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"Nowadays, Detroid Vs. California."

In this game you take the control of Robocop, who must save the mankind by destroying the Skynet supercomputer, and to do that Robocop will have to go to the near future where machines (including our friend Arnie) rule the world. The plot is based on the comic, but don’t know nothing about it, so I can’t say anything else about this.

The gameplay is very simple, jump with B and fire your weapon with A, then the point is to advance forwards killing things (mostly machines) and jumping over some platforms. There are only two available weapons for our poor cyborg, his usual pistol and a Spreader Gun. Come on Interplay!, he wants to kill The Terminator!, he needs bazookas, or missiles, an atomic bomb would be perfect, but a pistol?, what is supposed to do with a crappy pistol?, shesh. Then the game is quite easy, the enemies are easily dispatched and Robocop is very resistant, the only tough part is when you have to jump over some platforms (specially in the last scenario), because the way Robocop jumps is a bit unstable and the chances of an instant dead are pretty high if we are not cautious.

Something a bit annoying is that this game should have been called “Robocop in a future where The Terminator works like a 486”, because the Terminator is very weak and has very little to offer to the game. It is very disappointing, more or less like in Star Wars Episode 1, in which one of the few cool things about that monumental crap of a movie was that villain called Dearth Maul, he only does something interesting in the last scene and everything to die in the next five minutes, well, the same happens with the Terminator in this game, he appears in the second stage, dies, and that is all.

The graphics are good, the typical graphics we use to find in action game for the Game Boy, nothing spectacular but good enough. The human enemies look quite cheap, but the mechanical creations are better, then the scenarios are nicely designed and the backgrounds are rich enough. The music is quite good too, that main theme is specially cool and I liked it a lot, but as expected there are just one or two different themes in the whole game, and that is not enough, not even for a game as short as this one.

Robocop Vs. The Terminator is a good action game, really, but it is way too easy and short, it is like if the developers got tired of the game and left it unfinished. With all, it is quite fun while it lasts, about one hour; and if you, like me, have bought the game (or if someone bought you the game and you can’t throw it because you would feel like a filthy bastard), then maybe two hours, or even three if you are on a plane or a place where you have no escape.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/23/03, Updated 04/13/04

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