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    FAQ/Hints and Tips by Jdude84

    Version: 1.15 | Updated: 02/10/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    d8P'    `Y8                                           
    Y88bo.      oooo  oooo  oo.ooooo.   .ooooo.  oooo d8b 
     `"Y8888o.  `888  `888   888' `88b d88' `88b `888""8P 
         `"Y88b  888   888   888   888 888ooo888  888     
    oo     .d8P  888   888   888   888 888    .o  888     
    8""88888P'   `V88V"V8P'  888bod8P' `Y8bod8P' d888b    
    ooo        ooooo                     o8o            
    `88.       .888'                     `"'            
     888b     d'888   .oooo.   oooo d8b oooo   .ooooo.  
     8 Y88. .P  888  `P  )88b  `888""8P `888  d88' `88b 
     8  `888'   888   .oP"888   888      888  888   888 
     8    Y     888  d8(  888   888      888  888   888 
    o8o        o888o `Y888""8o d888b    o888o `Y8bod8P' 
    ooooo                                    .o8       .oooo.   
    `888'                                   "888     .dP""Y88b  
     888          .oooo.   ooo. .oo.    .oooo888           ]8P' 
     888         `P  )88b  `888P"Y88b  d88' `888         .d8P'  
     888          .oP"888   888   888  888   888       .dP'     
     888       o d8(  888   888   888  888   888     .oP     .o 
    o888ooooood8 `Y888""8o o888o o888o `Y8bod88P"    8888888888 
                S I X  G O L D E N  C O I NS 
              Hints and Tips guide Version 1.15                                                            
               Author: Jdude84 <Jdude84@hotmail.com>
                     Date: 2/10/2000
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * TABLE OF CONTENTS * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    1) Version History
    2) Important Notices
     - Legal Information
     - Contact Info
    3) Credits
    4) Secrets
     - Game Genie Codes
     - Game Shark Codes
     - Pro Action Replay Codes
     - Codes and Hints
    5) Game Information
     - Game Data
     - Reviews
    6) Basic Gameply Features
     - Controls
     - Items
    7) F.A.Q.
    8) Bosses*
    9) Misc.
     - Story
    10) Enemy FAQ*
    11) Mario's Quest: Level Guide*
    12) Author's Note
    1) Version History
    February 7th, 2000 - Version 1.0
    It's not much yet, but hopefully I'll at least be able to update it one 
    more time, with a bit more info. 
    * Current sections complete, more to come later.
    * Enemy section coming next...probably.
    February 9th, 2000 - Version 1.1
    Added a couple new sections, although any attempt at a walkthrough has 
    not yet been made. Anyone have anything to add to section nine?
    * Added the F.A.Q.
    * Added the Boss guide, although it is VERY incomplete. Stategies for 
    the remaining 5 would be greatly appreciated.
    * Coming Soon: Enemy FAQ, Level Guides.
    February 10th, 2000 - Version 1.15
    No more NEW sections will be added, only updates to the incomplete ones. 
    If there is anything missing, send it to me and it'll go in the Misc. 
    section. One more request as well...if you can..send enemies for the 5 
    remaining zones. Thanks.
    * Added the final two missing parts of the guide, section's 10 and 11.
    * Updates to incomplete sections coming soon!
    2) Important Notices
    Legal Information:
    This faq may appear on the following sites:
    Gamefaqs.com - GameFAQs
    Gamesages.com - GameSages
    These are the only two sites that are allowed to host my
    faqs. If this faq is found on any other site, including
    YOUR site, then legal action WILL be taken if you do not
    remove the faq(s). This Document Is Copyright
    ©2000 Jdude84. This faq may not be reproduced in any
    way shape or form, period. Do NOT ask for consent as you
    will not get it, simple as that. I am in no way
    affiliated with the makers of this game, it is
    Copyrighted by Nintendo. If any of this is unclear to
    you read the Author's Note at the bottom of this faq.
    Super Mario Land is ©1992-2000 Nintendo. Mario, and all other characters 
    are copyrighted by nintendo.  Contact them at questions@nintendo.com for 
    further information.
    Contact Information:
    Feel free to contact the strange being who published this with any 
    corrections, questions, flames, hate mail, praise, adoration, awards, 
    threats, or maybe if i'm lucky something intelligent at 
    Jdude84@hotmail.com. Now, for those of you not paying attention a few 
    notes about the e-mail i recieve:
    I cannot stress enough how important it is that you
    include the NAME OF THE GAME with the e-mail. 15 e-mails
    a day get ignored simply because i cannot tell which game
    they are for. Also any e-mail that looks a bit like this
    will be disregarded:
    "Hay Dude Wuz uhp? Lik Huw Du Yu Gat Dat Kee Mn?!"
    It will be DELETED, get it?
    Sure, send it in. It might even get a reply, as it's
    usally 1/2 the mail i get worth responding to. Just
    don't suck up and as for a favor in return - i hate
    Hate Mail\Flames\Unreadable Crap:
    Sure, send it in. I LOVE to paste your shi! on the
    gamefaqs.com message board and laugh with the other
    author's at you. Even us author's need to be
    entertained every once in a while.
    Website Related Junk:
    I will not work for your website, make your website,
    be affiliated with your website, etc, etc. Most
    importantly, you MAY NOT put this on your site or
    even ASK me if you can. In other words, webmasters
    Do NOT send me anything that is unrealated to video
    games, i get enough of that from the perverts, fat
    people, skinny people, and people with way too much
    crap to sell.
    3) Credits
    Nintendo <http://www.nintendo.com>
    For making a challenging, exciting, and probably the best mario land 
    game. Good job...as usual.
    Gamesages <http://www.gamesages.com>
    Resource for the cool tips, tricks, and game genie codes.
    Game Shark Code Creators Club <http://www.cmgsccc.com>
    For the excellent game shark codes, what else?
    Datel <http://www.datel.co.uk> 
    For the Pro Action Replay codes. Aren't those fun?
    Mike Meevasin <Mmeeva@hotmail.com> 
    A fellow FAQ author, he let me use his review on my guide. Check out 
    some of his work at GameFAQs under the nickname MMeevasin.
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasey <cjayc@gamefaqs.com>
    Runs a great site, accepts my faqs, posts other people's faqs, writes 
    his own faqs, and other various stuff. Now only if someone would buy him 
    a Porsche...
    Jdude84 <Jdude84@hotmail.com>
    I wrote it, and it's all original work\content. What more do you want 
    from me?
    4) Secrets
    Game Genie Codes:
    1NAME. 023-218-E6E	
    1CODE. Each defeated enemy worth 2
    2NAME. 053-218-E6E	
    2CODE. Each defeated enemy worth 5
    3NAME. 00D-8DA-E6E	
    3CODE. Stop timer
    4NAME. 02D-8DA-E6E	
    4CODE. Timer counts down by 2
    5NAME. 002-41B-F7E	
    5CODE. Start new game with 1 life instead of 6
    6NAME. 092-41B-F7E	
    6CODE. Start new game with 10 lives instead of 6
    7NAME. 242-41B-F7E	
    7CODE. Start new game with 25 lives instead of 6
    8CODE. Start new game with 50 lives instead of 6
    9NAME. 742-41B-F7E	
    9CODE. Start new game with 75 lives instead of 6
    10NAME. 992-41B-F7E	
    10CODE. Start new game with 100 lives instead of 6
    11NAME. 001-40C-E6E	
    11CODE. Infinite lives
    12NAME. 024-5BC-E6E	
    12CODE. Mushroom turns you into Bunny Mario
    13NAME. 034-5BC-E6E	
    13CODE. Mushroom turns you into Fire Mario
    14NAME. FA1-B9C-4C1	
    14CODE. Stay as Super Mario when hit
    15NAME. FA1-C8C-4C1	
    15CODE. Stay as Fire or Bunny Mario when hit
    16NAME. 01D-92E-E6A + 019-2BA-E6A	
    16CODE. Each coin worth 101
    17NAME. 009-22A-19A + 00D-89E-19A	
    17CODE. Each coin worth 0
    18NAME. 004-BBC-19A	
    18CODE. Hearts (extra life) worth nothing
    19NAME. 004-5F8-2AA	
    19CODE. Play 30 coin game of chance for free
    20NAME. 004-288-A2B	
    20CODE. Play 50 coin game of chance for free
    21NAME. 003-F28-E62	
    21CODE. Play 200 coin game of chance for free
    22NAME. 003-BB8-C4E + 003-BA8-80C	
    22CODE. Play 999 coin game of chance for free
    Game Shark Codes:
    1NAME. Infinite Time
    1CODE. 807954A2
    2NAME. Infinite Lives
    2CODE. 80052CA2
    Pro Action Replay Codes: 
    1NAME. Infinite Time
    1CODE. 807954A2
    2NAME. Infinite Lives
    2CODE. 80052CA2
    Codes and Hints:
    99 Lives:
    Clear the Hippopotamus Zone and the Space Zone. Return to the 
    Hippopotamus Zone, run into the water, and then to the left. Grab the 
    prize worth 50 coins. Do this over and over until you've grabbed 999 
    coins, then play the Bonus Game. Repeat this procedure until you have 99 
    Beat Bonus Gme:
    To get 3 extra lives every time on the bonus game, just wait until a 
    heart is going into the left-hand opening, and press the button to drop 
    the claw. The claw will automaticlly grab the heart when it comes back 
    out the other side
    Bonus Level:
    After ringing the Midpoint Bell in the first stage of the Space Zone, 
    jump up to find the hidden block located in front of the ringed planet. 
    Continue working your way up-you will find more hidden blocks and you 
    will get to the Secret Exit high above the normal goal.
    Easier Game:
    For an easier game, press SELECT at the pipe screen.
    Hippo Level:
    When you see the hippo, make sure the bubble comes out. Then go back to 
    where you started and run to the hippo again. When you see the bubble 
    come out (still running), jump in it and don't let go of the A button. 
    You should be at the end in about 40 seconds.
    Play the Demos:
    At the title screen you can enter any of the following codes to play the 
    demos. When a demo begins you will be able to control Mario.
    Demo   Code
    1      Up + Select
    2      Up + A + Select
    3      Up + B + Select
    4      Up + A + B + Select</pre>
    Note: None of these codes work for the million version seller.
    Return to the Map:
    To return to the map without dying, press START, then press SELECT.
    Secret Exits:
    There are at least seven secret exits in this game.
    Space Zone level 1:
    Touch the midway bell and move right until you get to a wall. Jump. Get 
    on the other one. Keep going up then move right jumping until you get to 
    a secret door with a star on top of it.
    Tree Zone level 2:
    You have to have bunny ears. Go to the end but don't go through the 
    exit. Instead go left past the pipe then up the goo like thingy. Go all 
    the way up and kill the bad guy. Then fly up and right. Go through the 
    pipe and to the door with a star on top of it.
    Macro Zone level 1:
    Its kinda a shortcut to the boss. You need a fire flower. When you are 
    on the platform where a ant with a missile throwing gun kill it. There 
    is like somthing under it like a pipe that is facing up pand takes you 
    down. Go up. But where the ant was. Somewhere in that platform are 4 
    hidden blocks.  Look for them. When you find them go on top of them and 
    shoot the blocks and go up a pipe. Then look for the door with a star on 
    top of it.
    Pumpkin Zone level 2:
    You need to have a mushroom. Go to where there is water under those 
    cyclop ghosts when you get to a hole go down and across the bad guys. 
    Then break the blocks and go down a pipe. Then go to a door with a star 
    above it 
    Pumpkin Zone level 3:
    You need to have bunny ears. After you pass where the blocks that go 
    invisible go to a place where you down. Don't go down lnstead go flying 
    up to the right pass through the bad guy and to the door witha star 
    above it.
    Turtle Zone:
    Go down then up where its dry and let the turtle make you small. Enter 
    the hole on the left and up the pipe. Go right through the bad guys and 
    enter the door with a star above it.
    Secret Life:
    In the Hippopotamus Zone, get in a bubble and go to the beginning of the 
    level and float up. You will see a ? box. Inside is an extra life!
    See the Whole Map:
    In the map screen, press and hold B until the entire map is revealed.
    Tree Zone Secret Exit:
    At the second level of Tree Zone, go up to the place where there is a 
    long way down to the normal exit, and there are the green goo you could 
    float on. Instead of going down to the normal exit, get the carrot and 
    fly up and forward. You will see a passageway near the top. Go into that 
    to find the secret exit.
    Underground Bug:
    Go to any long pipe going down in a level you've already passed, and go 
    down it.  While still in the pipe, pause and then press SELECT.  Then, 
    play any level you want. In most of the levels, Mario will fall through 
    the ground and end up in a strange jumble.  Don't hit any ? blocks or 
    grab any coins there, or the game will freeze. Very strange and funny!
    5) Game Information
    Game Data:
    Title: Super Mario Land 2
    Platform: Game Boy\Super Game Boy
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: Platform\Action
    Players: One
    ESRB Rating: KA (6+)
    MSRP: $20.00 USA
    Reviewied By: MMeevasin <Mmeeva@hotmail.com 
    Score: 8/10
    Mario, Nintendo's mascot and also one of the most famous videogame 
    character ever returns to the Game Boy in his sequel Super Mario Land 2: 
    6 Golden Coins. This game retains the classic Mario style, and is sure 
    to appeal to any platform gamer, as well as any Mario fan as well.
    Gameplay- The gameplay is quite excellent. It retains the clssic Mario 
    style, and makes the game quite fun to play. The game itself is not at 
    all very challenging, but as long as games have great gameplay, it makes 
    the game enjoyable. And this game has great gameplay that will have you 
    playing until the end of the game.
    Story- The story of the game is a little weird, but true to the Mario 
    style games. Mario's rival Wario has taken over Mario's castle while he 
    was on some adventure. Mario must now search for 6 Golden Coins which 
    will let him gain access back to his castle and reclaim it from his 
    rival Wario.
    Audio- The sounds on this game is nice, although not very great. The 
    tunes are not very recognizable, and after playing through the game I 
    tend to forget what the sounds and music sounded like. A little typical 
    of Game Boy games, but they could have done much better on this game in 
    my opinion.
    Video- The graphics on this are very well done. Mario is easily 
    recognizable, and many of the enemies are also nicely well done. One of 
    the weirdest things about this game is Mario's powerups. When I first 
    found the Rabbit Ears powerup, I was nearly in disbelief when I saw it. 
    Although it was probably the most useful item in the game.
    Replayability- The replay value on this game is about medium. I wasn't 
    too tempted too play the game again. Only at times did I actually pick 
    up the game and started playing again. If you are a fan of platform 
    games this game may be a little too easy for you.
    Over all it is a great game. The replay value is not all too great, but 
    if you are a fan of the Mario games, you should go out and find this 
    game. This is a good game to add to any Game Boy collection however, so 
    if you can still find this game, consider picking one up.
    6) Basic Gameply Features
    Move (control pad)
    We all know how this works...I hope!
    Jump (A)
    Your basic means of getting around, again, i think we all know when and 
    where to use this.
    Spin Jump (A+Down)
    Use this to break blocks, much like in Super Mario World 1.
    Run (B)
    Hold this down to run, this can be very useful in crossing small gaps as 
    well as getting around quickly.
    Swim (A)
    When you are in the water, repeatadly tap this to swim.
    Fly\Float (A repeatadly)
    When you have bunny ears, you can 'fly', or float for a long period of 
    time. These can be helpful in ringing bells, as well as getting to 
    higher areas.
    Throw Fireball(s) (B)
    Tap B to unleash a fury of mario's devestating fire balls. Of course, 
    you'll need to have picked up a fire flower along somewhere.
    Collect this to be turned to Super Mario
    Collect this to be turned to Fire Mario
    Collect this to be turned to Flying Mario
    These come with different numbers on them or none at all. The number on 
    the heart represents the amount of lives you get when you collect it. 
    You can collect up to 999 of these, after that it will go from 999 to 0. 
    Use these at the bonus game area.
    Money Bag
    Worth 50 coins.
    Makes you invincible. Kill 5 enemies with a star to get 1 live, 6 to get 
    2 lives, 7 to get 3 lives, etc...
    7) F.A.Q.
    Question #1 - "How many worlds are there?"
    Answer: Six.
    Question #2 - "Where do i use the coins?"
    Answer: From the start of the overworld map, go up, then right into the 
    large cave. Here you can play bonus games depending on the amount of 
    coins you have.
    Question #3 - "Help! Whenever i die i lose all my coins i've collected! 
    How do i save?"
    Answer: That's kinda the whole point of the game...you can't!
    8) Bosses
    There are a total of 7 bosses in the game, including wario. Here is a 
    guide to them all, and how to beat them. If you have any additions 
    contact me...
    Boss Name <Zone>
    Difficulty: 1-10
    #1 - Three Little Pigs <Mario Zone>
    Difficulty: 5
    Description: 3 different pigs, all the same size. All have special 
    This is one of the easiest bosses. First you will fight the "straw" pig, 
    who is easy to beat. Just jump on him while he's rolling around and kill 
    him. Then the second pig will come out, a bit bouncier than the other. 
    Wait until the right time, then jump on him again, to defeat him. 
    Finally, you'll meet the third pig who just may be on "speed". Defeat 
    him the same way, avoiding his out of control body.
    #2 - Hagatha the Witch <Pumpkin Zone>
    Difficulty: 1
    Description: Your average witch: Broom, Cackle, and black clothes\hat 
    Almost too easy. Simply jump on her as she appears out of the different 
    cauldrons. Three hits and she's down for the count! 'Nuff said.
    9) Misc.
    "While I was away crusading against the mystery alien Tatanga in Sarasa 
    Land, an evil creep took over my castle and put the people of Mario Land 
    under his control with a magic spell. This intruder goes by the name of 
    Wario. He has been jealous of my popularity ever since we were boys, and 
    has tried to steal my castle many times. It seems he has succeeded this 
    time. Wario has scattered the 6 Golden Coins from my castle all over 
    Mario Land. These Golden Coins are guarded by those under Wario's spell. 
    Without these coins, we can't get into the castle to deal with Wario. We 
    must collect the 6 coins, attack Wario in the castle, and save 
    10) Enemy FAQ
    # - Name 
    - - - Mario Zone - - -
    #1 - Goomba 
    Description: Just your average yellow mushroom with teeth.
    Notes: I don't think we need to be afraid of small yellow 'shrooms now 
    do we? One jump or fireball will do them in.
    #2 - Koopa Troopa
    Description: Brown turtle with a removable shell, fun.
    Notes: Jump on them once to kill them, then you can pick up their shell 
    and throw it.
    #3 - Spikey
    Description: Stationary spike, what else is there?
    Notes: It doesn't move, and you can't kill it...so just leave it alone!
    #4 - Buzz
    Description: A reciprocating saw that goes back and forth along a track.
    Notes: Invulnreble...just avoid it.
    #5 - Hack
    Decription: Basically it's the same as buzz, only a chainsaw blade.
    Notes: Just like buzz...only a rectangle.
    #6 - Mr. Screwed
    Description: It's a screw..
    Notes: Just jump it to kill it. Odd enemies, aren't they?
    #7 - Bullet Pig
    Description: Ugly pig firing bullets at you.
    Notes: You can't defeat it's bullets, but a fireball or jump will do the 
    pig in.
    #8 - Flying Goomba
    Description: OK...it's a FLYING yellow mushroom with teeth.
    Notes: One hit and they lose their wings..two hits and they lose it all.
    #9 - Demonic Teddy Bear
    Description: It's a evil stuffed toy bouncing on a beach ball..
    Notes: Just hit em' on the head and steal their balls ;)
    #10 - Ump
    Description: Well he's not fat...
    Notes: One strike and they're out..
    #11 - Joker In a Box
    Description: These come out of "?" blocks...
    Notes: As always, one jump attack.
    #12 - Bullet Bill
    Description: Cannon that fires bullets
    Notes: Invulnreble.
    11) Mario's Quest: Level Guide
    12) Author's Note
    That's the end of guide #46, hopefully it was of some use to you, and if 
    it wasn't, tell me about it so i can make it better! If you have 
    anything to add to this guide feel free to e-mail me as this is one game 
    I simply am not good at! Isn't THAT amazing?

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