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    Liu Kang by ffmasterjose

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     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ 
    ( M | o | r | t | a | l ) ( K | o | m | b | a | t ) ( I | I ) ( L | i | u )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ 
      _   _   _   _     _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ 
    ( K | a | n | g ) ( F | A | Q )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    Mortal Kombat II Liu Kang FAQ (Gameboy Version)
    Date Began: April 20th, 2008
    Date Finished: April 27th, 2008
    Version: 1.00
    Author: Jose "ffmasterjose" Escamilla
    Email: ffmasterjose (at) gmail (dot) com
    | Table of Contents
    I. Introduction.........................................................[Intro]
    II. Controls............................................................[con77]
    III. Mortal Kombat II Story.............................................[mk56]
    IV. Liu Kang's Biography................................................[lkb0]
    V. Move List............................................................[mvlo]
    VI. Tips................................................................[tsgf]
    VII. Frequently Asked Questions.........................................[faq65]
    VIII. Legal Information.................................................[legty]
    IX. Version History.....................................................[verre]
    X. Final Notes..........................................................[fin44]
    | I. Introduction [Intro]
    Hello and welcome to my Mortal Kombat II Liu Kang FAQ written for the Gameboy
    version of Mortal Kombat II. In this guide you will find quick, accessible info
    relating to Liu Kang in this game. I wrote it because I felt it was necessary
    to have fast resource such as this, sometimes you just don't want to scroll
    through an entire FAQ to find something that can be found within seconds within
    an in-depth guide such as this one. I have always wanted to write a guide for a
    Mortal Kombat game, it is easily one of my favorite game series of all time. I
    bought this game for a few cheap dollars off of Amazon, and was pleasantly
    surprised at how fun it is to play despite being very stripped down compared to
    its counterparts on other systems. With that being said, it's on to the FAQ
    | II. Controls [con77]
    Start = Block button. Use this to block most attacks and recieve less damage
    Select = Pauses the game, slightly darkens the screen.
    B button = Punch button
    A button = Kick button
    D-pad = Moves character forward, back, down and up
    | III. Mortal Kombat II Story [mk56]
    500 years ago Shang Tsung was banished to Earth Realm. With the aid of Goro
    he was able to unbalance the furies and doom the planet to a chaotic existrnce.
    By seizing control of the shaolin tournament he tried to tip the scales of
    order toward chaos. Only seven warriors survived the battles and Shang Tsung's
    scheme would come to a violet end at the hands of Liu Kang.
    Facing execution for his failure and the apparent death of Goro, Tsung
    convinces Shao Kahn to grant him a second chance...
    Shang Tsung's new plan is to lure his enemies to compete in the Outworld where
    they will meet certain death by Shao Kahn himself.
    Now the Kombat kontinues...
    - Taken from the games opening attract mode
    | IV. Liu Kang's Biography [lkb0]
    After winning the Shaolin Tournament from Shang Tsung's clutches Kang returns
    to his temples. He discovered his sacred home in ruins, his Shaolin brothers
    killed in a vicious battle with a horde of Outworld warriors. Now he travels
    into the Dark Realm to seek revenge.
    - Again, taken from in-game and confirmed by official sources.
    | V. Move List [mvlo]
    The following is a detailed listing of all of Liu Kang's moves in the game,
    including his three ending moves.
    Signature Moves
    Bicycle Kick: Hold the kick button for seconds, then release
    Flying Kick: Forward, Forward, Kick
    High Fireball: Forward, Forward, Punch
    Note - can be performed in the air by jumping up and entering the button combo
    Low Fireball: Down, Forward, Punch
    Ending Moves
    Pit Tomb Fatality: Back, Forward, Forward, Kick
    Babality: Down, Down, Forward, Back, Kick 
    Dragon Burn Fatality: Down, Forward, Back, Back, Kick
    Description: Liu Kang turns into a dragon and scorches his opponent alive. The
    remains explode a few seconds after, scattering the bones. This is noteworthy
    for being the only time this particular Fatality appears in Mortal Kombat II
    as well as for the series in general.
    Note: It is worth mentioning that the button combinations can be entered at
    any distance and will still work properly. The game will "distance correct"
    itself, meaning if you enter the sequence for the finishing moves too far away
    Liu Kang will walk closer and close the gap automatically. I found that to be
    very useful and neat.
    | VI. Tips [tsgf]
    - When fighting against Liu Kang be aware that the computer can unlease any
    move at any given time, we're talking automatic Bicycle Kicks and instant air
    High Fireballs.
    - Again, AI Liu Kang is prone to knock you out of the air in most cases. You
    must also be aware as to not miss uppercuts, as chances are you'll get hit
    with one yourself, tripped, or thrown.
    - Using the Low Fireball will not only damage your opponent but it will also
    protect you from projectile attacks by your enemies. It works both ways, so
    if you're fighting Liu Kang keep your projectile use limited.
    - The Bicycle Kick is Liu Kang's most damaging move available, and can be
    used at the start of the match when the FIGHT! text is displayed.
    - The Flying Kick is a good move to surprise your foe after you've been on the
    defense. Just be wary of the computer's ability to block pretty much anything
    as Liu Kang will be left wide open for an uppercut or throw.
    Against Shao Kahn:
    - Shao Kahn will often start a battle off by using his Shadow Ram technique
    (sans the actual "shadow" animation, he just rushes at you). So be wary of
    using the Bicycle Kick as an opening move. It is similar to a game of rock-
    scissors-paper, except Shao Kahn always beats you.
    - Spamming the Flying Kick move is probably the path of less resistance when
    it comes to defeating Shao Kahn. If you can hit him with it once keep using it
    as he will constantly get up and get mowed right down. You do run the risk of
    him blocking it and nailing you with a kick or ram, and he may also throw out
    an arrow, which may either strike you the same moment you hit him or altogether
    stop you in mid-air
    - The Low Fireball proves to be the most essential move in Liu Kang's arsenal.
    Shao Kahn may throw an arrow at you but Liu Kang will safely avoid it, and at
    the same time he will take damage. It also stops his Shadow Ram dead in his
    tracks. Even if he blocks it some damage will still be taken.
    - Absolutely do NOT let him back you into a corner. He will constantly Shadow
    Ram you until you're knocked out. Thankfully this can easily be avoided by
    keeping your distance away, but not to the point where you find yourself at
    the edge of either side of the Pit Tomb.
    Against Kitana and Mileena:
    - Kitana often opens up with a Fan Toss move, so a Bicycle Kick may not be the
    best choice to start a match. 
    - Throws from either Kitana or Mileena seem to inflict more damage than usual,
    so try not to miss too many uppercut moves
    - Using the Bicycle Kick at the start of a match when facing Mileena saves you
    from her Teleport Kick move, which she often opens up a match with.
    - AI Mileena does not require a charge period to use her Sai Toss move, and
    similar to AI Liu Kang she often spams it when you jump in the air, so be
    cautious of this.
    Against Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Reptile:
    - Scorpion often opens up with his spear move, so ducking or blocking would
    be appropriate. I frown upon the Bicycle Kick against him. 
    - Sub-Zero is likely to start a fight with his slide move, so either do a fast
    Low Fireball or jump after the FIGHT! text is displayed.
    - Reptile's invisibility transformation leaves him wide open for an array of
    hits. Again, the Bicycle Kick is the strongest move you can use, and therefore
    ideally the most effective.
    - The three ninjas often knock you out of the air with a kick, so keep the
    combat on the ground as long as you can.
    | VII. Frequently Asked Questions [faq65]
    The following is a selection of a few commonly posed questions relating to
    Liu Kang as well as Mortal Kombat II in general
    Q: Will Liu Kang be featured in the upcoming Mortal Kombat 8 crossover title
    with DC Comics?
    A: As of now, who knows. The rosters from both sides are said to be "iconic"
    and consisting of all familiar faces. So there's a chance that he will.
    Q: Why don't the moves or Fatalities work???? Your guide sucks!
    A: Whoa, chill. I can assure you they all work, make sure you are putting
    the right buttons in in the correct sequence. I've tried everything listed
    countless times, and I can assure you, they work.
    Q: The computer is so cheap!
    A: That's not really a question, but yes. The AI in older Mortal Kombat games
    is notoriously for being overly difficult
    Q: Where are the other characters?
    A: I'm guessing they were left out due to memory constraints, the GameBoy
    cartridge can only hold so much information you know. This is the same
    reason why the finishing moves have been cut down and why there are only three
    different levels featured in this game (The Pit II sans fataility, The Tomb,
    and Goro's Lair). 
    | VIII. Legal Information [legty]
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective and copyright holders.
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any other website besides
    http://www.gamefaqs.com/ or otherwise distributed publicly at all. Use of this
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright. I'm only granting GameFAQs permission to host
    this guide, so please refrain from requesting permission to host this anywhere
    else, as your request will be denied respectably.
    Copyright 2008 Jose Escamilla.
    | IX. Version History [verre]
    April 27th, 2008 - 1.00: The initial FAQ itself.
    | X. Final Notes [fin44]
    I encourage feedback of any kind, and I can be reached at the email listed
    above. In addition to feedback, if you have errors or missing content to report
    I'll look into it, and if everything checks out credit will be given to you in
    a future update. Thank you for viewing my FAQ.

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