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    FAQ/Walkthrough by littleswede

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    Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles: Fall of the Footclan
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is the legal property of Sam Pechin.
    Stealing of this is illegal under the US and Canada Copyright Law,
    and in all cases, can be taken to court. Copyright 2004 (c)
    Table of Contents
    -    Storyline
    -    Power-ups
    -    Hints
    -    Bonus Stages
    -    Walkthrough
    -    Contact info
    Shredder has kidnapped April, and you, The Turtles, go to save her.
    Full Pizza; recovers 4 health boxes
    Slice of Pizza; recovers 2 health boxes
    -  Your health fully recovers after every boss so go all out.
    -  Hold down on the D-pad and the hit button to throw a ninja star. It can go
       through barriers.
    Bonus stages
    Reward: for completing any of these bonus games is fully 
     replenishing your health.
    - Location: In the first part of stage 1, when you reach the first pair of 
    barrels, destroy the one on the right and walk into the new area. Game play:
    It gives you 10 chances to guess the number andt tells you if the number
    YOU GUESSED is higher or lower than the correct answer.
    - Location: In the second part of stage 1, walk underneath an artificial
    pipe ledge as far right as you can into the wall. Game play: You can eliminate
    as many stars at a time of the same row. Try to not have to be the one to 
    eliminate the last star to win.
    - Location: In the fourth part of stage 1, jump into the first puddle and
    continue walking right, into the wall. Game play: Black balls will fly across 
    the screen as you try to shoot them all.
    - Location: In the first part of the stage 2, jump onto the second pillar 
    that is going up. When it reaches its highest point jump up and to the left. 
    Game play: Black balls will fly across the screen as you try to shoot them all.
    Stage 1
    Slash the foot soldiers when they get close to you and when the mini-helicopters
    enter the screen just wait until they swoop down, level to you to destroy them.
    If there is an enemy on the other side of a barrel, or far away you can duck
    (press down) and then attack, it will throw a ninja star that can go through
    barrels and walls and such.  After you reach the first set of barrels in the
    level destroy the one on the right and enter for a bonus game. After awhile
    the turtle will jump off the screen and into part 2. The sewer, don't be
    afraid of the water, the turtles can walk in it without harm.  When you reach a
    part in the sewer where there is a pipe over a vertical ledge forming a cave
    walk into the wall, it will take you to a bonus stage. Soon after that the level
    will change to part three, the street, as you move forward there is only one
    thing to worry about and that is the giant motorcycle. It gives you a 
    vroom vroom warning before it comes onto screen so just jump over it. After some
    fun above the waste it will take you right back down into part four. Here watch
    out for blocks falling from the roof. When you enter the first puddle of water
    keep walking right until you run into the wall which will take you to another
    bonus stage. Continue on, soon you will come across a wall with two barrels in
    it, slash these and continue to your first boss.
    Boss: Rocksteady
    The boss has less life than you do, so if you have full life just run right up
    to him and keep swinging, you'll get hurt, but so will he and he has less life.
    If you want to play conservative...he likes to come toward you after he shoots,
    so jump over the bullets and then slash him. The bullets are deflectable if you
    hit them at the right moment. When you do hit him he will fly back. Keep hitting
    him until he flies off the screen.
    Stage 2
    It starts off the same as any other stage, but soon you will notice a giant
    pillar moving up a down from the ground, don't worry about this one it does not
    go high enough to squash you.  The next one, going down, does go low enough to
    hurt you so time it out. There are four pillars all together and the ones that
    go up, don't worry about and the ones going down. Jump onto the second one 
    going up and when it reaches its highest pint jump up and to the left for a
    bonus game. A little later there
    will be blocks falling from the ceiling and after that boulders will come onto
    the screen that can easily be jumped.  Go up the stairs jump a few more boulders
    and your turtle will jump automatically to the next part. The next part starts
    off with boulders, jump them and then you will notice pits will fireballs 
    coming out of them.  You can slash the fireballs. When you jump from ledge to
    ledge, some may have a falling roof, just jump kick them while you are
    jumping to that ledge. At the end of this part you will go to the boss.
    Boss: Bebop
    He immediately charges from the left screen, when he makes it to the other
    side he shoots his laser gun. Then charges to the other side to do the same. 
    When you slash him he will stop, throw a punch and then charge.
    Stage 3
    Stage 3 starts with you on top of a speeding truck.  It's pretty basic, keep
    moving forward except that every once in a while a foot soldier will pop up and
    throw cargo at you. This can be blocked by slashing at the right moment. 
    Keep moving to the end of a truck where the turtle will jump up to fight the
    next boss.
    Boss: Baxter Stockman
    He will fly into the corners; from there he will shoot 5 bullets. Move to the
    side that he is not on and dodge them easily.  Then he will swoop down and fly
    up to the other side and do the same thing. When he swoops down to get to the
    other side slash him.  Just keep repeating that and he will die.
    Stage 4
    It starts off in a river, jump up onto the logs, and jump from log to log.
    Destroy the enemies and when there are no more logs jump into the water which
    happens to be very deep.  Slash the foot soldiers and deadly fish. The smaller
    boulders can also be slashed if jumping is not an option. After 2 deep water
    parts the turtle will jump to part 2, the cave.  You will be faced by
    lots of different enemies. A new star like enemy will fly above you then come
    level to attack. When it is level slash it. Jump the boulders and watch out 
    for falling things.
    Boss: Shredder
    He will walk toward you and occasionally he will teleport to the other side of
    you. He has one attack, the sword swipe and before he does it his arm will go
    back. Move up to him and hit him and then run away as he swipes at you. 
    Continue this pattern until he falls before you.
    Stage 5
    Two new enemies are introduced right away and one new obstacle. The enemies are
    1) The rocket, it will enter in the corner of the screen and then blast its way
    toward you, slash it right before it hits you. 2) The one wheeled robots which
    will come at you and jump over you and then shoot a zap shot. Hit them once
    before they jump you and then again after you dodge their zap-shot. 
    There are also lasers that shoot form the top or bottom of the screen, 
    carefully time your chance to move by them.  When you jump to the next area
    it is one long hallway full of all the enemies coming at random. Keep moving 
    forward and one thing to look out for is a "spike cart" that glides in from the
    bottom which needs to be jumped over and sometimes from the top which doesn't 
    have to be ducked to avoid.
    Boss: Krang
    It walks around, kicking randomly. Every once in a while it will jump kick
    after it gets to one side or the other. Keep hitting him every chance you have. 
    Pretty soon it will fall in defeat. Not too tuff for a closing boss.
    It ends with credits and after Krang comes onto the screen and it say, the end? 
    and then it is game over. So the answer to the ever so suspenseful question is, 
    yes it is the end.
    Contact info
    - aim: ritzcraka25, but I might change it soon
    - email: pechinsa@campbellhall.org, but i rarely check it

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