Review by Saikyo Ki

Reviewed: 07/10/01 | Updated: 07/10/01

Not a bad concept, but poorly excecuted.

This game tried to be a deep, involving Strategy RPG game. Instead, it turned out to be a game that you'd have to dedicate your LIFE to if you actually plan on completing it! The developers definitely had a serious case of ''wanting to try to hard,'' because if they had done things just a little bit differently, this would have been a very fun game albeit way off the beaten path of traditional RPGs.

Story: 5
A very sorry excuse for a story. You are supposed to conquer the frontiers of alchemy and defeat monsters along the way...or something.

Gameplay: 3
You're in a dungeon, you have to defeat enemies, find raw materials and then find pools to drop them in to create things from the materials. You can create keys for doors, weapons, special items and sometimes monsters. You can also take an existing item and drop it in a pool to see if it will change into something else. The raw materials you work with are things like iron and copper, and you can drop these materials into pools of water, acid, fire, etc.

First off, this game is way too hard. You have a very limited amount of raw materials, and if you accidentally make the wrong item and don't have another raw material to use, you're screwed. Monster fighting is extremely mundane and not very fun at all. Running into monsters will tick you off when you're trying to remember where the right pool is.

The game world is extremely BLAND. Everything is dungeon. No inns, no weapon shops, nothing of the sort. There is also no reason to go back to a previous level, making gameplay quite linear.

IMO, this game would have been great if there was an overworld, you could fight enemies for experience and gold, buy the materials you need, and use the items you create on quests.

Graphics: 4
Well, monsters are decently detailed, but other than that, the graphics consist of miles and miles of bland dungeon...

Sound/Music: 1
Nothing noteworthy. For that matter, nothing tolerable, either.

Control: 6
Control is fine I guess, but battle control is simple...too simple.

Replay Value: 1
If you actually get to the end of this game, you won't wanna play it again, you'll merely bask in the glory of freedom and sell it to the nearest Funco Land/GameStop.

Bottom Line?
There are strategy games, and then there's Mysterium. There are RPG games, and then there's Mysterium. There are fun games...and then there's Mysterium. Unless you want an impossible game to beat (unless you play it for a decade), don't bother with this. I tried it and regretted it, due to its bland gameplay which is supposed to be compensated by the strategy element, which is also crap, which is why I give it a 3.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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