A Puzzling Race Against Time and Space
Eric's out on a in his Dad's space shuttle when - uh-oh- out of gas! To get home safely, he'll have to ride out on his space scooter and pick up some gas cannisters...if he can find them. But watch out! The containers must be collected in numerical order while negotiating strange terrain, avoiding tanks, dodging time bullets and evading sprinkler guns. It's a race through space and against the clock or else he's out of gas, and out of time as well!

- Maneuver through 64 different challenging screens
- Steet clear of dozens of dangerous obstacles and enemies
- Run over clocks to get extra play time
- Features animation and synthesized sounds
- Combines exploration, action and puzzle strategies
- Includes password memory feature

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#10 lowest rated GB racing game (#361 on GB, #17352 overall)


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#14 easiest GB racing game (#201 on GB, #12513 overall)


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#25 shortest GB racing game (#529 on GB, #15256 overall)


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