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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JHoeksma

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    * Ultima: Runes of Virtue 2 walkthru *
    *                 by                 *
    * Jeffrey Hoeksma A.K.A. Dung Dragon *
    This is perhaps the only Ultima: Runes of Virtue 2 walkthru available on 
    the net, it is a rather straight forward walkthru, if you don't want to be
    bored to death, beat the game yourself...
    Table of Contents:
    1. The beginning
    2. Hints
    3. Items
    4. Cities
    5. Dungeons
    6. Side quests
    7. Runes
    8. Orb Of the Moons
    1. The beginning:
    You start out with a choice of 4 characters:
    Dupre: The fighter
    Mariah: The mage
    Shamino: The ranger
    Iolo: The bard
    Pick the character according to which one you feel the most suited too...
    	In the introduction you see the evil Black Knight who you foiled in 
    Runes Of Virtue 1 walking around fuming because he is bored (everyone needs 
    hobby and his is Brittanian domination) He decides to be mean to Lord British 
    by kidnaping Tholdon, the mayor of Britain and locking him up in his tower. 
    Nystul learns of these events and informs Lord British, whose first reaction 
    is to call for the Avatar, since Lord British is to lazy to do anything 
    himself, its up for you to save the day!
    	The purpose of the game is to go to every dungeon and rescue every 
    mayor, then return them to their city. You get a rune for everyone you rescue, 
    when you get 8 runes and smith the Black Knight you'll beat the game. 
    2. Hints
    -The most important hint, DO NOT take boats for granted, there is only so
     many in the game. If you for some quier reason leave a pirate ship sitting
     in the middle on the ocean, take the next ship you use and manuver the two
     ships beside an accessable piece of land, do this by going from ship to
     ship. The only ship you ever lose is the 1 ship you take to Cove, through
     the whirlpool. 
    -If you ever mess up on a level and find you can't beat it, just use your
     ankh, if you hit "a" you return to LB's castle, of you press "b" you just
     return to the last door you went through. (or was that the other way around)
    -death is a man's best friend, if you have low health, just get yourself 
     killed, when you die on a level you get to keep all the items you had when
     you died, plus you can pick up the item your second time around. Using
     that you can pick up a full supply of health items from just one. Using
     the ankh will not allow you to keep the items you picked up on the level.
    -you can use 2 weapons at once, a sword and some type of ranged weapon. I 
     personally recomend the bow because it has limetless uses and a long range.
    -the boomerang, magic wand or amulet are all good choices
    3. Items:
    There are several items in the game...
    The throwing axe - The starting item of Shamino the ranger, is a slow 
                       underpowered throwing weapon.
    The crossbow - Weaker then the bow, still a decent ranged weapon, available
                in Minoc.
    The bow - The starting item of Iolo, it is a decent ranged weapon, available 
           in Minoc.
    The boomerang - Found inside of the Cavern of Selfishness, it is a short
          ranged distance weapon as strong as the sword.
    The shruikin - A ninja star type thing that shoots out your back and kills
                people, a decent weapon for protecting your back.
    The sword - The starting weapon of Dupre, it is a strong short-ranged 	
    The shield - Using this item will block most ranged attacks focused on you
              if you whip out the shield in time.
    The enchanted shield - The best shield in the game, it blocks near 		
    	everything, Its found in The Cavern Of Cowardice
    The leather armor - The starting armor of Dupre, the only character who gets
                        any at the start, it offers moderate armor, available in 
    The chainmail armor - Better then the leather armor, it is an efficient 	
    		piece of equipment.
    The platemail armor - Available from Jhelom for 75gp from Mandrake The Bard, 
                          it is exceptionally strong stuff.
    The enchanted armor - You can find it in the Cavern Of Pride, pick it up and
                   Enjoy it.
    The Dragon Boots - They're available in Buccaneer's Den for 50gp. from Budo
              the Provisioner. With these, you can freely walk through fire.
    The magic wand - The weapon of Mariah, it is a very powerful long ranged
               attack, but it sucks up mana, it can also be found in the
               cavern of Destard. It is the only thing that can destroy
               strong spider webs.
    The amulet - Shoots a lighting bolt at whatever you desire, available in 
              The Caver Of Deceit.
    The ping-pong paddle - A very interesting tool, use it for flipping switches 	
    			you Couldn't normally reach.
    The potion - Restores mana, only useful for Mariah, available for sale in 	
    The explosion potion - Throw this at anything, when it hits it, it explodes 
                     and just destroys anything it hits, it is very useful,
                     be careful, your liable to destroy yourself. 
    The snake staff - Inside the Cavern Of Injustice, it has one use, it'll 	
    		summon 3 vipers, amazingly useless.
    The magic rope - Creates a bridge to cross small watery gaps, Zoltan the
               gypsy give it to you in The Cavern Of Injustice.
    The magic ring - It is inside the Cavern Of Selfishness, you need the ping 	
    		pong paddle to reach it, using it spawns a troll.
    The cyclops summoner - Its found around a few dungeons, it looks like a 	
    		little cyclops, using it summons a cyclops to fight for 		
    Dinner meals - Restores players to full health, very useful, available in 
                Britain for sale.
    Ankhs - Returns the player to Lord British's Castle, or the beginning of a 
    Cheese - Give it Sherry The Mouse for a key, available for sale in Yew.
    The letter of warning - Give it to Lord Antonia of New Magincia.
    The trumpet - Found in the Cavern Of Pride, it drains 4 mana to use it, as 
              Far as I can tell it does nothing.
    The magic Chalice - Found in The Cavern Of Cowardice (I think)it uses 1 mana 	
    		a use, it heals 1 heart for every star, a must for Mariah.
    4. Cities:
    Lord British's castle:
    This place is pretty straight forward, you can talk to Chuckles for a
    more the useless clue, Cooper The Blacksmith will sell you a shield for 50gp
    You can talk to Nystul for some slightly useful information, Nystul's
    crystal balls is a map of the inside of the castle, the crystal ball on 
    the roof displays a map of the world, there's some cannons you can shoot for
    fun on the roof of the castle, if you look in the kitchen in the east
    chamber, there's some cheese you can give to Sherry the mouse for a key, 
    there's a book in the north end of the first level which gives a little
    information on the cities and the virtues, the a piano you can play with
    in Lord British's room, Lord British will tell you the scoop on Lord 
    Tholdon, saying he's held captive in the dungeon Hatred to the north.
    If you fall down the hole in the blacksmith shop you fall into a pit of lava,
    going through a secret door you find a pit of vipers, some useless boxes
    and a bunch of magic mushrooms, each mushroom will give you more vipers, 
    there's nothing of value down there. There's various health power up hidden
    in boxes through out the castle.
    Before you visit the dungeon Hatred you may want to visit Britain, it is
    southwest of the castle, there you will meet Gnu Gnu the food provisioner
    who sells food for 15gp a piece, you also meet Ariana, the daughter
    of Mayor Tholdon she just tell you about Tholdon, after rescuing Tholdon,
    you can meet him, he'll say he wishes he could join you. Besides a few
    critters running around Britain, there is absolutely nothing of interest 
    except for a book that tells you a little about Compassion.
    A bit more interesting the Britain, it is a little ways south of Britain.
    You can talk to Lord Whitsaber, who will warn you about pirates, Sandy the
    Cook will tell you about Lord Whitsaber's appetite. Harold the Blacksmith 
    will sell you leather armor for 25gp, a bow for 35gp. and a throwing axe for
    10gp. There is also a book in town that brags "Pirate free since 1743" A 
    little maneuvering around the outside walls of Trinsic will find you a switch, 
    pulling the switch will open the gates to behind the town, all there is, is a
    teeter-totter and a fountain.
    This place is of somewhat interest, You meet Lady Leonora, she'll pretty
    much ignore you, what a witch. You'll also meet Utomo The Islander, the 
    cheese dealer, he'll sell you pieces of cheese at 5gp a piece. If you talk to 
    Mandrake The Bard, he'll tell you about the fireball wand. If you have
    the fire wand you can destroy the strong spider web, then take the moongate,
    you'll arrive in Moonglow.
    Minoc is located a long ways east of Yew through a desert and a swamp, it is
    worth the trip for the nice weaponry that you receive here.
    You meet Julia the tinker in Minoc, she has an interesting arsenal of weapons 
    and armor for sale, long sword for 25gp. a piece, chainmail armor at 60gp. 
    a piece, and long bows, more powerful then the crossbow, for 50gp a piece.
    You can talk to Lady Isabella, mayor of Yew for some information. You can
    talk to Christopher, he'll play his trombone for you. Yu also meet
    Selagnor the Bard, he tells you about the Friendly Horn, that makes even
    the worst of enemies turn onto your sides.
    The easiest way to get to Moonglow is to travel through the moongate at Yew,
    it will instantly transport you to the city of honesty.
    You can buy potions from Penumbra in Moonglow for 10gp a piece. Rob Fraiser
    the cook in Moonglow will tell you about the Orb Of the Moons on the roof
    of the Lyceaum. You can talk to the mayor Lord Aganar, he will give you a
    little information about the town residents.
    The Lyceaum: 
    Some very interesting things here. If you push the bookcase in one of the 
    western rooms of the first floor, you will discover a ladder, heading through 
    this ladder will allow you to reach the Moonglow jail, there is some real
    mean creatures in here, on the roof of the Lyceaum is the Orb Of the Moons,
    it'll teleport you to any city in Brittania, you may wish to speak to
    Croyel Dauphin, he'll tell you where each of the 8 gates are. The gate
    locations are mentioned below.
    Skara Brae:
    located just southeast of Moonglow on its very on island, it is the city of
    spirituality, here Marta will inform you of pirates and sell explosions for
    10gp. a piece. You can meet Horance the Wizard, who spends his time rotating
    his crops, literally! Marney will ask you if you want to use hew see-saw, 
    you also meet the mayor Lord Quenton who will brag to you. There's also
    Gideon the Innkeeper who will restore your health for 5gp.
    A very interesting place this is, located west of Skara Brae it is the city
    of Valor, You can meet the one and only Dr. Cat, who says how great his 
    business is, in the inn theres Finn, he'll tell you he's really the 
    Black Knight in disguise and he wants to know how people are feeling.
    Mandrake the bard in the corner of the inn will sell you plate mail armor
    for 75 go. I'd suggest buying it. Lord Zellizan will talk to you about valor, 
    think you've seen everything in the city? Wrong! if you search the well in
    the northwest corner of town you will find a ladder, descend it to enter
    Origin, there you'll meet all the Origin staff, Raymond, Brian, Marc, 
    Terry The Adventurer, Dr. Dana, Alan, Gnu Gnu, and of course, Scott and 
    Serpent's Hold:
    It is located west of Jhelom, there is only one resident, Coranda, he'll
    tell you about the mystic sword and armor found in the Cavern Of Pride.
    also if you look in the basement of Serpent's Hold you will find an 
    interesting army of monsters.
    New Magincia:
    An actually very boring town, It lies East of Moonglow, a very short distance.
    Katrina the farmer will tell you about a star wand that's needed to dispel 
    the field by the Great Stygian Abyss. You can buy food at Katrina's store 
    for 10gp. a piece. Conor Starfalcon will tell you about Buccaneer's Den. 
    Lord Antonio will tell you about the town.
    Buccanear's Den:
    The home of evil pirates, it is located just west of New Magincia, here you'll
    meet Homer the thief, who'll warn you about sinking your ship, Leodon the
    pirate will give you an important clue about how to get to Cove, and the 
    location of some buried treasure south of town. Mandrake is in Buccaneer's
    Den, he'll tell you how reprehensible pirates are. Budo the provisioner
    will sell you anti-lava boots for 50gp.
    5. Dungeons
    Cavern Of Hatred: 
    The beginning:
         When you enter the Cavern Of Hatred, you go one room south and come
    to a four room cross, to the south is a room with a few barrels and a heart
    piece. To the east there is a statue, use it and you get a coin, in the room
    to the north of that there is a zombie, in the west room there is a room with
    2 bats, kill them and in the south room there is a hourglass, use that and
    run north into the now open room and descend the ladder.
         In the next level down you are in a room with a viper, in the east 
    room there is 2 zombies, search the bookcases for 5gp. To the north of the
    staircase is a hallway with teleports on the side, sneak through the
    teleports for bonus items. In the room north of that there is a room with 
    about 7 bats. To the far east there is a room with a ladder surrounded by
    plants, go into the room west of that for a chest, using the chest will summon 
    3 ghosts but dispel the plants, head down the ladder
         On the next level down, head to the southwest and find a teleport,
    search the teleport room for a heart key, go back to the room with the
    sign that say "The easy way" You can go either way, if you choose the easy
    way skip down a little, if you choose the other way, read on.
    The West way:
    Head through the secret wall to the west and go down the ladder.
    Down there you will find a room with bats and spider webs, just go through
    the teleport, you will go through a series of teleports into a room of
    of boxes, head for the northwest box, many contain vipers. You arrive
    in a room with 3 zombies, head to the west, destroy all the spider webs and
    push the barrels to get the key. You can get a throwing axe to the south, 
    head through the locked door to the west. Make your way through the
    annoying teleport room and through the secret wall down the ladder.
    Suddenly you get a picture of the Black Knights shannanigans, he is sulking
    because Lord British sends the Avatar, so he comes up with the plan to
    kidnap every single mayor in all Brittania (We're not cycotic, are we?)
    his first order of business is Lord Whitsaber, who he kidnaps and locks in
    The bottom of the Cavern of Dishonor.
         The purpose of the first room is to always push a vase to the fancy
    wall. The first room is straight forward, the second room you must kill the
    reaper before pushing up the vase, the third room is straight forward too, 
    after the third room go through the secret wall for food, in the room to the
    north, first kill all the blobs, then push the crate north 5 squares, east 6,
    south 6, west 4, then north up to the fancy wall, go through the teleport.
    Go one square west of the teleport, walk 1 west, 1 north, 1 west, 1 north
    then 1 west, go back to beside the teleport, walk north 4 steps, and push
    the top vases west, go back and push the single vase up to the design. You
    enter the last level.
    The East way:
         In the first level, simply head around the outside of the level 
    counter-clockwise, you'll come to a ladder, you can just walk down and you'll
    come to a new level.
         On this level, go to the center room with the statue, don't walk on
    the carpet, you'll ge toasted. Go to the room directly to the east of the 
    statue, you'll meet Sherry the Mouse again, she'll tell you to collect all 
    the hearts, collect all of them and it'll remove the statue, walk down the 
    ladder which stands where the statue once stood.
         In the next room level, you'll have to first go through the
    teleporter that stands beside your ladder, on the next level down explore 
    defeat all the monsters you meet, you will find the ladder down if you
    head clockwise or counterclockwise. Pick all the mushrooms, each one you
    pick will open a door for you, you enter the last level.
    Suddenly you get a picture of the Black Knights shannanigans, he is sulking
    because Lord British sends the Avatar, so he comes up with the plan to
    kidnap every single mayor in all Brittania (We're not cycotic, are we?)
    his first order of business is Lord Whitsaber, who he kidnaps and locks in
    The bottom of the Cavern of Dishonor.
    The final level: 
         This is the final level of Hatred, it is actually quite easy, simply
    walk into the first room and got through the teleport. Destroy all
    the bats in the room. Go north through the secret wall, walk along the
    carpeted walk, kill the vampire. In the next room there is a vase and a lever.
    pulling the level turns all the pieces of room into water. Move the vase
    from the secret passages to the bottom grating. Go pull the lever, 
    everywhere you pushed the vase will turn into normal ground. Go through
    the bottom grating. Cruise through the hallway, go north into the third room,
    there is a rat there, smite the rat, look in the chest for a key. The next
    room should look familiar, kill the troll and look in the northeast corner,
    you will find a secret wall, find Lord Tholdon, exit out of the dungeon
    through the ladder at the southwest. Return to Britain for an interesting
    cut scene and the rune of compassion
    The Cavern of Dishonor:
    The beginning:
         This is your next location in your search for Lord Whitsaber,
    you can find The Cavern Of Dishonor to the west of Trinsic.
    On the first level make your way through the maze to the Southeast corner of
    the level, try avoiding the frogs and the reapers. If you search in the
    mushroom patch to the northwest of the level you will find a big diamond 
    worth 5gp. 
         In the next level down you will find many mimics, you can tell
    mimic from normal chests due to the fact that the top of mimic chests
    are black while the top of real chests are grey. You can kill the mimics
    to make money. If you search the chest closest to the ladder blocked
    by the black spider web you will find a full heal meal. In the far east
    wall there is a strong spider web blocking the ladder, these can only be
    fried with the fire wand. In the southwest corner of this level there is
    another ladder, head down this one. You can find the fire wand in a real 
    chest guarded my 3 mimics in the bottom southwest corner of this third level,
    go back to the black spider web and fry it with your wand, be careful because 
    it used mana. Go down the this ladder to another third level.
          Be careful in this next room, every mushroom you pick spawns more 
    sea creatures, but also, every mushroom you pick makes another rock
    able to be crumbled, so for every mushroom you pick, crumble one boulder, go 
    the 2 sets of boulders, in the next room the water moves up and down. Go 
    through the secret door to the south when the water is way down. Watch out
    for gremlins, they steal your money, if they do, kill them to get it back. 
    Pick one mushroom, there are 3, pick one to crush each boulder, fall down
    the hole. 
         You now find yourself in the last level of the Cavern Of Destard.
    Firstly, head along the passages to the southwest corner of the level, 
    there is a room of spider webs, in the chest there is a meal. Head to the
    north, go up to the grating and run into the room at the east, try to avoid 
    the brutal statues. In this room, go through the secret passageway through
    the south of that room. Kill the zombie and the vampire, kill the mimic in
    the room and pick up all the crates. Kill all the snakes and rats that are
    hidden in the rooms throughout the level. After killing all the monsters a
    chest will spawn in the room where you found the meal, you get the heart
    key from there, go back to the heart door and rescue Lord Whitsaber. Leave
    the dungeon through the ladder to the northwest, 
    The Cavern of Injustice:
    The beginning:
         In the first level, head west, killing a few vipers as you go, get
    to the end of the corridor and head south through the secret wall. The next
    room is chalked fool of frogs and vipers. Destroy them all, it'll be a 
    pretty brutal battle. If you take the ladder in the southwest of the
    swamp you can pick up about 20gp, taking gold out of all the chests, watch
    out for the gremlin. Head through the ladder to the southeast. 
         In this level, merely follow along the skinny hallway, to the west, 
    south until you reach a door, then walk east as far as you are able to.
    Head through the secret wall, walk through the wall and fall down the hole.
         In this level, simple walk all the way to the east, maneuvering
    your way around the objects annoying placed in your way. Walk across the 
    switch, these will close the hallway behind you. Follow the hallway north,
    then all the way west past the heart locked door. Walk south, go through
    the door to the east, at the end of this hallway is a key and a mushroom.
    Using the mushroom will give you several power-up items. Go through the heart
    door. When you press the pressure plate, be prepared to dodge many arrows.
    Those bouncy balls in the room are very annoying but can't hurt you. Walk
    into the room to the west. Push the two vases that are sticking obviously
    out to the north, using some common sense you can pickup some food. Walk
    west and go through the secret passageway. You can go through the teleport,
    but if you head south you can pickup a explosion potion. When through the
    teleport, destroy all the webbing, then push the vases to the west. Go
    down the ladder.
         In this level walk south through the door, then head south as far
    as you can go. Then walk along the outside to the west until you can't go
    any further, then head north as far as you can go, inside a room in
    the northeast you can find a snake staff, using it will summon 3 vipers.
    Then head to the east over the bridge. Circle around and talk to Beh Lem, 
    he'll tell you to destroy the wall. Beat on the wall and it will break down, 
    you can go in there and flip the switch, then walk across the bridge and down
    the ladder.
         On the next level down, walk along the hallway to the east and walk
    north past the gauntlet of statues, expect to take a few hits. In the
    northwest corner you can find a few hearts and stars, Zoltan the gypsy
    is sneaking around these dungeons, if you talk to him, he'll give you a magic
    rope that allows you to cross water, head back south across the gauntlet
    using the rope. Follow the hallway to the east and use the rope to get to
    potion, the meal, then use the rope to descend the ladder.
         On this level, first, kill the 2 sea serpents with a ranged weapon,
    then, for every mushroom you use, 1 barrel appears behind you, push each
    barrel into the water alongside the walls of the water inlet. This creates
    a grand passage, push the barrels up to beside each door, use the rope to
    cross the remaining gap. Go through the east door first, kill the vipers
    and travel through the hidden passage, talk to Terry the Adventurer, walk 
    west and get the hammer, for destroying barrels, also you receive the 
    shruiken, it shoots out your back. Go through the western passageway of the
    water cove. Shoot the webs, pick up some items. Go through the hidden door
    and eat the mushroom. It turns into a barrel, bash the barrel with your 
    Go down the ladder.
         Head west through the first door and defeat a herd of ghosts. You can
    flip the switch and kill the tiger for a 5gp coin. Head south, go through the
    door and kill the annoying spiders, get the heart key. Walk through the 
    heart door to the west, kill the rats, make your way clockwise to the 
    southeast corner of the pool of water, walk down that passageway, skiddadle
    past a the reaper through the secret passage, then head north, using
    the rope to cross the bridge. You go down the ladder and meet Lady Leonnora,
    use your ankh to exit the building, you arrive in Lord British's castle.
    Walk to Yew, north of the castle, for the rune of justice and a great 
    Cavern Of Selfishness:
    	This dungeon is located a short ways east of Yew, it should be your 
    destination after killing the lich. In the first room press the hourglass
    and take your choice in which direction you want to go, I will write a
    description of each. 
         If you choose southwest, you will find yourself in a long hallway
    with many secret passages on 1 side, simply walk through the passage and
    slaughter all the spiders in the room, try to avoid touching the boulders, 
    go down the ladder. Walk west into a mushroom room, grab the big mushroom, 
    and cruise through the teleport, you will get teleported all the way through
    a huge web room, when you stop teleporting, work your way northeast through
    the webs to a different direction facing teleport. Sprint past all the 
    freaky statues. Then cruise across the swamp bridge, it will start 
    disappearing behind you, ignore the seahorse, but kill the sea serpent the 
    second you get the chance. When crossing the bridge the wall will disappear. 
    Fall down the hole.
         If you chose the northwest passageway, you will find yourself taking
    the southwest route unless you wait until the hourglass is just about to run
    out, then got through the teleport you will go to a bonus area with a
    few power-ups. Descend the ladder in the northwest. The room down the ladder
    is fightingly easy, just defeat all the monsters in the big room, pickup
    the potion and meal that are in the corners, ignore the mushroom, it spawns
    ghosts, just walk the secret wall and fall down the hole.
         If you choose southeast passageway there are several possibilities
    of what could happen, if you immediately choose the southeast passage as soon 
    as you pres the hourglass you end up in the going down the northwest ladder, 
    if you wait a few seconds, you end up going down the northeast ladder, and if 
    you wait until there's about 1 second left, you end up going down the 
    southeast ladder. Anyway, if you do go southeast, you end up in a room with 
    lots of webs, work through the webs and descend the ladder. The next level 
    down is incredibly messed up, their are these magic walls that won't let you 
    past, and they move around corridors, anyway, what would probably be the 
    easiest would be if you headed south at the beginning of the level and ran 
    into the first room to the west, then continue south and head into the first 
    room to the east, if the wall beat you there, simply wait for the wall to go 
    past at the big open room, walk into that room kill a few vipers, walk east 
    another room and pickup the heart key. Run west, then south down the hall into 
    a room with a tiger, kill him and head east, run through those rooms and past 
    the reaper, don't bother with the teleport, it leads nowhere useful, walk 
    through the heart door, butcher the rats, then head through the secret 
    passageway, follow through there, then go down the hole.
         If you choose the northeast passage, you arrive in a room full of 
    blobs, ignore them and head down the northeast ladder. In the room down the
    ladder first head north to a fountain, press it for 4 hearts, walk on the
    pressure plate to open the grating. Run west past the blobs and down the
    hallways as south as you can go, avoiding the reaper, walk through the
    teleport and run south as far as you can go again, picking up the heart
    key while your at it. Walk west to boulder guy, then walk north until you
    get to the hole. 
         In this level all your hole falling will meet up, since you could
    start nearly anywhere on this level, instructions will be simple. This level
    is extremely big, there are 4 near identical square sections located in each
    corner, there is a ladder located on the east side and the west side. A bit
    of exploring and you'll manage to lower the gates and enter one of the
    ladders. You need the ping pong paddle from The Cavern Of Pride to flip the
    switch in the center of the level and obtain the ring, as far as I can tell 
    the ring is useless though, I If you chose the west ladder read on, if not, 
    skip this section.
         Upon descending the left ladder you find yourself in a room with a 
    lot of boulders, kill each boulder individually and push it to the end of
    each hallway, you will get a hammer for each rock you push to the end, when
    you get 6 hammers bust up the barrels and fall down the hole. You'll enter
    a huge main room with an hourglass in the middle, hit the hourglass and walk
    west, go through the teleport, carefully go through the vase room, head 
    through the door into another huge room, grab the key and run for the exit, 
    many lightning bolts will be a coming, go through the secret passage and the
    teleport back to the main room. If you walk through the east passageway, 
    then explore to the north you can find the boomerang, a very powerful weapon.
    Walk through the south teleport to reach the ladder to go down a level, 
    there is another ladder to the north, but yet again I have no idea of
    how to reach it.
    As a later note I finally found out how to get through the 3 barrel 
    blocked ladder the instructions are as follows.
    First, get to the room with the moving boulders (Jaggers) that you have to 
    kill to get the hammers that can smash the barrels. Go on to the next level. 
    Ordinarily, you would hit the Hourglass, and take the left room first, then 
    the bottom. DON'T!! Instead, do the following: first, enter the room on the 
    right. Clear out the rooms above first, and grab the Boomerang from the secret 
    room. Go back below, and look for the room with the Hourglass. Hit it to make 
    the Fountain in the secret room at bottom right turn into an Arrow. Take the 
    Arrow, and keep going to get a hammer from the treasure chest- make sure you 
    have room in your inventory, or the hammer might not appear. Go back to the 
    main room and take the right arrow again. Hit the Hourglass again, then speed 
    over to the room on the left, and take the Teleport Arrow that appears. Hit 
    the switch to turn the Boulders into Barrels. Leave the room and go back to 
    the main room. Now, take the North or top Arrow from the main room. You must 
    get the right Reaper to destroy the left one- or you'll have a LOT of trouble! 
    Now, go left. Push the Teleport Circle ONE space at a time to the left, then 
    go above it and enter it. Each space you push it gains you entry to another 
    room- grab a hammer from two of the rooms, then use them and the one you got 
    earlier to smash the barrels blocking the ladder to the level with the 
    Chalice- to get to this room, move the Circle to the next-to-last space. 
    Descend the ladder. First, some advice on the skeleton room- try to push the 
    Urns up and down, not left or right. Work your way to the upper right corner 
    and grab the hammer. Now go to the upper left. You'll see a Skeleton walking 
    back and forth over some Hearts and Stars. Use the Hammer on the Barrel that's 
    blocking him from hitting 
    the Teleport Arrow. He'll teleport to the room above, and hit a switch, 
    opening the door at the bottom left of the skeleton room. Before leaving the 
    room you're in, however, you'll need to move the two vases in the upper right 
    and get the left-hand Reaper to destroy the right-hand Reaper, 
    to uncover a switch. Now, go down to the room at the bottom left of the main 
    skeleton room and grab the Star Key. Take it to the upper right room, open the 
    door and hit the switch, then head back to the bottom left room and grab the 
    Chalice!! That wasn't TOO much work, now, was it? To get back to the beginning 
    of the Cavern so you can rescue the Mayor, just take either of the pits in the 
    upper left room.
    If you get the chalice, go for the mayor from here.
    Go down the ladder, in this level just cruise around,
    pickup all the pressure plates, it will create a door you need to use. 
    Ignore the statues until you open the door, enter the door and
    descend the ladder. You can keep collecting hearts to rejuvenate. Walk to
    the east and go south, through a teleport and get an ankh key, walk back to
    where you fell down, but this time walk west, then head south and use your 
    ankh key on the door. Walk through the door then head north. Eat the giant
    mushroom, walk north and fight the gazer, watch out for his paralyze ray, pull 
    switch and rescue Isabella, return to Minoc for the rune of sacrifice.
    Cavern Of Deceit.
         To get to Deceit, travel to Moonglow, by way of Yew, head to the 
    northern most end of the island and use your rope to make a bridge north to 
    dagger island, enter the cavern.
         In the first level, first head all the way south, through a room full
    of rats and into a reaper room, get the chest that's in the room, its an 
    ankh key. Run back to where you started the level and head west, use your key 
    on the door, inside there is a crazy room filled with ghosts and vampires. It 
    is a hard battle to kill them all. From that room head south, inside is a very 
    strong black cyclops like thing, if you head west from there you pull a 
    switch, this lifts the grating, You can pickup some power ups, then go down 
    the staircase. When you go down the staircase, walk to the left and go into 
    the room pull the switch at kill the 2 cyclops, search the bookshelves for 
    some food. Cross the water with the rope and get the heart key from the chest 
    at the east. When you get the key, cross the water again, go through the heart 
    door and carefully go through the barrel, descend the staircase.
         On this level, exit the first ring by sneaking between the blades, sneak 
    between the annoying rocks to leave the second ring, to leave the third ring, 
    run clockwise when the stupid blade goes by, in the fourth ring, wait for the 
    rocks to go north of you and run counterclockwise, go into the secret wall, 
    wait for the rocks to go by and go through the door, Run clockwise between the 
    ring to leave the fifth ring and enter the sixth. When you finally get to the 
    outside ring,head to the northwest corner and descend the ladder.
         In this next room level, work your way through the hallways with tigers, 
    then go through the door, past the reaper, then into a room with a troll, walk 
    into the statue. Go through the teleporter, in this next room switch to your 
    magic wand and just go nuts, its the only thing that will kill those spiders. 
    Go south and descend the ladder.
        Walk east through the double doors, run south, ignore  the hole, instead 
    kill a reaper and run by, south, in the next room with reapers and star door 
    keep running south, then run west and get the star key from the chest. Head 
    through the star door and fall down the hole.
        Run south to the center, then head east, go through the north door, get
    the ankh key from the chest, leave that room and head through the other door, 
    push the barrels to get to the door, go through the door and go down the 
        You know find yourself in a lava room, just run for the southwest and run 
    up the ladder.
        In this room, try to stay away from the stupid wall pieces, they'll 
    surround you if given the chance. Run through te south door first, there you 
    will find a star key. Then go through the east door for a hammer, then head 
    through the west door,
    use the hammer on the barrel to collect the amulet. Head up the ladder.
        Run past the reapers again like you did last time, but instead of heading 
    west for the key, head east into a room with a arrow shooting statue, walk 
    into the statue to fall down a hole.
        In this next level, you have to push a vase into all the little hallways 
    coming off of the main one, every vase you push in the little hallway opens a 
    gate, do this to the end of the hall. Head to he east door by the reaper and 
    go north through the triple doors, push south on the northeast most mushroom, 
    about 15 ghosts will spawn and several wall pieces will become walk-able. Go 
    through the east secret walls and down the ladder.
        Walk west, then north through the secret door, kill the reaper on the 
    east, open up the door and kill the southwest reaper, he is standing on a 
    pressure plate, keep pushing the barrels south and pushing the pressure plate 
    until you can get through. Head north through the door and run through the 
    statue gauntlet. Head east through some annoying doors and descend the ladder.
        Your now in the last room, Walk straight south into a kitchen with a troll 
    kill the troll head east, then south, then west, then southwest into a room 
    treasure room with a mimic. Then head north to a big room with an ettin, kill 
    him, he's pretty damn tough. Go through the northwest locked door and rescue 
    Lord Aganar. 
    Use the ankh to exit the dungeon, walk to Moonglow via Yew again. You receive 
    the rune of Honesty.
    The Cavern Of Cowerdice:
    Your now off saving Lord Zellivan in The Cavern Of Cowardice, you need to 
    "Borrow" a boat from the pirates, the Cavern is located on an island south of 
         On the first level, start out by maneuvering your way through a tiger
    pit, then cruise through a secret passage to the east through the lava pit. 
    Fight your way through a spider pit, then south through a secret wall. Walk 
    through the west secret passageway and grab the mushroom, walk west through a 
    newly formed secret passage. Walk east past a gremlin into some troll rooms, 
    cruise north into a double troll room, walk through a passageway to the 
    northeast. See that secret passageway blocked by a stalagmite, push that, 
    cruise through that passage into a huge treasury room, descend the ladder. 
         Walk west through the secret passageway, pick the mushroom and enter
    the teleport. Walk north through the lava, if you head north past the swamp 
    you can get a snake staff, walk west past the swamp. Walk north into a 
    graveyard filled with a mean ole' lich, push the east grave for a heart key. 
    South, to where you entered the graveyard, then walk west. Walk north past a 
    tiger and descend a ladder.
         Use the string to get across the river, follow the hidden passages. Head 
    north where the 3 secret passages meet. Cross the river where the trees are, 
    head north through the trees. You get, joy of joys, a boat. Cruise east from 
    the docks, Go south through the secret passageway south of a small island in 
    the stream, run through the lava and fall down the hole.
         Walk east to a crossroad, walk south, then west, walk through a secret 
    passageway, walk west past a chest for a heart key. Do the opposite on the 
    northern side of the level for a star key. Walk to the far east, head through 
    the heart door, then the star door, kill one of those cychotic cyclops things, 
    go north and descend the ladder.
         This level is amazingly easy, just follow all the annoying angles, 
    killing the weak monsters as you go, you'll soon enough end up at a ladder, 
    descend that too
          When you start this level you have a mean fight with a lot of stupid 
    spiders. Walk south, through that passage for a magic mushroom, then walk back 
    all the way north, you find an ankh key hidden in a chest up there. Walk 
    through the ankh door, fall down the north hole. 
         When you fall down the hole, push the stone in the northeast corner of 
    the room. Pull the switch, go through the teleport, take the key and get 
    teleported back to the main room. Push the stone near the southwest corner of 
    the room and hit the switch, take the teleport. pull the switch twice, go back 
    through the teleport to the main room. Next, take the teleport north west, 
    head west until you see the directional teleport, walk back to the main room, 
    take the teleport to the southeast, keep fooling with the teleports until you 
    get the teleport in the far northwest to point south, when you manage this, 
    teleport northwest and go south through the teleport and pickup the magic 
    shield. Fall down the hole. 
         Walk to the north, descend the ladder in the small room towards the north 
        Your now on the last level of Cowardice, first walk west, you'll be 
    blocked, then walk east, you'll be locked, then walk south, then west, you'll 
    be blocked again. Walk towards the ladder again, the big wall to the east will 
    now disappear. Walk through the southeast door, go through the multiple 
    teleports, butcher the big mean ettin. Walk north through the secret wall and 
    pull the switch. Then walk west as far as you can go, then head north into the 
    room with the reaper, kill the reaper and mimic, get the heart key from the 
    chest they were guarding. Walk north, DON'T go up the ladder, keep heading up 
    north. Your in the starting room, go through the heart door. Kill the cyclops, 
    go south and pick-up Lord Zellivan. Now go up that other ladder, you've left 
    The Cavern Of Cowardice. Hop in your boat and
    head straight north to Jhelom and pickup your rune of Valor.
    The Cavern Of Pride:
    	Take your boat and cruise around the world in search of the whirlpool,
    when you find it, go full speed ahead into the whirlpool. When you ever
    Cove walk towards the southern part of the level, Use the ankh chest, 
    defeat the million ghosts that spawn, pickup the hammer. Walk north to
    the 3 barrels, break the west side barrel and walk on the pressure switch,
    descend into the Cavern Of Pride.  
         On this first level, start out by walking to the northeast corner of 
    the weird rooms, you will get teleported to some weird hallways, the
    heart key to the north is fake, walk to the southeast for the real heart key, 
    use your rope to cross a river to the east to get your real heart key. Walk 
    clockwise around the level to a room with a bunch of barrels and vases,
    use common sense to get through these. Walk east past the ladder, then
    south into a room with about 10 sea serpents, let them kill themselves. 
    Go through the locked heart door to the south, fry the web, fry the squid, 
    use your rope to cross the gap. 
         Descend the ladder, this next room is a real bitch, there is about
    200 teleports on the level, it is to confusing to right a walkthru for, all I 
    can say is, good luck and take every teleport you see. If you search long 
    enough you should find the ladder (It took me an half an hour to find the
    damn ladder) When you finally do make it to the ladder room search the 
    statues for 5gp coins. Descend the ladder
         Walk north into the room and grab the key, it'll cost you 5gp. Just
    ignore the trolls playing ping-pong. Walk north and eat the mushroom. 
    Don't go near the two trolls playing ping-pong, 12 trolls will attack you if
    you do. Walk to the southwest of the level, search all of the rooms for a 
    star key. In the fountain room to the north, don't touch the pitcher. 
    At the north end of the level, there is about 20 trolls playing ping pong, 
    try to avoid them, walk north and go through the start ladder and descend
    the ladder.
          In the next room you arrive in a diamond room with exits on all
    four points, I suggest going north first.
         This first level is brutal, Firstly, run north, through the door, past 
    the 3 volcanoes, into a room with a hourglass. Press the hourglass and
    run through the newly opened secret wall to the south. Go into the 
    teleport and engage the Hydra in an exceptionally brutal fight, that guy is
    mean, you may want to just run by him to the east. Arriving into a room 
    with a volcano, run north. Press the hourglass and run south to the other
    room with an hourglass. Press that hourglass and sprint west to the ladder.
    Descend the ladder.
         In this room, first kill the gazer. Then just follow the straight forward 
    path to the ladder, run through the room with double gazers. Descend the 
         Walk east, kill the trolls, collect the 2 hammers that are in the big 
    room, hidden in chests in the corners. You must kill all the monsters, walk 
    into the barrel hall, break the south barrel, stand on the pressure plate, 
    pickup the hammer, bust the 2 barrels. Run to the southwest corner and fall 
    down the hole. 
         This room is incredibly stupid, go through the teleports to the north, 
    in the big annoying room just run around and pull everything you see, 
    eventually you'll remove the stupid statue so you can pull the switch that 
    opens the gate fall down the damn hole.
         This level is rather simple. Just keep going north and south, pushing the 
    barrels out of the way, you'll eventually end up pushing all the vases in the 
    hallways that are running east-west on the north and south ends. When you push 
    enough barrels to get to the center, walk through the grating and pickup the 
    ping pong paddle, use the paddle to pick the mushroom behind the ladder. 
    Ascend the ladder.
         Your now back in the 4-way diamond room. This time take the east passage. 
    We are searching for the enchanted armor now.
         This level is easy, just descend the pyramid, killing the trolls, there's 
    hearts in the chests. Find the ladder and descend.
         On this level, first walk west, outsmart the stupid chunks of wall. Then 
    go through the teleport in the east room, the trick is to try to line up the 
    two blanks at once, it isn't east, you get the key from the chest in the east 
    room. Go through the door from the west teleport using the same old matching 
    blank trick. Descend the ladder.
         Use the Ping Pong paddle to flip all the switched, this will open a 
    straight passage to the door. This time you have to kill the hydra. Walk 
    through the newly formed secret wall. Watch out for the statues, they explode. 
    Blow up all the statues in the new room. Go through the east door for a weird 
    trumpet, go through the west door for a descending ladder.
         Walk all the ways to the west, then north the a room with a mimic and
    a vampire, grab the key from the chest. Walk all the way to the northwest and 
    unlock the door, descend the ladder.
         This level is just stupid, you start out in a room with a pressure plate 
    and a star key, every time you get the star key, you can press the plate and 
    get a new key, keep doing that until you get 99 keys, work your way through 
    the level to the very south east, 4 squares northwest from the very corner 
    actually. When you get the heart key, Take the heart key to a huge room in the 
    southwest corner, go through the door, beat up some reapers and grab the ankh 
    key. Then walk to the northeast corner of the level and unlock the ankh door. 
    Do not immediately go up the ladder, search south of the ladder to find the 
    enchanted armor. Pick it up and enjoy. Ascend the ladder. Your back in the 
    diamond shaped room, walk down the west stairs this time.
         Work your way through the vases, it will probably take you a few 
    tries, get the chest from the northeast corner, and go through the heart
    door, in the next room kill the skeletons, pickup the star key from the chest, 
    go through the door. Walk through the door the farthest to the south. Use some 
    intelligence to get through the rock pusher puzzle, just push a statue to 
    activate the pushers. Descend the ladder.
    	Make your way through this room, try to avoid the blades and count your 
    blessings, this level is VERY hard without the enchanted armor.
         This level is another toughie without the enchanted armor, I just took
    the damage from all the rocks, I let them run me down, then I grabbed the
         You now partake in an incredibly stupid game of pool, walk around
    the room and through the teleport, talk to the eeps, they will go insane, push 
    them all into the teleport pockets on the side of the giant pool table, when 
    you push them all go through the teleport. Walk west, then go south through 
    the rocks. Then walk west avoid the stupid teleports, the south door there's a 
    boomerang, go down the ladder in the other door. Walk to your west, go inside 
    the big room, lots of monsters will start spawning, bet you wish you had food, 
    (I didn't :( ) Then walk north, In the northwest corner, past a room with a 
    gazer through a secret passage is the enchanted sword, just south of the 
    ladder. Pick it up. Walk through the ladder. Your now back in the diamond 
    room, go south this time.
    	Hit the Crystal Ball. You'll see the room you're in, plus another room 
    to the right. Look carefully, and you'll notice that the other room is shaped 
    like one of the numbers between 1 and 8. This corresponds to the number of the 
    Mushroom you must hit, with the numbers starting with 1 at the upper left 
    Mushroom and continuing right. Each time you hit the proper Mushroom, the 
    number that you'll see in the Crystal ball changes, too. Eventually, after 
    checking the Crystal and hitting the proper Mushroom enough times, a 
    passageway will open at the bottom right, giving you access to the Magic 
    boots. Use the boots to walk through the walls to the far right area- halfway 
    up is the ladder to the next level.
         This level is quite straightforward just go through the first door, don't 
    get the switch to the north, it'll just make a reaper appear. Run from secret 
    passage to secret passage, just ignore the stupid wisps who will try to annoy 
    you. Cruise through all the passages and descend the ladder.
         This level, merely grab rows of mushrooms until you get 3 hammers, bust 
    3 barrels with your hammers and descend the ladder.
         On this next level, walk south from the ladder past the cyclops, In the 
    spider room head west, then walk north, use your ping pong paddle to flip the 
    switch and open the door. Walk north. In this room, walk into the room south 
    of Terry The Adventurer. Use your rope to cross through the room with the 
    Serpents, go into the door and grab the key from the chest, walk back and 
    cross over the waters. Go through the star door and descend the ladder.
         In this level, start off by walking towards the north east corner, grab 
    the key that's in the chest. In the middle door, south of sea serpent lake is 
    the heart key. Walk to the east side of the level and unlock the star doors, 
    bail past the gazers, take the door to the north, walk west, then south into a 
    room with a lot of chests, viola, there is the fire wand, return to the ladder 
    and ascend it. 
    	Walk through the east teleport, use the fire wand to dispel the field, 
    walk to the north. On this level, take the path to the south east, walk 
    through the secret passage in the reaper room and press the switch. Walk into 
    the south west room, go north into the room with the key, the door will lock, 
    kill all the tigers and a secret passage will open. Walk north through the 
    double doors, walk east, then south through the heart door, pickup Lord 
    Quenton. Walk into the northwest corner of the level, ascend the ladder. Leave 
    Cove and take your boat to the shore.
    	Return Lord Quenton to Skara Brae and receive the rune of Spirituality. 
    The Stygian Abyss:
         Hop on your nearest boat and take a trip to the Isle Of The Avatar, south 
    of Moonglow, use your fire wand to get through the field, walk north in to the 
    Stygian Abyss looking for Lord Antonio.
         This first level is stupid, explore everywhere until you discover the
    down ladder, by far the most annoying level I've ever have the displeasure of 
    playing, it took me about 15 minutes to find the ladder, I wish I could beat 
    Origin for making such a level.
         On this level First, destroy the Reaper in the left room and hit the 
    switch, if it's not already in the Down position. Take the belts to the lower 
    left corner and hit the switch to open the door just above and to the right, 
    but don't enter it just yet. Now, let the same Conveyor belt carry you all the 
    way around to the end and over to the Flag on the right side of the room. 
    Touch it, then head for the Flag on the left. It will have turned into an Ankh 
    Key! Go back to the room that you opened the door to in the bottom left. Above 
    it is a room with several Slimes. Defeat them and head right- your Ankh key 
    will open the door to the room with the three Jaggers. Destroy them in a way 
    which will not block the door or the Floor Plate, then hit the Switch. Go back 
    to the Flag on the upper right, and enter the Hole that the Floor Switch 
    created. TA DA!! 
         In this level simply manuver your way through the level killing the
    trolls, but attempting to avoid the million arrows. Descend the ladder.
         Walk through the passage until you get a reaper, kill him, walk north
    and grab the heart, kill the newly spawned reaper, grab the heart key and
    unlock the door. Walk to the northwest corner and grab the star key, unlock
    the door. Walk through all the chesrs to the north, you'll get the ankh 
    chest, walk north and descend the ladder.
         Walk north past the reapers and through the stupid moving wall pieces, 
    they're sure annoying arn't they, push the vases south through the stupid
    wall pusher then push them north, try pushing the vases in bulk of about  
    at once, push them all into the fancy wall pieces. Push the pressure plate
    in the northeast corner, go through the teleport to the west, hit the
    hourglass, go north and press the pressure plate, return through the teleport. 
    Take the arrow in the southwest, kill the spiders and press the switch. Take 
    the teleport to the west, go through the obvious teleports and press the 
    switch. Through the southeast teleport shoot to the west to break the spider 
    web, destoy all the spider webs and press the last switch, take the north west 
    teleport and finish the level.
         On this level start by walking to the northeast corner and grabbing
    the key, return to the start and go through the heart door. In this room
    kill the trolls, keep throwing the switch and make the reaper kill the 
    the spider webs so you can push the barrel. Walk north and through the door.
    Just shoot the web and go through the door. Descend the ladder. 
         This first set of rocks is so hard I'll give you step by step
    instructions on how to get through the rocks. 1w, 1n, 1w, 2s, 1w, 2s,
    1e, 1s, 1e, 1n, flip the switch. Walk towards the north. This part is pretty
    confusing, using some common sense should get you through the rocks, always
    think ahead. In the north central chest is a magic potion, there's meal in the 
    south west corner, another meal just south of the ladder. Around to the south, 
    all the way past the river and the rock there is a switch. Walk north
    into the room with the hydra, kill him and press one of the switches and
    descend the ladder.
         There's some power up items through the secret door to the west. 
    You wanna have the fire boots for this level. Walk north of the beginning
    and take the heart key from a small crack in the wall beside the lava.
    There's an ankh key hidden in a chest beside a mushroom on an island in the
    lava. Don't pick the mushroom, all mushrooms summon genies. You can use the
    heart key in the southwest corner of the level for an ankh key. In the
    northeast corner of the level surrounded by volcanoes is another ankh key.
    In a room to the north there is a switch, pull it. In the room in the center
    north go through the ankh key and kill the exceptionally big dragon. In 
    the secret room to the north there is a meal. In the room west of the dragon
    there is two more ankh keys, travel through both of them too and descend the
         These rooms are stupid too, walk to the very south, then keep
    grooving through the million arrow spitting statues, there is a chest
    with a meal in it in one of the meals. Just sprint through the rooms
    to reach a ladder and descend it.
         In this level, work your way up to the hourglass, then, every time
    you touch the hourglass all the rocks turn into spider webs, you can destroy
    all the webs, in the room north west of the hourglass there is a heart key.
    You can use the heart key in the room to the northeast, travel through the
    teleport and grab the star key, the only way to get to the star key in time
    is to have the Eep Eep hit the hourglass, or use the ping pong paddle. Grab
    the ping pong paddle and use it on the door to the north west. The only way
    to get through the star key room is to hit the hourglass with the ping pong
    paddle and run and beat up some spider webs, make it to where ya wanna go
    and descend the ladder.
         This level is nice and interesting, start by walking to the north
    and pressing the clock, then walk north of there and press the brazier
    that's in the room to start the oven, then walk to west and enter the room 
    to the south, grab a crate, walk north and grab the flower, then walk north
    grab a barrel, walk south and grab the milk. Walk to the table. Your pie
    starts shipping down the aisles. You don't want your pie to end up
    in the rejected bin. To do this, the second you make your pie rune north,
    press the switch and move your pie on a second conveyor belt. Run north
    through the teleport, run north from there and get the pie at the next 
    intersection, take your time from here, the pie ends up on an endless
    cycle. Return to the beginning of the level, push the 2 vases down the
    hallway. enter the second teleport. Your in a hallway in the middle, flip
    the switch and make the pie enter the third conveyor belt, the second your
    pie starts moving, run back through the teleport, then take the teleport 
    immediately to the west. From there run to the east and push the pie onto
    the next conveyor belt, that's one perfect pie, now go do this 3 more times.
    Go to the pie drop off point, go north through 4 ladders and descend
    the ladder.
         Dear god this level is hard, first, immediately run to the north and
    butcher the reapers as quick as you can, then walk to the south east and flip 
    the switch, push two Eeps into the east-west passage, close the gate
    behind them. Keep walking north through the long passage of gates as the
    Eeps open them. In that room pickup the ankh key, walk back and 
    unlock the door.  Flip the switches to the north a few hundred times, 
    get the skeletons to destroy the breakable blocks, then get the eeps the
    run north and south hitting the switches on the walls. Pretty soon the 
    Eeps will open enough grates for you to get through the double
    grates and descend the ladder.
         In this level walk to the very east. Descend the teleport that is guarded 
    by a reaper. Take the teleport, avoid the ettin and grab the heart key, bail 
    out of that roof. Walk east from there and go through the heart locked door. 
    Walk to the north room, then through the room to the east. Walk through the 
    hidden passage. Go through the teleport. Shoot the spider web. Return to the 
    four halls with teleports at the end. Push eeps into each hallway and shove 
    rock in their way to prohibit their escape. Do this to all four of them. You 
    can then make it through the 4 grates. Descend the ladder.
         There's a nasty trick on this level. Towards the east side of the level
    there is a switch, it is very important to get this switch. Then walk to the 
    center of the level, there is a extremely nasty fight with a hydra, grab all 
    the mushrooms in the main room. Run past the gazers, On the northern wall
    in the third room to the east, you can find a secret wall of you walk
    against the east wall, even though you can't see the secret passage, walk 
    through there and beat the level.
         You will need several mana drinks for this level, there is to many
    damn ladders you need to make. In the southeast corner of the level there is 
    the heart door and a pressure plate, grab the ankh key from the chest north of 
    the pressure plate. Use your rope to go from island to island to grab the 
    mushroom that is in the south west corner. Carefully walk all the way around 
    to the south east part of the room in a clockwise pattern. Unlock the door and 
    grab the mushroom, head north of there for the star key. Walk all the
    way back to the pressure plate and unlock the star door. Walk north 
    to where you see the heart door. Walk down the ladder.
         This level is incredibly difficult as well, it is an exact duplicate
    of the switch palace except for the moving floor tiles, use your ping 
    pong paddle to flip the switches. Go through the 6 open gates and
    descend the ladder.
         This level is divided into 4 areas. The north area is quite simple,
    just walk north through the vases, take the key from the coffin, walk
    through the door and hit the switch, retun to the center area. In the 
    south area, walk south to the switch, pull that, then push barrels to
    the west so you can flip the wall switch. Then walk to the east and get 
    floor switch, return to the center. For the west area, just kill the 
    liches, hit the pressure plate. You want to take the east last, just
    push the barrels so you can make it down the passage, walk through
    the teleport at the end and descend the ladder.
    	Another beat of a level, just walk into any teleport at the beginning,
    when you stop moving walk to the north west corner of the level break
    down the wall, descend the ladder. 
    	In this level there is no point killing all the monsters. Walk to the
    northern area and get the skeleton to destroy the breakable blocks, then get
    the Eep to walk through the teleport to the east and hit the switch. Walk
    to the northwest corner and hit the pressure plate, make your way past all
    the stupid Eeps, a reaper of some sort will kill them all. Run to the end
    of the hall and descend the ladder.
    	Walk to the west end, destroy the web and let the eeps go past you
    so you can go up the northern aisle. Get past the next set of Eeps and
    walk north again. On the third set of eeps you have to bust the web
    get the eeps to push the barrel as far as they can, then push the eeps
    into the teleport, when through the teleport, push the eeps into the 
    arrow telpeort. Walk to the end of the hall and walk north into a room
    with a gazer. Kill the gazer, then keep walking on the tile that is a
    different color, pick up the heart key. Walk to the west, press the pressure
    plate, shoot the web with the fire rod. Run to the west as fast as you 
    possibly can, get into the hall before the barrel does, In this hall just 
    shoot the strong web, make your way east, then south into the next hall.
    The next hall is straight foreward, return to the ladder, go through the
    teleport beside the ladder, through the heart door, then descend the ladder.
    	This level is a good place to stock up on ration,the food to the 
    southwest is grand. First. go south and kill the dragon, go through the 
    hidden door behind the dragon, go through the door behind the reaper, there's 
    another ration here. Kill the dragon to the east, go through the door behind 
    him. Head north and fall down z hole.
    	Bust your way through the blocks, walk north, pull the switch once.
    Push all the barrels on the far east north, keep pushing the barrels through
    the funhouse, then, go through the door and start pushing barrels over, its 
    rather straight forward, when you get through enough barrels head through the 
    previously blocked door. Head through the passages, do not kill the moving 
    rock, follow him until you reach a hidden door, head through it.
    Walk through the north door and past the many wall pushers, descend the 
    	On this level, just try every ladder, they'll keep annoyingly dissapear. 
    Of course the last ladder of them all will work, there's a ration through the 
    hidden passage. Descend the ladder.
    	Walk thorugh the first room, hit the middle pressure plate, cruise 
    through that room, in the next room, stay on the carpet whenever possible, 
    get the switch, walk outta the room, in this level, merely walk across 
    invisible passages. This will get you through that room, next room, get the 
    stupid troll to break the barrels, when he clears a path, kill the troll, 
    descend the ladder.
    	This is a decieving level, first run south to the ladder, don't touch 
    the globe. The ladder is a teleport into a room full of lava, go through the 
    teleports and run straight south, you'll get teleported into a mushroom room, 
    run north through door, go through the door. This room, get the northwest 
    chest, take that teleport. Run through the hidden wall, this room is quier 
    too, kill all the monsters, manuver your way through the water, some places 
    are real, some not so real, take that ladder. You'll need to use your rope to 
    make it, Walk straight east, go through the teleport, its actually a ladder 
    (gee, go figure.)
    	In this level, walk to the northeast corner for the heart key, the star 
    key is in the northwest corner, walk to the south, open the door with the star 
    key, ignore the hydra, walk straight north through the heart door for a 
    switch, run to the centre room. Go through the teleport. You now fight the 
    Black Knight. Heal, then engage his insolent ass. He is down right pathetic. 
    Walk through the north hidden door, walk east, use the plant that is south of 
    the mayor's locked cell. go get the mayor, walk west and go out the ladder. 
    Take your boat and head to New Magincia, he'll hand ya the Rune of Humility.
    	Take a trip to Lord British's castle, enter it and talk to Lord British, 
    go through the big celebration. Lord British thanks you, thats all folks, gee 
    wasn't it worth it, knowing everything is exactly how you left it. What a rip!
    6. Side Quests
    Empath Abbey:
    Now off to a side-quest at Empath Abbey, head west from Yew to reach here.
    Go north through the double doors, walk into the room with the rats running
    around and ascend the ladder. You'll find yourself in a strange room with 
    2 vipers, kill them and walk to the west, make your way past the annoying 
    barrels, make sure to push the northern barrel first, the push the southern
    barrel from the second row. Walk to the west, go around through the doors, 
    and descend the ladder. Walk south and kill the vipers, destroy the webs and 
    descend that ladder to, you are now in the lair of the lich, in this room 
    head north to a switch, you want to hit the switch twice, you can explore
    the room to the west, but you'll take a lot of damage, from skeletons
    that rise from graves, mimics, and there's a trap that will kill you if you 
    stumble into it. Go to the room to the east, avoid all the coffins, annoying
    ghosts will rise from them. Push the vase to the northeast and walk through 
    the secret passageway, the lich will appear behind you, he is very strong, 
    but once you destroy him, you may as well leave. Walk back to the ladder you
    descended, clear out the spider webs, then walk east through the barrels and
    leave Empath Abbey. If you go and talk to Lord British he'll pay you 50gp.
    for a job well done.
    The Pirate ship:
         On the island where Moonglow is located, there is a pirate ship 
    cruising along the shore, if you enter the ship you will get in a huge fight
    with about 20 pirates, I suggest healing during the fight, if you manage to
    kill every pirate, you get the ship and are able to cruise around Brittania
    by sea. Also if interest is the ship's cannon, great for destroying wandering
    The Bat cave:
         It is the dungeon east of the Cavern Of Injustice, it is filled with
    an endless supply of bats that never stop spawning, I have no idea the 
    purpose of this place, but I believe there's is something to do with the
    hidden passageways I noticed to the north.
    The Switch Cavern:
    Located south of Trinsic by boat, this cavern is multi-leveled, the first
    level contains many monsters, you go through them in rooms one by one, 
    unless you clear the first room you can't continue, when you go through 
    all the rooms you will descend a ladder, down there is many switches, if you
    flip the right switches, it'll open all the grates blocking a cesspool of
    Lord British's Letter:
         After rescuing Isabella, the mayor of Minoc from the dungeon, if you
    go to Lord British, he'll give you a letter to give to the mayor of New
    Magincia to warn him, if you give him the letter, he'll reward you with 
    50gp. SWEET!
    Double cave:
    There is a cave east of Minoc, as of yet I have no idea what to do there, it
    says something about needing a friend, if you bring a mayor to the dungeon,
    he'll walk through a teleport, you can get through the next room, but I've 
    yet to figure out how to get past the barrel room.
    7. Rune information
    Compassion - Britain - increased strength
    Honor - Trinsic - increased intelligence
    Justice - Yew - increased dexterity 
    Sacrifice - Minoc - increased dexterity and strength
    Humility - Moonglow - increased dexterity and intelligence
    Valor - Jhelom - increased strength and intelligence
    Spirituality - Skara Brae - increased strength, dexterity, and intelligence
    Humility - New Maginicia - nothing
    8. Orb Of The Moons
    Northern most gate, Britian
    Norhteast gate, Jhelom
    Eastern gate, Yew
    Southeastern gate, Minoc
    Southern gate, Trinsic
    Southwestern gate, Skara Brae
    Western gate, New Magincia
    Northwestern gate, Moonglow

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