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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Snow Dragon

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    | SUPER MARIO LAND 2: 6 GOLDEN COINS FAQ/Walkthrough |
    Complete with zone maps and solutions for all 32 levels in the game!
    Written by Snow Dragon (C) 2001-2002. All rights reserved.
    I. Updates
    II. Introduction and Notes
    III. Level Solutions by Zone
      a) FIRST LEVEL: Mushroom House
      b) Tree Zone
      c) INTERLUDE 1: The Weird Miscellaneous Level
      d) INTERLUDE 2: Hippo Level
      e) Space Zone
      f) Macro Zone
      g) Pumpkin Zone
      h) Mario Zone
      i) Turtle Zone
      j) Wario's Castle
    IV. Credits and Copyrights
    3-19-02: I'm currently in the process of updating all my walkthroughs to
             have the fresh look and feel of my others. This one needed a little
             bit of touching up anyway, and not just in looks: there were some
             tidbits of info needed changin', and the Pumpkin Zone map looked
             wrong because I accidentally pressed Tab in one spot. Contact
             information was also updated, so everything looks complete here.
             On the the next one!
    Before you play this astonishingly easy game (even on the normal difficulty 
    the simplicity of it is mind-boggling), you at least ought to know a few 
    things about the game and this walkthrough, especially if you are a bit 
    confused about how I arranged the level solutions. I'll field that one first.
    ** The order of the level solutions is derived from the fact that this is the 
       order of the zones if you go clockwise from the first level. (thanks to my 
       brother Sam for that suggestion)
    ** There are 32 levels in all in this game.
    ** Ringing the bell at the end of a level will result in one of two bonus 
       games - either a crane game or a game where you hit a button causing a 
       small object to follow a path to one of four items.
    ** If you push Select at the file selection screen, you can play an easier 
       version of the game. Please, only play this version if you have the mental 
       capacity of a book of carpet samples.
    ** Unlike most Mario games, you do not get a 1-up for collecting 100 coins. 
       Your coins can add up to an amount as high as 999, and can then be gambled 
       away in the coin cave near Wario's castle for 1-ups or items. My advice is 
       to not go to the coin cave until you have 999 coins. In the 999-coin pipe, 
       you have a chance for a 99-up! Amazing!!!
    ** Sometimes an object near the entrance to a level can clue you in as to 
       what to expect in that area.
    ** Once again, I'm covering a game that Jdude84 has done a walkthrough for. 
       That means that you find clever little secrets and funny tricks that are 
       fun to try out in his FAQ. That is not the case in mine. I will only  
       provide level solutions.
    ** Other than that, have fun playing Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins!
    This is where you start the game, and you have to beat this before going out 
    into the big world ahead. It is the most standard of platform gaming levels 
    ever. Get the mushroom, blah blah blah. The first pipe contains several 
    columns of three coins each. There is a midway bell ahead with a flower after 
    that, and a 1-up heart encased in bricks. Hold Down while jumping to do a 
    spin jump that can break the bricks.
    Later there are some bricks - four on each side of a pipe - that can't be 
    broken by spin jumping. Only fireballs can destroy them. Learn to recognize 
    them and be able to shoot fire at them. You can go in the pipe by those fire 
    blocks for more coins.
    The exit is just ahead, and the first bonus is easy to reach. Jump across the 
    bricks to get it.
    The stars (*) mark the areas that Mario walks through, but you cannot see him 
    while he is walking through those areas.
            /  \
           /    \
    Tree Zone 1
    At the first tiny piece of tree ground, there is an invisible block to the 
    right of it. Keep jumping and looking for invisible blocks until you reach a 
    1-up heart. Drop down, but be wary of the frogs. Their tongues have a long 
    Go right until you find the power-up block, then find the midway bell. The 
    clouds are arranged in the back so that they look a bit like an arrow 
    pointing up. Just to the right of that arrow is an invisible. More of them 
    lead up to another extra life.
    Get the flower inside the gray background area ahead, then turn around and 
    climb up, killing the frogs and fairy things. When you see the guy that turns 
    into a ball and rolls around, you see that the invisible block pattern is 
    started for you. Each one is just to the right of the previous one. Once at 
    the top, run across the blocks for lots of coins. Take the plunge at the down 
    arrow of coins. The exit is just ahead, and as easy to access as the first 
    Tree Zone 2
    To get the secret level found here, you have to have rabbit ears. Don't 
    worry, there is a carrot, you just have to keep it.
    Maneuvering through the slime is a bit tricky, but there are ways to make it 
    easier. As any Mario except Rabbit Mario, you will have to tap A over and 
    over to ascend through the muck. Having the ears will make you rise through 
    it by merely holding the A button. You can also move faster forward through 
    the ooze by holding B. Release B if you are Fire Mario and wish to throw a 
    Go through the first pipe you see and advance to the midway bell, then start 
    descending through the mire, fireballing all the little sea donkeys (what 
    else do they look like?) in your way. Go through the pipe - the carrot is 
    just inside. To avoid a mess, go back through the tube you just came through 
    and float back up through the morass.
    There are many flowers in this level but only one carrot. Keep your rabbit 
    ears and trudge forward until you're on a plateau and there is a turtle with 
    a bomb for a shell on the cliff below you. Get a running jump from the ledge 
    you're on and float to the pipe. Inside is the secret exit.
    To beat the level the normal way, sink through the quagmire to the very 
    bottom and head right. You can jump through the bog to the bonus bell. There 
    is a 1-up nestled in an alcove between the secret exit and the normal one.
    Tree Secret
    This is basically just a weird level with bread loaves for platforms. Keep 
    your rabbit ears. There is almost never a reason to give up ears for fire. 
    All you need to do is run forward, avoid the turtles, and get every coin in 
    sight. Find the two 1-ups in question blocks throughout the level too. Once 
    you beat the level, flowers will start blossoming in the background behind 
    the Tree Zone.
    Tree Zone 3
    Jump on top of the first power-up block in this level full of leaves and jump 
    straight up. There is a hidden 1-up block here and all the way to the right. 
    Beware of the beetles who walk slowly along the leaves (they're the ones with 
    antennae). If they make it to the end of the platform they're on, they'll 
    start flying around making life miserable for you. Even though you may feel 
    like playing it safe with a carrot, a flower is a better idea for this level 
    until you find the actual carrot power-up near the top.
    The owls will run away if you get too close. A fireball from a far distance 
    can conquer them.
    There is a hidden 1-up above the first of two falling platforms near the end. 
    It's not worth getting.
    A moving ledge will take you directly to the bonus bell.
    Tree Zone 4
    I promise not to make a bad joke about the Honeycomb commercials, even though 
    all the film and people involved in making them deserve to be burned. Unless 
    you don't have a carrot, ignore the power-up to the right.
    The normal bees that come from the comb holes will go away after you kill 
    about five or so, but the ones with skeleton faces will keep coming back for 
    more because you can't even kill one. Run past them.
    In the third room you'll find what look like some tree-hugging Thwomps. The 
    only way to kill them is with invincibility, which you can get later in this 
    level, so for now run under them as they move up.
    You can't kill the spiky grubs without fire or invincibility. If you went 
    against me and got the flower, take him out. Otherwise, move on. In the 
    center of this room are three pipes. The middle one leads to the bottom, from 
    where you can access all the question blocks down here. The one in the upper 
    right corner is the star, so when you get it, start hauling gluteus maximus 
    out of that joint.
    The midway bell in this level is actually one room away from the exit. Ring 
    it and keep going right. An invisible block will help you reach the bonus 
    Tree Zone 5
    This level is full of jumps that require timing as well as delicious goodies. 
    Have a carrot handy so that you can float around and pick your own landings.
    Some of the owls that you can take rides on are asleep. Jump on them to wake 
    them up and force them to give you a lift. The ones that are already awake 
    move in a set pattern. After the owls you will have to leap to clouds that 
    only move back and forth. Those leaps are easy even with regular Mario.
    At the midway bell, the sixth block from the right on the bottom level 
    contains a 1-up that you have to use a spin jump to get. There is a carrot in 
    the question block immediately to the right, if you lost your gliding 
    capabilities earlier. You can either float across the pit of the next section 
    and earn coins, or go in the pipe at the top and get a star (last block on 
    the top row). I prefer killing the Para-Goomba and getting the star, as you 
    can easily make it to the boss if you move fast enough with the star 
    This lady doesn't do a very good job of protecting her offspring. This is 
    what I've been telling you to save a carrot for. With the carrot, this boss 
    will go down faster than a house of cards in a hurricane. Wait for the Mother 
    Bird to swoop to the left side of the screen, then get a boost off her when 
    you jump on her. Float until she recovers. If you use this strategy, this 
    boss will take all of five seconds to beat (no exaggeration). If you don't 
    have floating powers, just jump on her when she swoops down toward you. She 
    doesn't have any attacks besides swooping, so the baby birds will definitely 
    be collecting some life insurance money soon.
    It's a level just sitting on the map waiting to be beaten. There's nothing 
    special about it at all; I guess the folks at Nintendo couldn't find a zone 
    to stick this one in and needed it to make an even 32. Anyway...
    Don't get caught in any tight squeezes here, as this level actually scrolls 
    to keep you moving. When you see two coin blocks near each other, jump up on 
    the left side of the one on the right. You'll find an invisible star, and 
    you'll be able to load up on 1-ups a little bit. Hug the right side of the 
    screen while you have the star and immediately back off when it wears off.
    There is a flower just at the end of the level.
    Easiest level in the whole game. Get a running start and jump into one of the 
    bubbles that the hippo releases. If you were running and jumping, you'll 
    cruise over the entire level at high speed through a bubble. Stay all the way 
    at the top and you'll be at the Space Zone in t-minus no time at all. It's 
    kind of fun to watch the spiky things wake up when you pass by them.
    In the upper left corner at the beginning of the level is a 1-up, if you want 
    to waste valuable bubble cruising time.
           2      o---S
            \    /
             \  /
             | /
    Space Zone 1
    You have a little bit of extended jumping ability in this level - even more 
    so with the rabbit ears. Use it wisely.
    Jump on top of the first power-up block (not hard considering the low 
    gravity). Glide to the block to the right. If you jump as high as possible 
    and keep holding left, you can reach a very high 1-up. Avoid the saucer alien 
    who throws stars out of his head.
    There is a flower before the midway bell. Get it if you don't have a carrot.
    What's strange here is the fact that a small rocket enemy is flying around 
    what is seemingly nothing. This should clue you in to the presence of an 
    unseen question block. More invisible question blocks keep leading up to a 
    platform. When you get to the top, just jump from block to block, and 
    eventually you'll be at the secret exit.
    The normal exit is just below the secret exit. It just takes more effort to 
    get there because of all the cannon fire. Bound from the highest moon block 
    to reach the bell.
    When you access the secret level, a star will slam into the moon's "head," 
    causing the moon to don an angry face.
    Space Secret
    The same level of gravity is on this level that was on the last one, so you 
    can miss out big-time if you fall through the tiny gaps. If you know which 
    ones to fall down through, this level can be a great 1-up spot.
    There are three holes that are safe to fall down through, and you'll know 
    which ones they are. The first one contains two coins - no big deal there. 
    The second hole has five coins - you still don't see what all the big hoopla 
    is? The third hole has two extra lives sitting right to each other. Finally, 
    a pit worth going down! Maybe ... depends on how excited you get about these 
    You'll have to lose whatever power-up you have to get the 1-up at the end of 
    the level. (In other words, don't get it if you're small.) Jump on the star, 
    then jump to the top right. When you get to the highest section, leap up 
    right where you're standing to get a secret extra life.
    When you beat the level, the moon will appear sad.
    Space Zone 2
    There is no gravity here at all. You can stay afloat so long as you hold down 
    A. Remember this, as this is how you're going to get by the stars. Some of 
    them can move around, so be careful and go past them when there's a chance.
    When you come to the three rows of question blocks, the last one on the 
    bottom row contains a star. Use this opportunity to move through the walls of 
    stars instead of around them. At the end near the pipe, the question block 
    contains a flower. You might need it, but stomping the boss will be easier.
    I call him this because he just resembles the final boss from the original 
    Mario Land very closely. If you stay low to the ground (a.k.a. if you duck) 
    and then hop on top of him when he swoops down, you won't have any problems 
    fighting Tatanga. Duck under the spheroid shots he releases and jump when he 
    comes to hit you. Three hits and he'll be crying like a baby (literally, he 
    really does cry briefly when you beat him).
    You'll be dropped off at the hippo level when you're done in the Space Zone.
    Once again, the stars indicate areas you don't see Mario walking through but 
    he is walking through them.
       |                *
       |                *
       |                *
       | 2---****--3---**
    Macro Zone 1
    The title "Micro Zone" would have better accentuated the fact that you are 
    very tiny in relation to other objects in this zone, but this isn't like 
    Giant Land from Mario 3 where all the enemies greatly outsize you. They're 
    just the same size as you are. Enough of my ranting, though, let's get it on.
    There are several types of ants here designed to thwart you. There are the 
    regular ones you saw in the Tree Zone, ants wearing hardhats that can chuck 
    rocks at you, ants with no antennae that unsheathe thorns as a defense when 
    you get too close, and ants with guns on their heads that fire at you on 
    sight. Ants are everywhere. MAN, I HATE ANTS! Also watch out for the black 
    water. It will kill you instantly, regardless of your condition (small, 
    rabbit, invincible, etc.).
    There are several rows of bricks in this level that can be broken with the 
    spin jump. Among the items you can find in the bricks are a flower and a 1-
    up. You'll need a flower to access the secret level in this world.
    When you see a pipe blockaded by fireball-only bricks, you'll know that's the 
    one. Invisible blocks will help you reach it. The normal exit is to the right 
    of where you find the pipe leading to the secret exit.
    If you want, there is an area below the secret area pipe that contains three 
    1-ups. You'll have to have a flower to get to it, and you can't jump to the 
    right of the question block near the pipe, because an invisible block will 
    restrict your access (unless you're small). You will have to shoot the fire-
    only blocks to get to it.
    Macro Secret
    The screen scrolls and you're in the air, so keep on your toes and don't 
    fall. Even as the situation goes, you shouldn't have a carrot here. Keep a 
    flower handy. You'll get some nice rewards if you have the firepower that is 
    essential in attaining them.
    You can get two extra lives just by spin jumping in this level. One is in the 
    row of nine blocks just before the column of bricks that you HAVE to spin 
    jump through to proceed, and the other is in a question block that you can 
    only spin jump on if you have the flower. Those are the only points of 
    interest in this very short level.
    I can't see anything special that happens to the background when you beat 
    this level. The only really special thing about it is that you get to go 
    directly to the last level of the zone.
    Macro Zone 2
    No, you can't go down any of the pots in this level, only pipes. This level 
    will make you realize just how small you actually are.
    This level is all too direct. Keep moving right. The second area is a water 
    area, so avoid the fish and get the star to the left of the second pipe.
    When you get out of the second area, keep floating to the right past the owls 
    (you have a carrot, right?) and you'll reach the bell.
    Macro Zone 3
    Don't let the blocks that control your direction control it too much. You can 
    go in the third pipe for a nice coin payoff. All the way to the right are 
    three invisible blocks. Two are right above the pipe, and one is all the way 
    to the right against the wall. It should be no trouble to find the fourth one 
    once you've gotten these three. Get the coins that you can now reach.
    When you go down the pipe, there is a wall to the left that can only be 
    removed with fireballs. There is a flower in an invisible block somewhere to 
    the right between the pipes. There is nothing really special over to the left 
    - just a moneybag with an M on it that gives you a whole lot of coins. How 
    many isn't important. You should have 999 by now anyway. Get the star all the 
    way to the right and start hauling until you reach a dark area. There is a 
    carrot in the power-up block just before this dark space. Invisible blocks 
    will assist you in reaching it.
    Just keep jumping up to the alternating spaces and you'll reach the bell, one 
    of the few that can be reached without the assistance of blocks or anything.
    Macro Zone 4
    Ah, a library setting. Just keep moving forward. I can't even think of 
    anything worth mentioning other than the fact that when you get a 1-up, some 
    witches who think they're funny will try to run off with your bounty. They 
    are easy to catch in all cases. Anyway, just another product of the 
    Straightforward-o-Matic 5000, I guess. Don't worry about anything until you 
    get to the boss.
    The mouse boss crosses through his little network of pipes trying to chase 
    you down. Pounce on him just as he comes out of one of the tunnels. Stay calm 
    when he climbs up to the ceiling and DON'T RUN AWAY - the odds are he's not 
    tracking you, and if you try to run you'll probably end up with a mouse on 
    your head and a lost power-up. Although just a bit speedy, this rodent can be 
    exterminated quickly. Three bops on the noggin will do him in. When you win, 
    you will be ejected from the Macro Zone.
     To Pumpkin     o-4
      Secret 2     /
         |        /
                        /    |
                       /     |
                      /      |
                     1  To Pumpkin
                     |   Secret 1
    Pumpkin Zone 1
    Kill the hockey mask with the knife in its head at the beginning and go down 
    the pipe. There is a recurring pattern with the question blocks and the 
    coins. The third question block will contain a carrot.
    When you go in the pipe, the blocks you see fade in and fade out. Either way 
    you can stand on them. Of the three question blocks at the top, the middle 
    one contains a 1-up. Exit to the right. You will ring the midpoint bell when 
    you go down this pipe.
    Going to the right and up, you will eventually see a duck-type monster that 
    releases bats. If you hop on one of the bats, you can get a boost off of him 
    to the upper level, where another 1-up is located. Go back down and kill the 
    duck in armor or whatever he's wearing. If you run and leap from here, you 
    can reach the bonus bell and consequently the exit.
    Pumpkin Zone 2
    The umbrellas here are as annoying as all get out. Never run under them, and 
    if you can just go over them completely. Stomping on them one at a time is 
    the safest way to not get hit. Take the upper level to get across if at all 
    possible, although there is a flower in the third pipe on the lower level. 
    The midway bell lies just before the pipe that leads down.
    Cross past the fish and go in the pipe. If you are small there is a mushroom 
    just lying against the wall. Try to go up through the pipe network without 
    getting hit by the ghosts. There is a 1-up to the right on the third floor of 
    this room.
    When you go in here, get the flower and don't get the carrot. If you get the 
    carrot, you won't be able to reach the first secret level. Get the star on 
    the top level, and then drop down and swim along until you can go down even 
    farther. There are a lot of those machines that lap their tongues at you 
    here, so proceed with caution and apply the fireball to the fish. Spin jump 
    the bricks on the pipe and head for the exit.
    The normal exit is to the far right. Try to run and float from the upper 
    level to avoid a nasty skirmish with the umbrellas below. This is also the 
    only way to reach the bonus bell.
    Pumpkin Secret 1
    There isn't much to this secret level except the truckload of coins in the 
    air. Float and get momentum off of Para-Goombas to keep getting coins. This 
    level is absolutely useless to you if you already have 999 coins (why haven't 
    you gone to the coin cave yet?).
    The exit is in the middle of the level on the ground. If you want three 1-
    ups, you can get the star to the far right and run into Goombas on the way 
    back. When you return to the Pumpkin Zone, the pumpkin will have tiny, beady 
    Pumpkin Zone 3
    Get a carrot in this level if you don't have one. The secret exit (yes, 
    another secret level!) requires that you have a carrot to reach it.
    Go in the pipe just before the midpoint bell to find a 1-up at the top. If 
    you end up hitting invisible blocks, you will have to turn small to get it. 
    Avoid getting the flower in this pipe at all costs.
    When you are past the area with the fading blocks (there is a carrot in an 
    invisible block in that section, by the way) take a running jump and float 
    until you are on safe ground. Avoid the ghost Goombas and go through the 
    door. The normal exit is down the stairs that you took the sprinting leap 
    Pumpkin Secret 2
    You can't get any of the multitudes of 1-ups in this level without a flower 
    except for the 1-up at the end. They are all hidden in the blocks that can 
    only be punctured by fire. Having rabbit ears will ensure a safe trip through 
    the level, but the stalwart explorer will be moved to find every single 1-up 
    in this level - there are about six or seven in all. Good luck!
    Upon your arrival back in the Pumpkin Zone, ghosts will be dancing around in 
    the background doing a little jig. Wait around for a few seconds to see the 
    whole thing.
    Pumpkin Zone 4
    Judging from the cauldrons, potions, and brooms all around, what would you 
    think is going to be the boss here? A mummy? Probably not. Dracula? Out of 
    the question. Do you think it could be a witch? There we go! Oh boy, I love 
    The first pipe after the cauldron contains a 1-up and a flower. Don't get the 
    flower, and don't touch the fire in the middle of the room. It will make you 
    lose whatever power-up you have. Don't worry, there's a carrot just up ahead. 
    There is a halfway bell after the mass of cauldrons where you found the 
    If you want the coins on the potion rack you'll have to kill the hockey masks 
    When you come to the pipes nestled between the brick walls, know that only 
    the first and third pipes do not have invisible blocks above them. The second 
    pipe's invisible blocks contain nothing, the one on the right above the 
    fourth pipe contains a flower (don't get it), and the right one over the 
    fifth pipe has a moneybag (50 coins). The boss is in the pipe to the right.
    The witch will either shoot fire straight out at you or under one of the 
    cauldrons, whose lid will shoot straight up in the air and cause you to get 
    injured by the spikes if you're on it and you don't move. She alternates 
    sides of the screen when she materializes, so you should know where she's 
    headed next. Three crushing blows to the skull will reveal the Pumpkin Coin.
    Mario Zone 1
    There is a flower right at the beginning of this level. Every enemy here is 
    either shelled or spiky, so kill the turtles and do your best to avoid the 
    blades and razors. The first room has horizontal thin gears that act as 
    conveyor belts, while the second one has both stationary spiked spheres and 
    razors that move crazily along a metal rod. The gears in the second room are 
    thick and vertical, and will more than likely drop you onto a spiked ball, so 
    stay on top of them at all times.
    Get the carrot in the room with the halfway bell and float across to ring it.
    There is an invisible block containing a 1-up just above the razor on the 
    metal bar here. Get the flower to the right of it and kill the berserk 
    screws. You can hit massive paydirt here if you destroy the blocks to the 
    right with your firepower. Destroy all the blocks and get all the coins for a 
    pretty decent payoff. If you don't have a flower you'll have to take the 
    boring path to the top. Get the carrot and float down, following the coin 
    path to the bonus bell.
    Mario Zone 2
    You should see a 1-up trapped in by a pole to the right. Go over to the right 
    some more and go down the pipe on the right. You can do one of two things in 
    this room.
    Notice the four gumballs in the background above you? They are subtle hints 
    relating to the fact that there are invisible blocks here. The one on the far 
    left contains a carrot; get that first. The one on the right has a star. Get 
    the star and go as far as you can after going up through the pipe to the 
    right. There should be a midpoint bell after the vast pit of spikes.
    To the right are four poles you jump through. The first one has a mushroom at 
    the top, the second one a Goomba, the third one a flower, and the fourth one 
    a carrot. Get the carrot and float on top of the teddy bear rolling on the 
    world's slowest beach ball. Float to the safe ground and then to the exit.
    Mario Zone 3
    The question block to the far right at the beginning contains a jack-in-the-
    box. It scared the crud out of me the first time I saw it.
    Ride the ball-and-chain ride across as far as you can, killing Bullet Bills 
    as necessary, then duck under the spikes and hit the question block. DON'T 
    GET THE CARROT IF YOU HAVE A FLOWER! If you have a flower, skip this carrot 
    and go past the spikes to where it looks like you can go up. Hit the question 
    invisible blocks and head up. If you have anything other than a flower, you 
    can't get the coins and extra life to the right, but you can get some coins 
    to the left. Up ahead are more Bullet Bills and a jack-in-the-box question 
    Beware of the sudden change of momentum that the conveyor belt ground gives 
    you. It can throw you off guard and pitch you into the spikes. You can ride 
    the very slow claws here to get coins. If you have rabbit ears, float across 
    the spike pits. There is a 1-up in the pipe down here. Avoid the top level if 
    you have rabbit ears and the bottom level if you have anything else.
    Ride the last ball-and-chain, then if you have the ears, float to the exit. 
    If you have anything else, ride the claw.
    Mario Zone 4
    Run past all the Bullet Bills and spikes rotating around spheres until you 
    come to a long hallway below a flight of Lego stairs. When you get to the 
    Lego that says N&B (the ampersand is backwards), you'll come into a room with 
    a fair amount of coins. You'll have to navigate around three circumnavigating 
    stars to get them, but it's all good.
    Go back through the corridor and go up the stairs. The little fat things that 
    shoot cannonballs are jet black instead of their normal gray, but they are 
    still just as easy to kill. Watch out for the two sets of saw blades. In the 
    alcove under the second set is a 50-coin moneybag. To the right is the pipe 
    that takes you to the boss.
    The pig in the straw house will come out to attack first. He will roll along 
    the ground slowly, getting progressively faster as you hit him. As long as 
    you stay airborne you shouldn't have a problem.
    After you defeat him, the pig in the house of sticks is ready to fight. He 
    takes short leaps across the screen and, like the straw pig, gets faster as 
    you hit him. Three hits will take him down too.
    The pig in the house of bricks is the hardest of all to fight. He jumps high 
    in the air and squeezes his body inward when he jumps, making him taller and 
    therefore harder to hit. Just like the pigs before him, three hits will rid 
    you of him. The Mario Coin will surface once you beat the pig in the brick 
        |      To Turtle
        |       Secret
        1          |
        |          |
        |          |
        |          |
        |          |
    Turtle Zone 1
    Float above as much of this level as you can with the rabbit ears. In fact, 
    don't come into this level without them, as all the stage will provide you 
    with is flowers. On the ledge where you get the first flower, run and float 
    to a ledge with two question blocks and several coins. The question blocks 
    contain a star and a 1-up, respectively.
    Swim underwater until you find the midway bell, then get out of the water and 
    onto a small piece of land with a question block above it. Don't hit it; it's 
    a flower. Jump on top of it and float until you land on a small column of 
    land - the first of many, it should be. Jump straight up from each one until 
    you find a 50-coin moneybag hidden in an invisible block. Run and glide from 
    the highest column to reach the bell.
    Turtle Zone 2
    Unfortunately, you have to be small to reach the secret level, and this makes 
    it a hard one to reach. Keep swimming down and to the right, then swim up the 
    first chance you get. Let the turtle at the top left make you small, then run 
    through the thin little corridor and jump up into the pipe. Keep moving to 
    the right, avoiding the sharks, fish bones, and sea urchins until you make it 
    to the secret level.
    To beat it the normal way, don't swim up to the area where you found the 
    secret exit just yet. Go to the right and hit the invisible blocks, one of 
    which contains a flower. You're going to have to go the long way around to 
    get this.
    Now swim up to where you found the secret exit, but instead of going left, go 
    right. Sink down, avoiding the urchins, and go to the left past the spikes to 
    find your flower. Go back to the right and go forward and up into another dry 
    area. Get the star to the left and start running right. The turtles on the 
    stairs should be enough to earn a 1-up. Ring the halfway bell and go inside 
    the pipe maze. Find your way through the pipe maze. (I can't tell you 
    everything, now can I? Besides, this one is really easy.)
    Ride the thin white platforms up to the bonus bell, but don't let them run 
    you into the spikes.
    Turtle Secret
    After the M made out of blocks, the rest of the coins in the level spell out 
    ARIO LAND 2. Get each item as it appears, but make sure you don't get hit by 
    a turtle or fall in spikes. Don't dawdle, as the 300 seconds you get is 
    barely enough to make it out. The three question blocks at the end contain 
    two flowers and a carrot, in that order.
    When you get back underwater, you will have woken up the whale, who is trying 
    to get back to sleep but cannot.
    Turtle Zone 3
    Like the Macro Zone's last level, I can't think of much that is noteworthy 
    about this one. There is some goop in the whale's body that doesn't look much 
    like but works the same way as the slime from the second level of the Tree 
    Zone. The whale's teeth will hurt you if you hit them. Watch out for the fish 
    skeletons in the watery areas.
    He will rise up out of the pot in the middle and start by throwing a 
    miniature octopus out of his midsection. He will do this every time he 
    reaches the top of the water. Just know when he's about to release a baby and 
    stomp on him then. When you hit him three times, you'll immediately have 
    admittance to...
    One simple level is all this is, but it is fairly long, so read on carefully. 
    anyone alive who hasn't...) I will list the solution by rooms.
    First Room
    Run under the large and small spheres when they stop. Luckily, there is a 
    power-up at the beginning in case you falter anywhere throughout the room. Be 
    on the lookout for piranha plant statues. Some don't blow fire at all. Some 
    blow small fireballs right at you, and one even blows a huge one at you! 
    Avoid them all until you get to the pipe on the right.
    Second Room
    Duck under the plant statue's fire and climb the stairs. Get the power-up at 
    the top.
    Third Room
    Ride along the propeller platforms without falling into the lava. It's simple 
    (even easier on Easy mode where they move super-slow).
    Fourth Room
    The first part of this involves skill and knowing where not to step. One tile 
    will activate a fist that pounds the ground at high speed. It is almost 
    impossible to run under these, so don't hit the tile that activates them 
    (usually the middle one between fists). The second part has skulls that 
    crumble when you step on them. Jump across them until you get to the pipe 
    leading to the fifth room.
    Fifth Room
    Nothing to worry about.
    Sixth Room
    Some of the skeletal platforms fall when you stand on them too long. The ones 
    that are slightly lower than the others rise as long as you stand on them. 
    Don't dillydally or you'll increase in altitude until you get rammed into 
    some spikes.
    Seventh Room
    Just run like the wind and you won't get hit.
    Eighth Room
    You have to kill each blinking face in front of you before you can move on. 
    There are three areas with these guys. The first one has one blinking face 
    and the other two have two. They take two hits to kill, and there is a flower 
    for you just before you go into...
    Wario's Lair
    Wario takes nine hits in all to destroy. The first three take place at his 
    throne. He will try to shake the ground and make the orb above you fall on 
    you. Jump when he jumps and hit him three times. You can get a carrot when 
    you advance to the next area, where he also dons the rabbit ears.
    Run under him and he may fall to the ground, causing more tremors. When he 
    falls, jump and float over above him. He'll hit you when he tries to go back 
    up. Repeat this two more times. DO NOT GET THE POWER-UP HE HAS SET OUT FOR 
    YOU! IT IS A MUSHROOM! Keep your carrot and move on to the next area.
    Wario will equip a flower and throw massively large fireballs at you. He will 
    jump after he throws one fireball. Jump on him when he hits the ground.
    When you hit him for the ninth time, the game's ending sequence will begin.
    Congratulations on beating Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins!
    Thanks go out to:
    ** Whoever posts this FAQ.
    ** Nintendo for making this ridiculously easy game.
    ** My brother Sam for offering the suggestion on the order of walkthroughs 
       and for taking the batteries out of his reading light so I could play this 
       again and consequently type up this walkthrough.
    ** Anyone who has helped develop my reading talent.
    This version of this walkthrough (2.0) is (C) March 19, 2002. Rest assured, 
    something will happen to you if you jack my FAQ, most likely legal stuff that 
    you don't want to go through and I don't either. I can and will have 
    something up my sleeve in case you plagiarize or sell this. You CAN print it 
    out and give it to anyone who needs it as long as no cash changes hands. 
    Don't modify the text within the walkthrough if I give you consent to use it 
    (pictures/screenshots are okay), and don't link directly to this walkthrough. 
    Use the page with the link on it.
    If you have a suggestion or complaint related to the betterment of this 
    walkthrough, you can e-mail me at <eubanks1084@hotmail.com>.
    The latest version of this walkthrough can always be found at GameFAQs.
    Have a great day, and good luck playing Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins! 
    (Yeah, like you'll need it - ha!)

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