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"Arguably the best Pinball game veer created,"

It's not everyday that we get to play a decent pinball game, but this one takes it even further, and gives us one of the best games ever released for the Gameboy.

In this game Kirby is a ball, and you control him in three different pinball stages, which are also divided into three sub stages, or floors, which vary and have lots of different characteristics in them. The first floor in a stage, usually gives you the option to change levels (which must be earned) or has a way to get Kirby up to the second floor. The second floor is the floor that contains the minigame for that level, which is ultimately the best way to collect up points. The third floor however, is the floor you are aiming to get to, as it contains the boss of that level. Once you fall down to the first floor, if you fall again then you either have the chance to get back up, or you lose a life. The gameplay is simple, yet strangely addictive.

Each level has its own minigame, which is pretty difficult to access, which gives you a very rewarding feeling when you do so. One of the minigames lets you treat Kirby as a football, as you need to defeat the goalkeeper and get him inside the goal. Another makes you control Kirby and gather food which gives you lots of points. The final minigame has you play a game similar to breakout, where you have to hit the two Kirby's against the bricks at the top of the screen, and destroy them all to allow the character at the top to fall down. Great stuff, and extremely fun.

The atmosphere in this game is fantastic, as it is filled with lots of recognisable and loveable Kirby characters, along with Kirby music which is very enjoyable and does not get repetitive at all. The sounds in the game also fit in very well, wether it's Kirby bumping into a wall, or Kirby falling into a lower stage. At the end of every stage, there is a boss you must fight, in which case if you beat all three, you complete the game, but are then allowed to carry on playing to go for a high score.

The controls are very simple, with the Left button moving the left flipper, and the A button moving the right. They are very easy to get used to. The other buttons allows you to tilt the level, and select let's you save your progress.

Overall, this is a great game to have, wether you are a Kirby fan, a Pinball fan, or neither, as it has great replay value, and a very high fun factor. Have fun!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/03/06

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