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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ryan Harrison

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 01/17/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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     ____                          __  __            _         _                    _
    / ___| _   _ _ __   ___ _ __  |  \/  | __ _ _ __(_) ___   | |    __ _ _ __   __| |
    \___ \| | | | '_ \ / _ \ '__| | |\/| |/ _` | '__| |/ _ \  | |   / _` | '_ \ / _` |
     ___) | |_| | |_) |  __/ |    | |  | | (_| | |  | | (_) | | |__| (_| | | | | (_| |
    |____/ \__,_| .__/ \___|_|    |_|  |_|\__,_|_|  |_|\___/  |_____\__,_|_| |_|\__,_|
    Super Mario Land (Game Boy) FAQ/Walkthrough
    • Version: 1.10
    • Last Updated: 17 January 2015
    • Author: Ryan Harrison
    • Email: rjhgamefaqs[at]gmail.com

    This document is Copyright ©2012-2015 Ryan Harrison. All rights reserved.

    Version History

    Version 1.10 | 17 January 2015
    • Along with converting this FAQ over to HTML format, I have also made a slight change in format to the Controls table and added in some extra information regarding the 3DS downloadable version of the game.
    Version 1.00 | 23 November 2012
    • The first, complete posted version of this FAQ/Walkthrough.


    Hello and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Super Mario Land, the premier side-scroller for Nintendo's mega-popular handheld, the Game Boy. This guide will have a beginning-to-end walkthrough and contain all other information you'll need to beat this game. Released in 1989, this was one of the Game Boy's original launch titles and remains a favourite with Mario fans, despite some radical changes from the main series. There are many unusual worlds and enemies never seen before (and many since), and the damsel in distress is Daisy, rather than Princess Toadstool/Peach. It does, however, still have that same old Mario "feel" to it, so if you own a Game Boy and are a Mario fan, then this game is an absolute must to play and own in your collection.


    Once upon a time, there was a peaceful world called Sarasaland. In this world there were 4 kingdoms named Birabuto, Muda, Easton and Chai. One day, the skies of Sarasaland were suddenly covered by a huge black cloud. From a crack in this cloud, the unknown space monster Tatanga emerged to try to conquer Sarasaland. Tatanga hypnotized the people of all the kingdoms so that he could control them in any way he liked. In this way he took over Sarasaland.

    Now, he wants to marry Princess Daisy of Sarasaland and make her his queen. Mario came to know of these events, and has started on a journey to the Chai Kingdom where Princess Daisy is held captive, in order to restore peace to Sarasaland.

    Can Mario defeat Tatanga, release the people from his interstellar hypnosis, and rescue Princess Daisy? It's all up to you and Mario's skill. Go for it Mario!!


    D-Pad - DownHold to crouch as Super Mario
    Enter accessible warp pipes
    Move vehicle down
    D-Pad - Left/RightMake Mario move in those directions (hold B at the same time to run)
    Move vehicle backwards/forwards
    D-Pad - UpMove vehicle up
    AJump (keep held to jump higher)
    Shoot projectile from vehicle
    BHold while moving Left or Right to run
    Throw superball when in Superball Mario form (maximum 1 superball on-screen at any one time)
    Shoot projectile from vehicle
    Select + Start + A + BSoft reset (quit game and return to Title Screen)

    3DS Virtual Console

    A direct port of Super Mario Land is also available for the 3DS, which can be downloaded from the Shopping Network. As the 3DS' control layout and button labels are exactly the same as that of the Game Boy, I won't need to bother doing a control table key to compare them, however, there are some extra controls exclusive to the 3DS version, see below.

    Other Controls (3DS)
    HomeBring up Home menu while pausing the game; press again to hide Home menu and resume play
    Touch ScreenBring up Virtual Console menu, from where you can resume the game; create/load a Restore Point (if the feature is enabled); or reset the game

    General Gameplay

    The story of Super Mario Land takes place across four various kingdoms: Birabuto, Muda, Easton and Chai. Each kingdom is divided into three separate levels, and the objective in each level is to advance right while defeating enemies and avoiding traps and hazards, until you reach either an exit door or switch at the end of every third level. Every third level holds the Boss of that kingdom, which must be defeated in order to progress and ultimately beat the game.

    While Super Mario Land is mostly a side-scrolling action game, it is notable for also having two levels that play like shoot-'em-ups. In Worlds 2-3 and 4-3, Mario takes control of a vehicle and can manoeuver all around the screen and shoot projectiles to combat his enemies. For a little extra information on the Marine Pop and Sky Pop vehicles, see below.

    Mario: The title character of the game; the hero; the guy you control, whatever you want to call him, any half-clued gamer knows who Mario is. He's the guy with the light-coloured overalls and dark-coloured cap and shirt, and has the big nose and moustache. You take control of Mario in this game and you must use his famed running and jumping skills to outwit and defeat your enemies and rescue Princess Daisy.
    Princess Daisy: Kidnapped by the evil Tatanga at the start of the game, the princess of Sarasaland is being held in captivity in one of the four kingdoms. She is similar in appearance to her counterpart Princess Peach (aka Princess Toadstool). Tatanga wants to marry Daisy so that he can take complete control of Sarasaland. She is being held captive in the Chai kingdom, however three decoy lookalikes are also seen at the end of each of the other kingdoms. When approached, they disappear in a puff of smoke to reveal their true form.

    In World 2-3, Mario takes control of the Marine Pop, a small underwater vessel that Mario can use to traverse through the water. It fires torpedoes as its main attack. In World 4-3, Mario pilots a plane known as the Sky Pop, which can shoot enemies down with missiles. Both vehicles operate in the exact same manner; use any direction on the D-Pad to control your movement, and press either the A or B buttons to fire that vehicle's weapon.

    Mario's Forms

    Like in most of his other 2D adventures, Mario starts out small and will not have any special abilities, but by gaining power-up items found in blocks he can improve his form and gain newfound abilities. Here, I will go over Mario's various forms and what power-ups are acquired to achieve them.

    Regular Mario: Mario's starting form. He is small and cannot break blocks by bashing them from underneath. Mario is very vulnerable in this state; his only means of attack are either stomping an enemy on the head (unless the enemy cannot be stomped), or by hitting a block it is standing on from underneath. If Mario takes one touch from an enemy or harmful object while in this form, he loses a life. Find a Super Mushroom as quickly as possible to become Super Mario and gain some added protection from enemy attacks.
    Super Mario (Super Mushroom): Upon finding and grabbing a Super Mushroom, Mario grows to twice his original size. As Super Mario, you can now smash Brick Blocks by jumping and hitting their underside from below. If Mario is harmed in Super state, he won't lose a life, but will revert back to Regular Mario.
    Superball Mario (Flower): As Super Mario, uncovering a power-up block will reveal a Flower. Unlike having fireball abilities from the Super Mario Bros. series, the Flower in this game changes you into Superball Mario. Pressing B makes Mario throw a superball, which bounces at 90-degree angles whenever it hits a solid surface. Not only is the superball an effective weapon for combatting enemies, they can also pick up Coins! Very handy to clear out Coin Rooms in quick time. If Mario takes damage in this form, he reverts back to Regular Mario.
    Invincible Mario (Starman): Upon finding a Starman and grabbing it, Mario's clothes will flicker and the background music changes, indicating you have invincibility. In this form, you can touch enemies to instantly kill them and not have to worry about being harmed yourself. Do beware, however, that Invincible Mario can still lose a life if he falls down a bottomless pit. Also the invincibility effect only lasts for a few moments before you return back to normal.
    Miscellaneous Objects
    Blocks: A staple feature from the vast majority of Mario games. There are three types of Blocks seen in this game. They are:
    • "?" Block: A light block with a question mark on it. Hitting one of these from below rewards Mario with Coins or Power-ups. Once you have bashed a "?" Block and claimed its contents, it turns into an Unbreakable Block (see below).
    • Breakable Block: A lightly-shaded block. Some, like the "?" Blocks, contain items, while others hold nothing. If Regular Mario bashes an empty block, nothing happens; if Super/Superball Mario bashes an empty block, it smashes and disappears.
    • Unbreakable Block: A dark block. Mostly the result of a "?" Block or Breakable Block that Mario has already bashed and claimed the item from. These hold nothing and serve virtually no purpose except for perhaps jumping onto if you need to climb somewhere.
    Exit Door: Some levels are beaten by reaching this. You will see two Exit Doors at the end of most stages; one will be at ground level, while the other will be at a higher height that can usually only be reached by means of climbing various ledges and platforms that lead up to it. If you go into the bottom Exit Door, you'll just move straight on to the next level; however, if you can reach the top door, you get to play a mini-game with ladders in which you try to win extra lives or other prizes. Therefore, it's always best to try and reach that top door if you can.
    Switch: Found in Worlds 1-3, 2-3 and 3-3 after defeating the stage boss. Press it to finish the level and be greeted by the decoy Daisy.
    Warp Pipe: Another thing familiar from other Mario games, these large pipes are scattered throughout the game. Some are just there for decoration; some house deadly Pakkun Flower enemies; and some can be entered to find a Coin Room. If a Warp Pipe can be entered, this is done by standing on the top of it in the centre, and pressing Down on the D-Pad. Check them all to see if you can find any that lead to a Coin Room, and you can claim lots of Coins!

    Game Screen

    Here's an example of what you'll see at the top of the screen during play, and what everything means.

                             | MARIO x 02     WORLD  TIME |
                             |       0 (C) x 00 1-1   400 |
    Lives (MARIO x XX): How many extra lives Mario has remaining; XX repesenting the number of lives shown in the counter. You begin the game with three lives; this increases by collecting 100 Coins or 1-Up Hearts; if Mario is defeated by an enemy, this goes down by 1. Should you lose all your lives, it's Game Over.
    Score: Shown beneath the Lives counter, this is your current score in the game. Bump it up by completing levels, defeating enemies, collecting items, and so on.
    Coins ((C) x XX): The number of Coins (denoted by XX in this example), shown to the right of a Coin symbol in the top-centre of the screen. This shows you how many Coins Mario currently has in his possession; when you collect 100 Coins, the counter will roll over back to zero, and you will gain an extra life.
    Current World and Level (WORLD X-Y): There are twelve different levels in the game in total, identified by the level number (Y) of whichever world (X) Mario is currently in. Each of the four worlds in the game are divided into three separate levels, and beating the third level of a world moves you onto the first level of the next world (e.g. from 1-3 to 2-1). So, for example, if you had reached the second level of the second World, that would be World 2-2.
    Time Remaining (TIME XXX): Each level has a set time limit in which to beat it, shown in the top-right corner of the screen. The timer begins to tick down from the moment the level begins, and upon reaching 100 seconds remaining, the background music will begin to speed up as a way of warning you that you have little time left to complete the stage. If the timer counts down to zero before you have finished the stage, Mario loses a life and the message "TIME UP" appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

    Ladders Mini-Game

    In a World X-1 or X-2 level, if you finish the stage by reaching the higher of the two Exit Doors, you will be taken to a bonus game where Mario will be able to win extra lives or Flowers. Here is an example of what it looks like:

    |                    |
    |     BONUS GAME     |
    |                    |
    |      :) x 02       |
    |                    |
    |                 x2 |
    | ================== |
    |                 xF |
    | ================== |
    |                 x3 |
    | ================== |
    |                 x1 |
    | ================== |
    x1 = 1-Up
    x2 = 2-Up
    x3 = 3-Up
    xF = Flower

    NOTE: Bonus placements are random.

    When the game starts, Mario's starting point on the left side of the screen will flash on random platforms, and a ladder linked between two platforms will also flash in random places. Press A, and Mario's starting point and the ladder's location will stop. Here's the possible outcomes of what can happen:

    • If, for example, Mario's starting point is on the third platform down, and the ladder stops between the second and third platforms, Mario will walk along, climb the ladder, and finish walking right to get the Flower.
    • If Mario starts on the second platform and, again, the ladder links between the second and third platforms, Mario will go right and descend the ladder, then finish walking right and he'll get the 3-Up.
    • If Mario's starting point is the bottom platform and the ladder appears between the top and second platforms, then Mario will walk straight to the end of the platform and get the 1-Up, as he does not come into contact with the ladder.

    World 1-1

    Start by bashing the "?" Block directly above Mario's starting point to get your first Coin of the game. Advance right and you will be greeted by a Chibibo (similar in appearance and behaviour to Goombas, common enemies from other Mario games). Jump onto its head to defeat it, and bash the next "?" Block you see to get a Super Mushroom from it. Collect this mushroom and you will become Super Mario - denoted by Mario's increase in size and ability to smash the breakable blocks.

    Climb over the small pipe and jump onto the pile of black blocks just after it, and bash the "?" Block floating above for a Coin. Next up is another small pipe; this one can be entered if you stand on the top of it and press Down on the D-Pad, which takes you to a Coin Room with 18 Coins inside. Collect all the Coins in here, then exit via the horizontal pipe fixed to the wall in the bottom-right corner of the room.

    Upon coming back into the overworld, bash the next "?" Block to get a Coin, further right, jump onto the raised ledge and stomp a Chibibo. Next are three "?" Blocks spaced out between Breakable Blocks; these all hold Coins. Get these, and defeat two more Chibibos approaching from the right. Jump onto the tall pipe, and from there onto the row of blocks on the right. Walk to the end, and jump right to fall down while collecting the line of Coins. Bash the "?" Block to the left of where you land for a Coin.

    Now, jump onto that last "?" Block you just punched, and bash the third Block from the right in the row above you, and this will uncover a 1-Up Heart that will drop down for you to claim an extra life. Jump over the next small gap and climb onto the three floating blocks so that you can get a Flower from the "?" Block above them (provided you are still in Super Mario form; otherwise this will be a Super Mushroom). Grabbing the Flower will turn you into Superball Mario, and you can throw flying superballs to fight your enemies and get Coins.

    After the next pipe, bash the "?" Block for a Coin, and you will fight a Nokobon (Bomb Koopa). When it is stomped, it retreats into its shell, which explodes a couple of seconds after. This can hurt Mario, so be clear of the blast if you do choose to stomp it. Otherwise, hitting it with a superball will defeat it immediately. Advance a little further right to see eight "?" Blocks floating high in the air over a long line of dark blocks. Bash the lot of them to get Coins. Jump over the next pit and go down the pipe; this will take you to yet another Coin Room.

    Run along the ledges to collect all the Coins in this Coin Room, and exit via the upper-right pipe. From where you emerge, bash the next "?" Block to your immediate right for a Coin, and further to the right defeat the Fly with a stomp or superball, and bash the "?" Block to get another Coin. Leap over the next small pipe and fight the Chibibo, then jump onto the pile of black blocks just after. Bash the "?" Block directly above to find a Starman, and jump to grab this to get invincibility!

    Defeat another Chibibo, and jump onto the next ledge on the right. Bash the three "?" Blocks spaced between the light blocks to get Coins from them. Right, jump over the tall pipe and drop down. Bash the "?" Block there for a Coin, and defeat the Chibibo. Jump over the little pipe, fight another Chibibo, and bash the "?" Block above the black blocks for a Coin. After the next pipe, bash another "?" Block for yet another Coin, and as you run right along the small stretch of land, defeat the two Flies that you will encounter.

    Make a running leap to the right to get onto the ledge composed of black blocks, with a sphinx-like statue resting there. Just to its right are three light-coloured blocks; the right one is a Multi-Coin Block; simply bash it repeatedly to get several Coins until it is completely spent up. Jump over a small pit to a sort of triangular-shaped mountain of black blocks. If you're Regular Mario you can squeeze into the small gaps to grab a few extra Coins, or if you have Superball powers you can throw superballs into the gaps to get them; then climb to the top of the structure and jump right, falling down and getting the five Coins as you do so.

    Finally, to the right you'll see a vertically-floating platform. Jump onto it and ride it upwards, where you'll see another platform high up that is moving left and right. When near enough, jump onto that second platform, and from there, make a leap over to the right so that you can reach that top Exit Door to beat the level, have your score totalled up, and also play a bonus game afterwards to try and win extra lives or a Flower.

    World 1-2

    Jump up and right to the first treetop, and again to the second one, getting the four Coins, and bashing the "?" Block to get a Power-up (depending on Mario's current state, this will be a Super Mushroom or a Flower). Go across a couple more treetops and defeat the lone Chibibo, and beware of an oncoming Bunbun (a large insect enemy that drops spears down at Mario). Catch it with a superball if you can, otherwise do your best to avoid the spears it drops down at you.

    Jump to the next treetop and collect the single Coin, and head right for a short distance further, again watching out for another Bunbun. Grab the two Coins on either side of the "?" Block, which you can then bash for a third Coin. Drop to the next treetop down and defeat the Nokobon, then jump over to the next treetop and fight a second Nokobon. Grab the Coins floating above the treetops, and from the narrow one, jump right, collecting three floating Coins as you fall down the low treetop to the right.

    Climb a couple more treetops, and on the third one up, defeat a Chibibo, and a Nokobon patrolling on top of the row of blocks. The three "?" Blocks there all contain Coins, and if you feel like risking it, you can drop through the narrow gap between the treetops to get another Coin from a "?" Block above the low treetop. Climb onto it to get back up to the higher treetop, and jump right onto the vertically-moving platform, then jump right over onto the next one, and when it's high enough, jump right to grab three Coins and land on the three dark blocks to the left of the next treetop.

    Run right and run along a long stretch, and watch out for several Bunbuns attacking as you go along. When you reach the end of this long treetop, jump right while getting the two Coins, before landing on the very low treetop to the lower-right. You'll see two Chibibos descending the steps on the right; superball them or wait for them to drop to their death before you leap over to where they were. Climb the steps and bash the "?" Block at the top to get a Power-up.

    Carefully jump over the small gap onto the small staircase of black blocks, then wait for the nearby floating platform to come down so that you can jump onto it. Now make some carefully-timed jumps to get across the next couple of floating platforms, and when you're on the third one, ride it to near the top before you jump right to snag the three Coins above the low treetop. Climb up the next couple of treetops, fighting a Nokobon and avoiding spears being dropped by a nearby Bunbun. Bash the three "?" Blocks for Coins, and a 1-Up Heart from the middle one.

    Again, if you're feeling lucky, you can drop through the narrow gap and bash the "?" Block on the low treetop there to get a Coin before climbing back up and jumping right, over and onto the horizonally-floating platform when it is near enough. Let it carry you a little over to the right, then jump over onto the small floating platform of dark blocks, getting three Coins. Jump right again and drop to the small ptch of land near the bottom, and look out for an oncoming Bunbun (superball it if you have the power; otherwise, avoid it).

    Climb up two more treetops as you go along, then leap over to the right to land on a vertically-moving platform. When it is near the top, make a jump right to the small platform made of two unique-looking blocks. These will plummet the very moment Mario steps foot on them, so waste no time and VERY QUICKLY jump over to the right again, and you'll reach the top Exit Door to finish the level and have another go at the Ladders game.

    World 1-3

    In this level, you have gone from overworld setting to an Egyptian tomb-like setting. At the start, bash the three "?" Blocks with the light blocks between them to get Coins. Jump over the small wall, and onto the first pipe. To the right, the next pipe you'll see is guarded by a Pakkun Flower. Hit it with a superball if you've got the ability, otherwise wait for it to retreat into the pipe before you jump over onto that pipe. From there, make a couple more jumps across the pipes to the right before you're back on safe ground again.

    Go right until you see a pipe in the ground. Watch out for slabs that fall down from the ceiling just after this point. Superball or otherwise avoid Pakkun Flowers that pop out of the next couple of pipes, before you see two side-by-side; the taller one on the right can be entered to be taken to a Coin Room. In this Coin Room, collect all the Coins and goodies that can be found in here; for more information, take a look in the Coin Rooms section of this FAQ. Once you've gotten everything, leave via the pipe in the upper-right corner of that room.

    Back in the main area of the level, drop down and make a running leap right over the pit. Head along and cross four more pipes, being careful not to fall down the pits between the second and fourth pipes, in addition to keeping an eye out for Pakkun Flowers guarding some pipes. In the next area are three more "?" Blocks - bash all of these to get Coins, and watch out for rock slabs that will fall down from the ceiling, so don't dawdle. Jump over the small wall and you'll next come to another room that looks similar, however this is guarded by a Gao enemy that shoots fireballs at Mario.

    Stomp or Superball the Gao so that you don't have to worry about dodging the fireballs it shoots, and you can bash the three "?" Blocks in here for some more Coins. Also, if you are Super or Superball Mario, smash the right-hand Breakable Block, then jump up through the gap that is made from below to uncover a hidden block, which holds a small elevator platform. Jump onto this, and it will take you up to the top of the area. From here, go right until you see a pipe, and go down it to reach a Coin Room. For information on clearing out this Coin Room, see the Coin Rooms section of this FAQ (it's Coin Room 4). After leaving and returning to the main level, drop down and right, onto the pyramid composed of black blocks.

    If you aren't in Super/Superball Mario form, continue from that last room by making a running jump over the next pit to some to a pyramid-shaped formation of black blocks. Past that, if you are Super-sized, smash the light blocks so that you can reach the two "?" Blocks above them to get Coins. Collect the six Coins spaced out on the two ledges here, and if you want to get a LOAD of more Coins, let the nearby Nokobon touch Mario so that he reverts to normal size. Now, go left, drop to the ground level and walk right under the three dark blocks, and a bit further on you'll come into an area enclosed by black blocks with a total of 38 Coins.

    Just watch out for falling slabs coming down from above, and grab all the Coins here and bash the "?" Block to get a Super Mushroom. Now that you have regained your Super Mario form back, you can smash the two light blocks on the right to make a gap that you can jump through to get back to the main part of the stage. Right, jump over a little pit and you reach an area with two rows of eight Breakable Blocks each; the third one from the right in the top row will contain a Flower (as you'll need to be Super Mario in order to smash the block below in order to reach it).

    Quickly run over the collapsing blocks to get past the next pit, then jump onto the next ledge and defeat a Gao. Past another couple of gaps, you'll fight another Gao. Again, defeat it with a stomp or Superball, then after this you will come face-to-face with the first boss of the game, King Totomesu.

    BOSS: King Totomesu
    Method of Defeating: Superball (x5), Touching Switch
    Points: 5000
    Strategy: This large, lion-sphinx crossover creature is the first boss of the game. It leaps up and down, firing 2 fireballs at Mario at a time. The first fireball comes at you at a lower height, and the second at a slightly higher one. Dodge the pattern of fireballs, and throw some Superballs of your own from a safe distance when you can. The boss will make a "baa" sound when successfully hit with a Superball; when hit a total of five times it will be defeated.
    If you do not have Superballs, the fight will be a little trickier; you'll need to run at the boss and make a jump over its first fireball and VERY QUICKLY run underneath it as it jumps. From there, you can jump onto the switch behind it, and this will also defeat the boss and win the battle. Either way, once you've hit the switch, you will defeat this boss.

    After you win, Mario will advance into the next room to find what looks like Daisy. However, she bursts into a puff of smoke and turns into a Fly, before running off - looks like it wasn't the real Daisy. With that, you have finished the Birabuto Kingdom.

    World 2-1

    Go right and climb up the first few ledges, and bash the first two "?" Blocks to get Coins from them. Look out for the Honen fish enemies coming up from below, as you leap over to the next high ledge, getting three Coins resting on it. Carefully cross some more ledges while avoiding more Honens, before crossing the next long chasm with the use of the two horizontally-moving white platforms; watch their movement patterns and time your jumps carefully.

    From that second platform, jump right to the next low ledge with a warp pipe on it. Enter this pipe, and you will be taken to a Coin Room. In here, grab the Power-ups and get all the Coins. For more details, take a look in the Coin Rooms section of this guide; this particular Coin Room is number 5. When you return to the main level, hop across the next couple of ledges and bash the "?" Block there to get a Power-up, and get the two Coins on the high ledge, and three more on the one below it.

    Jump right and onto the bridge, going across it while getting Coins, and stomping any Honens that attack. Jump over a small gap in the bridge, defeat a Nokobon and continue crossing the bridge while getting Coins and stomping/avoiding Honens. Grab the two Coins in the air as you leap over to the small ledge after, and go across some more ledges. Defeat the two oncoming Chibibos approaching from the right, and bash the next two "?" Blocks to get a Coin from the left one, and a Starman from the right one.

    Fight three Chibibos as you climb up the next three ledges, getting three Coins on the highest ledge. From here, hop from ledge to ledge as you go right, avoiding the Honens, as well as an attack from a Yurarin Boo (seahorse-like enemy that shoots fireballs). After you finish crossing the ledges, you'll come to a warp pipe, inhabited by a Pakkun Flower. Defeat it with a Superball or wait for it to retreat into the pipe, and go into the pipe to find Coin Room 6; again, for more details on clearing it out and a diagram, see the Coin Rooms section.

    When you return to the level, the "?" Block you'll see just to the right is a Multi-Coin Block, so bash it repeatedly as fast as you can to get plenty of Coins out of it. Grab the two Coins on the high ledge and three more on the one below it, then bash the next two "?" Blocks a little further over for another Coin and a Power-up. Defeat the Chibibo going down the ledges on the right, and climb up to the top one to get three Coins.

    Jump over onto the floating bridge after this, and avoid fireballs being shot at you by the Yurarin Boos. Grab the six Coins on the bridge, then jump right at the end, getting two more Coins before dropping onto a lower section of bridge to the lower-right. Jump onto the vertically-moving white platform and ride it upwards. If you're Super-sized, bash the Breakable Block and the "?" Block on top of it to get a 1-Up Heart! Jump right into the small, floating formation of blocks and claim the 9 Coins inside.

    Make one more jump to the right, and get onto another vertically-floating white platform. Ride it high up, then make a leap over to the right to the collapsing blocks, and before you fall, make another quick leap over to the right and you'll reach that top Exit Door to finish the level.

    World 2-2

    Head right and jump onto the first ledge, where you'll encounter a Mekabon enemy; defeat it by either stomping its head, or hitting it with a superball. Next, run right at full speed and Mario will cross the gaps without falling between the blocks. Bash the "?" Block that you see after this for a Power-up. Leap over to the next floating ledge on the right and dispose of the Chibibo and Nokobon patrolling there and grabbing the two Coins above it, bash the "?" Block for a Coin, and enter the pipe the Chibibo was on top of, to find a Bonus Room.

    For more details on clearing out this room, check out the Coin Rooms section; this particular one is Coin Room 5. Once you have cleared it out, exit and return to the main level, and continue on by jumping across the next couple of platforms, and bashing the "?" Block for a Coin. Jump onto the used block, then wait for the horizontally-floating platform on the right to come towards you, and make a carefully-timed jump onto it. When it takes you over to the right, make another careful jump onto a second floating platform, then jump right and get as many of the Coins in the line as you can while you drop down onto the pipe below.

    Now, to the right there looks to be a small pathway underneath the ledge; if you are Regular Mario, you can reach it by jumping onto some invisible blocks found underneath the four dark blocks on the left part of the chunkier blocks. To help you understand this a little better, here's a diagram:

                                              | |@| | |@| | |@| | |@| |
                                           |`,-,`|              |`,-,`|
                                           | |@| |              | |@| |
                 Pipe                      |,`-`,|              |,`-`,|
                   |                 .--.--+--.--:              '-----'
                   V                 |  |  |  |  |
                +-----+              '--'--'--'--'     .--.--.--.--.--.
                |     |                                |  |  |  |  |  |
                +-----+-----.     .--.--.--.--.--.--.--+--'--'--'--'--'
                |     |`,-,`|     |IB|IB|IB|IB|IB|IB|IB|
                '-----' |@| |     '--'--'--'--'--'--'--'
    IB = Invisible Block

    From there, if you just head along the path of dark blocks, you can claim lots of Coins and only have to deal with the occasional Chibibo. However, if you choose to go along the main platform (for instance if you're Super-sized), then you will have to fight three Mekabons, with two Nokobons sandwiched between them. The main platform isn't completely goodie-free, however; if you bash the very last block on the right in the first row above you, you'll get a Starman to make fighting those enemies a little easier. The very right block in the second row also contains a Power-up.

    Either way, once you're past that part, jump onto the small stretch of land right after, and fight a Nokobon and Chibibo, and look out for fireballs being shot at you from the right by a Yurarin Boo. Jump over to the next ledge, and defeat the Mekabon patrolling it. Climb onto the large block on the right end of the ledge, then leap over and onto the vertically-moving platform on the right. Let it carry Mario near the top, then make a well-timed leap onto the next platform along which floats horizontally, then after being carried over, leap right again to the area with some "?" Blocks guarded by a Nokobon.

    Defeat it, and which watching out for fireballs being shot by the Yurarin Boo leaping up from the small gap on the right, bash all the blocks to get Coins. Cross a couple of gaps to an area with two pipes, a "?" Block guarded by a Chibibo, and two Coins above the right pipe. Defeat the Chibibo, bash the "?" Block for a Coin, and defeat the Pakkun Flower in the right pipe (or wait for it to retreat), and go down the pipe to a Coin Room. See Coin Room 7 in the Coin Rooms section for details, and after clearing it out, return to the main level.

    Upon returning to the overworld, jump a couple more gaps so you're on a ledge with a "?" Block above the right side. Bash this to get a Coin. Now jump right and onto the ground. You'll notice that in order to climb up to the top Exit Door, you'll need to do so with the use of some falling blocks leading upwards, however going away from the door. Time it well so that you can get onto the platform floating left and right, and from there, let it take Mario near the door, and you can jump over to finish the level and play the Bonus Game.

    World 2-3

    Time for a little underwater shooter action as Mario goes 40 fathoms below in the Marine Pop! Controlling this little vehicle is simple - use the D-Pad to move in any direction, and A or B to shoot missiles.

    Get as many of the seven Coins immediately available at the start of the level, two just to the right of them, and blast away at the four blocks on the right near the surface to get a Power-up from the upper-right one. Three Torions will attack near the bottom of the area, so if you're down there, a torpedo each will defeat them, as well as the Honen just after. Go up a little to get two Coins, and use two torpedoes to defeat a Yurarin coming in from the right.

    If you're quick enough, blast away at the four blocks at the bottom, and you'll find a Starman in the upper-right one. Grab it, get the next two Coins, and as you progress right, use your missiles and/or invincibility to take out Torions, Honens and Yurarins, as well as collecting any Coins. After seeing the same attack wave pattern a few times, you'll then encounter a squid-like creature known as a Gunion. When it is shot three times, it'll turn into two projectiles that come at Mario, so get out of dodge when it does.

    Blast your way through a wall of blocks by making a gap big enough to squeeze through - and be quick! Ignore the Gunion and blast your way through another two walls. Go between the two Gunions in the next part, and blast your way through a fourth wall. Afterwards, shoot down three more Torions coming your way, as well as a Yurarin Boo. After this, defeat another Yurarin Boo, another Gunion, three Torions, and a Yurarin. Notice as you go along collecting the huge group of coins, that they spell out 'MARIO'!

    Blast through the next wall of blocks, get the Coins if you're quick enough, then blast through two more walls after. Shoot down the Yurarin and get the two Coins here, then blast your way through another wall. At this point, you'll reach the room with the kingdom's boss, Dragonzamazu.

    BOSS: Dragonzamazu
    Method of Defeating: Torpedo (x20)
    Points: 5000
    Strategy: A quite easy boss, all Dragonzamazu does is move up and down slowly, while firing small fireballs towards you. Just keep out of their way, as well as out of the way of the larger fireball (Tamao) that bounces around the room. Keep firing as quickly and repeatedly as you can when Dragonzamazu is in front of you, and after 20 torpedoes he'll be defeated.

    Once you've defeated the boss, blast away the blocks in the lower-right part of the area so that you can get through and touch the switch, and Mario will head into the next room to find who looks like Daisy, only to find out that it's another decoy. Muda Kingdom is thus finished, and we head on into World 3, the Easton Kingdom.

    World 3-1

    Go right, and jump onto the first pipe, and stomp or superball the oncoming Batadon enemy. Bash the "?" Block for a Coin, then leap over the pit and climb onto the next pipe. Bash both "?" Blocks there for Coins, and defeat the Nokobon. Make a running jump to get onto the floating rocky platform, and bash the very right block above it to get a Power-up. Drop to the ground and run right at full speed to get over the gap with the floating blocks covering it, and defeat the next Nokobon. Jump onto the pipe and bash the "?" Block for a Coin, then go down the pipe to get to a Coin Room.

    Read the Coin Rooms section for details (Coin Room 8), and after clearing it out and returning to the main level, continue on by jumping over the small pit, and bash the two "?" Blocks above the next pipe for a Coin from each one. Make a running jump to the rocky ledge, and climb up and left to reach a "?" Block (which is actually a Multi-Coin Block); bash it repeatedly until all the Coins have been extracted from it.

    Go right and jump over the gap, and defeat the Batadon. Get the three Coins, then jump over to the next floating ledge on the right, and defeat the Nokobon on there. Make a large jump over to the right to land on the first vertically-floating platform, then to the second one (a little narrower, so time it well) on its right, then onto a third one. From there, jump onto the pipe on the right when the Pakkun Flower isn't poking its head out, then jump onto the narrow column on the right, and defeat the Nokobon. Quickly leap over to the next column so as not to get caught by its bomb blast.

    Throw superballs, if you have them, into the gaps so that you can get all the Coins inside them. If you hold Right while dropping down the narrow gap that has lots of Coins in it, you'll land on the small ledge very near the bottom of the screen, which has a warp pipe just on its right. Bash the "?" Block above that pipe for a Coin, and also watch out for Giras (like Bullet Bills from other Mario games) being shot at you from the right. Jump over the small gap and climb onto the next pipe which houses the Gira cannon, and bash the two "?" Blocks above that for Coins.

    Carry on right, and defeat the next Nokobon. As you advance right, be ready to very quickly stomp the fast-footed Tokotoko enemy that rushes at you from the right, as well as another Nokobon. Further on right, make a running leap right to get onto the rocky ledge, and climb up to bash the "?" Block for a Coin. Ignore the Tokotoko on the right (it won't reach you anyway as it'll fall through the gap), but do watch out for a Batadon. Stomp it, grab the Coins and jump across the ledges as you go right, and bash the next "" Block for a Coin.

    Now, if you stand right on the middle of the straight rocky ledge beneath the two adjoined ones underneath the aforementioned block and jump straight up, you'll uncover a hidden block containing a 1-Up Heart! Defeat another Batadon here, and jump to the ledge on the right, fight the Nokobon and get the three Coins. Jump onto the next floating ledge on the right, and time it well enough so that you can land on the horizontally-moving floating platform near the bottom of the screen as you drop off the right side.

    Make a carefully-timed jump onto the next platform, let it take Mario up near to the top of the screen, and jump onto the next platform, moving left and right. Then jump onto the next pipe, which has a Gira cannon in it. Bash the "?" Block above that pipe to get a Power-up, then cross the pit to find another pipe, which also has a Gira cannon in it; the two "?" Blocks above this one both have Coins in them.

    Watch out for two Tokotokos approaching from the right as you go along; stomp them and jump onto the left "?" Block in the set of three beneath the floating pipe, and jump onto the ledge to the upper-left to get six Coins. Go back down and bash the three "?" Blocks for Coins as well, and defeat the Batadon if it comes near. Climb over the pillar to the right, and again, get the Coins on the ledge and bash the "?" Blocks for Coins. This pipe, however, leads to a Coin Room, so when the Gira cannon retreats, enter the pipe and clear out this Coin Room (see Coin Room 9 in the Coin Rooms section for a diagram and details).

    When you return to the main level after clearing out the Coin Room, head right to see a spike pit. Wait for a couple of seconds, and you'll see a boulder (named a Ganchan) come in from the right. When it's near enough, Mario can jump onto it and ride it over to the right side of the pit. Jump onto the floating ledge and grab the nine Coins there, then jump onto the next Ganchan on the right, and ride it over some more small spike pits until you reach a small wall. Jump onto that, then ride over the next large spike pit when the next Ganchan appears.

    Ride it along until you see a ledge of dark blocks to the upper-right; quickly make a jump up there before the Ganchan falls into the bottomless pit. Grab the Coins, and bash the "?" Blocks there for Coins, as well. Jump onto the next ledge, then make a running leap to the right to land on a floating ledge, with nine Coins above it. Get these, then jump onto a Ganchan on the right to get over some small spike pits, then jump onto the horizontally-floating platform. Ride it to the right, then jump up and right, quickly climbing up to the top Exit Door with the help of the falling blocks.

    World 3-2

    Jump over the first pipe, and go right, jumping over a second one. When you jump onto the third pipe along, watch out for a Suu spider that comes down from the ceiling next to the pipe. Stomp or superball it, and go right a little further. Defeat the Nokobon, and bash the "?" Blocks on either side of the light-coloured blocks in this area to find Coins in each of them. Just right of this area, look out for another Suu high up, and stomp or superball it as it comes down.

    Continue right and jump across the pit with the waterfall going into it. Defeat the Nokobon here, jump over the small pipe, and fight two more Suus. As you jump onto the next pipe, another Suu will drop down just to the right of it, so defeat that one. Cross through the large waterfall pit with the use of the floating block in the middle. There are two "?" Blocks here sandwiched between Breakable Blocks; the left one holds a Coin and the right one a Power-up; beware of a Kumo spider attacking here while you get them, and the three Coins above.

    Make two very quick leaps over the next pair of gaps as a Suu lies in wait above the small island in the middle. Make a jump onto the left side of the floating ledge just after it with the four Coins on, and defeat another Suu here. Jump through the waterfall and onto the next ledge over on the right; bash the "?" Block there for a Coin. Cross through the next waterfall with the use of the large block in the middle of it then you get to another area with two "?" Blocks sandwiched between Breakable Blocks.

    Defeat the Nokobon patrolling here, and bash the blocks for Coins. If you're Super Mario, bash the middle Breakable Block and jump up into the gap made to find a hidden block with an elevator! Jump onto this, and it will carry Mario up. When near enough, jump to the ledge to the left, grab the three Coins and go down the pipe to visit Coin Room 10. As usual, see the Coin Rooms section of this guide for details.

    When you return, or if you can't access the elevator, from that last area, make a running leap right, and go straight over the very narrow island in the middle, and right onto the next floating ledge right of the waterfall. Defeat the Nokobon there, and further on, take out a Kumo coming your way. Watch out for Suus dropping own as you leap across the next couple of floating ledges. Defeat the Nokobon patrolling the small ledge at the bottom of the screen, then jump to the upper-right platform, grabbing the four Coins on it, and defeating another Kumo spider that appears there.

    Look out for Giras coming in from the right as you leap over to the next ledge right of the waterfall, and bash the "?" Block for a Power-up. Climb over the pipe, stomp the Suu, and right a little further to reach an area with some more "?" Blocks, guarded by a Nokobon. Defeat it, and bash all the blocks for Coins. Leap past the waterfall and onto the next ledge, and look out for an oncoming Kumo appearing from the right.

    Now leap across the small, floating ledges, then you'll come to a vast spike pit in a waterfall. Wait for a Ganchan to appear, then hop onto it and ride it right over the spike pit. At the end, before it falls into the pit below, jump right to the next one. Again, wait for a Ganchan to appear, and repeat the process. When you jump onto the next little platform, look out for Giras coming in from the right, as you hop over the small gap. Go down the pipe to be taken to a Coin Room. Clear it out as usual, then return to the main level when you're finished in there.

    Upon returning to the main level, go right and and jump over another pipe, then cross the pit with the use of the platform floating up and down over it. Defeat the Nokobon on the next ledge, then use the next floating platform to get to the upper-right ledge. Using a pair of falling block platforms, get across to the next rocky ledge, then from there, make some quick yet careful jumps along several more falling blocks. If you make it along them all without falling, they lead to the top Exit Door.

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