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Reviewed: 06/20/01 | Updated: 06/20/01

Traditional yet unique at the same time, almost any RPG fan can enjoy this.

Hi everyone. I've been on the boards for about a week now and this is my first review. :)

This game not only deserves a review, it deserves a good one. Knight's Quest is one of quite a few RPGs that deserved more recognition and popularity. Despite being quite similar to the very first console RPGs (Dragon Warrior I to be specific), there is enough innovation to satisfy almost everyone.

Story: 6
The story is pretty standard, really. There are baddies to kill and a princess to save. Without spoiling anything, the plot does get slightly interesting as the game progresses.

Gameplay: 8
Typical overworld walking, turn-based fighting, leveling up, etc. You have to run into enemies (some which chase you, some which walk around aimlessly) to fight them (like in FF Mystic Quest for SNES/SFC). As you get farther into the game, enemies chase you faster. Sometimes there are narrow passages and you will be forced to fight monsters blocking your way.

One thing you will find interesting is the battle system. Your character has the ability to attack by swinging his sword one of four different ways. It pays to experiment with them to find out which swing does the most damage to a particular enemy. There are magic spells, but you must buy multiple scrolls to cast them because you unfortunately have no MP.

As for equipment, there are swords and armors of increasing power (some which can be found, others bought). I for one would have liked to see the weapons and armor named a little more cleverly than, for example, ''Level 1 Sword.'' Oh well.

Villages have healing items, spell scrolls, weapons, armor, etc. One thing I would have liked to see were some villagers walking around in the towns (although you can talk to store owners and such).

There are enough puzzles to solve in this game to keep things interesting. They aren't cake walks, but they aren't extremely taxing either.

A fun little thing you can do while talking to the king is you can press A and B to make your character nod and shake his head, respectively. :)

Graphics: 9
Not bad at all! The overworld isn't particularly breathtaking, but the battle scenes are nicely detailed and the characters are big and well animated by GB standards. One thing that may get on someone's nerves is that damage is shown by explosion marks around the enemy instead of slash marks. One nice thing is that when you run, you don't just run off the screen, you see your character attempt to flee and the screen scrolls. When your character stops running, he turns around to see if the lost the enemy.

Sound/Music: 7
Sound effects are pretty standard. Hearing your sword go ''boom'' instead of ''slash'' may irk you, however. The music is also standard. The battle music, boss music, enemy territory music and king music fit the required moods, but I must admit I found myself getting tired of the overworld music. One of the battle themes is actually funny to listen to (funny in a good way), because its kinda quirky sounding. Sometimes there are enemies with a crazy/insane look on their face, and if that music is playing while you fight that enemy you just might laugh. I guess they were trying to add a little humor to the game.

Control: 10
As standard and easy to use and RPG controls get.

Replay Value: 4
Sadly, once the game is over, there isn't much else to do. You could challenge yourself by trying to get farther with weaker equipment.

Bottom Line?
This game is definitely worth picking up used. There is a big enough game world to keep you exploring for many moons and enough enemies to keep you busy testing your sword skills. All in all it's a very enjoyable RPG, which I why I give it an 8.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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