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"A Very Bad RPG"

In 1991, Asmik decided to cash in on the RPG craze by releasing a very unique game. Sometime, unique doesn't always mean it's very good. Thus, the result is "Mysterium".


To say this now, the graphics are the game's bright point. Each enemy you encounter is very unique looking at best. The four different alchemy pools you drop the rocks and other items in to are very good. Some of the items, on the other hand, look much like the same. The game in in a semi-3D view. Overall, the graphics are very good.


The sounds in this game are terrible. The sounds of the weapons hitting the enemy consist of muffled-out explosions. The music in this game are not very good, consisting of the same three songs over and over again, which makes the music really boring. Overall, the sounds are abysmal.


The controls are very bad. The controls when you move around the dungeon is simple. What makes the controls so bad is the fact that you have to press B to go to "Aim" mode, which is moving your character sideways to the left or right, instead of rotating left or right, in order to aim your weapon at the enemy in front of you. Another problem I had was when I paused the game, any button pushed, including any of the directions on the d-pad, un-pauses the game. Overall, the controls are very bad.


You're a novice alchemist, a sorcerer who turns stone into gold, who must search a ten-level dungeon called the "Mysteruim" in order to defeat a fire-breathing dragon who is terrorizing a race of ants known as Armasps. The story line is very unique.


The game play is very bad. You have to pick up numerous rocks of many elements and drop them into pools of fire, water, acid and mercury, in order to create keys to get to the next section of the level. You also have to drop items of a certain base element in order to get better weapons. This is not my idea of fun. What makes the game play bad is that you only have two or three continues and no save points, which means that all that hard work goes down the drain the second you turn off the system. They could've at least put in a pass word system to save your progress. Overall, the game play is very bad.


I would not recommend this game to anybody who owns a Game Boy. With it's really bad sounds and the fact that it has no means of saving a quest, makes this game a very bad game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/30/04

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