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"An ugly mutation"

Metroid 2 is an Action\Adventure developed by Nintendo. Many regard Metroid 2 as a stepping-stone towards the awesome Super Metroid… however I'm still searching for that stepping stone. Yes, folks I am one of the few miserable creatures that don't like Metroid 2. Am I a hater? Nope. How could I be… I love Metroid even though I can clearly see its many flaws and I, (like many people), regard Super Metroid as one of the best games ever. The reason why many gamers love this game is simple… because it is another Metroid game!!! Let me give you an example of the various reviews I've read here: “Gameplay 10/10, Controls 10/10, Sound & Music 10/10, Graphics 10/10, Replay Value 10/10… and the final score is… 7/10!!!”. But enough with the pointless intro, let me explain why I don't like this game so much.

Story: N/A

Metroid 2 like the first game has a decent story that gets you into the game, even though it is only in the manual. Samus after confronting the hideous Mother Brain, went to the home planet of the Metroids with the mission of destroying every single one of them in order to not let anyone else take advantage of their enormous power.

Gameplay: 5.5/10
Replay Value: 3/10

A good Metroid title has a vast world to explore, items that you will find and put to good use to reach areas that you couldn't, many secrets and a wonderful atmosphere. Most of this stuff are here but somehow the game isn't the same. First of all M2 is awfully linear. The purpose is to kill all the existing Metroids, so lets say that in the first area there are 3. It is easy to find 2 of them and kill them and you just need to find a certain item to reach the third one. Once you kill every Metroid in the area, some sort of a pit full of acid lowers so you are now able to descent even lower in the underground maze called SR388. Got that? Now repeat that about 10 times… the end! While on text this might look good in the actual game is very boring. The whole game is just finding the Metroids and killing them. The Metroids are easy to fight with, (even the more evolved ones), since it is just a matter of having enough missiles to do so… and if you don't simply go to a refilling area. Searching around is still fun like in all Metroid games, however the world of SR388 looks the same from the start to the end… its is just, caves, caves, caves, caves, caves, caves… At least the good controls will not annoy you, (apart from the irritating spider ball item), and the game will give you some fun during the first playthrough… which can last for 10 hours if you haven't played a Metroid game before to 3 hours if you have played Metroid & Super Metroid.

Graphics: 7/10
Design: 6.5/10

I can't say that the graphics are bad, especially for an early GB title. I like the evolution of Samus who now looks more like the SNES Samus rather than a NES one. However the rest of the game doesn't look so much like a Metroid title. Metroid 2 just doesn't have the atmosphere of the NES game. I know that the game is only in black & white so it's all up to the textures to bring some life to the game, but they don't have anything special… they are just… rocks, making almost every area in the game looking the same. Also the Metroids… apart from some of the normal ones, most of them are now mutations… ugly mutations! Yeah, I don't like them… I don't know why but I just don't. I know that when an organism mutates changes but it doesn't become a whole different creature! Anyway, besides my nitpicking the graphics of Metroid 2 are ok, not great, just ok…

Sound: 5/10
Music: 5.5 /10

Hmmm… how can I say this politely? Well… it's very simple… Metroid 2's SFX and Music are BAD!!! The various sound effects are below average quality and the music has nothing to do with the wonderful, atmospheric music of the first Metroid. Here music themes are either very boring or very annoying like an ambient theme full of irritating chirps and blips!

-Explore a vast world and find many useful items
-Good controls, (despite some minor problems)

-A boring hunt for Metroids
-A bit linear for a Metroid game
-The Metroid mutations' look
-Bad SFX and Music

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Overall: 5.4/10

M2 is not bad, it is just decent… but who the hell wants to play just a decent Metroid title??? Hey, lets be honest… if the game didn't have the word Metroid in its title, would it sell? Would YOU buy it???

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/28/10

Game Release: Metroid II: Return of Samus (US, 11/30/91)

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