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Reviewed: 12/18/02 | Updated: 07/26/03

Can a game suck this much?

Pac-Man. Just saying that brings back so many memories doesn’t it. And I own it on the wonderful, old school, Gameboy platform. This game is all right. I prefer the game in a decent amount of color, but that’s just me. I bet you have all played it or at least see someone play it at a minimum of once. The game in short is well, Pac-Man but really badly made. It has no story, not the best graphics, crappy sound, crappy gameplay, and an crappy replay value. I feel that the oldest versions of Pac-man are the best to play. Go find them at your local arcade.

Story- N/A- Does anyone else other than me believe that a Pac-Man game with a story just sucks? Anyone? Am I alone in my thoughts? Oh, well, the game doesn’t need a story. It’s about a yellow ball dude who goes around eating dots and must avoid ghosts that will kill him if you go near them. He can eat the ghosts by resorting to special means. I put the story is not available. The game requires much more depth to even be considered as having a story.

Graphics- 5/10- I’ll give the game its due in the fact it’s an early Gameboy game. The graphics are simple yet thorough. The board is presented in the ugly greenish hue of the old Gameboy, even on my new 32-bit Gameboy Advance. It is decent looking enough though. You can tell Pac-Man apart from the ghosts. The ghosts are all the same color, so don’t get your hopes up of seeing your favorite Pac-Man ghost. The board is fairly well laid out and you can tell where you’re going. The dots can be seen, and you can tell the difference between the big dots and the little ones. The graphics are mediocre at best. Deserving the award of the legendary 5 I bestowed upon this game is Pac-Man.

Sound- 1.5/10

Music- 2/10- The only thing worse than the music in this game, is the annoying, random sound effects that are also included in this sound category, the game has a few different themes that play when you are going, including the annoying eerie one that goes when you eating dots, and the mechanized one that plays when are trying to eat the ghosts. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention the diminutive one that plays when you are dying. I have to say this, hear and now, the sound effects in this game are dross. They are annoying an repetitive. My virgin ears hate this junk. I give it 2 at the best.

Sound Effects- 1/10- Okay kids! Step up right now to here the world’s greatest game sound-wise! Heh, I was only joking. The sound effects in this game are crap. They are annoying and repetitive just like the music. The sound effects are better in the arcade game from 1980, and I find that just plain sad. I give it a 1. Go find a person to complain to if you disagree. This is only my opinion of the game. Pac-man as a series is all right, but this is the worst it has to offer.

Gameplay- 2/10- I will say this, right here and now. This game is just like all the other original Pac-Man games. But this just doesn’t seem any fun at all. There is only 1 basic mode that can be played as one player and two player if you’re lucky enough to find a person dumb enough to have this game and have a link cable. It’s the classic Pac-Man mode that allows you to go around eating the dots to collect points. You must avoid ghosts while doing this. There are bigger dots on the field which will cause the ghosts to turn to a darker color with white eyes. You may now eat the ghosts when you get to them. Your goal is just to collect points. Seems like a hopeless goal, doesn’t it? The control is simple, too simple even. There is no way to alter the difficulty for you beginners. I give it a 2. It just doesn’t seem like any fun to me. You may enjoy it, but I say damn the game.

Replay Value- 1/10- I never, ever want to pick up this again.

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GameFAQs Score- 2/10

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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