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"This rare game is a must-have RPG for Gameboy."

Years ago Namco released a little known RPG for Gameboy known as Great Greed. Well, 1992 wasn't exactly a year when RPGs were popular, so Great Greed never achieved mainstream success (I also doubt it was published in large quantities). Well, I got lucky years ago and managed to snag this great RPG right when it came out, and I'm glad I did.

Story 9/10

Great Greed manages to pull off a story that's as complicated and interesting as something from a Final Fantasy game. The story features Sierra Sam's battle against Bio-Hazard Harry (alright, the names aren't great) to save the Greene Kingdom. Bio-Hazard Harry is out to pollute the Greene Kingdom, and it's up to Sam, along with the Greene princesses, to stop him. The story features many plot twists and many characters to meet. The text is a little bad, but it's good for a Gameboy game. At many points the game is also hillarious, especially the ending :)

Gameplay 10/10

What can I say? WOW! Great Greed features a very innovative battle system. Battles go on in real-time, meaning not doing anything will result in the enemy attacking automatically. Fighting is not necessarily menu-based. This time, B dodges, A attacks, and the control pad is for magic, meaning Up, Down, Left, and Right are each used to cast a different spell. The system is very innovative and means you'll have to stay on your feet to survive.The game is kind of challenging, but nothing a bit of practice could overcome. There is help in the form of NPCs that heal, attack, or do other things, which is a neat addition. However, those don't apply to the last boss, which is incredibly hard and where the NPCs you get to help you against him barely help. Also, some of the puzzles in the game can be a little mind-bending, but there's a mini-strategy guide in the instruction manual that should solve most of the hard puzzles. Some situations found in the game (like one place where you can't attack enemies; only heal) are quite annoying, nevertheless.

Graphics 8/10

Great Greed doesn't feature the best graphics on Gameboy. After all, the game was released in 1992! The sprites and tiles used for towns, dungeons, and the overworld aren't anything spectacular. They're pretty standard Gameboy RPG stuff. However, in battle, the graphics really shine. There aren't any real backgrounds in battle, but the monsters and hero look great. Monsters are nicely detailed (especially bosses). However, the monsters don't feature any animation, and the hero moves little as well. The only real animation is with the magic, which looks great, but don't expect Final Fantasy 7 magic.

Sound FX/Music 5/10

Sound effects are nicely varied, with different sound effects for different spells. However, some are used a lot of times.The music is surprisingly good, though a little high-pitched. There's a lot of variety in the music, though, and there should be no need to turn the music down.

Replay Value 4/10

RPGs are never known for high replay value, and this one's no exception. Once you beat it, don't expect to play it too many times afterward. However, I usually replay my RPGs after a few years, and this one was a blast to play through again. And, with 3 save files and 1 auto-save file, there are plenty of opportunities to replay it.


Well, this game is extremely rare to find, so I'd suggest buying it if you ever find it. If you see it for rent, rent it to see if you like it first.

Overall 10/10

It's not a perfect game, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The gameplay and story alone are enough to warrant it a 10, and I think it deserves it. I think it's easily a competitor for best Gameboy RPG. It's a shame Namco didn't make this in more quantities, and it's even more shameful that it never got real success. Oh well, let's hope someone re-releases it...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 08/05/01

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