"Disappointing!..Even for someone who doesn't like Ultima!"

All right, I will first say that I have played a lot of the games in the Ultima saga, so I'm not just making a blanket statement here. I never could get into the series. So why did I play this game? Well, I wanted a new RPG for GameBoy, having played and conquered basically all the Final Fantasy Legend games. I hoped this game would help me maybe get more into the Ultima series. Never in my life was a hope more ill-founded!
Control 1-10. I didn't like the control in this game very much. It wasn't very responsive most of the time and so I would always end up dying. And I thought Star Tropics had awkward controls! Of course, that game is good, unlike this one.
Audio 1-10. Aaaaaahhhhh!! What in the name of sanity is this!!? There's almost no music in the game, and what little there is sucks! Well..the theme for when you die is cool. The other tunes, especially the intro, really bit! The little themes that played when you entered a cave or a town to introduce them were also very horrible! I hated them all! The SFX were below average GameBoy sounds, not worth the effort of listening to them at all.
Gameplay 1-10. You just wander around, kill monsters, talk to people and kill still more monsters. I don't think the score would be so low if not for the horrible control and the fact that there isn't a catchy musical score to go along with it. Granted, most of the other Ultimas at least had good music and sound.
Story 1-10. Ok? So some knight dude kidnaps some lord dude and hides him away. You have to go rescue him. Not very entertaining, and with the lack of good music and gameplay to drive the story along it's perfectly understandable why this game sucks! Then there's the fact that, like in Dragon Warrior, most of the people speak Old English, or Middle English as I have also heard it called, but a much more uncuth version! You don't say, ''I shallt kidnap Lord Tholden!'' You still say, ''I shall kidnap Lord Tholden!''
Overall 1-10. This was a game I bought myself for christmas, and I never wasted money and regretted it more than I did on that Christmas of 1998! Please, if you want to avoid a crappy game, then avoid this one! Well..unless you are a true Ultima fan...that isn't me.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 11/26/01, Updated 03/01/03

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