drawn semi nicely, not great, but nicely.

Sound: 30%
Words: Same music all the time, same sound tunes all the time, it could make your head explode, or even fall asleep.

Replay: 0%
Words: If you beat this game, or get close to the end, or do not like playing it, you will never want to play it again.

Gameplay: 93%
Words: I REALLY enjoyed the gameplay. The gameplay was GREAT. The fact is that you could walk around so easily with a companion, the battle mode was SPLENDID, how you controlled your main character, his moves, and so on... GREAT gameplay.

Story: 75%
Words: The story was nice actually, about being transported to a new world and forced to defeat monsters to save that particular world.

Characters: 65%
Words: Characters are sort of odd, you may also think that the name programmer was VERY hungry when he made all the names of the characters.

Final Words: A fun RPG to play on the Gameboy, and I believe this will always be remembered as an odd, yet VERY good Gameboy game to play. If you can find it at Funcoland or at SOME game place, you HAVE to buy it! It is truly worth it!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/24/02, Updated 02/24/02

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