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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.1.0 | Updated: 11/14/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ultima: Runes of Virtue II(GB) FAQ/Walkthrough
    version 1.1.0 by schultw.andrez@sbcglobal.net(nospam typo)
    Please do not reproduce for profit without my consent. You won't be getting 
    much profit anyway, but that's not the point. This took time and effort, and 
    I just wanted to save a memory of an old game and the odd solutions any way I 
    could. Please send me an email referring to me and this guide by name if 
    you'd like to post it on your site.
      2. CONTROLS
      3. STUFF
        3-1. ITEMS
        3-2. ENEMIES
        4-1. STARTING OUT
          4-1-1. DETOUR TO JHELOM
        4-2. HATRED
          4-2-1. PASSAGE A
          4-2-2. PASSAGE B
          4-2-3. LEVEL 7 AND LORD THOLDEN
        4-3. DISHONOR
        4-4. INJUSTICE
          4-4-1. EMPATH ABBEY
        4-5. SELFISHNESS
          4-5-1. GETTING A BOAT
        4-6. DECEIT
        4-7. COWARDICE
        4-7-2. COVE
        4-8. PRIDE
        4-9. ABYSS
        5-2. THE CASTLES
        5-3. SMALL SIDE CAVES
          5-3-1. CAVE 1: SW BRITANNIA
          5-3-2. CAVE 2: NE BRITANNIA
          5-3-3. N/NE BRITANNIA CAVE
      6. CHEATS
      7. VERSIONS
      8. CREDITS
    There are already two good FAQs on GameFAQs for this game. So why a third? 
    While I enjoyed the other two FAQs by flip and JHoeksma on GameFAQs, and they 
    helped me get through the game, I hope that this one goes a bit more in depth 
    as to the shortcuts you can and can't take to get through the game, and that 
    it points out where to find some side treasures and where best to build your 
    characters up. I was able to map the area out, and this FAQ followed 
    naturally. So I went ahead with it. It helped me check the maps, too.
    In the end, the experience was as character-building as the work I used this 
    game to avoid.
      2. CONTROLS
    The arrows move in the directions you'd guess, but you can customize the A 
    and B buttons to the items you have, which is neat. Push [start] and you see 
    a menu of all items you have, with relative quantities. This is also a small 
    improvement over Runes of Virtue. You can stock up without filling up your 
    When at the item menu, push A or B over an item to make it your regular "A" 
    or "B" item. Either button uses a potion(recharge magic) or food(recharge 
    health,) and for the ankh, you can push B to go back to the start of the 
    room, resetting everything, and A to go back to Lord British. You can rotate 
    while pushing a button, meaning you don't have to try to run in one direction 
    to do so. This is useful in fighting or when you just need to turn around to 
    place something.
    If you use the last of an item(ie flaming oil) it disappears from the A/B, 
    but otherwise, it stays. One other very important thing: be aware that as you 
    flip items around, enemies can still move and kill you. So prepare in advance 
    for what you want to use.
    One problem with the controls is that they slide just where you don't want. 
    This is compounded by the fact that RoV2 goes for a sort of 3/4 perspective. 
    So if you want to push aboulder at the top of a room, you will wind up 
    running into it halfway, which doesn't work. A solution there is to go to the 
    bottom of the room and back up. Often you have to walk away, hit the edge and 
    try again, when you are a half-unit away from an enemy. Also some times 
    you'll be too close to an enemy to do any damage, and you'll have to back up, 
    or he'll get you. This is something to watch for in close quarters.
    You can go in one of the four main directions to slide along a diagonal wall.
    If you are using Visual Boy Advance, press space to get through annoying cut 
    scenes or if you are in a safe spot and need to recharge spell points. Also, 
    it's good when waiting for slow boulders or a slow conveyor belt on a few 
      3. STUFF
        3-1. ITEMS
    First note you have 18 inventory slots in addition to the A/B. If they are 
    all full, you cannot pick up another item. So you need to either 1) get rid 
    of an expendable item or 2) ready an item you have one of. As a corollary to 
    this, you can get two of a really good item, but it hurts you when you ready 
    the item. Unlike the first game, you can have more than one of a specific 
    item, and it takes up only one inventory spot. I would assume the maximum 
    number you can have is 99. Armor does not count as an item--you pick up 
    better armor when you see/buy it.
    Most items stay with you, but star/heart/ankh keys vanish if you leave the 
    level. This can cause temporary traps you need your ankh to get out of.
    Ankh: takes you to Lord British(A) or restarts the room(B).
    Ankh/Star/Heart keys: open ankh/star/heart doors.
    Sword: short range attack. Passable early but wastes inventory later. You can 
    use it early, and enemies will run onto it. Needed to beat cyclops, but you 
    only need to beat one cyclops before getting the Magic Sword, and you can use 
    the trumpet for that.
    Longbow/crossbow: ranged attack. Don't bother. There will be other items 
    early on that are more useful.
    Shuriken: fires behind you. Useless. If you find it, don't take it.
    Cheese: attracts enemies, but really most useful to give to Sherry for an 
    ankh key that nets you big treasure early.
    Trumpet: costs 4 stars, but turns all enemies into harmless zombies. If you 
    create more, though, they will attack.
    Star wand: dispells or creates a star field. Costs 4 stars. Used in pride and 
    on the Isle of the Abyss.
    Magic Sword: very powerful. Like the sword, enemies will walk into it.
    Throwing axe: very weak and slow projectile, with infinite uses
    Fireball wand: found in Shame, this is slow and weak, but it has range
    Lightning wand: faster than the fireball wand, found in Deceit
    Boomerang: quick throwing weapon that can damage an opponent seriously, more 
    than magic. Its downside is if you miss and move, it takes a while to get 
    back to you.
    Ping pong paddle: allows you to touch a lever you could not have otherwise. 
    It also stuns enemies.
    Oil flask: throw at enemies and it explodes and damages in a radius. Will not 
    harm you.
    Rope: for 1 gold, places a square of rope in any direction, if there is 
    water. It does not disappear until you walk completely off the square you are 
    Panpipes: for 3 stars, you can freeze enemies for a while. They are best 
    combined with a sword.
    Chalice: in sacrifice, you can find this, which heals 1 heart and takes 1 
    star. Useful if you have a safe place to recharge spell points and are low on 
    Lava boots: 50 gold, from Buccaneers' Den, but they seem worthless as I've 
    suffered the same damage with or without them.
    Leather: 25 gold, weak armor
    Chain: 50 gold, a bit better(Minoc)
    Plate: 75 gold, the best you can buy(Jhelom)
    Magic Armor: even better than plate. Found in Pride.
    Potion: restores spell points(stars)
    Food: restores hit points(hearts)
    Heart/Star item restores one heart/star immediately, with no holdover if 
    you're at the maximum
    Snake stick/troll ring: these create friendly monsters that may attack your 
    enemies, but you don't need the help.
        3-2. ENEMIES
    Hydras(90 points) can be frozen and tackled easily. They also cannot walk 
    through a door, so you can shoot them from a distance.
    The Dark Knight(30 points) explodes constantly. He does two hearts' worth of 
    damage. Freeze him.
    In general, when you can, avoid combats. If you meet up with a tough enemy, 
    freeze him and then blast him with a boomerang or, near the end, a magic 
    No use stopping by for small fights. Progress in the game is based on special 
    items you find and quests you solve. In fact, you can run by a lot of enemies 
    in quests, though some stationary ones will hold items you need to unlock a 
    further door.
        4-1. STARTING OUT
    I started with Mariah. She's pretty balanced, and she has the wand of 
    fireballs. If you avoid enemies, you won't have to use it much, and you can 
    always just wait in a corner to recharge if you really have to. Now you can 
    find some nice quick items to get going. The first thing to do, before even 
    visiting the caverns, is to build up your gold reserves to 75.
    Within the castle, there are a few ways to do this. From Lord British's 
    throne roo, go S and E through the door, then N. You will find cheese in the 
    3x3 room, on the east side. Look for Sherry the mouse. She will give you an 
    Ankh key. Use it on the west side, in a room with a rug, on the north door. 
    This gives you two units of food and two $5 gems. Because food sells for 
    $10/$15, this counts for $30 total in loot. It's a one-time deal only, 
    though. Now go SW/SE to level 1.
    The next thing to do is to explore the basement. You may notice some walled 
    off areas of the castle that look like they might be interesting. The top 
    level has a map of itself, so no big deal, but the NE tower of the ground 
    level and the star door to the east are unavailable.
    The solution is to go downstairs. First, you may wish to heal in the SE 
    tower, which has five crates of hearts along the NE. You can fall through the 
    pit west of the main hall or go down the stairs in the NW. Though there is $1 
    by the NW stairs, the pit is quicker--take the secret door directly 
    south(note how it looks a bit different from regular walls, for future 
    reference) and loop around the mushroom(each mushroom makes a snake) in the 
    swamp in the SW. You can probably just outrun the snakes, or if you need to 
    kill one, don't worry about taking damage. There are hearts in the treasure 
    to the right.
    There is a secret door 2N of the SE. Take it. Beyond it is a 3x4 room. There 
    are two gold coins along the east wall, then two gold coins in the next room 
    to the east, at lockers at the foot of each bed. There's a hall to the east, 
    and then you should be prepared for rats in the room further east. Kill them 
    and take both ankh keys in the SE room. You can use these key in four 
    different locations in the hall to the north. Only one key shows in your 
    inventory, but it says "quantity: 2."
    SE room: 6 hearts
    NE room: 4 stars, not recommended since you can recharge anywhere
    SW room: 2 stars, 3 hearts, $8(first time,) 2 stars
    NW room: $10, snake stick
    So you would guess the SW and NW are the places to look first time. You'd be 
    right, too! The SE would be best in the future, if you need healing, since 
    you only get the $8 bonus once.
    The NW room has a spider guarding it. Spiders tend to gravitate towards you, 
    so stand away from the door and blast at it when a spider is near. They can't 
    place webs in doors, so once they walk in, you have them dead. Behind a 
    secret door in the NW, you have treasure. The snake stick just takes up a 
    space in your inventory, so if you pick it up, just use it before you go up 
    the stairs.
    In the SW, 2 stars are along the left wall, a secret door is in the SW, and 
    if you go S you will find two more secret doors and hearts along the bottom. 
    Now go all the way up and there is a pressure plate in the top room, behind a 
    room with three bookshelves(push the right one.) When you step on it, eight 
    coins appear. Harvest them all. Go up the stairs NE of the ankh door you 
    You're now in the NE tower. A star key is in the middle bottom crate. Get it. 
    Walk to the north, then west into the crates, then south along the wall. 
    Don't go down the stairs, as your star key will disappear, and you will not 
    be able to recover it, since the crate it was in will still be open.
    Go south through the secret door and east through the star door. There's a 
    teleportal, but don't go there yet. Go along the castle's top wall, and when 
    the moat blocks you from going further, use the secret door in the area. Get 
    the $5 and you can even get the $1 in the NW if you didn't first time around.
    You can go to the observatory level and come back down to repeat this. The 
    first time through nets you 8+10+4+5+3+1=31 gold. The next time gets 
    4+5+3+1=13. Along with the 10 you got from Sherry, this puts you at 71, then 
    84. Once you've got all this gold, you can go to Jhelom via the portal behind 
    the star door that you ignored the first two times. We'll detour to explain 
    the Lyceum for a minute.
          4-1-1. DETOUR TO JHELOM
    In the original Ultima series, and more specifically in Ultima IV/V, there 
    were eight virtues ranked from top to bottom. They were:
    honesty T
    compassion L
    valor C
    justice TL
    sacrifice LC
    honor TC
    spirituality TLC
    humility (none)
    Each one had a corresponding town and was a combination of the three 
    principles (T)ruth, (L)ove and (C)ourage. The dungeons in the game 
    represented the opposite of these virtues. If you remember the towns from 
    that game, then the octagonal moongate area on the Lyceum roof, where you are 
    teleported, reflects those virtues. The game and its rewards do not, however.
    Moonglow, the top town(honesty) is in the NW, and then you go clockwise to 
    New Magincia in the west. For your purposes, just go to Jhelom in the NE, and 
    that will be good enough. Jhelom is on an island, so you can't get there on 
    foot, and you're not strong enough to beat up the pirates yet.
       Moo   Jhe
    Mag         Yew
       Ska   Min
    In Jhelom, there is a bar in the northeast. Then there is Mandrake in the NW, 
    who will sell you plate armor for $75. It is worth it. Now use the ankh to 
    return to the castle.
        4-2. HATRED
    If you want, you can run the basement circuit a few times before going off to 
    Hatred. The money you use here is best suited to buy food in Magincia. Since 
    Magincia, like Jhelom, is on an island, you need to teleport there. But since 
    you are building up gold via the basement, you might as well stop off in the 
    teleportal once you get over $60. Buy food in the SE. You can only get a 
    maximum of six at a time, but you will be back after each dungeon. Use the 
    ankh again to return to the castle.
    Now for the dungeon itself. It is pretty much straight north of Lord 
    British's castle. It has 10 rooms, where a room is an area you can only exit 
    by taking stairs. But you do not have to go through all of them. There are 
    two ways down.
          |              |
    As it turns out, you need only go through 7 or 8 of these to get through the 
    For level 1, there is $1 to the right if you touch the statue and a heart in 
    the SE, with a rat guarding it. You also need to push a barrel north to get 
    there. A fight is NE--stay back to fire at the enemy. In the W, you have two 
    bats guarding an hourglass to the south you need to touch to open the grate 
    to the north. Do so, and you should have plenty of time to go north and down 
    the ladder.
    Level 2: you can go east to find treasure and enemies. Shoot them down and 
    don't worry about getting hit a little. If at full health, go east and up--
    there are enemies here, but stay along the top center, where you can also 
    push up for $5. They will run when hit.
    If you need strength, go along the west edge and take the left arrow up--
    well, sort of, go 1U 1D 2L to hit it. It will go to a secret room with three 
    hearts. The right one has three stars and thus is less valuable. If you 
    walked up the center, or touched the arrows directly, the secret doors would 
    have vanished. You can retreat or go N E, where you need to fight some bats.
    Note above you don't have to do this right away. If you're over 1/2 health 
    it's a good idea to tackle the tough fights first and come back to heal 
    In the east, the exit is blocked by plants. Go west and touch the altar. That 
    makes a few more enemies pop up. Shoot them and see about healing, then go to 
    level 3.
    Level 3: there are two ways down from here. You will need to get a heart key 
    first of all. There is a heart in the NE, which is worthwhile, because you 
    should beat the snake guarding it easily, and $1 in the SE, which is not. In 
    general, cash is not as worthwhile as healing unless you are close to full 
    strength. To get the key, go through the portal in the SW and in the next 
    room, you can fight a rat to get the heart key. The heart key allows you to 
    go through either heart door--left of center or right. This is your first 
    choice of path.
    Either way you will get a cut-scene with the next lord captured. Left of 
    center gets a heart and gives an interesting puzzle. But right of center 
    gives you hearts at the end of the trek, when you need them, and you can 
    avoid a lot of monsters that way. Even though you have one more level to 
    traverse, there are fewer monsters. So let's look at the right first.
          4-2-1. PASSAGE A
    Level 4a: many monsters are just behind doors in the small rooms here. 
    There's a snake to the left, and then a small corridor, and a room with a 
    heart. I'd go back right here, because below you have slimes, which divide up 
    and keep floating around. You don't have to kill everything, remember--just 
    get to the next level.
    East to the edge and south. Two doors down, you have two snakes. Fire away as 
    you open the door. There's a heart room through a small corridor. Then go 
    left. There are wtwo ghouls two doors down. Fire right away and they'll flee. 
    Fire left/up as need be to wipe them out. You can just go left to find the 
    stairs now. In the far room, there's a rat, and above there are three ghouls, 
    with a snake in the SW, $1 in the NE(not worth the risk,) a rat in the NW, 
    and wisps in the SE. I recommend avoiding wisps right now, as they blow up 
    when they get near you, which can set off a chain reaction and do a lot of 
    Level 5a: this is a pretty straightforward level.Just get all the hearts. The 
    north door on the east has $5, and the NW heart is only accessible from the 
    SE teleport. A stair down appears in the center once you've got it. There are 
    15 hearts total.
    Level 6a: Go right. Beat the bat for the heart. Get all the hearts in each 
    room along the edge. There are eleven total. I'll go clockwise from the DL.
    W-S: snake guards a heart. Fire on opening the door.
    W-N: rat guards a heart. Fire on opening the door.
    N-W: axe throwing skeleton guards a heart. Stand back and duck if he fires. 
    Otherwise, just fire any time and you should hit him. Don't worry about the  
    extra strength webs. They are just decoration.
    N-E: hack through the webs, push the right barrel up, and beat the snake 
    behind the door.
    E-N: Sherry the Mouse gives advice. $5 in the UL chest.
    E-S: a rat guards the heart.
    S-E: kill the moving skeleton, get one heart, go east(retreat and shoot the 
    wisp if you can, but you'll have enough health to ward off the blow,) take 
    the teleport and get hit by another wisp before getting the final heart
    Level 6a: Hit the teleport and the room changes drastically. You go to the NE 
    here. A star, 2 snakes in the next room, and a heart. Eat the mushroom. N* 
    W*(ghoul in 1st room) and walk around the slime for the next mushroom. Heart, 
    2 ghouls in the next room, then a star. Take the stairs.
          4-2-2. PASSAGE B
    Level 4b: take the arrow left. It cycles you to a room in the SW. There are 
    several boxes. Most contain snakes, but three contain hearts. Take the ones 
    2S, S2E, and 3E one at a time to heal up. You'll battle three snakes, but 
    one-on-one they are pretty easy.
    The teleport kicks you to where you have a moderately difficult fight(stay on 
    the left wall and below the table, then fire up to get the ghouls) to go N 
    and W. Then you have to fight through some spiderwebs. Get rid of them before 
    taking out the jugs.
    There is an axe in the crate behind the door below. It is useful for a while, 
    especially against monsters you know you can beat, because you will probably 
    run low on magic, but in general you don't want to wind up with too many 
    different items in your inventory.
    Push the top row 1R, the right column 1D, the top jug 1R, get the key and go 
    to the teleport room with cycling teleports and run down. You may get kicked 
    back a bit as you head right, but you'll hit the stairs down eventually.
    Level 5b:
    For this level, place something in a niche below the funny wall, and a door 
    appears 1D1R of the niche. So push the jug up.
    The next room has a reaper. You can hide in the DL, go R and turn up quickly, 
    fire and go R-D. You can sling your fireball through half of the wall, and it 
    will hit the reaper. Practice the turn til you hit it, and don't worry if you 
    waste a shot. Stay DR to recharge the wand if necessary. Pushing the jug may 
    be obnoxious, with the half-stepping the game "lets" you do, so push it 1U 2R 
    2U for the least distraction. Niche 2.
    Push the jug in the next room 2D, shoot the web and push the remaining 
    movable jug 1R 1U.
    Secret door to the south--take it to get food. The next room is tougher. Push 
    the crate 5U(it becomes a jug) 6R 6D 4L 3U to open the door to a teleport. 
    Try to avoid the slimes or, if you must, shoot them from a distance. They do 
    gravitate towards you, and they are slow, so you can probably fake them out.
    The next room is not tricky. Just push the top row 1L. Push the UL to the 
    corner then the top 2 3-rows 1R, Push the UL jug U, go 1R and push it L U*. 
    This leads to an arrow that kicks you to a corridor with the stairs to the 
    south. You can ignore the rat.
          4-2-3. LEVEL 7 AND LORD THOLDEN
    Level 7: this is a tricky level, and you may have to use some food for it. It 
    is twice the width of the previous levels you've been in(32x16 vs 16x16.) 
    Whichever way you came, you can go through a secret door to the north/south 
    just as you exit.
    The b's give $6, and the a's give hearts. Whichever way you go, be prepared 
    to shoot a bunch of bats, then take the secret doors north. For the a's(from 
    the SW) you can run through easily.
    There is a magician ahead, and you will need to fire at him a bit, or get him 
    to fire and then move in and shoot him. Maybe you can sneak past him, but it 
    is better just to duck and fire. You are best served by staying 1/2 square to 
    the side of him, as if you hit him straight on, he tends to duck--and it is 
    easier to duck when not right in the path of his fireball.
    Get by another one guarding the next door(stay in the middle of the hall 
    here, between squares) and touch the mushroom in the NE. Go through the doors 
    below and push the jug E 2S 2W S*. Flip the lever and water will appear on 
    all squares except where you pushed the jug. Get the 3 hearts and $5 in the 
    UL. Then through the grate and the first room has food. Go west, taking the 
    key from the 3rd room(fight a rat) and defeat the troll in the big room from 
    the cut-scene at the beginning of the game. You can run straight at him and 
    fire away, as you should have enough energy saved, and the plate armor should 
    Use the heart key you found to get to Lord Tholden. He is the first lord you 
    will rescue to send to his town. You can take the stairs past the secret door 
    on the west wall to go straight back up, or you can use the Ankh. In this 
    case, the stairs are a bit easier, as you are directly outside. Go south, 
    then west along the coast and south to find Britain. You'll get a bit ticker-
    tape parade with open limos--okay, rice and you're on horseback--and it lasts 
    too long for one time, much less the eight you'll get for each lord you 
    Press the space bar if you're using an emulator to get your real reward--an 
    extra unit of strength! Now use the Ankh to see Lord British if you want and 
    go to Trinsic and the Cavern of Dishonor, which are south of Britain, the 
    cavern of Dishonor being a bit to the west. It's a bit more complicated, as 
    you'd expect, but nothing terminally difficult. Yet. Also, an earthquake 
    opened up a passage to the north, so you can now reach Yew and Minoc. But 
    don't go there just yet. Straight south from Britain and you'll see Dishonor. 
    You don't really need to stop in at Trinsic, to the east.
        4-3. DISHONOR
    This has fewer levels than Hatred, but they are larger. You also have your 
    first legitimate side trip. It is for the fireball wand, which you need to 
    dispell a strong web to get to Lord Whitsaber. If you have Mariah, it is not 
    necessary and in fact not recommended. There's also a bit more of a puzzle to 
    get to the Lord. You have 9 16x16-sized squares to work through, with 1 
    Level 1: a bit of a mapping headache. Plow through enemies when you can. Go 
    north and follow the passage. There'll be a reaper during one turn down, so 
    move quickly D R. Past it, there's aheart. Get it. The chest in the rock 
    holds $1. Keep following the path NW-ish. There is an octopus in the water, 
    and you can stay back and shoot it down.
    East of the water is where you need to continue, but you can get past the 
    frog to touch the stalacmite in the UL for $5, and there is a heart right of 
    that. Past swamps, a heart is UR, then you'll have another branch NE when you 
    go SW-SE a bit. Get the heart and go to the SE corner to find the stairs.
    Level 2: if you have Mariah, it's a lot shorter. S E and in the east niche is 
    a mimic, not a chest. These guys will drain you quick, so move on NE and 
    across the east. For non-Mariahs, go south in a room with passages all four 
    ways and tend west. There's a chest with a heart and, beyond that, stairs 
    down to level 3a. Try and shoot the wisps and run away quickly to avoid extra 
    We'll cover 3a as it is pretty quick. It has some useful items, but nothing 
    to go out of your way for. Then we'll come back for 3b(Lord Whitsaber.)
    ==== 3a detour ====
    Level 3a: there are many mimics here and only one chest with the wand of 
    fireballs. Go north and pick the mushrooms for hearts. Go north through the 
    secret passage and then west. Go under the mimic for food and go along the 
    top for more hearts if you need them, then along the west where you have a 
    secret wall. The cnest 2E 3S has the Wand of Fireballs.
    ==== 3a detour ====
    East of the big intersection, you have a tiger and reaper. Draw the reaper's 
    fire to maybe get a hit on the tiger. Fire at the tiger and back up 
    continually til you've killed it. You have plenty of room as you couldn't 
    have left many enemies behind. Use your wand on the fireball web (you can run 
    past the reaper's fire, or you may need to sucker a wisp into it.)
    Level 3b: Each mushroom you eat allows you to destroy a boulder. Eating two 
    in a row doesn't let you destroy an additional one, but you only need to 
    destroy one to start. Nail the center top boulder and push the next one 
    right. Grab a mushroom then drill down through the center. You have enough, 
    you can afford to be wasteful. In fact, I would recommend grabbing an extra 
    mushroom before you go to the next place. There are boulders guarding the 
    level stairs.
    In the next area below, the tide comes in and out. Shoot the beached octopi 
    from a safe distance when the tide is out, then flee when it is in and follow 
    it south as it recedes. Go through the secret door at the bottom. Fire as you 
    go through the door and you may be able to bag a gremlin for $5.
    Go to the DL and open one boulder. If you want, you can blast the magician 
    after eating some food. Remember one mushroom per boulder, although it is 
    possible to go all the way back up, get another mushroom, and go down, thus 
    largely avoiding the fights at the bottom.
    To do it "the right way," you can go to the right and draw the reaper's fire 
    before doubling back and gunning him down. He is hiding two mushrooms. But to 
    play it safe, you can go to the top and wait for the tide to get mushrooms.
    Level 4b: Lord Whitsaber is just to the north, but you can't do anything. Go 
    west and 1D to trigger enemy fire, wait for it to go by, and go west to the 
    edge. Get the food in the chest. Clear the other cobwebs with your axe. Go N 
    and to the east room for $1. Go north through the dooor, W and D and W for a 
    room with oil and $2. Take some food if you're drained here, because you will 
    get hit once. As you go back up, sidestep east to avoid enemy fire, then U 
    and go west into a side room. It has a snake, but you take one less hit this 
    To the east, another room with a snake, then a ghoul, then a mage. Engage him 
    closely and fire away. Again, use food if you need. The room below has 3 
    hearts. Heal up--leave some for later if you're near healed--and attack the 
    mimic in the SW. You have to get next to it for it to reveal itself. Once you 
    kill it and step on its square, a heart chest apears in the DL. Return for 
    it, ducking in the side rooms to avoid enemy fire.
    On the way back up, duck in as well. Use the heart key and get $2 in the NE, 
    then go south to get Lord Whitsaber. Use the fireball wand to clear the webs. 
    The easy way out is in the NW. It kicks you to the surface. Go east and south 
    a bit to Trinsic. Now you get a cut scene about what is happening in Yew. 
    Enjoy the intelligence bonus--more magic to fling around.
        4-4. INJUSTICE
    Next, go through the mountain pass that opened to the north. You'll be able 
    to tell it by the squares of debris. Head 2-3 squares left then go up and 
    enter the hut. That is Yew. Yew is handy because it can teleport to Verity 
    Isle, where you have the Lyceum, and that allows you to teleport to any town. 
    It's also a good reference point for finding Injustice. Go south and, at the 
    mountains, west a few squares than south. That dungeon you see is Injustice. 
    Go SW then E and enter.
     /    \
    1      +-3-4-5-6-7
     \    /
    This is only 10 16x16 dungeons wide and you need to go through 9 of them. It 
    has a critical item--the rope--and the end bit is slightly tricky.
    For level 1, shoot the snakes and rat as you go left. Get the heart along the 
    left. Shoot the frog if it blocks you, but try to run around it. If you need 
    to, get the heart east of the SW stairs. I recommend going down the SW 
    stairs. However, you can also go SE and avoid the slowness of the swamp.
    There's also a $1 behind a secret door in the NE, but it is not worth it.
    Level 2-SW: the trunks east of you in the room have $1 each, but cut down the 
    rats first, of course. Go east and down. Third cot down on the right opens a 
    secret door to the center with a mage. Run at him. I recommend, before going 
    downstairs, going along the bottom to kill ghouls and pick up #1. 3rd cot 
    from the east on the top has food that appears 2S. There's more gold and 
    ghouls along the west edge through the next door. Now you can touch the bed 
    in the west of the south rooms to pop open a door to level 3. The rooms in 
    the west aren't worth it; one has a mimic, and the other is empty. The 
    southwest room has a hole down to level 3.
    Level 2-SE: The room below has an enemy and no treasure, so take the hall. 
    The one where it turns east has $2 in the crates, a heart behind the 
    door(don't push the barrel into it,) and a door to the south not worth 
    opening. Two monsters appearing when you touch the south door, and more 
    monsters show up in the banquet hall. There's an auto-map behind the banquet 
    hall, but it's not as good as the one I wrote up. So I'll be offended if you 
    use it, and stuff, or something. And I might not write a FAQ for the next 
    obscure game you want to dig up and play, so there.
    In the main hall, the door to the east leads to $1, a heart, and a secret 
    door to the south with a pit to level 3. But I'd open the door to the north, 
    because you get a lot more treasure that way. In the NE, open the door S and 
    run away. If the gremlin chases, shoot him. Otherwise, run through him to the 
    south, and he will follow. Shoot him for $5. If you shoot him in the narrow 
    corridor, you don't get anything.
    Level 3: touch the first fountain you see, then go along the spiral. There'll 
    be a few snakes along the way. Past the double doors, shoot at the reaper and 
    retreat til it dies. There's a heart key behind. Take the mushroom for 4 
    hearts and 2 stars. W N E and open the heart door. Go up and don't worry 
    about getting hit. There's no way out. Trigger squares are U and 2U of the 
    heart door, but nowhere else.
    Go to the left first. Push the right of the jugs up and get the food. Push 
    the next-right up too. Now go to the left. There's a flaming oil in the SE. 
    Those can be useful. After entering the portal, shoot the webs and push the 
    jugs 2R. Go down.
    Level 4: open the south door and shoot the rat. Go east. You can go up to 
    shoot the reaper for two hearts, but it's not worth fighting. Just sneak in 
    instead, if you need a boost. Go east but avoid opening the southeast. That 
    makes slimes appear, and you can't quite deal with them yet. There's a slime 
    in the NE(E N of the crystal ball room) but just run through it. The bottom 
    west door leads to a room with a snake stick, and the top leads west to a 
    tiger. Back up and fire away.
    South of that, you have a mimic. So go east to see Beh Lem. Fire 1S1W of him 
    a few times. The wall opens. Get the recharges and flip the lever. That opens 
    a passage to the stairs and level 5.
    Level 5: if you go east, you see treasures you can't reach yet. You need to 
    find Zoltan. Go up through the door. If you're damaged to 1-2 hearts, use 
    food. Otherwise, run through. At the top, fireleft top open a wall and regain 
    some energy and life. Then fire left and down for more. Follow the passage 
    east and Zoltan gives you the rope. Ready it and use button B for it. When 
    you return, there is a water square blocking you, so push B to climb over it. 
    Go to the south.
    Now the way the rope works is that it goes over water and disappears once 
    you're two squares from it. So place a rope at the top of the lake in the SE 
    to get the treasures. Go south and place another rope to get to level 6.
    Level 6: Each mushroom produces a barrel 1S. To start, go E 4N 2S. Go W S W 
    2S 2E N and push the barrel into the water, north a bit then east then north. 
    It acts like sand. Now gun down the serpents from afar before taking care of 
    the next bit.
    To pick the next mushroom, look for one where you can move the barrel 1S 
    easily next time. Then move it to the right edge of the water area and up. 
    Note if you mess up a bit, you have the leeway of going up the stairs and 
    back down to move a barrel 1U1R of you. But you may have to use the 
    ankh(button B) if things go too badly. But you shouldn't. It gets easier as 
    you go along. Once you get up the right side, you can place barrels up the 
    left. Use the rope bridge for th elast bit.
    In the right, you have 2 snakes in the swamp, then 2 hearts and stars each. 
    Terry the Adventurer telling you about Magic Hammers which crush barrels. One 
    is at the end of the hall. Past it you have a secret door with a shuriken I 
    do NOT recommend you take. It's neat, but relatively worthless(fires behind 
    you) and so it clogs up your inventory.
    Go back to the left, using the rope again. There are three ghouls but you 
    only need to kill one as you go south, get the heart, and go through the 
    secret door below. The mushroom becomes a barrel. Use the hammer on it. Then 
    go to level 7.
    Level 7: go east and south. Then shoot the spectres before seeing them--
    they'll come at you. Shoot the tiger through the grating. Use the axe, not 
    the wand. Then flip the lever and get $5 from where the tiger was. Go to the 
    SW door, step back to kill the spiders, and get the heart key. Go east 
    through the heart door. Push north so you go NE along the diagonal corridor. 
    Push the barrel 2N so you can move along, then push the barrel SE of the lake 
    1R. Get the hearts in the east. You can push the other barrels, but they only 
    lead to areas where you might trip a serpent appearing in the center.
    Now along the south, you have a reaper. Fire and duck as before. In the very 
    SE, beat a rat and go up. You may wish to make sure your rope is ready, then 
    double back west, run right and go up. Use the rope to cross the river and go 
    down the stairs. Lady Lenora is down there. As she says, use the ankh, since 
    you have no way to get back up the holes you fell down, and there are no 
    quick ladders up. This time, go back to Yew. That parade is almost as 
    annoying as Lady Leonora is by now, but you get dexterity/speed out of this, 
    which I think helps you move faster. Lord British now sends you on a quest to 
    Empath Abbey. It's not critical for the game, but you might as well. First, 
    though, you may wish to go to Magincia to buy up food.
          4-4-1. EMPATH ABBEY
    This is a pretty quick side quest. Make sure your gold is under 40 before 
    going , as you get $10 in the Abbey and $50 from Lord British for winning. 
    Stock up on food, as you may need it for the lich fight.
    Empath Abbey is west of the end of the mountain fissure path created after 
    you beat Deceit. It has a crisscross map where you need to go up, down, down. 
    Beat up the skeleton guarding the door and the bats behind. Sneak up onto the 
    stairs, then go east. Push the top barrel 2R, then the one below that 2R. Go 
    right through the door and get the heart in the right bookcase. Go down the 
    stairs through the door.
    Hack through the heavy webs to go downstairs. The left is a detour. There are 
    tombs which summon skeletons and the right of two secret doors holds a mimic. 
    The left holds a fiery head you need to touch and then retreat, so you take a 
    lot of damage.
    Have the axe readied, as the lich is immune to fireballs. Switch the right 
    gate open and then try to avoid the coffins, which get spectres to follow 
    you. You have $5 in two chests behind the door on the right, on the left 
    Touch the altar in the main room, then throw flaming oil or your axe at the 
    enemy. It disappears, but another shows. Use food to get by, or you can even 
    retreat to behind the secret door and fire up. That will do the trick.
        4-5. SELFISHNESS
    This dungeon is west of Minoc. It's possible to use the moongates to get to 
    Minoc and then go west, but it is easier to go east from Yew, slightly south 
    through a desert pass.
    Selfishness is bigger than previous dungeons. It has the equivalent of 19 
    16x16 rooms, though you must only visit 14. However, one side room has a 
    useful item, the chalice.
    Here is the map. Again 
      |     |
      |     |
    1-+     +-3-4-5-6-7
      |     |
      |     |
    Level 1: use the timer to put four arrows up. If you want to exit via 
    northern stairs, hit the timer from above. To get to the NW, simply wait til 
    the hourglass is on its last drop(there are 4 states before it empties) and 
    enter the NW. SSame for other directions. For some you may have spider webs 
    to cut through. For the SW you have spiders and for the NE, slimes to run 
    through. The chest is a mimic.
    I recommend going NW to get to level 2, so let's look at that first.
    Level 2NW: get the goodies before going downstairs. You can even go right and 
    take the SE door for $1. The SW has a reaper. Take on monsters one at a time-
    -let the gremlin slide. Food is in the NE, potion in the SW. The SE mushroom 
    unleashes more monsters, so just use the secret door in the SW to find the 
    hole to level 3.
    Level 2NE: Go up, touch the fountain for 4 hearts, and shoot the mimic to the 
    right. Step on the square to raise the gate. Go down and hook around the 
    reaper to save time. The teleport is useless, so just go north instead. Kill 
    the snakes, then get the food and the heart key, then back down. Go left, 
    avoid the rolling boulder, and go up. Don't look back--a tiger will spring 
    from nowhere behind you.
    Level 2SE: the toughest of the lot. Quckly go down, flip the lever in the 
    room, and go to the bottom to get the heart key. It miust be done rapidly or 
    the moving brick will surround you, and you will have to wait and back up to 
    right of the lever, then run around it. Go to the diamond room to the right 
    and kill the snakes. Get the heart and quickly go for the heart key and exit. 
    You should be able to beat the brick out, but if not, fake UL and go D UL 
    when he's near. Go to the bottom and follow the doors--work around the reaper 
    and go E N E through the secret doors to go down the stairs.
    Level 2SW: get the mushroom after winning a fight, then take the arrow. You 
    can shoot to the bottom and right. Shoot up when 3L of the reaper and get the 
    $1, then fire left for some space to shoot the reapoer and go up il you kill 
    it. Fire right and up to get to the arrow. Follow the path and you will 
    eventually get to a hole. Along the way you will need to defeat a serpent, 
    and the bridge behind you will vanish. At the end you have a heart and two 
    Level 3: get to the NE. Use the doors(or the arrow in the NW of the SE) and, 
    once you are in the NE, use the arrow in the SW of this sub-area. Flip the 
    lever to open a passage down. You can kill the reapers to get hearts behind 
    them, but you can't get to what is behind the center bit, nor do you need to. 
    The stairs down are on the west side, behind some gates. There are some 
    rolling boulders, but they are not a problem yet.
    Level 4: this is a neat little puzzle. You need to put a boulder in each of 
    the squares at the end of the cul de sacs. Five hits take out a rolling 
    boulder. Stand at the bottom below the dead ends and wait for boulders to 
    roll in. Then get them from behind. You may need to move up on them as you 
    fire, then move back and take a few shots. Keep track of what is where, as 
    two boulders in the same cul de sac do not get you a hammer. Also, you have 
    some margin of error as a couple of boulders at the bottom are loose, and you 
    can move them.
    With six hammers, you can blast through to the hole in the UR. Don't start 
    before you've got six, as that gives the boulders one more detour. In that 
    vein, don't push the dead boulder at first, as that wastes your time, too. 
    Get the fun stuff in the DR before advancing, too.
    Level 5: Cut scene about Deceit first. There are a lot of possibilities here, 
    so there's no one correct way to go through. In the center, you need to goad 
    the wisps, run away and shoot them with your axe so they do not explode in 
    your face. And they keep recharging. But you have a lot of hearts to find, 
    Go west first after touching the fountain. There is a jar pushing puzzle.
     1 23
    $56 7
     8  9a
    4 3L, 8 1L, 5 1U, get $5. Then 9 1R, b 1D, c 1R, and take the arrow. Shoot 
    the mimic, then get the four hearts and go through the secret door in the SW. 
    Get the heart key. You'll get zapped a bit, but go R U R back to the center. 
    Then go to the south, through a secret door to avoid the arrows, and open the 
    heart door. You could take the stairs down now, but there are other nice 
    items to collect. If you forget to use the heart key and try to get 
    everything, you will need to retreat back to level 1 via the hole in the 
    chalice room.
    Go east next. Go up the east side when you can, and shoot the skeletons by 
    the clocks. Get the hearts and go west to get the boomerang behind the secret 
    door. The boomerang is much better than the axe, so ready it. It's available 
    later, but don't take it then, or when you want to use it, your inventory 
    will clog up.
    Now go south and shoot the enemy boulder so he dies on the west side. Follow 
    him. Touch the hourglass and go N W S E and touch the center square. If you 
    do it right, it should be an arrow and not a fountain. Flip the center switch 
    to change the boulders to barrels. Take the arrow out. Retouch the hourglass, 
    go south and take the arrow. Go left to the teleport. Fire at the boulder 
    when it is on top, then push it out of the way if need be. Get the hammer, $1 
    and heart. Go back to the center. Go up to the top and bust through the 
    spider webs.
    If you want you can just hit the left teleportal by sneaking under it, then 
    kill the skeleton, then go to the center and go south to the next level. But 
    here is how to get the chalice.
    You can go right to get some food--sneak in 1/2 L of the guardians when they 
    are on the left edge.
    Get the star behind the secret door, hack through the skeletons and spiders, 
    and go to the top. Let the reapers fire at you. Don't go up til both fired. 
    Go left onto the carpet and down immediately. 2L U into the teleport. Get the 
    hammer, re-teleport and sneak under to get to the teleport again. Another 
    hammer. Push the teleport 3L and sneak under again. Go south, ready the 
    hammer and bust the barrels to the east.
    Level 6a: this is a subjective puzzle with enemies running around. The 
    skeletons are invincible and not dangerous, and they push jugs back and forth 
    for you to jump between. There are no bad ways to move jugs unless an enemy 
    can push one into the corner. You should be able to have patience to go UR--
    sneaking in right of each enemy above--to get the hammer in the crate. Sneak 
    in left of each enemy below except the first--you can even go below an enemy 
    and come back up--and push jars left or right as needed to get out.
    Now go up the UL. Push left as needed. If you must push up, push up through 
    the center. Go to the UL. Push the barrel R2U up and then push the next 
    barrel 2R. Crush th ebarrel 1R of the arrow. The skeleton enters the teleport 
    and touches the spring. Now you can enter the hole(back to level 1) or you 
    can push the barrels right of the reaper up. Then make him fire right and go 
    right to see how he destroys the reaper on the right. Once that guy gets it, 
    go back DR to the center and left for the star key, then UR. Trip the spring, 
    then go DL and to the left for the chalice. Go back right. You may have to up 
    and under the bottom skeleton one last time. 
    Level 6: this is not bad. Blast the south and then you need to find 2 plates 
    to touch to convert an UR square to a heart door and then a real door. S W N 
    W S E S E S W* 2N and fire east. Step on the square. W N E N N fire-W and 
    step on the square behind there. Some blinks may shoot at you, but this 
    should not be too hard.
    Level 7: this is a pretty cool final level, as you have an auto-heal at the 
    top. Go down and up and clear out the heart/star for more. Even if you run 
    into the arrows the heads shoot, you should have no problem refilling. Go to 
    the DR first.
    In the DR, you have 2 ghouls and a troll, who can shoot diagonally. Then a 
    moving boulder you can run by, and in the next room, a gremlin. A teleport 
    leads to $2 plus an ankh key.
    In the DL, there's a tiger, then a boulder(avoid it) and slimes(run past.) 
    Run past the reaper past the teleport, too. Open up the big mushroom/dolmen 
    and then let the gazer fire at you. Duck, and when its fire retreats, shoot 
    at it. It'll go down easily. Flip the gates open and reach Lady Isabella. 
    Then use the stairs to go back up.
    South, east, north to Minoc. You get strength and speed for rescuing Lady 
    Isabella. Take the Ankh back to Lord British's, and he gives you a quest of 
    going to New Magincia and Lord Antonio. You need to go there anyway for food. 
    Don't go to Antonio's first, though. Get the food, so your gold does not go 
    over $99. Then return.
          4-5-1. GETTING A BOAT
    You can get through Deceit without a boat--you can place a rope north at the 
    top of Verity Isle--but now's a good time to get the boat, since you have the 
    boomerang and you'll go by where pirates hang out. You will want to teleport 
    from Yew to Moonglow and exit. Wait around a bit. A boat should come. Ready 
    your boomerang and take care of whatever enemies you can. Stay by the planks 
    of the ship, as the pirates fire cannons down the center. Fire up and hit 
    what you can. When enemies get sparse, move in. You'll get hit a bit, so use 
    food when down to two hearts. Your plate mail should mean you only have to 
    use food once. You can use both your wand and boomerang here once you are on 
    the boat, as one or the other will probably miss. The pirates are agile. Once 
    you've cleared them off, place the boat so it bridges Verity Isle(Moonglow) 
    and the one above it(contains Deceit.) That way, if anything goes wrong in 
    Deceit, you'll still have the boat. Another FAQ says boats are finite, and 
    while you can wait around near Moonglow for another, it is tedious.
    If you put things off, the pan pipes can really blast the monsters once 
    you're done with Deceit. 
        4-6. DECEIT
    22 total 16x16 areas, and you have 3 ways down: 2 special items and 1 lord, 
    1-2-3-4-5-6--7--8 (Aganar)
            +-6a-7a-8a (lightning wand)
            +-6b-7b-8b (panpipes)
    Level 1: go south through the door, but just open it, then fire your 
    boomerang. Take out the rats, wait a bit to kill the spectres, then go south 
    again. The reaper's a bit tougher, but you can fire and retreat as before--
    with the boomerang you may be able to get two hits at once. There is an ankh 
    key to the left of it. Get the key, retreat to the stairs and go west. Go 
    through the south door(the west has a buzzsaw, which injures you) and shoot 
    what you can.
    Detour for treasure here--open the south door. This is your first cyclops. If 
    you have Mariah, and you don't have a sword, you need to work around the 
    Cyclops. If you have a sword, you can stay 2 squares from the cyclops, 
    strike, retreat and repeat. They always try to pin you in a corner, and they 
    are only vulnerable to swords. Loop around and go to the bottom room, then 
    flip the lever. The spiders are very easy to kill with the boomerang, which 
    flies over boxes. The left side opens, and all but the second-bottom chest 
    are real. Take the three stair squares in a row down.
    Level 2: hack at the slime with your boomerang, then hack at the squids and 
    bats to the north. Use the rope at the narrow part of the river NE of the 
    entry. Then, go NE, and at the place in the river where it is widest, go up 
    so you hit the chest squarely. If you go off to the side, more enemies 
    appear, so take care to go up from the right place, even if it means taking a 
    hit from the squid you can't help popping up. Go to the DR and open the heart 
    key door. Push the barrel 1D then there will be two to push 2L to get to the 
    You can also go to the DL and release the Cyclops if you have a sword, and 
    you get a little treasure--you can even duck around them if you want by using 
    bridges--but with Mariah it is not worth it.
    Level 3: use a door and go clockwise in the first circle for a heart. You are 
    faster than the buzzsaws, and you don't have to move the controls diagonally 
    to go diagonally. You will just skid along the wall. Go clockwise again to 
    navigate the boulders--a bit slower here--then go down into the door. Follow 
    the saw when it goes left. You could go right quickly and left and through 
    the left door, but it's not worth risking a hit for a star.
    With the next door to the left, go down when an enemy passes you going up, 
    then go through the secret door. You may be able to make it to the secret 
    door on the right, but if not, wait around. When a buzzsaw goes down to the 
    right, go up and left to the door. Wait for two buzzsaws to go by and then 
    you can probably slip up and to the left to get the heart in the dead end. Or 
    you may just need to wait for the rock. Follow it clockwise to the bottom. On 
    the outside, you need to go left and up through the secret doors, then up 
    some more. Blast the wisps from a distance, then retreat. You'll get a cut 
    scene straight outta Jhelom.
    The poles turn to stateues in the NW, SW and SE, and I bet you can open the 
    heart door in the NE with them somehow, but I don't know how.
    Level 4: go along the zigzag, fire at the tigers and retreat. The last one 
    won't run at you, so you may need to take a little damage. Shoot at the 
    reaper past the door and retreat as necessary. A troll guards the room after 
    next($1) and you should touch the statue to advance. It turns into a 
    teleportal. Ready the fireball wand, heal and take the door in the next room 
    and fire right. Catch the spiders in the door and carve a path right and down 
    to the arrow. Three of the chests beyond have hearts. Take the stairs.
    Level 5: you'll visit this level three times. Using my map, it's best to go 
    to b(pipes,) then a(lightning wand,) then 6-7-8. I got it backwards in my 
    map. Sorry.
    First, open the door south and kill the enemies and heal up. This is a good 
    trade-off as you can gun the snakes down. Go through the two doors and down. 
    Fire at the reaper below and back up til he dies. Then walk around the other 
    reapers to the hole. You can outrun their missiles. This is where you get the 
    pipes, which freeze enemies for three stars.
    Level 6b: go right and be prepared to fire right, then left, at two rats. Go 
    left and enter the passageway--it'll take a while to move--and then go down 
    at the end. If your hearts get to 1 or 2, heal up here, as there are a lot of 
    shots from nowhere. Go DR DL(or with the controls, down and left) for the 
    heart key. You will get hit a bit. Then go UR and step on the arrow when the 
    passage above opens up. Then go left and, with the heart door above, up. Kill 
    the rat and flipt the switch and go back to the nasty hallway. This time go 
    all the way DR. Open the door and immediately fire up to get the trolls. You 
    get some gold and a heart beyond that, and then it is down to level 7b. Heal 
    up if you were down to your last heart, as there are two wisps below waiting 
    to explode.
    Level 7b: use the map if you want to see where the secret doors are, but the 
    arrow should be a clue where to start. Go R D R through the secret walls that 
    appear, then run right and go up. It's not really worth killing the rats. R 
    D* L* and you'll zigzag as needed. D* R and a mage will fire at you. You can 
    combine the boomerang and magic wand to knock him out. Use the DL to make a 
    path to a mushroom. Get it and that opens a secret wall in the center of the 
    right side. There's also one 2S of it, which contains food. Kill the mimic in 
    the NE of the next room to get more food through a secret door 2N of where 
    you entered. Then hit a secret door in the SE to go down.
    Level 8b: a wide room here where you can go left and get $1, then U R through 
    the door to recharge. Flip the lever through the top door and go to the left. 
    Try to avoid the coffins, which contain specters. Before the river there are 
    two secret walls. Take them to go east and get two hearts and a heart key. A 
    reaper will appear. Retreat to the lever and flip it.
    Take the secret door 1R1D of the stairs, then go UR. You can run past the 
    mage. Run right across the mushrooms and go right through the secret wall for 
    $1 and food. Take the heart door, kill the skeleton, and go NE. There are the 
    pipes. The stairs take you back to level 5.
    Level 5(2): you can go left and down to heal up a bit, as the hearts have 
    recharged. Use the pipes to get past the right reaper if you want, or kill 
    him as before. Go through the double doors this time and SW. There is a key 
    past the S(motor south to avoid the reapers) and then W(shoot the troll) 
    door. Get it and go to the north for lots of chests with $1 in them. A door 
    to the north hides a gremlin, whome you can kill for $5. Take the right door 
    and go up to find a clue for later if you want.
    Back to the room with the fountain. A star door is to the north. A mimic 
    guards a secret door which guards a pit You'll find the lightning wand below 
    Level 6a: you start in the north. You shoud go east and then follow the 
    passage behind the door above to the chest. Once you get it, a reaper 
    appears. You can probably walk away from it, saving time over shooting and 
    ducking. You can go south now through the other door, or you can go to the 
    west, open the ankh door, shoot the enemies, get the 2 hearts and ankh, and 
    go back to the door. However, the three trolls may not be worth it--even if 
    you back up and fire. Either way you just need to push south after you enter 
    to get behind the boxes and enter the ankh door and level 7a. Heal before 
    entering as there's a lot of lava there.
    Level 7a: lava boots don't work. They're a scam from the Buccaneers' Den. 
    That's why I avoided mentioning them til now in the walkthrough. You can 
    still go over the safe bits for the first part, 2E and down to get the heart, 
    then 2E 2D 2W. Expect to take a bit of damage.
    Level 8a: immediately head down into the bricks and go east. Let them get 
    near you, then go down and left to the door. It opens a new area. Hang out NE 
    of the SE post and wait for them to lump together, then play ding dong ditch 
    it on the remaining center doors. After each one, you may need to pause a bit 
    before moving to the next, so the blocks can catch up to you and get outrun.
    To get the lightning wand, you need to get the star key in the SE, then the 
    hammer in the SW behind the star key door, and then you need to bust the 
    barrel in the NW with the hammer. When going to a corner door, always fake to 
    anotherarea and then circle around.
    For the SW, there ls a wall of mimics you can crash through--only kill the 
    middle one and grab the hearts behind the other two. The SW features some 
    nice gold, and then you can probably sneak in for hearts in the NE, where 
    hearts are E, 2E, EN, E2N of the entry door. Just avoid the very NE, where 
    there is a mimic. You also want to be aware that a cyclops does not trap you 
    in the SE if you have no sword. You should be able to move in and out quickly 
    The stairs in the NW lead to NE level 5, where you've been before. From 
    there, you can go rescue Lord Aganar, finally.
    Level 5(3): Get past the reaper as before. Head SW by pushing south past the 
    double doors. Go south through the door, then go through the east door. 
    (Note: if you want a bit of extra gold, go to the left and beat the troll and 
    go north. The gold was refreshed.) Go NW NE and wait for an arrow to go by, 
    then walk into the head. (There is a clue in the NW of this level that tells 
    you to do this. I left it out, as it's tedious, but it's past the gold past 
    the star key.)
    Level 6: push the jug 1S, then go N 2E 2S 2W. Repeat for the next jug and 
    keep moving down. Drop the jugs in all the way down. Don't open the left 
    door(Reaper) but do open the right. Heal if at 1-2 hearts as the next room 
    has fireballs all over the place. There's oil in the DR but you probably just 
    want to get out. Go through the three doors. Here ready the pan pipes in 
    place of fireballs. Touch the plant above the mushroom. Then get the mushroom 
    and use the pipes. There is a secret passage left of the arrow leading to 
    food as well as one on the right side of the diamond chamber leading to the 
    stairs down.
    Level 7: follow the passage east and use the pan pipes on the reapers. Blast 
    them at point blank range and take the left door above. Shoot and flee 
    against the reaper and go down to get the food and oil.
    Now take the east door. Fire down at the left reaper and flee left. Repeat 
    for the other two. Step on the pressure plate. This pressure plate causes 
    grappling arms to push jugs, or a row of jugs, 1R. What you need to do is 
    push the column of jugs just to the left down, then step on a plate, and keep 
    repeating til they are all in a row. Then go to the left and down. Go through 
    one door, right and up. Push the jug to the top and get the power-ups to the 
    right. Go back to the plate and step on it and then go back to the UR. Go 
    right and up past the door to avoid the arrows fired, then step on the arrow 
    to go left. Go L D L L to the stairs. You can go back up and down if you 
    want, then go south to get another oil, or you can just complete level 8.
    Level 8:
    Quickly go down and right and beat the troll. Stand on top of the lower 
    crate. Buzzsaws can't get into half-spaces like the one you're in. Wait for 
    one to go by, then go south and hit the ghoul below. There may be a gremlin, 
    too. Push the jug in the left room up so you don't walk into it on the way 
    out and trap yourself. Take the UL door to recharge, then take the DL to 
    shoot the mimic to the left. Get the $1 and ankh key below.
    Now go left back to the center and up. Do NOT touch the statues, as they 
    spawn mages! Go up through the doors. Try to open only one, and then fire 
    upwards, ducking buzzsaws as they come. The enemy titan may not make it 
    through the doors, but if he does, go right and fire left at him, because he 
    is too tall to fit through the right, but that won't stop him trying. Take 
    the UL ankh door and then go left for Lord Aganar. Go back south and west at 
    the head.
    For a little bonus, go west and take the door down to a room of chests--8 $1 
    chests to be exact. Go left at the center area, kill the ghouls and take the 
    door 2U to the right for food. Take the one 2D for stairs which send you to 
    the top of the dungeon. Woohoo!
    There's nothing much really in the other areas--an ankh key and $1 at the 
    bottom, guarded by cyclops and reapers, and a recharge in the NE, so don't 
    worry. You're not really missing anything.
    Use the bridge if necessary to go back to Moonglow. You get the rune of 
    Honesty along with intelligence and dexterity.
    Now you can head west to New Magincia and stock up on food. No moongates 
    necessary. After that, you will probably want to head SE to Skara Brae and 
    south to Jhelom, though. The isle with Cowardice is south of the one with 
        4-7. COWARDICE
               /  \
    1-2-3-4-5-6    +-8-9
               \  /
    As you can see, Cowardice is a pretty linear dungeon. It's got some tough 
    monsters, though, and it's the biggest dungeon yet--22 squares for 9 levels, 
    and you need to hit 21 of the squares. You can find a shield here, which is 
    handy in combat, if you just want to blast away at people. However, it can be 
    tricky to get to. So you may just wish to go to Serpents Hold, pick up money, 
    and buy a shield in Jhelom. Cowardice is also a bit light on power-ups, so 
    you may need to use up a few foods along the way. That's ok, because there is 
    enough treasure.
    Level 1: shoot the tiger with the boomerang. S SE and shoot N to hit the next 
    tiger. Heal if at 1-2 hearts and go east. Shoot over the stalacmite to take 
    out the spiders in the east, then go E S. Go SW S through a secret door, then 
    S SE and beat up the three ghouls and get the mushroom in the SE. That opens 
    a passage W of the secret door you entered. There will be slimes to run 
    through. Go west and there will be a troll, too. You can just run by 
    everyone. Then on the north side you have another secret door. There are two 
    secret doors to the east. One has a mimic guarding $10, and another leads to 
    a pair of stalactites. The bottom one levers a couple secret doors. Go SE N 
    and you'll see pirates behind a secret door. Fire away and retreat. When they 
    are all dead, get the hearts behind the stairs(1L and 2L) but don't get any 
    other boxes. The weapons to the side aren't worth it and will clutter your 
    inventory but the oils(in the center) are okay.
    Level 2: take the secret passage and eat the mushroom. Run past the slimes to 
    get there. Walk over the lava and turn left. The passage north has scant 
    treasure. Go through the secret passage west of the marsh. There's another 
    passage west just after--again, the way north is useless. It gets you a heart 
    key, but there's no heart door in the cavern. So just keep going west. A 
    secret door to the south kicks you to the start, so go NW. There is a tiger 
    guarding the stairs. Before you go down, ready your rope.
    Level 3: go across tthe water and through the secret door to the left. Up and 
    UR and up. Go further up til you can place the rope left and make it across 
    the water. You may need to stand back and kill a few enemies first. Take the 
    boat to the UL and sail up for $5, then sail right. There'll be a small 
    island to the east, and below that you have a secret door with lava behind 
    it. You can go there, or go a bit to the right where there is a secret dor to 
    the south that holds 3 hearts. In general you can fire on enemies from a 
    distance and a bit off-line, so you should have no problem cutting them down.
    There's another fireball wand in the building, but 1) you don't need it and 
    2) you get teleported away from where you are, so don't bother with it. 
    There's also $1 in the SW, but it takes too long to get to via boat.
    On completing level 3, you get to see a cut scene in Skara Brae.
    Level 4: my map has a list of where the mimics are. You can go right and 
    down, and that room has a mimic just NW of its center. The next room has a 
    mimic in the SW. Go to the left and get the heart key behind the secret 
    passage north of the diamond west of the 2nd room. Go back E of the entry and 
    go N W. The mimic is at the top center here in the left room, and two are in 
    the right one. Once you've got the star key behind the secret passage south 
    of the diamond room(west of the western room, behind a secret passage, and 
    fire at the wisps before entering) head right all the way. You can use a 
    heart key  at the top and then enter the star door to the right. NW/NE around 
    the cyclops and down.
    The room to the left has bats and the one below has a mage, but neother has 
    treasure, so don't bother.
    Level 5: this level is a bit of a break. Just zigzag with the passages. The 
    dead ends are pretty obvious. To preserve food, retreat when you see an enemy 
    and fire at them from far away, then keep going.
    Level 6: go to the top and fire at the spiders. This will give you the space 
    to go down and fire away at the remaining enemies including specters. Go 
    along the bottom and right. Turn and fire right after getting the mushroom. 
    It will open the gate at the top, where you can get an ankh key guarded by 
    specters, so W N E, then W S E. Proceed directly to the hole you want to go 
    down, as many enemies may pop out. The top leads to 7a, the bottom to 7b. 7a 
    gets you the shield, but 7b is easier and gets the whip, which is useful, 
    too. Of course, you can come back to take the one you didn't get the first 
    Level 7a: use the switch to change the boulder to a teleport. Push it 2D to 
    start, flip the switch and kill the reaper to the left as well as the troll 
    to the right. Go back to the center. Flip the switch and push the boulder 3U 
    3R. Flip the switch and port to a thin strip above, where you get a star key. 
    2W3S with the boulder, then go to the room with the four arrows. 
    Use the north arrow without touching the squares, then return. That gives you 
    an idea of what is flipped where. You need to touch the UR and DR in order to 
    point the UL arrow(in the whole room) the way you want it. Once you do, you 
    can get to the shield. You just need to return to the center, push the 
    boulder 3U L, and go into it, then explore. Hearts to the right, arrow to the 
    left. You can also cop out and go down the pit on the left if you juggle the 
    arrows so that the upper points up and the one in the 3x3 room points right. 
    The weird walkway before the shield requires patience. If you got to the 
    shield, you might as well take it. It can block attacks, which is handy.
    Either way you exit, you wind up at the bottom side of level 8.
    Level 7b: push the side boulders up and the center left, then the middle up.
     12 3
    4 567
     8 9
    9 L, 6 2U, 3 R, 6 3L, 1 D, 4D to the next part. Get the heart, zap the webs, 
    and step on the plate. Move the right barrel all the way down. Touch the 
    mushroom, then touch the previous plate. Don't get the DL chest(cheese.) 
    Touch the plate in the next room. The whip is in the left chest, and snakes 
    are in the right, so you know which to get.
    Now the levers work as follows--left one left, stone heads facing left. If 
    it's right, the heads become arrows. Mirrored for the right one. Pull both 
    levers and go to the UL to cycle around to the DR.
    The UL opens a door north, the DL gives an empty chest, the DR spawns spiders 
    and the UR continually gives hearts. Going down kicks you to the DL corner of 
    level 8.
    Level 8:
    From the bottom, just go up to the left and take the left door of two in the 
    narrow passage. That leads to a teleport that leads to food--you can beat up 
    the snakes easily enough. Arriving from the UR, just plow through left. Once 
    you got the food, retreat and open the door to the right. Wait for the 
    cyclops to get close and run NE SE W and you can get down the ladder easily. 
    Them boys is SLOW.
    Level 9:
    Go left, then R D L, then right and try to push down when you can. Eventually 
    you can go down the right edge. Go left and you'll be cut off. Go back up the 
    right and to the left, 2D of the top. The area to the right will open. The 
    secret door leads to a mage, which is not helpful, but you can also take the 
    door on the right, shoot the webs and go to the next room. Take the arrow 
    down, push 1D and hit the giant to the left. He did not damage me at all.
    You can also take the DL door and work your way through some enemies 
    including slimes by the well--just don't but the slimes in the SW--to get to 
    the giant's DR room. You can wait for the boulder to go to the bottom and 
    shoot it there, then stand behind the door to pick off the giant easily.
    After the giant dies, flip the switch behind the secret door to the north. 
    Then go L U R to a room with spiders and heart boxes, then L U R D into a 
    library with two reapers. Use the pipes and shoot them up. Or even just one--
    you need the heart key behind. Once you've got it, go back to the top area, 
    right and down to open the heart door. Lord Zellivan is behind. You may need 
    to wait to fake out the cyclops, then go D U quickly. Then the stairs are L 
    It's a short boat ride back to Jhelom, where you receive strength and 
    intelligence for your latest conquest. Now it is off to Pride and Lord 
    For this you'll need to attack another boat. First, get as much food as you 
    can buy, because you will want to get through Pride without having to redo 
    anything. Having to find another boat is annoying, and it is best just to 
    have too much food than too little.
    In general, you want to avoid attacking boats, but here, you need to get to 
    Lock Lake, in the NE section of Britannia, which is inaccessible from 
    outside. If you have the shield, you can avoid arrow attacks easily, but if 
    not, use the pipes to barrel through the pirates. It's best to goad a pirate 
    ship towards land to save work for later. You can climb off one ship, onto 
    another, and closer to land til you get there.
    Now this is the most random part of the game--finding the whirlpool. You 
    should circle all the small islands to find it, and you can even restore a 
    save state to ensure the whirlpool will move around less. The whirlpool moves 
    around, but not that much. When you see it, go for it. It's pretty slow. If 
    you're using an emulator, save a state in the whirlpool and hit the space 
    bar, because the cut scene is way too long even by this game's standards. 
    When almost everything has been sucked down the vortex in the cut scene, hold 
    off on the space bar. You will need to fire east right away to wipe out sea 
    serpents, as they can kill you quickly.
        4-7-2. COVE
    Cove is on the southeast of Lock Lake, hidden behind some mountains. It's a 
    tricky area, so I'll try and guide you through it.
    If you just want to get through, there's a big building to the south. Touch 
    the altar, get the hammer, kill the enemies and blast the barrel right of the 
    plate square just above. Step on the plate and go back to the ruined temple. 
    Go down the hole to Pride.
    However, there are places to pick up good stuff. South of the entrance, take 
    the door right and go NE. There are four hearts encased to the UR. Go down of 
    them and use a rope bridge to get to the food on the island to the right. 
    There is also a potion in the DR. You need to use the rope ladder to get to 
    that island, too. You have a reaper to kill right by a heart(S2E of the 
    pressure plate.)
        4-8. PRIDE
    Pride is much bigger than cowardice--the size of 43 16x16 rooms. You have 25 
    separate levels and 4 ways down from a central level.
    Level 1: there are three teleports to a set. One is one-way and the other two 
    alternate between each other. In the starting area, go to the NE portal(1D of 
    the NE corner) and W N E N* E S W S E should get you to the SE room. Go up to 
    get a hammer, then take a bridge to the right to get a star key, and come 
    back. Back in the maze, go W N E N* W* N W S. When you are in a narrow left-
    right corridor, go W N W N for a key, then come back. You may need to juggle 
    teleporting to get back where you were. Then go R U and at the boxes,
    2 3
    7 8
    4 down, 6 left, 8 right. 
    Beyibd thatm take the door and go south after the stairs. Fire at the 
    serpents and retreat when necessary. When they're all killed, go S E S W and 
    open the heart door. Bust the web with the fireball wand and ready the rope. 
    Shoot the octopus and use the rope to get to the hole.
    Level 2: the map may be more effective here, but here's how I do it.
    E-teleport-E-teleport-E S S E-teleport-S W teleport-W N W teleport-S E 
    teleport-W teleport-W teleport-S E teleport-E N E teleport-E N W(watch it, 
    don't tip the arrows) teleport-get hearts on right, go down.
    Level 3: this is really easy. Get the heart key, which deducts 5 gold, then 
    go north and touch the bug mushroom. You'll open the NW wall. Go down the 
    east wall in the next room and west in the narrow corridor. S/E gets you to a 
    room with $6. In the main room with the trolls, stay on the south edge and go 
    west. Fire down and the star key is behind the DL door. 1U and W is a heart, 
    1U is $5, and 2U E is another heart. Go along the west wall in the main room 
    and straight up. Go through the star key door down.
    Level 4: here you need to go down each stair on the outside. The order I use 
    is N-E-W-S. Stay on the very edge to avoid the buzzsaws.
    Level 5n:
    Be healed as you go north to the first timer in the NW. Ready the panpipes. 
    Activate the hourglass and go through the teleport. Use the pipes and crush 
    the hydra. Go R U and set off the timer. Go all the way south for a meal, 
    then use the portal to get back to the center. Make sure you have 3 stars and 
    the pipes still ready for this next bit. Set the timer again and go south, 
    but turn left after the gate. Flip the new hourglass. Go quickly N W S W* S W 
    N and you should make it past the gate just as it closes, to 6n.
    Level 6n: use the pipes to get past the gazer. The gazer is tough in this 
    angled level, and if you mess up, you die. So play it safe. For the next bit 
    you have two gazers after you break down the wall in the east. Use a potion 
    if you're low on magic, then use the pipes of pan once or, if need be, twice. 
    There's a troll beyond this but not much else.
    Level 7n: get the chest with the food and spin around to get the gremlin. At 
    the crossroads, freeze the trolls. Awaken the mimics to the NW and freeze 
    them, too. Hammer the bottom of the barrels in the right and then step on the 
    grate. Then hammer the two left barrels to get out. A passage will have 
    opened in the SE. Take it. Collect the riches in the SW before taking the 
    stairs down.
    Level 8n: this is a weird level that looks like a pinball machine. It feels 
    as erratic, too. Flip all the switches up and down the left and right walls 
    that you can. Then look in the center for a few more. That should render the 
    top bumpers slightly broken so you can shoot them on the bottom and get to 
    their centers. Step on the springs and then go flip the swich to the DR. If 
    things don't work, then try scouring the edges again for springs you may have 
    missed. The center bumper should be open to touch, and you should be able to 
    go through the center flippers. If not, flip the switch on the right wall in 
    the nook.
    Level 9n: don't freeze the enemies here. Get the heart in the DR then the UR. 
    Push the jugs down and the bottom one right, and repeat that(detour for 
    hearts right of the stairs) until you can touch the gate with the ping pong 
    paddle. Go through it. Now you can use the paddle on the gates to get to 
    what's behind them, including the ladder back to level 4.
    There are a reaper and mimic behind the secret door, and neither is worth it.
    Level 5e: the east is easier now. You should stay back to kill the trolls one 
    at a time to make safe work of this pyramidal level(E S W S E N E S W S etc.) 
    with four hearts at the end.
    Level 6e: go down and left, so the blocks converge around you. Then go right 
    up left to loop past them. Take the arrow and grab the bottom mushroom, then 
    run L U L. Kill the skeleton in the next room.
    Take the 2nd arrow from the right on the right hand side. That lets you see 
    what's going on above. Wait on that square and push up when you don't see an 
    up arrow above. That stops you from falling in the pit. You should move left 
    just as the arrow is about to change from the 3 to the 2. You can get the 
    treasures to the right similarly. But the big thing is the heart key in the 
    chest to the left.
    I got on to the middle left part with the 3rd arrow from the left, but you 
    may have to just suffer through the fire once and then time your run into an 
    arrow. This doesn't have the 2-to-1 timing of the other, so you can probably 
    wait for an easy jump.
    Level 7e: you can pingpong each lever, or you can just flip them right to 
    left, to open the gates to the right. Lever X from the left opens gate X from 
    the top, and it also flips any gates to the right of it and on level with the 
    gate it flipped in the far right. Here's a diagram:
    a b c d  1
      1 1 1  2
        2 2  3
          3  4
    Here a opens 1's, b 2's, c 3's, d 4's.
    Go north and goad the hydra south. Fire up at it. It may fire into the narrow 
    passage, but you can duck easily. It left me some food, and maybe it'll do 
    that for you, too. Follow the passage but don't touch the exploding knights 
    in the first room. You will need to in the second. Touch the UR and UL, then 
    go up. Take the right arrow first to get to a treasure room, then the left 
    next time through. The trumpet will be very useful later on.
    Level 8e: go right and kill the skeletons. R(trolls) U L(ghouls) U and you 
    can shoot the reaper in the distance, then get the heart key below it. A 
    potion is DL. Back up to the troll room, go east and at the far right you 
    have $5. Hold the pipes. Up from there, open the door and go left. Activate 
    the mimic, then use the pipes. Pick the enemies off.  Star plus two hearts. 
    Go to the bottom, kill the gremlin and push the bottom barrel 2W. Kill the 
    two skeletons to go behind the secret wall. One more ghoul. Flip the lever. 
    Retreat to the troll room, then U L U and down the stairs.
    Level 9e: this looks like a mess, but if you know where to go, you can chop 
    it up. Stand on the square and get about 40 keys. Go down the left edge. When 
    you see a space to the left, go left and around the edge. Go up when the 
    corridor shifts, then 3L of the turn up, use a star key to go up. Bingo, a 
    heart key. Go back 2S and west, going along the bottom, 4W and U. You want to 
    count it right or you'll get burned a little. There will be a bunch of 
    reapers that guard the ankh key. You know what to do--use the pipes and get 
    Go counterclockwise along the bottom. When you see a dead end, keep going 
    north. Treasure is just ahead to the north, and the mystic armor is just 
    north of that. Now go up the stairs and back to the start.
    You can use my map to find places to heal or even where to kill the titan. 
    But this is all you really need to do.
    Level 5w: push the jugs up to the corner, then push W to get the heart key. 
    You can push jugs down to get to the far left, then push a jug up. In the 
    next room, get the heart in the UR and star key in UL. Go down the left. The 
    last one is where the ankh key is. The other two squares give combats.
    Go through the ankh door and push the boulder down. Push the head to the 
    right. Push the boulder 2L, under the head, and push the head facing right. 
    That causes the right-facing cranes to push boulders. Push the boulder by 
    crane #2 right, then the one below 2D. Use the right cranes. Roll down, and 
    at the bottom, push right and down. Touch the DR head. Sneak L U R to the 
    secret door. Some random walls appear, but just go D R.
    Level 6w: zigzag and avoid the grey areas even at the cost of getting hit--
    too many buzzsaws blocks you from getting to the stairs. Have your food on 
    speed dial for this. Wait 1U1L of where the buzzsaws come from the right 
    side. You may have to run through a couple to get to the top, but it is worth 
    it. Be healed before you do, of course.
    Level 7w: pretty simple. Sneak over a boulder when it is at the bottom(run 
    into it) and flip the switch on top. Follow it down and go right when you are 
    1/2 next to the grate. Repeat. You get a bit of extra leeway because you can 
    go 1/2 way up while in the grate, so use it. Watch for the skeleton at the 
    last switch. You may want to shoot him from afar. Do the same for the 
    skeleton patrolling horizontally, and repeat what you did before for the 
    boulders. This is a bit tougher as the leeway relies on it being ok to be 
    half-hit by the boulder. But you can always brute force through, using a food 
    and letting them run you over. You can still run into the boulder as you wait 
    for it to go by, though.
    Level 8w: go to the teleport. Kick an eep. Stay in the center and kick them 
    left and right into the portals. That should get rid of most of them. Stay 
    well away from the edges as they seem to suck you in. And if that happens, 
    you die. If an eep bounces horizontally just below the arrows, then you can 
    kick it down and when it comes back up, kick it left. You can be off by a 
    half-square, too. Survey the whole area before taking the arrows. Exit the 
    room you wind up in and run over the boulders along the way--weird illusion. 
    The next room, of arrows, is tricky, but go N 3W N 2W S 2W N 5W. There's a 
    boomerang below the ladder, but taking one eats up an inventory space, so 
    Level 9w: Heal up and use potion. Go left into the arena. Fire north above 
    the gates. Take out the vipers. The tigers are next. Use panpipes once to 
    slow them down. Use food if you go under half strength. Then ready the 
    trumpet when the trolls are down to one guy left. Kill him and then when the 
    cyclops appear, use the trumpet. You win! Get the $20 above if yo need it, 
    then go S E N(no treasure in side rooms) and at the 4-way intersection go 
    west(N=mimics, E=spiders.)
    You might as well use the pan pipes for the gazer in the next room, since you 
    are so close to the mystic sword. Kill it, find the secret door east, and get 
    the sword to the south before going up. Now Mariah can kill cyclops.
    Level 5s:
    The mushrooms are numbered as follows:
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8
    Shoot the rats behind the gates. Look in the crystal ball. You need to touch 
    the mushrooms in order, but you don't need to look in the ball after each 
    one. Touch 5-1-2-8-3-7-4-6 to open a door where 9 should be. Terry the 
    Adventurer has a pair of boots for you. Wear them and go right. The stairs 
    will soon appear. If you pick a wrong number, by the way, rats attack.
    Level 6s: another walkover level. If your health gets low between rooms, 
    heal. Go N W* S* E* S* E and N in the next room up the center, E along the 
    next room's top wall, and N W. Some damage will accrue from hitting the tiles 
    but there's no good way to avoid that. You can follow the dots to minimize 
    damage but if you get too cute, you might as well have just run through.
    Level 7s: ready the mystic sword to prepare for level 8. Then go along the 
    top row to pick up two hammmers. Ready a hammer. Go down the 2nd-left column. 
    You now have the three hammers you need to burst the barrels and get to the 
    SE ladder. So go along the bottom and finish the deal. You can let monsters 
    come in from all over, and it doesn't matter. Just ready the hammer when you 
    get it.
    Level 8s: Hit the cyclops with the sword from a distance. Another will 
    follow. Go to the south. You can open the SW room and kill slimes with your 
    sword, then hit the secret doors on the bottom. Go up and loop left and down. 
    Use the ping pong paddle when in the double doors to the north. Don't get in 
    view of the heads, but stand on the right and fire up. That turns a lever 
    that opens the left grate. Go all the way up, and now you can go right 
    through some secret doors for 5*$5 if you are not at 99 already. You can 
    ambush a mage from behind, but it's better to go north.
    Level 8s-n: hit the SE statue in the center to make secret doors appear. Go E 
    N from the center and touch the SE wall in the room to the E. Two potions 
    behind there. Watch for the wisps. Put the lich to the sword if it sees you. 
    Go to the SW room. Ready the rope and sword. Go counterclockwise. You'll 
    probably need food here, so be vigilant. Go up the west side and get the star 
    key in the UL and the weapon UR. Then retreat. Use the star key next to poor 
    hapless Terry the Adventurer. Now go down.
    Level 9s: this is a detour for the Star Wand. You'll need it to go north and 
    get to the Abyss, too. Go 2R U 2R 2U L to hit a portal which avoids spawning 
    monsters. Flip the switch in the new room and head back through the portal. 
    Go back to the start. S E N--just ignore the reaper--E and you may want to 
    use the panpipes before hacking the enemies to the south. There's a heart 
    key. To the right, 3 hearts and 2 stars.
    Go back to the stairs, then up and ignore the reaper. Freeze the enemies and 
    go along the top cobwebs, killing spiders as you go. Go to the right for a 
    star key and then to the end. S SW E. Recharge health and spell points. Open 
    the star doors--either one. Use the pipes and slash the gazers. Take the 
    heart door above. Use the sword on the djinni, or even the pipes to just get 
    in and out. The star wand is in the DL, so get it and get out. Now retreat 
    and go up the stairs.
    Level 8s-n(2): You need 4 stars to use the Star Wand, so hide out or use a 
    potion to get it. The next room is the last one.
    Level 9s: ambush the skeletons with your sword.  Go west and use the pipes to 
    freeze the tigers and slimes. Go into the cell and face up and hit the left 
    part of the upper wall. That gives a secret passage to the next cell with 
    rats. Get rid of them. Rest here if you want. Go east and south into the 
    diamond room with the reaper. Kill it and go east to hit the switch. Go north 
    to kill the mimic and pick up some food. Then go through the double doors to 
    the north.
    Don't touch the statues. They make skeletons. Go through the bottom door on 
    the right and you will meet Lord Quenton. He's kind of hard to get a hold of, 
    so wander around him a bit, and eventually he'll say hi. When he does, use 
    the ankh. You don't need to go back here.
    Teleport back to Verity Isle via Yew and wait for a new pirate ship if need 
    be. Skara Brae is SE of here. Returning Quenton gets all your attributes up a 
    notch. Now, on to the Abyss. First you may wish to stop by New Magincia for 
    food. You can go west to Buccaneer's Den and come back to recharge the food 
    to buy. 20 food and 10 potion should be good enough to get through the Abyss.
        4-9. ABYSS
    This is a straight-down dungeon, though there is a lot of it. There are 26 
    levels total with 53 16x16 areas, so you can count things out as you go. Some 
    go quickly because they have a "trick" and others require a more convoluted 
    effort. The middle bunch seems the toughest.
    Level 1: if you are using save states, you can just refresh if you run into a 
    nasty enemy hiding in the corridors.
    W W W S S E E S S E E E N (W W heart) E S(wisp) E E N N E(reaper, freeze if 
    necessary) N (W W N heart) E S E E(tiger) N E(run past djinni) N N N W N W.
    Level 2: a lot of this level is totally irrelevant, thankfully. But you will 
    still have to fight the conveyor belt and watch your health meter. Go along 
    the conveyor belt and west when it turns south. Push the block west and kill 
    the reaper. Flip the switch left of it. Continue to the bottom. It's probably 
    quicker to walk down along the side. Then take the conveyor all the way to 
    its end. Kill monsters if you can, avoiding the reaper firing from the right. 
    Touch the right flag, then work against the grain on the conveyor belt, and 
    go back left and touch the left flag. It's best to flip to the left and wait 
    and go left at the door, then go up and right on the dock.
    Now you need to follow the conveyor to the DL, but this time enter the door 
    to the right before you get to the DL corner. Open the double doors to the 
    top and walk onto the spring past the ankh. That spring creates a hole by the 
    right flag. Go back to the right flag and down.
    Level 3: this one's not bad. Go DR after the enemy face fires a ping pong 
    ball. It's not lethal if he freezes you, but it's annoying. Chop up the 
    trolls one at a time along the diagonal, heal if you're low, and enter the 
    teleport and work your way down and right. You're going to get hit, and 
    that's that. Then go back UL after the next teleport. Again, wait for a ping 
    pong ball to go by, then go U R DR.
    Level 4: circle counterclockwise. There's a troll in your way, then a reaper. 
    Get the heart behind the reaper, creating--another reaper hiding a heart key! 
    Kill it, too. Then go D L and up through the heart door. There is a mimic in 
    the SE of the NE corner. A star key is in the SE of the NW, with lava and 
    mimics otherwise. Go D R and up through the star door. There will be two 
    mimics at the very back. Provoke them while you get the heart chests next to 
    them, killing the troll along the bottom after going to one side. Then put 
    them to the sword. You can now use the ankh key the right mimic guarded to go 
    down the hole behind the ankh door.
    Level 5: this is a level where you place things. Specifically, the jugs in 
    the indentations to the north. I don't worry about getting hit by the cranes 
    here--I figure I can afford to sacrifice a food a level to get through this 
    for good, especially with recharges along the way.
    Go right but don't get the oil, then back left and up so the reapers fire at 
    you and one gets in the way of the other. Get rid of them, then push the jugs 
    on each side 2D into the crane. Now get the oils. You didn't want to get them 
    at first because they provided a nice bunker against pushing a jug into the 
    Push the rightmost of the left jugs 3U 2R U*. I had a terrible time getting 
    straight left of the jugs, but you can't lose patience. Don't go below them 
    too far or you will push a jug into the wall. Push the jug up into the 
    hearts. Get the hearts and retreat to lie in ambush to use your sword on the 
    tigers roaming about. Continue to push your jug, 1U then L*. You can hit the 
    bottom of the wall or the niche on the other side to line yourself up. I 
    recommend taking care of the DL first as I had a problem with it later. 
    Spiders seem to fill the place up a bit too quickly. But it is not hard to 
    get through. Go 4S 4E 4N while using your sword. Then push the UL block into 
    a niche and explore there. There's a rat past the teleport, which is easy to 
    kill. You can see your progress with the gates that way--one gate per niche, 
    not counting the UL.
    Bring the next jug from the left up. U 3R U* to where you can drop something 
    in the center left niche. It leads to a teleport, R, arrow D, L(kill 
    cyclops,) arrow D, R and step on the square. A secret door opens 3L D.
    Three more to go. Push the 2nd-right jug up, leaving the other to go 5R U* R. 
    Go to the UR niche, which is the easiest. Just step on the plate. Use the 
    center left teleport to go to the bottom safely.
    In the DR of the entire board, push the one jug U 2L U* and R next to the 
    portal in the center. Check your health(2+ hearts) and enter the portal. Hit 
    the hourglass and go east and up. Veer UL, touch the square, and when the 
    arrows flip back down(hourglass ran out,) run back onto them. Go back to the 
    top bit via portal. Kick the final jug up. 2U 3L etc. It can go in the DR. 
    You need to jump on the arrow, face left and hack the first web to the left. 
    Hack your way up and push the jug to the top and step on the plate. You can 
    step half on it from above, and that will be good enough. The gates are all 
    released now, and you can take the UL niche arrow to level 6.
    Level 6: you can go up the right wall, pausing after you pass the first two 
    buzzsaws. Go to the right edge for a heart key, past the mimics, and get the 
    hearts left of the mimics too. Then back down and use the heart key. Stay 
    back after going up. The trolls will shoot each other to get at you. Use your 
    boomerang and then take the hearts above as needed. Leave them if you're at 
    full strength, as the reaper could hit you.
    Hit the lever and run L D. If you get to 1/2 or 1 square above the bottom, 
    the reaper will fire into the web right of the barrel, which you can now 
    push. You need to be just above the bottom for this to work, and you need to 
    experiment with the timing. If it doesn't work, flip the lever to bring the 
    reaper back up and flip it to send it back down. In general, don't let the 
    reaper all the way back up when you bring him up. You'll need to get the 
    reaper to fire at two webs right of the barrel to get things straight. On the 
    bright side, there's no real way to get killed if you mess up. Once the 
    reaper's done your dirty work, flip the switch and send it up so you can kill 
    it. You may have to fight the conveyor a bit more to get past the web to the 
    door, where you have a stair to level 7.
    Level 7: L U L 2D L 2D R D R U gets you to the plate. You can push 2 boulders 
    out of the way to make it to the bottom for some food, too. 2L D L 3R/D 2D L 
    D R. There's no way to get to the UR chest I can see, but you should have 
    little problems pushing boulders out of the way on the island-maze. Work your 
    way along the top--push the top boulder 2L, then U 3L D 2L D 2L U R for a 
    potion. D when 2L of the head. Freeze the gazers and kill them. Follow the 
    passage down, and push right at the bottomand L when 2U2L of the chest, then 
    D. Food.
    Push the nearby boulder right a few and then travel right and down some more. 
    Step on the plate to the right and kill the mage above, then sneak through to 
    the chest with a potion. Push the boulder above the hydra left for a way in, 
    then play the panpipes. Destroy the hydra, step on a grate, and go down.
    Level 8: this looks messy, but break it up and it's okay. Go up into the lava 
    and UL. Grab the heart key. Back up, go to the UR and get the ankh key in the 
    box. Go back left across the lava and get the ankh in the center. Do not 
    touch the mushroom! That drops a genie on you. Go left to the edge and down 
    the stairs. Open the heart door and, in the DL, get the third ankh key. Use 
    the portal to the right to heal up, then come back. You will want to go up 
    along the left edge, then right when past the door. Go to another door and 
    blast the lich, open an ankh door, and use the pipes. Hack the dragon with 
    your sword, and get the treasure if you want before opening two more ankh 
    doors to the left. That gets you to level 9.
    Level 9: just run through this one, pretty much. Go UL, then UR to the UR 
    corner. Then go left and down and left through the door. Move quickly up then 
    all the way right and clean up the treasure to the right. Then go down the 
    Level 10: here you use an eep to keep the boulders as webs. The hourglass 
    changes boulders to webs, which you need to hack through. The eep is to the 
    right, 1 door above the door by the hourglass. It's a good idea to just hack 
    through to there to start. Establish a path right of the hourglass and up to 
    the door. This will take several runs back and forth. Shoot down the webs in 
    the room(2x2 block of boulders) and then kick the eep down and stay right of 
    the hourglass. Kick the eep right and move out of the way. Voila, it is 
    bouncing left and right. You can now go about hacking down cobwebs. You may 
    also wish to kill the reaper north of the hourglass at your leisure.
    The doors on the left are good, from bottom to top until you get the heart 
    key. The DR door is also good--4 hearts and a star. The eep may get out of 
    alignment at some point, but you can always kick him back in. Getting him 
    around immediately is quicker than constantly running back and forth.
    Once you have the heart key, go to the UR and open the heart door. Blast the 
    lower boulder and go up and through the teleport. Get the star key and 
    retreat. Again, the eep may randomly go off in a different direction, but if 
    he does, you can corral him and bring him back.
    When you get the star key, kill the lich and wait for the new ones to show 
    up. Use the pipes and the sword to hack through. Don't bother killing 
    everyone. Just get through the star door and go up through the arrow, then 
    right through the web-boulders to by the stairs.
    Level 11: clever and irritating all at once. You need to perform one set of 
    actions correctly four times out of eight. There's little risk of death, but 
    the timing bit takes adjustment.
    Touch the clock to turn the grate to a door. Go up and touch the bellows. Now 
    the repeat pattern is as follows: get a crate(flour) in the room up and left 
    and down. Get the flour that appears to the north. Go north and get a barrel. 
    Get the jug that appears to the south. Touch the table and off the pie goes!
    Go E N and step on the plate when the pie is within reach of the crane. Then 
    follow the pie and take a right into open space. You'll get ahead of the pie. 
    Go to the edge and up and right. Step on the plate with the pie to the left. 
    That kicks it to a circular route. You need to time the release from the 
    circular route exactly. First go back under the circular belt to the left and 
    push the vases just below to the right. Enter the left teleport, push the 
    vase right, and retreat. Enter the right teleport. Now ready the ping-pong 
    paddle and position yourself so you can see the pie as it is in the UL 
    corner. Fire the paddle left and go into the teleporter. Go U 2L D to the 
    next teleporter and head right. Stay under the plate and go up it when the 
    pie comes by. You've got a good chunk of time to do so, but not forever.
    Now do this three more times and you can advance. You don't have to visit the 
    exit til you do so, so that's time saved. The stairs are in the NE, past a 
    reaper. Just follow the circular belt and go up when it turns left. Along the 
    way you may wish to kill each reaper on the level. Use the pipes. You'll have 
    enough time to recharge.
    Level 12: a pain of a level. You need to flip the lever, bump two eeps into 
    the bottom, then flip the lever again. Once you push one eep to the bottom, 
    push left or right to kick him that way. You need to shut the gate behind 
    them so they don't escape. The squares on the edges control the gates up the 
    left--they flip flop which is open. So if you are halfway in and an eep 
    escapes, tough luck.
    There's a reaper behind the gates, and you'll be pinned down, so use panpipes 
    to silence it, then boomerang it. Along the top, there are two more reapers. 
    Kill then and get the star key in the UR. There's food 1D of it. Grab it and 
    go back. Flip the switch so that you can go to the right and open the star 
    For the next part you need to flip both switches at the top and then hang 
    around so the skeetons on the right break the wall to the left. An eep can 
    come in then, and you want to make it flip both the top and bottom levers in 
    the part just right of you, so each of the gates guarding the stair will 
    rise. Since eeps somewhat follow you, this means going to the bottom then the 
    top, then running down. You need an eep to hit the hourglass and also turn 
    the top lever to the right. This requires patience.
    Level 13: don't let the monsters out til you're ready! Go W(run by the 
    reapers) N*(tigers) E and at the T, N E(reaper) S and beat the titan for the 
    heart key. Freeze him if necessary, but you should be able to outrun him. 
    With the key, go back left. Explore all the way left and o U R for hearts, 
    then take the secret door to the teleporter behind all that. Go up and left 
    and fire at the cobweb. Now you can move the boulder north. There's little 
    need for other eeps at the moment, but the secret doors hold treasures. 
    Go to the NW. Carve up the cyclops. Get the oil and retreat. Now you need to 
    get to the eeps in the DR. First unleash the boulders on the left. You will 
    place them over the long columns AFTER an eep is in there. So where do you 
    find eeps?
    S E N of the hallway. Remember to push the eep in the opposite direction you 
    want it to go, as it'll bounce back anyway. Follow this to the main hall 
    until you push an eep down a column--not a side one, preferably, but a center 
    one, so you can push another boulder onto the side one later.
    Three hearts are in the room beyond the one where you found the first eep. 
    Get them out, then go to the end of the hall to find one more eep. You can 
    get another from the NE(3 trolls) and another from south of that, to the 
    left, where a mimic guards it. Put each one in a column. Put a boulder on 
    This might not be quite enough. You might have to pull the boulder to the 
    outside, push the eep down, and cover it, since the eeps gravitate towards 
    the top. Just note the right eep/column opens the top gate.
    Push the boulder up and get the trumpet. Go down the stairs.
    Level 14: go to the top door and D, R when you can. After two doors on the 
    bottom the passage goes up. Enter and touch the altar for four hearts and 
    stars. Then go up the right side, from the UR door 2U L 2U 3R 4U etc.  You 
    can go all the way up to fight a dragon and view the map(a vital clue as 
    there is an invisible secret door) or you can just take the door left of the 
    instructions above, 2L U L* U* L*. In either case, flick the lever and 
    retreat back to the altar room. Have the pipes ready to freeze enemies. W S 
    2W N* W to door 2N 3E 3N 2E 4N 2W 3S 2W 2N 2W 2S W* 2U. Now go up the right 
    side and take the 2nd-highest door there. Get the food on the bottom and 
    exit. Look in the next niche above for $15 and on the DL for food. Don't eat 
    any mushrooms except the center one. Those produce enemies that are not 
    frozen. The leftmost top niche has two hearts, too.
    The right niche on the top looks blank but has a secret door to the right. Go 
    through it, through a door and down the stairs.
    Level 15: this requires a maddening amount of patience. Pick off sea 
    creatures til you can't find any, then place a rope bridge 2S 2W 2S of the 
    stairs. Place another bridge to the south, get the heart and place a bridge 
    west. Get the heart and the mushroom beyond the door. Wait to recharge. Build 
    two bridges back. Go to the east. Step on the square and beat up the 
    specters. They will cause little damage, but have the panpipes ready 
    beforehand if you're worried. You're actually able to run back and forth 
    quite nicely to get them to chase you. Go up for the ankh key.
    Go back to the center isle and 2L 2U 2L, use the rope left to get to the next 
    island. You need a fireball wand to hack through some of this. Do so and kill 
    anyone who's around and wait around. Use a bridge in the NE to go across the 
    water and then NE S and go SE S to the ank door. Step on the spring and go 
    back north across the right bridge this time. Get the star key and retreat to 
    where you found the ankh. The star door! Use the key and get the heart key. 
    Now go back to the island on the left with the heavy cobwebs. Go up the left 
    edge and fight through more cobwebs to get to the heart door. Bust through it 
    and down the stairs.
    Level 16: this is the most madddening level in the game. You can whip all the 
    levers except one. They are all physically unavailable. I just cheated the 
    first time through. You may wish to too, with a back door to the stairs.
    If you wish to solve it honestly, you must flip all switches in a certain 
    order, and you must flip them so they do not bounce back. They are laid out 
    as follows.
        2 3 gates 2&5
    4  5 gate 3
      6  7 gate 6
        8  9 gates 1&4
    Flip 1, then you can flip the rows in any order, but you MUST arrange it so 
    you flip one row at a time, and when you shoot it with a ping pong ball, the 
    ball doesn't come back. This is difficult to judge with boxes all over the 
    place, but once you know what to do, you can keep trying 'til it works.
    One other thing to be on guard for is the blink. There's only one, but it 
    does a lot of damage. So what I try to do is start with the pipes and sword, 
    then freeze the board when I see the blink where I can hack at it. Once it's 
    out of the way I can concentrate on firing the ping pong paddle. What I do is 
    to go around, fire, and if it doesn't quite work, slow my guy up a bit so the 
    boxes are in a different location, then try again. You can use the cul de sac 
    in the NE to let a box by, or you can go down to let a box pass on a vertical 
    Level 17: go each direction, touch a plate and come back. To the east, push 
    the boulder up, touch the statue and push the next boulder up. 1R, push 
    right, push up, push 1R. This is much harder than it should be. I wind up 
    pushing the boulder two squares even if I get a running start. So use a save 
    state before starting. Push 1U. Run to the plate and touch it. Back to the 
    center--touch any plate.
    Next, the west. Heal up. Ready the pipes. Go west and up. Freeze the liches 
    and touch the plate. Retreat. Touch any plate in the center.
    In the north, push 1U then go to the top and push 3L. Be careful not to push 
    right on the way back. Go to the UR for another plate.
    Go to the bottom. Flip the lever. Push the box left and flip the other lever. 
    Go UR so you don't push the bottom box right, then push the top box right. Go 
    down and touch the right plate. Get the DR potion. Take the portal in the 
    east and go down to level 18.
    Level 18: go onto an arrow and be prepared to push right. There is a small 
    chance you may get killed, and it's a bit random, so save your state 
    beforehand. There's no way to really tell, but you do want to be running 
    right at the end, or you WILL get killed. But once that's through, it's easy. 
    Go 3E, N*-1, W N and you need to break down the west wall to find the next 
    level.  The center has flaming oil, but it's not worth the hassle of another 
    long trip through the arrows.
    Level 19: arrow jump up to the troll room, then left to the tigers. Let the 
    skeleton destroy the walls trying to shoot you. Pushing space helos. Go 
    through the right arrow back to the right edge so the eep tries to follow 
    you. Teleport back left up and left.
    Take the UL arrow. It kicks you right, but then the arrows vanish. Go up and 
    push the eeps right. They all get destroyed, but don't go into the dead end 
    yourself. You may get hit if you turn down, so heal if you're desperately 
    low. There are power ups nearby.
    Level 20: on an emulator, the space bar elps here for watching the eeps enter 
    a portal(stay away from it--if they land on you, you're toast) before they go 
    into a full blown loop. Clear the cobwebs by the teleports and to the left. 
    Take the left portal. Wait for a bit, then go back, and the eeps should have 
    gone by. Go up and right and shoot the cobweb left of the barrel. The eeps 
    will push it left. Push them right and fire up. Go left and fire at the 
    barrel. Take the teleport. Go 1S. Wait for the eeps to teleport above you. 
    They will get stuck in the loop in the next room. Make sure they're gone 
    before going left and up into the gazer room.
    Kill the gazer and step on the squares with the heart key. Eventualy you'll 
    get it. Ready the fireball wand and the pan pipes. Fire down at the thick 
    web, then fly left. You should make it in time, but if they are ahead of you, 
    use the pipes for insurance. Push the barrel right, enter the teleport, 1S 
    and wait for them to enter. Wait a bunch and the other eep will have pushed 
    the barrel left. You can fire down at the next thick web to release the next 
    eeps, then run right so they push the barrel all the way right. Or you can 
    freeze them, enter the portal, 1S and wait. Either way, you can work your way 
    back to the DR portal. Enter it and use the heart key
    Level 21: finally, an easy one. Go up to the dragon and whomp him. You 
    shouldn't need to freeze him, but it can't hurt. Go left of him for food. D 
    R, kill the reaper, to the DL corner for more food, and kill the dragon past 
    the secret door to the right. Go up the secret door and L UL U.
    Level 22: Go to the UR and push the plate down. Push the right row up as 
    often as you can--three times. Push the right jug up into the crane 
    above(time it after the cranes move so you do not stick a jug in the DR and 
    trap yourself,) then go to the left door and up and right and push the jugs 
    right. Back to the right and push the jugs up. To the left, push right, to 
    the right, push up(both columns) and eventually you'll get to the upper 
    doorway. There's a troll behind one doorway and a reaper behind the next. A 
    rolling boulder is behind that, but you can run through it instead of waiting 
    if you have the health--or you can follow it to the end and go up through the 
    secret door. Get the food at the end.
    To play it safe, heal up so you don't get blasted by the mushrooms behind. If 
    you have 1-2 hearts, heal anyway. It's possible to pick them off one at a 
    time on the left, then go up the door and go 1R and up to avoid too much 
    damage. But don't try to take more than you have to.
    Level 23: a fetch level where you need to get all the fake stairs, and then 
    the real one appears 1R of the stairs up. You are going to take damage here, 
    so have food ready. The buzzsaws, of course, complicate things. I would go 
    straight NE then work south to the SW, then work west to near the stairs, 
    then NE. Back to the very NE, then W and get the food in the secret door, 
    then go S and get the next one S, go SW and work your way NW. Then back to 
    the SW.
    Level 24: touch the square in the center to open the DL grate. You should be 
    able to nip in between the boulders, which move in a circle, then move out. 
    Go to the DL and touch the center square there. You can move 2D or 2L+(U/D). 
    The buzzsaws move around enough that you need to wait maybe five seconds 
    between each move. Get to the center, then the DR.
    Past the gate is an area with invisible water. E* 2N W*-1 3N E* 2N W N W* 2N. 
    Push the boulder in the next room up and then shoot the rest to get to the 
    down stairs. You can even avoid the troll, shooting out a rectangle of 
    Level 25: a lot of hidden stuff here. Avoid the stairs, touch the crystal 
    ball and get teleported to the SE. Go along the bottom and then along the 
    right. Go W then N after the teleport, then go W* N. The stairs are a trap 
    again. Then ready the rope, go S W and S through the secret door. 2S(watch 
    for the dead end 3S) 3E S E 2S W S and place the rope left so it is 1U1R of 
    the DL. That gets you to the DL. Then check to see if you're healed. Go south 
    to the middle and all the way east. Make it through the exploding wisps--
    don't shy back from them or you'll take more damage--and you are on level 26.
    Level 26: this has a lot of squares that nick you for a little damage, but it 
    is not hard. It has nothing really resembling a puzzle. If you were able to 
    save the trumpet, it is very easy. Ready the sword and the pipes. Go up the 
    left side. There's a cyclops you can't kill and, in the NW, lava with a 
    reaper. Go 1R and get the star key and leave. Go down and right through the 
    door in the 3x1 corridor. At the X in the center, go to the NE. Go through 
    the right door and hit the up arrow. Get the food and potion and then take 
    any arrow back. Reenter the NE on the north side and take the right arrow 2R. 
    Go up for the heart key. 
    Go down the left edge, except for the cyclops room, where you can hook 
    around. When you see the reaper, back up and go left. Use the pipes on the 
    dragon guarding the star door to the left. You can just go north and flick 
    the lever and get out without beating the hydra. That opens up the center 
    teleport, which you should take. It's a bit of a joke that you can use the 
    trumpet on the black knight when you see him. Then go up through the secret 
    door, right through the 3x6 of $5's(a bit late now, eh?) and touch the plant 
    to release Lord Antonio.
    Take the boat back to New Magincia, and after one final celebration, you win!
    This is an entertaining side quest where you can get a lot of diverse 
    treasure. You need to find a heart key in Buccaneers' Den first, and it is 
    west of the inn. The second door on the bottom, Touch the bottom dresser and 
    a heart key appears to the left. Take it and go to the building in the SW. 
    Touch the NW square to descend.
    Level 1: you can go north to get a potion then go clockwise for a boat. There 
    will be monsters you can shoot from far away. There is also oil in the SW. On 
    the boat, go a few squares east and then south. SE on the main island, you 
    have a heart key. Get it and go to the west of the island, open the heart 
    door and go down.
    Level 2:  there are pirates to shoot from above. Let them walk into your 
    fire. In each row, there is one table you can walk over. Learn by trial and 
    error or use the map. Go right, then down at the sixth table from the right. 
    Don't bother TOO much to count. Just get in the gfeneral area and push down 
    on each table. Go to the left, get a heart, then go 6R D, 4R D, L*-2 and 
    down, right(5L of cannon) and down, L* for the heart, 6R D, L* and R* and 
    Level 3: a blitz of a level. It looks a bit like a boat. Not much to do here, 
    so you may wish to freeze things here to go S, E across the cannons, S W S E.
    Level 4: You need to kill whatever enemies you can before knocking off the 
    reaper in the center. That makes waiting for the flood that occurs(you do get 
    a boat) less perilous. Go to the UR and exit onto the island with the hole.
    Level 5: you must kill all the serpents on the left. Each one you do gets you 
    another piece of the bridge to the right. There is $1 in the DL and #6 on the 
    other side. A hole down to level 6 is in the SW of the right island.
    Level 6: another level where you may want to freeze the items, maybe even 
    twice. You have three foods--SE has 2, SW has one. NW you have $5 and a 
    trumpet. You may be able to just use the trumpet and get by, or you can save 
    the trumpet for later. There's also a potion and treasure to the NE.
    I don't know if you can repeat this trek. ??
        5-2. THE CASTLES
    Empath Abbey is dealt with separately, but the other two have some dungeon 
    fights. The Lyceum has two hearts to the east of the stairs, but you can 
    follow a passage to the NE where you can flip the left lever to open a room 
    with spider webs. Behind it you have a secret panel, a big room and another 
    secret passage leading to oil and potion.
    While not a quest in its own right, Serpents Hold offers fights in the 
    basement and, even better, a way to get quick gold. The castle is due south 
    of Buccaneers' Den, southeast of Trinsic, and east of Cowardice. The way to 
    get gold is to go up to the top level and go E N W for $6, then down two 
    flights(N E from L1 up stairs) and back up. Repeat as necessary.
    There's also a weird bug where you can go to the NW of level 1 or 2 of the 
    castle proper, and you slip out of the place by mistake.
        5-3. SMALL SIDE CAVES
          5-3-1. CAVE 1: SW BRITANNIA
    Not really recommended--too relatively tough for the treasure you get.
    Level 1: kill the two snakes in the UR. Touch the DR of the stalacmites, and 
    that opens a secret passage to the SW. Touching the mushroom releases three 
    rats, and beating them makes another passage south. There, another mushroom 
    in the south makes a reaper pop up to the east. Beat it for a secret door 4N. 
    Another mushroom, and a mimic appears above. Go to the top, left and down. 
    One more time with the mushroom and enemies(3 ghouls) and then you have 
    stairs down. A teleport to the start also opens up.
    Level 2: I felt silly seeing this since it is mostly equivalent to level 16 
    of the Abyss, which I cheated to get through--I just tore down the walls. You 
    can take a lot more time to complete this one. Flip the top switch and have 
    the pipes ready in case you trip it a bunch of times. Destroy the blinkers 
    and then work the top row of levers inside and go down. You may have to work 
    your way back up. There's some gold there.
          5-3-2. CAVE 2: NE BRITANNIA
    You need to bring a mayor to this cave. It's not critical to do this, and in 
    fact it's a waste of time overall to try for the treasure, but the puzzles 
    are moderately interesting.
    Level 1: you start off facing one troll. Kill it. From here it is one way 
    travel in the cavern, counterclockwise with dead ends in the SW and SE. The 
    SE has a reaper guarding the entrance to the dead end, which holds a potion.
    Level 2: the next level is a bit tougher. Let your mayor friend go to one 
    side. You go to the other. Shoot the room of reapers and go up. Push the side 
    jug up, wait, move down and go up/(left/right) to push the row of jugs one 
    right. Then you can get to the web and move on from there to a room with more 
    reapers. You only have to kill the ones on your side. Then go up, kill the 
    skeletons and loop to the top where you can fall down. Get the pipes ready 
    Level 3: kill both the reapers. Then get the food in the DL/DR. Go to the top 
    and wait. When the mayor goes through the portal, hit the pipes and go right 
    on the portal that appears. Shoot the reaper behind the grate and go L U R--
    the shots are from nowhere and will hurt you, so be healed. At the room with 
    the table, go left.
    Here's where it's confusing. You don't have to worry about the mayor. If you 
    watch the crystal ball, you can see he just loops out of sight and out of 
    The puzzle here is that there are six levers on the right side. You need to 
    touch all of them, it seems, including the two that do not vanish the lava. 
    You may also have to touch those two last--it's funny. But the mayor will go 
    to the center if you do. Now he is hard to pull out of there without his 
    dying, and anyway, you'd have to get in there.other. The order is somewhat 
    important; either way, you will cause the arrow left of the tall room to 
    change, but the wrong spring first may cause the mayor to miss the key, 
    because he generally follows you.
    Yeah, I had to punch a hole in the wall with a hex editor to finish this out. 
    But this is not a particularly valuable dungeon anyway. If anyone knows the 
    right way, let me know and I'll give you credit.
    Level 4: this is not bad at all. You need to move just one square forward at 
    a time with the arrows coming in towards you. Don't worry about starting slow 
    in the center as the worst that can happen is, you're bumped to the other 
    side. Once you are on the outer rim, you can go wherever you want. Be 
    conservative about heading there, though, and you should be okay.
    The north holds a mimic in the UL and a heart key in the UR. The east has a 
    reaper to the south and a boulder to the north past a secret wall. Shoot the 
    boulder and push it to the top. Get the ankh key in the secret passage to the 
    west. The west has a cyclops guarding the grate at the top. Kill the cyclops, 
    go north, then south through a secret passage and east through a crumbly. 
    That gets you the star key.
    Now you can go through the south doors. Heart and star treasure. Zigzag 
    through the next bit and heal if at two hearts--try not to catch up with the 
    missiles the head fires that go ahead of you. You don't need to kill the 
    reapers. Get the mushroom at the end and come back. Again, watch your 
    strength as there's nothing you can do about a little damage. The pipes don't 
    stop the heads shooting. At the beginning, take the door behind the now-open 
    grate. Take the secret door down in the NW. Get the gold and go back.  You 
    can take the mushroom and repeat, but I don't think it is cost efficient. You 
    get $10 for each pass through but you have to use at least one food($10.)
          5-3-3. N/NE BRITANNIA CAVE
    This cave is between Minoc and Selfishness. It's an easy one once you know 
    what to do, and it gives nice treasure. However, you need a special item to 
    get through it. If you didn't play as Mariah, or if you gave her a sword, and 
    you managed to save the trumpet in Pride or below the Buccaneers' Den, you're 
    set for a nice payday. I don't know if you are allowed to go through twice, 
    but it would mean going through Pride twice, since trumpets aren't exactly 
    sold at your local armory.
    Level 1: bats keep spawning no matter how quickly you kill them. There's a 
    secret passage at the top. The only way to activate it is to neutralize all 
    enemies. Use the trumpet and go to the top, and behind the center of it is a 
    crystal ball showing the bat-shaped cave and stairs down.
    Level 2: the eeps don't matter. You've got a Texas-sized haul here, which is 
    funny, because if you look in the crystal ball, it's in the shape of Texas. 
    $60 for you. It's like you've struck oil! Just walk out after this.
      6. CHEATS
        6-1. IN-GAME
    One big cheat you can use is to grab coins right by a stair just after you 
    enter a room, then use the ankh but press B. Then the items reappear. You can 
    do this for any room in particular, but nice ones are:
    --Lord British's castle, when you go up to the UR from the basement($3 very 
    --Serpents' Hold, with the $6
    --any place where you can buy stuff and you don't want to have to go out of 
    your way
    --any end of a dungeon level where you can go down the stairs WITHOUT TAKING 
    THE TREASURE AT THE END and right back up
    You can't build up heart keys etc., but if there is food, you can pile that 
    up very quickly, and that is useful. This also does not work for Sherry, the 
    ankh key and the cheese on the upper level of Lord British's.
        6-2. TECHNICAL
    If you have VisualBoyAdvance, copy a save state to a .gz file. Use 7z or 
    Windows Gunzip to unzip the file, then look at 0x53a4 in a hex editor for the 
    start of the map. Note if the map is 32 or 16 wide and then you can futz with 
    what's there. Change a wall or special square to 0x60 to be able to pass 
    through. Then you need to re-zip it. Use windows gzip to do that. You can get 
    that from SourceForge.
    End of FAQ Proper
      7. VERSIONS
    0.6.0: sent to GameFAQs 11/12/2007, over halfway complete
    1.0.0: sent to GameFAQs 11/13/2007, walkthrough-complete
    1.1.0: sent to GameFAQs 11/14/2007, added side dungeons and gold cheat
      8. CREDITS
    Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang, current and emeritus. They know who they 
    are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS writing done. 
    Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow 
    Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, Brian Sulpher, AdamL, odino, JDog and 
    others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in his current not-yet-banned message 
    board incarnation. I am not part of his gang, but I want him to be part of 

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