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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

    Version: Peach | Updated: 11/27/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        S U P E R   M A R I O   L A N D   2 :   S I X   G O L D E N   C O I N S
                              (c) Shotgunnova (P. Summers)
    01) Controls...............................................................CNTR
    02) Enemy List.............................................................ENLT
    03) Helpful Items..........................................................HLPF
    04) Walkthrough............................................................WLKT
        a. Introductory Level . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  INLV
        b. Tree Zone  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  TRZN
        c. Space Zone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  SPCZ
        d. Macro Zone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  MCRZ
        e. Pumpkin Zone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  PMKZ
        f. Mario Zone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  MROZ
        g. Turtle Zone  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  TRTZ
        h. Wario's Castle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  WRCS
    05) Secrets 'N' Junk.......................................................SCRT
    06) FAQ....................................................................FAQZ
    07) Updates................................................................UPDT
    08) Thanks.................................................................THNK
    01)                             C O N T R O L S                            CNTR
                OFF/ON SWITCH --> .-________________
                                  |  _____________  |
                                  | |             | |
                                  | |             | |
                                  | |             | |
               SCREEN DISPLAY --> | |             | |
                                  | |             | |
                                  | |_____________| |
                                  |    _            |
                                  |  _| |_       (A)| <---- A BUTTON
         DIRECTIONAL PAD -------> | |_   _|   (B)   | <---- B BUTTON
                                  |   |_|           |
                                  |                 |
                                  |       //  //    | <---SELECT and START BUTTONS
    | Controls |
    A Button ---------> Jump
    B Button ---------> Press down to walk around with koopa shell
    Start Button -----> Un/pause game
    Select Button ----> Leave cleared level (after pausing game)
    Off/On Switch ----> ...obvious >__>
    Screen Display ---> Where you watch stuff
    Directional Pad --> Move Mario up, down, all around
    02)                           E N E M Y   L I S T                          ENLT
    This is a list of all the enemy names I've found or can remember. If anyone can
    add in their names, I'd be grateful. Note that all enemies can be killed while
    Mario is under the influence of a "Starman" (makes him invincible), so I'm not
    listing that as any enemy's weakness.
      This angry stag beetle lives in the Tree Zone. It calmly walks towards you
      and then in a fit of rage, takes to the sky, at which time it (slowly) goes
      towards Mario. Stomp on its noggin to defeat it.
      This ant can be found in some Macro Zone rooms and has a cannon device on
      its head. When Mario is close, it will fire at him. Jump over the projectile
      and stomp on its head.
      A ghost that frequents the scarier haunts in the game, Mario will find it a
      bit annoying. When Mario turns to look at it, it shields its face with its
      eyes and blushes, unmoving; when Mario turns to leave, it bares its fangs
      and follows. A thrown Koopa shell can make them give up the ghost. =)
      A leaping frog that attacks Mario with its tongue. It's found only in Tree
      Zone, and its name clues you in to its demise -- bop it on its head. 
      One of the more predictable enemies, Bullet Bills are shot out of cannons in
      some levels. Since the cannons only point one or two ways, Mario can simply
      duck or jump over their slow-moving trail. Smoke this enemy by stomping on
      its head.
      A little fishy that's a common enemy in underwater levels, it often moves
      back and forth and nothing else -- the "goomba" of the deep. Destroy it by
      throwing a Koopa Shell or shooting a fireball.
      A waddling mushroom-type enemy with fangs. It cannot move in any direction
      except left/right, and can't go up when it's fallen off a ledge. The basic
      way to kill it is jumping on its head to smush it. This is the most common
      enemy in the game, so make friends with it. =)
      This slimy dude is found in the bee hive portion of Tree Zone. It has a
      bed of spikes on its back, so you can't jump on it, but feel free to spit
      a fireball in its face.
      A turtle-like enemy that, like a Goomba, can only go left/right and cannot go
      up ledges. In normal form, when Mario jumps on it, he will kick the foe into
      its shell and can then run around with it, unleashing it on any foes further
      down the line. When picked up, the Koopa Troopa is helpless and cannot fight
      back. To kill it, hit it with a fireball or, when a little Mario, jump under
      a block (since he carries it on his head).
      This li'l turtle is a bit different from Koopa Troopas. When stomped on, its
      shell turns into a bomb and can explode on Mario if he's not too careful. Of
      course, this also eradicates the enemy in the process, so simply jump in,
      jump it, and jump out again. Fireballs can't kill this enemy.
      A Goomba with a license to fly, this creature alternates between a short walk
      and a large leap into the air. Stomp it once to reduce it to a normal Goomba,
      and then stomp it once more. Spin-jumping on its head kills it instantly.
      A carnivorous piece of foliage, the Pirahna plant comes in two types: demure,
      in which it simply comes out of a pipe and then goes back in, and hostile, in
      which it will attack Mario with fireballs if he's in its proximity (this kind
      also retracts into its pipe). To kill it, give it a taste of its own medicine
      by attacking it with a fireball, or throw a Koopa shell at it.
      This tough "gangster" shark floats around the underwater portions, moving in
      a horizontal manner. Not really much of a threat, but since you can only kill
      it with a Koopa Shell or Starman, it's better to stay away.
      These are a passive trap on some levels, either on the ceiling or in pits.
      When Mario encounters one of these, he loses his power-up and reverts to "Big
      Mario"; or, if he was Big Mario, reverts to "Mini Mario". Avoid these and you
      won't have to worry much.
      This frail drone frequents the Tree Zone. When Mario is near, it hovers after
      him and when close, attacks. Mario can kill it for a short time by stomping
      its head, but it will come back to life if given enough time. Strike it with
      a Koopa Shell to give it a burial, or spin-jump on its head to kill it.
      This is the boss of the Space Zone, a throwback to the previous Super Mario
      Land Game, in which he was also a boss. To defeat him, 
    PS - I'm making up names for them since no one in the world seems to have
         thought of some. =/
      These obstacles appear in the Space Zone, and are either fixed in one spot
      or moving horizontally/vertically. If Mario touches them, they'll damage
      him. These cannot be killed.
      This worker ant lives in the Tree Zone and walks back and forth across the
      platforms -- the "goomba" of the Tree Zone, no doubt. Stomp on its face to
      kill it, but wouldn't it be nice to smush it? Yeah...
      This spiked ball elevates/descends based on where the chain is located. It
      does this in a pattern so it's easy to figure the routine. Also, this 
      "creature" doesn't attack Mario actively; it's more like a passive object.
      Uh...these things try to sweep at Mario and appear in the Pumpkin Zone.
      Clean house by stompin' on their broomsticks.
      These strange enemies live in the Space Zone, and have cannons for their
      snouts. They fire cannonballs (which can also be killed), and can aim both
      horizontally and diagonally. Jump on their faces to slaughter 'em.
      This armadillo-type creature has a spiked shell so you can't stomp it like
      the others. When it sees Mario, it will roll up into a ball and slowly move
      towards him as a means of attack. Shoot a fireball at it to put it down.
      This ant can appear in the Macro Zone. Armed with a shovel, it will dig up
      balls of earth and roll them at you. Dodge its attack and jump on its li'l
      face to kill it.
      Small bug-type enemy that flies around in the Tree Zone's first level. You
      can simply jump on its head to do away with it.
      Enemy that appears in the first Tree Zone level, on the lowest tiers of the
      platforms. It has a drill at its nose, but is weak to being stomped on. Yay!
      This sharp enemy appears in the hive portion of the Tree Zone. It attacks
      Mario horizontally most of the time, but in close confines, it can succeed
      in damaging him. Crush his cranium to cancel his coming. :p
      This egg lives in the bee hive portion of the Tree Zone, and only appears
      in one room -- the fourth. Simply jump on its head to kill it, although
      since it appears by a Starman, that'll probably be the best method of
      These tubbos live in the Bee Hive at Tree Zone, and fall from the ceiling
      when Mario passes, much like Thwomps. You can't kill them without a the
      use of a Starman, so just run under them while they raise back up.
      This tail flops around at Mario in the Pumpkin Zone. Kill it with f'balls
      and jumping on it. Whatever it is, it needs to be put out of its misery,
      In the Tree Zone, sometimes you can find a fly sitting there, not moving.
      When you try to jump on it, it flees to another location. Use a fireball
      to kill the thing, or ignore it since it doesn't attack you.
      This invincible enemy floats throughout the schoolhouse level in the
      Pumpkin Zone. Kill it with a Starman, but it's something you should avoid
      if you're not close to one. =)
      This strange enemy appears in the Mario Zone. Sometimes when you jump
      beneath a block, this enemy will come out. Stomp on its head, natch.
      This dim-witted creature moves across platforms in the Bee Hive section of
      Tree Zone. Simply jump on its head and squish it...well, you don't really
      squish it, but you can imagine. :p
      Whatever these are supposed to be, they're found in the Pumpkin Zone and
      simply act as an obstacle for Mario. They don't move but the opening and
      closing of the tongue can damage. You can walk on top of their heads, if
      that's any consolation.
      These Pumpkin Zone freaks charge at Mario when he's in their proximity.
      Jump on their deformed heads to kill 'em.
      Whatever this thing, it looks like a strawberry fitted with a mask and a
      sword shoved into its face. It's found in the Pumpkin Zone and can be
      killed just like a Goomba. Silly...
      This ant appears in the Macro Zone but isn't much different from regular 
      ant enemies you find. Well, except for it having retractable spikes on its
      back. Kill it with fireballs or stomp it while it doesn't have its spikes
      These saws go horizontally but move up and down in doing so. Find 'em in
      the Mario Zone or, rather, avoid them in the Mario Zone, 'cause you can't
      kill them.
      Whatever this "thing" is, it appears in the second (last) stage of Space
      Zone. In the latter part of the level, when there are "walls" made out of
      the angry stars, these things appear and inflate/deflate themselves over
      and over. When deflated, you can pass by them safely, but watch out when
      they're all spiky.
      This spiky sphere can be found in the last level of Mario Zone. It has a
      ball on the ground and revolves around it. Kinda boring, easy to avoid.
      These things orb objects in the Space Zone. Simply jump on them or spit a
      fireball at 'em to do away with them.
      These blades don't have a lot of "Skil," but they can sure rip Mario a new
      one. Well, rip off an arm, maybe. They're fixed in an up/down or left/right
      manner, so you can avoid them pretty easily.
      Uh, these screws come out of the ground and spin at Mario. Screw 'em over by
      jumping on their tiny Phillips-sized heads.
      These helmeted goombas appear in the last level of the Turtle Zone. Dispose
      of them like all the other goombas, yo.
      In a few of the Tree Zone levels, you'll be inside a trunk and there will be
      enemies that live in the water bubbles. One of them is a seacow enemy that
      moves horizontally through the water, and has horns that can gore Mario. To
      kill it, use a fireball or stomp on its head -- just don't take a frontal
      These undead fishies float around in zig-zag patterns and don't actively go
      after Mario. They can only be killed with Starmen or Koopa Shells, sorry to
      say, so just avoid 'em.
      These birds fly horizontally in the top of the Tree Zone. Jump on their heads
      to send 'em plumetting. Pretty easy-peasy stuff, really.
      This bear rides a ball through spikes in the Mario Zone. Shoot it off and
      you can jack its ball, using it to ride through spikes, too.
      This tin soldier stomps around and can be killed like a goomba. That's kind
      of how you kill everything in this game, ain't it?
      These only appear in the Space Zone, and float in an arcing pattern. They
      throw stars -- not STARMEN -- which explode on you. Jump on them or shoot a
      fireball at their ugly face to beat them.
      This thing rises into the air straight and then descends in a feather-like
      zig-zag pattern. Jump on it to kill it or avoid it altogether.
    03.                       H E L P F U L   I T E M S                        HLPF
    These are the friendly or non-violent things that Mario can harness through his
      These items are sometimes found in breakable blocks, and look like hearts.
      Simply walk into one to get it!
      Eating this question block item makes Mario grow bunny ears. Although quite a
      foolish concept, those ears act as gliding wings and if you mash A, you can
      slowly glide farther than you could normally jump. In fact, if you mash A at
      a high enough rate, you can float horizontally! Try keeping it up, though.
      These items are found in all levels, and Mario can collect them by breaking
      question blocks, brick blocks, and simply running into them. They can be used
      to gamble in the house at the foot of Wario's Castle.
      These bells are found high above levels, and should always be gotten! Once
      you do, you win the level and can play a bonus game where you can win prizes
      which include:
      *Fire Flower
      When you stop the crane, it usually picks up the third item from where you
      stopped it at, so make sure to play your hand carefully!
      An item that can come from question blocks, a Fire Flower lets Mario spit out
      fireballs on enemies. Since most enemies can be killed with fireballs, this
      is a great help if you want to blaze through the levels. When hit by an enemy
      Mario simply reverts to "Big Mario."
      These bells mark the midpoints of the level and, should Mario be KO'd after
      encountering it, he can restart here instead of the level's beginning. These
      should be gotten whenever possible.
      These owls can be found in the Tree Zone, and are allies of Marios...in some
      sense. They sleep, but when Mario jumps on their hats, he can bum a ride to
      another platform.
    M BAG
      These bags come up in blocks and are worth 50 coins a piece. Since you can
      fifty coins for free, what's not to like?
      These scrumptious morsels come out of question blocks and power-up Mario when
      he is in a small, vulnerable state. Be careful, though: if Mario gets one of
      them while he has bunny ears/fireball power, he will revert to the lesser
      form. When in "Big Mario" mode, if Mario is struck by an enemy, he reverts to
      "Mini Mario" mode.
      These items are strewn throughout the world, and often contain power-ups for
      Mario, or coins. Although they themselves aren't very good weapons, if there
      is an enemy above it and you jump under them, it can kill them; or, if that
      enemy is a Koopa Troopa, it will knock them into a shell and you can simply
      reclaim it. 
      An often rare item from a question block, this makes Mario invincible for a
      set of time. Simply touching enemies in this form kills them, and if you kill
      five in a row in its duration, you get a 1-Up for the fifth and each enemy
      you kill afterwards. Also, for every 100 enemies you murder in cold blood,
      you'll get a free Starman. =)
      After ringing the end-bell on some levels, you'll play a game where you have
      some mice cut wires and your prize falls above. There's no real secret to
      this random game, so it's not exactly the best. Direct Mario under one of the
      four switches to cut the wires. You can win:
      *Fire Flower
    04)                        W A L K T H R O U G H                           WLKT
    When you start a new game, Mario will arrive at the Introductory Level with
    five lives and no coins. It'll be a tough adventure, but he can do it, right?
    | a. Introductory Level |------------------------------------------------[INLV]
    Start moving (right), kill the Goomba. By the Koopa Troopa will be two "?" 
    blocks, one of which contains a Mushroom. At the first pipe you see, you can
    exit down it and get some coins. Jump up at the other end to get back to the
    upper portion of the level.
    There are some coins you can break to your left, but there's nothing else of
    interest. Continue and kill the Paragoomba, then head to some more pipes. None
    of them can be entered. After, break the two lone blocks for a 1-Up and a Star.
    Continue along to the bell, which marks the halfway point of the level. Jump
    into it to mark your place and continue down the line. Some Koopa Troops will
    be above a row of question blocks, the second from the right which has a Fire
    Flower. Keep going to the breakable blocks (w/ Fire Flower) and the Pirahna
    Plant in the pipe. You can exit down the pipe for some coins if you choose.
    Keep going down the screen and don't break the blocks here; jump atop them and
    you can ring the bell. Play the bonus game and you'll be on the world map. You
    cannot replay the level you just finished, by the way.
    Mario can select any level he wants to play right now, but I'll just go in a
    clockwise motion. Next up...
    | b. Tree Zone |----------------------------------------------------------[TRZN]
    The Tree Zone is to the left of the gambling house at the base of Wario's
    castle. Let's-a begin.
    First Level (Tree Base)
    Start moving right and you'll come to a large root series of platforms. Some
    drill-moles will come out on the bottom, so stick to the top. You'll see some
    Bopping Toadys around, too, which you can kill with simple jumping/fireballs.
    After awhile, you'll come across a spiked creature that you'll have
    to kill with fireballs since you can't jump it. Keep continue east and you'll
    come to a Fire Flower block, and another spikey right after it. The halfway
    point is near there.
    From the halfway point, take the higher route if you've already got a Fire
    Flower and start jumping onto the small root platforms. If you fall, there is
    a Fire Flower below. Watch out for the Dragonfly creatures, since they'll 
    actively try to attack you and can move semi-fast.
    At the other end, you'll find another Grubby -- use the spent block above it
    (the brown/black one) to get past it. After that, it's some Bopping Toadys and
    some platforms all the way to the end of the level. There are some blocks you
    can use to get to the bell above the door, but you might have to do a running
    Second Level (Tree Trunk)
    There are some water bubbles here, and while they're not enemies, Mario can
    sink into them. There are also enemies that 'live' in the water again, so be
    Start the level and go east, making note of the water bubbles. You'll come upon
    an enemy (I call it a Seacow) that in the sub-surface of the water. By the 2nd
    one, there are some question blocks -- the middle has a Fire Flower. Keep goin'
    east and you'll come to a decline with bubbles on each side. The upper-right
    part has a 1-UP, and at the very bottom, you can find another Fire Flower. Kill
    the Seacows and keep going, paying attention to the ceiling spikes. You'll go
    into a pipe further on.
    Here, you'll find Noko Bombettes who walk across the screen. Jump 'em if you
    want and avoid their self-destruction blasts. You'll have to use the ceiling
    water to get over the floor spikes down the line, and then you'll come to a
    small platform above the spikes. Jump to it and quickly jump off, since it's a
    falling one.
    You now have to ways to go: down through the water bubbles and left. Going down
    takes you past some Seacows and to a room with a Carrot and floor spikes; the
    left way takes you over some vertical bubbles and floor spikes, but you can get
    a Fire Flower and a 1-Up. If you want to get the secret exit, head down and get
    a Carrot, coming up the other side.
    | TO THE SECRET LEVEL:                                    |
    |                                                         |
    | Once you come up the pipe, go left to the long vert     |
    | shaft of water. Kill the Noko Bombette and get up to the|
    | longer platform up and right from it. On the other side |
    | of the room is a pipe you can only get to with a Carrot.|
    | Do a running jump and float your way to it.             |
    If you want to finish without going to the secret level, the doorway is just
    to the right -- use the three bubble clusters to jump to the bell. Once you
    are done, you can take either the left or right path to the top of the tree
    Secret Level (Under Branches)
    This is a rather fun multi-platform level with Koopa Troopas. Take the higher
    road at first and you'll come to a Fire Flower. There's really nothing to say
    about this place, except that there are a few 1-Ups you can get in blocks. Fun!
    At the end is a simple door. Exit and you'll see a new background animation for
    the Tree Zone -- blossoming flowers!
    Level Three (Ant Nest)
    This will be your first encounter with a bottomless drop, but since you're in
    the branches, better get used to it. Jump across the leafy platforms and kill
    the ants (stomp 'em) and Battle Bettles (stomp 'em, too). There is a Fire
    Flower plant nearby, and above it, a secret 1-Up! Make sure to jump to a lower
    platform to catch it.
    Kill the Pirahna Plant nearby and you'll find your first hostile on. Kill that
    one by timing your jump so you rise above its fireball but can throw your own.
    Past the second hostile pirahna flower is a platform that goes up. Take it.
    Now you'll be heading back left. The question-mark block has a 1-Up in it, but
    to get it you'll have to time your jumps well over the two falling platforms;
    or, simply jump up through the wooden beam and get it, landing on top of the
    beam. Keep heading left and kill the two flies you see there -- they don't
    attack you, but oh well... Ride up the platform lift, do away with the ant,
    and take the next lift to the top tier of the level.
    The two blocks by you have a secret Carrot block in between them, which you
    can take (optional) to get the coins underneath the leaf platforms. At the
    right part you'll find two falling platforms. Above the first one is a 1-Up,
    but it's hard to get without falling back through the level. Still, it is
    possible to hit the block, jump and catch the 1-Up, and land on the next ledge
    without falling out. Make sure to take the highest part of the leaves if you
    want to ring the end-level bell.
    Head east to exit the level, in one way or another. You'll have to do a run-
    -and-jump to get the bell.
    Level Three (Bee Hive)
    Head into the level, kill the wormy creature, and head to the right to get a
    Fire Flower. Head up into the pipe from there. Drone Bees will come from the
    open parts of the honeycomb (?), so kill them if you want to just waste time.
    Head right to find a Skeleton Bee that reappears, and then leave through the
    right-hand pipe.
    Here, you'll find fat bees that fall from the ceiling, much in the same league
    as the Thwomps of Mario fame. Pass under them while they ascend. Kill the slug
    and you'll come to a fat bee with blocks underneath it. You can get damaged if
    passing with jumps, so simply run across the platforms and you won't fall in!
    Enter the pipe nearby.
    This room has Sluggys and more drone bees, so bypass them to three pipes. If
    you like, you can enter the middle and find more Sluggys and question blocks,
    but if you're already powered-up, there's no need. Enter the pipe.
    Here, you'll find some spikes and an egg enemy. One of the breakable blocks
    contains a Starman, and if you run across the egg platforms and then go back
    up and kill the Sluggys, you can get a 1-Up. Hit the halfway point bell, too!
    Go down the pipe to find some more bee types and question blocks. At the end
    you'll find the bell that is without means to get to. Well, there is a secret
    block nearby, but you can also spin-jump the skeleton bee for more air and
    land on it. Ring the bell, boom, last level.
    Level Five (Treetop)
    This level also has a bottomless pit, so be careful. Continue right towards a
    platform circling a Fire Flower plant. There are some Paragoombas you can jump
    on and send to their doom (XD!), which leads to some owls that you can use as
    platforms (Heavy Zeds).
    You'll come to the halfway point after that. Kill the birds you see if you
    want, and use the floating platforms to continue right. One of the question
    blocks has a Carrot, which may help you on the upcoming boss. Use the clouds
    to continue even further east on the screen and you'll come to a pipe. This
    leads to the boss.
    | BOSS: Bird |
    Don't know if this thing has a name, but a bird is what it is. If you have a
    Fire Flower, simply shoot at it to kill it or, if you're without, bop it on the
    head thrice to do away with it. It only moves from side to side, so the way to
    kill it is waiting for it to descend, stomp it, then jump away. Once it's dead,
    the egg it was hording breaks open and you'll get the Tree Coin, which goes to
    Wario's Castle. That darn tree also has a big "X" flag atop it. Time to head to
    the next place!
    | c. Space Zone |--------------------------------------------------------[SPCZ]
    You can't reach the Star Zone without going to the Hippo in the upper-left of
    your map, sadly, so you'll have to hit up that place first to do anything.
    Hippo Zone "Level"
    This is very easy to do. Simply head right and the hippo will blow a bubble for
    Mario to ride in (snot bubble?). Mash the A button all the way through and he
    will float to the top of the screen while still moving right. Eventually he'll
    get to a bell, which finishes the level. If you happen to fall down at any
    point, or hit some Spikys/birds, there are more hippo statues you can use to
    get back up.
    Remember, you can only get to the Star Zone by hitting that upper bell; finish
    at the lower door and you have to restart.
    Level One (Moon)
    Mario has moon physics here, which is a technical name for exaggerated jumping
    capabilities. Hold down A to rise up more than normal. Continue past the pigs
    and you'll come to some spikes -- just use your huge jumps or bunny ears. Then,
    you'll find a large UFO that throws stars at you. Simply jump on it or leave it
    alone. The platform by it has shaped like a finger pointing up, if you noticed.
    Continue on towards the moon-shaped squares and the fat, smiling planet in the
    | SECRET LEVEL EXIT:                               |
    |                                                  |
    | By the fat planet, you can find a secret block   |
    | above a hidden block. Above that, there is yet   |
    | another, and so on. Keep hitting these secret    |
    | blocks and jumping on them until you find some   |
    | platforms leading right across the screen. Hop   |
    | across them and you'll eventually come to the    |
    | bonus level door.                                |
    Continue heading right, across the elevated spikes and the growing number of
    cannon pigs. The exit doesn't have a bell...'cause there's a secret exit right
    above it. =)
    Secret Level (Star in Moon's Face)
    This level is very direct, and if you fall to the underpart of the level, you
    can simply bypass everything and get to the exit. There's nothing of much 
    interest here, to be honest -- you can find two 1-UP hearts in a small space
    in the above portion, and should you continue through the tops of the thin
    pillars, if you jump over the angry star at the end, you can find a hidden 1-Up
    block above one of the spent question mark ones.
    Level Two (Star)
    This level is moving, meaning if you're caught between the left screen boundary
    and an obstacle, you'll get smushed like a goomba. Keep active, and you can
    float by pressing A. There are stars here that begin moving as the level 
    progresses, so this can be quite an annoying try. Stick to the top of the
    screen and you'll eventually see a mushroom sitting out for you.
    The latter part of the level calls for you to navigate through collections of
    the stars, either in horizontal/vertical fashion. Past that, you'll find a few
    rows of question blocks and a halfway-point bell. RING THIS SUCKER! After you
    navigate the last part, you'll come to a mushroom/fire flower block and the
    pipe that leads to...
    | BOSS: Tatanga |
    Tatanga shoots two rockets: one horizontal and one down, the latter which can
    home in on you. If you duck in place, you can wait for him to start moving and
    simply bop him on the head, then repeat in the other direction. Jump on his
    ugly mug three times to get the Star Coin in Wario's Castle and a big "X" flag
    in the Space Zone. If you had gotten the Fire Flower, simply unload on this
    ET. Next is...
    | d. Macro Zone |--------------------------------------------------------[MCRZ]
    You can find this zone at the top of your map, by the two tunnels that make
    Mario smaller. Head on into the house.
    Level One (Lawn Hole)
    There are a bunch of ants here, the newest of which is a digger ant that will
    unload balls of earth at you. Dodge the earthen spheres and jump on its head!
    Enter the pipe when you're done.
    You'll land on a surface by some water. The water will kill Mario, as you
    might've guessed, so don't touch it. Head east, either over or on the water
    platforms, and stomp the pincer-ants you find. Watch out for the bazooka ants,
    since they can fire projectiles at you. The halfway point bell is right around
    Use the water platform to get up by a question block with bunny ears, and take
    the falling platform for a ride, jumping off at the last second. You'll come
    to another platform by where you can ride under or walk above.
    | SECRET LEVEL EXIT                            |
    |                                              |
    | On the above part, there is a pipe that is   |
    | blocked by fireball-weak blocks. You can get |
    | a Fire Flower by riding the water platforms  |
    | to a similar pipe, then doubling back. Break |
    | the pipes and jump up and in, towards the    |
    | exit.                                        |
    Since the level exit leads to the last room in the house, it's not such a bad
    idea to get it; the actual level exit is just to the right, though. Use the
    rising platform to get the bell.
    Secret Level (By Window)
    This is another moving level. There's not much difference except there's not
    as much obstacles as Space Zone Lv. 2, but it's got falling platforms to deal
    with. If you have bunny ears, this place is a cinch. When you're done, you can
    go to the last level, but I'll describe the rest for posterity.
    Level Two (Doorstep)
    The first part is straightforward -- a few ants and some pirahna plants, but
    nothing spectacular. You also can't enter any of the pots or pipes, so don't
    bother with that. There is a working pipe at the end, though, that places you
    underwater. Just a few Cheep Cheeps and ants here, but nothing too exciting.
    Stick to the bottom water path and you'll find a pipe leading up.
    This comes up to a higher water part, and the rest is just a few flies on some
    blocks. Don't break them, though, as they're your stairway to the end bell.
    Level Three (Interior)
    This one shows the return of Goombas and Koopa Troopas, but it's still mostly
    the same. You'll find that there are now arrows on the floor, used as rollers
    towards a left/right direction. At the end, you can find a pipe that leads
    If you have a fire flower, break the two blocks to the left to find a "M" Bag
    worth 50 coins. Keep heading right and by the pipe at the end, you'll find a
    Starman. Keep heading right and jump over the fire. You'll eventually come to
    a chimney portion, where you have to do running jumps back and forth to get up.
    Watch out, 'cause one of them has a Koopa Troopa that can dissolve your "Fire"
    power and such. Make sure to jump for the bell at the very top of the place!
    Level Four (Attic)
    Man, there's a bunch of goombas here. Get the power-up in the first question
    block and keep heading the course, avoiding the floor-pushers since they lead
    to a bunch of spikes. The halfway bell is past a few more pirahna plant tubes.
    Keep heading down the floor-rollers and you'll eventually come to a pipe that
    leads to...
    | BOSS: Rat |
    Yeah, it's a sneaky rat that guards the third coin. He will come out of one of
    the tubes and run down the bottom side into another tube. Since he has a large
    pointy nose, avoid it and bop it on the head when it runs. Be careful because
    he can crawl on the ceiling and drop down into the middle of the room! Like
    usual, three times does the guy in. The House Coin goes into Wario's Castle
    and you can set out for the Pumpkin Zone.
    | e. Pumpkin Zone |------------------------------------------------------[PMKZ]
    The ghoulish pumpkin zone is in the upper-right corner of the map, by the...
    pumpkin, of course.
    Level One (Coffins)
    This odd place will feature some new creatures. The first is the thing with a
    sword stuck in its head -- kill it like a Goomba. Head down the pipe and keep
    going right, dealing with the balls-and-chain and more of those sword baddies.
    When you get to a pipe going up, ignore it as there's nothing up there 'cept
    The halfway point is right of that, past some falling spikes. Continue right
    up the stairs and deal with the sword baddies. When you get to a place where
    you can descend to down-facing tubes and go right, go right as you can jump to
    the ending bell from there.
    Level Two (Graveyard)
    Continue under the faces and you'll find some umbrella enemies, that can be
    killed like goombas but can may damage you. Keep going to the part with raised
    platforms and pirahna plant tubes. Past there you can find another new creature
    to fight: a li'l cyclops. Stomp on its head when it charges at you. You'll find
    the halfway bell by a pipe that leads to a small underwater section.
    Go up the pipe at the opposite end and you'll find some Boos that follow you
    around. You can find a mushroom to your left and a 1-UP on the platform two
    above. Make sure they don't corner you! Use the pipes to get to the top tier
    and exit to the right.
    Spin-jump through the blocks underfoot if you can and continue right. The "?"
    block there has a Starman, and to get it, run-jump up to the platform above
    | SECRET LEVEL EXIT #1                    |
    |                                         |
    | Rather than taking the high road to the |
    | end of the level, get in the water by   |
    | the starman and go all the way down.    |
    | At the end you'll find a pipe you can   |
    | break by spin-jumping, and this leads to|
    | the first bonus area                    |
    Keep going right until you get to the goal door with a lone umbrella
    monster. Use the monster to launch Mario up to the shingles of the building
    by him and you can jump to the bell from there.
    Secret Level (Haunted Forest)
    There's nothing to this level. Get the Bunny Ears and fly all the way through
    the coins to the right side. Get the Starman and work your way back, building
    up on Goomba kills to get a few 1-Ups. The level exit is in the middle of the
    Level Three (Schoolhouse)
    This level's rather straightforward as well, with no downward/upward pipes to
    be seen. Keep going right, ignoring the ghost goombas and Boos. The halfway
    mark is by some pirahna plants. Continue past the disappearing blocks and you
    will find a large decline.
    | SECRET LEVEL EXIT #2                   |
    |                                        |
    | Using Bunny Ears, use the long platform|
    | preceeding the large decline to get a  |
    | good jump. Float right until you find a|
    | corridor haunted by some goombas, which|
    | leads to the secret exit.              |
    Follow the decline to the exit. Easy-peasy.
    Secret Level 2 (Seaside)
    This level is suspended above another bottomless pit, and you'll need Fire
    Flowers to get through (unless you jump over the blocks) for the most part.
    There are 1-Ups hidden in the blocks, so break 'em and jump carefully. There's
    a free 1-Up at the end, though. The background for the Pumpkin Zone should now
    show some Boos "dancing" in their odd fashion.
    Level Four (Skullface)
    This level's rather short. Head right past the flopping tail until you get to
    a league of cauldrons. Some have fire under them, some don't. Halfway-mark 
    yourself and you'll find some dancing brooms straight out of Fantasia. Continue
    right and you'll find a bunch of pipes in the ground -- you can enter some, but
    it's not THAT worth it. The pipe to the boss is to the right of those.
    | BOSS: Witch |
    The ceiling has spikes on it, so be careful here. The witch will appear on the
    left or right side of the room and fire a projectile, then disappear; then, a
    pot lid will fly up. Jump on her as she appears and do it three times to bury
    this hag. The Pumpkin Zone is then conquered with a nice "X" flag and you can
    see the fourth coin slide into place at Wario's Castle.
    | f. Mario Zone |--------------------------------------------------------[MROZ]
    The Mario Zone is on the right side of the map. Y'see that thing that looks
    like Mario? Yup. There's also no secret place here, so have fun just blazin'
    Level One (Shoes)
    Get the power-up question block and start jumpin' up the gears. There's a new
    enemy here, a sliding sawblade, and an exit to the room behind it. Here, you
    can find spinning gears and another type of sawblade that moves horizontally
    and rattles up and down. At the other end of the room is the exit. Use the
    bunny ears here to traverse the spikes (getting the halfway point). Head thru
    this next room, until you can find some gears that let you go up to a bunny-ear
    question block. The goal is below you, on the right-hand side.
    Level Two (Torso)
    Some cannon pigs make another appearance, here in the spherical torso room of
    the Mario level. There are some Paragoombas around, but nothing too surprising.
    After some pipes, you can find a teddy bear riding a ball. Murder the li'l bear
    and jack its ball, which you can ride across spikes on.
    Continue to the halfway point and you'll find some barber-striped poles at an
    end. Go up one of the shafts to get an item (or a Goomba!) and continue to a
    second teddy. Jack its bouncy ball and ride it to the exit. You can reach the
    bonus bell by using bunny ears or a well-timed jump.
    Level Three (Tongue)
    Kind of straighforward again, Bullet Bills make their appearance here. Ride
    the black sprockets along the chains, avoiding the bullets as they're shot.
    You'll get to a floor-roller system soon enough, and there will be a soldier
    on it. Stomp it the first chance you can get -- it can corner you and damage
    Mario. The halfway point's above the bullet bill near there.
    Continue on to the crane that can pick up Mario and use it to get across, or
    simply walk on the candy-striped portion. Keep going to the bullet bill cannons
    stacked on one another, and use the crane above them to get to the end bell.
    Level Four (Hat)
    The final level, all you have to do is continue right, avoiding the revolving
    balls and Bullet Bills. Past there, you'll find a large incline and a path that
    goes underneath -- take the former if you're going boss's way immediately. At
    the top is a power-up block and a halfway point. Keep taking the lower paths
    under the sawblades to get a 50-coin bag. At the very end will be a pipe to...
    | BOSS: The Three Little Pigs |
    This is actually like three bosses. The first pig simply rolls across the floor
    and gets faster as it's damaged. The second bounces, with increasing speed as
    it's damaged. The third bounces and grows from fat to thin, which only makes
    it harder to hit. All have the same way of being killed, though, and that's
    through jumping on their heads. If you have a Fire Flower, though, this is too
    easy. The Mario Coin is won after they're dead, and there's only one more place
    to go now...
    | g. Turtle Zone |-------------------------------------------------------[TRTZ]
    The Turtle Zone is in the bottom-right corner of the map. Head right and into
    the dead end, where the turtle will eat you. Since you end up underwater, I
    would guess it processes you, too...
    Level One (Land's Bottom)
    There's nothing to this level. Though most takes place underwater, it's mostly
    just avoiding sharks and fish. No detours, no pipe outlets. The bell's even
    easy to ring.
    Level Two (Sub Exterior)
    Enter the water and head right and down, where you should end up by some of
    the Spikeys and a shaft upwards.
    | SECRET LEVEL EXIT:                         |
    |                                            |
    | Take the shaft up and head left, to where  |
    | there is a small passageway. Make Mario to |
    | be really small and enter the pipe beyond. |
    | Avoid the spikes from the ceiling and all  |
    | of the sharks and fish and you'll find the |
    | exit door.                                 |
    Go up the shaft and head right and go down the zig-zag shaft, avoiding all the
    Spikeys. Head right by the bullet bill and surface, going up the "stairwell"
    to the right. Ring the halfway point bell and enter the pipe. Enter the next
    pipe and at the split, head right to the downward pipe. One of the blocks there
    has a 50-coin bag for you! There's only one way for you to go now, and that's
    following the small maze of pipes. At the goal, you'll have to do a run-jump
    off the elevator platforms to get the bell.
    Secret Level (Small Island)
    Straightforward once again, take the power-up and spin-jump through the first
    obstacle of blocks. You'll notice that Mario's name is being spelled out here?
    By the "I", if you spin-jump the question mark block, you can get a 50-coin bag
    of cash. At the end are three question blocks, each with different power-up for
    you to leave with. When you return to the Turtle Zone, the whale's eye will now
    be blinking. Whee?
    Level Three (Whale)
    This level introduces the "scuba goombas," which are just like regular goombas
    but have helmets. Doesn't help 'em much, though. Head right through the level
    and you'll find goo that has the same properties of water -- use it in the same
    way. Avoid the teeth-like things that come down from the ceiling, and keep
    heading right. There will be large fangs on the ceiling and floor soon enough,
    but it's not that big of a deal -- you can take breaks in between them. At the
    end of the level is a pipe that leads to...
    | BOSS: Octopus |
    This is probably the easiest boss out of them all, due to you not having to
    move very much. The octopus rises out of the middle of the water, sinks a li'l
    before rising again. It shoots its young at you, but you can avoid thems easily
    to be sure. Simply position Mario above the Octopus, bop it on the head, and
    keep floating there to repeat it reflexively. After three stomps the thing is
    dead and you've got your last of the Six Golden Coins. Now you can undertake
    Wario's Castle!
    | h. Wario's Castle |----------------------------------------------------[WRCS]
    This is actually a one-level, multi-room place, so I'll divide it up by rooms.
    Room #1
    Avoid the large swinging wrecking balls and then avoid the pirahna statue blast
    projectiles they shoot. The second huge wrecking ball you'll have to jump over
    as it practically drags the ground. Enter the pipe beyond.
    Room #2
    Avoid the only statue's blast and get the power-up at the top of the stairway.
    Room #3
    Ride one of the lava platforms and duck under the overhang. Continue and you'll
    have to do a combination of ducking and jumping to avoid being shoved into the
    Room #4
    The first floor tile in front of the statue triggers a pounding glove. Jump
    completely over it to avoid the trap. The middle tile of the three following
    tiles also triggers a glove-pounding trap, so avoid that, too. Once you're 
    past the glove traps, use the skeleton heads to make it across the lava. Beware
    since they shatter a moment after you step on them.
    Room #5
    Go up the stairway and take the power-up, exiting right.
    Room #6
    The skeleton platforms here fall into the lava, so avoid them like you have
    been doing. Since there are ceiling spikes, be sure to do low-flying jumps.
    Room #7
    There are some rotating mashers that fall from the ceiling, but they're awful
    slow and you can avoid them easy. Onward!
    Room #8
    A sphere with a mustache and evil eyes (Wario Head?) is here. Jump on it twice
    to be able to exit.
    Room #9
    There are two Wario Heads ramming around this room, so approach carefully and
    dispose of them in the same way.
    Room #10
    Two more Wario Heads. Easy.
    Room #11
    A power-up for Mario here.
    Room #12
    Wario will fight you here. He can shake the ground and make the chandeliers
    fall on you. Jump to avoid being paralyzed for the moment and jump on his head
    three times. He will flee and you can get the Carrot that's in an upper nook
    Room #13
    Wario will have bunny ears here and will float around the room before dropping
    in the middle, which can knock more chandeliers down. If you jump on top of the
    Mario statue, you can machine-gun off three quick jumps and end this section
    pretty quick. When he flees, get the Mushroom power-up if you need it and get
    a move on to the next room.
    Room #14
    He'll have fire power here, but it's as simple as him shooting a fireball and
    then running around for awhile. Jump him three times to reduce him to a sobbing
    wuss, who then flees. Mario's castle is restored to its former glory and the
    credits play. Sorry, Mario, but your Princess is in another castle. =p
    05.                    S E C R E T S   ' N '   J U N K                     SCRT
    When on the pipe select screen after loading the game, press the Select button
    and you can play through the levels on a horribly lesser difficulty.
    On the title screen, press Up and Select to play through a demo of the first
    level in the game.
    06.           F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S          FAQZ
    [Q] - Can I ever play that first level in a normal game?
    [A] - Nope.
    [Q] - Does it matter which order I play through in?
    [A] - Negative.
    07.                              U P D A T E S                             UPDT
    10-09-06                   +Added to GameFAQs
                               +Walkthrough complete
                               +Monster lists sorta...complete...
    11-27-06                   +Clarified iffy wording. Thanks to Jakubowski for
                                correcting me.
    08.                               T H A N K S                              THKS
    Nintendo - This was one of my favorite Mario Games years back, and it's still
               pretty fun compared to today's games. Pure, unadulterated Marioness:
    Jakubowski - Pointing our my error in Turtle Zone's Sub Exterior level
    LIGHTS OUT!                      Guide (c) Shotgunnova, 1997-2006 and countin'!
                                              Mario namesake and games (c) Nintendo
                                                      E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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