Review by JHoeksma

"A mildly entertaining game that barely deserves the name Ultima"

Ultima: Runes Of Virtue 2, the mildly entertaining Ultima game for the Gameboy system is a huge dissapointment for anyone looking for a game with the depth of the PC Ultimas, but few games can compare to these standards. In fact instead of the roleplaying game i was expecting, I instead got a puzzle game, which at points was somewhat stupid, but a somewhat enjoyable experience. I wouldn't suggest playing this game unless your are either a huge fan of the Ultima series, or looking for a decent Gameboy puzzle game.

Graphics - 7 - For the gameboy system the graphics really arn't half bad. Though the graphics are nothing special, I suppose they get the job done. They could have been much better though.

Sound - 5 - Not exactly the finest point of this game. Most of the sound got so annoying that after a short stint I was turning the sound down on my Gameboy. A few toons were a little fun I suppose.

Fun - 6 - I suppose this game had some entertaining qualities to it. I mean who doesn't like running around bashing rats with big swords and pegging frogs with longbows. The story of the Black Knight's megalomaniac quest to kidnap half of Brittania's population, while not the brightest or smartest idea in the world. is quite fun to watch as the governors stand in one place crying and making bad comments about their hair.

Challange - 5 - While not exactly the hardest game in the world, a few points i got stuck and had to take a few minutes to use common sense, instead of running from the obvious point A to point B to solve puzzles, but usually it was a mundane experience.

Viewers tilt ''-1'' - After playing the rest of the Ultima PC series, possibly some of the best games ever made, I was mildly disturbed about this product. Not so much that I had actually paid money for it, (I've paid for some pretty bad stuff) but that it was so incredibly bad, yet had the name Ultima on it.

Desecration of a good series - 10 - If this game excels anywhere, its at making the rest of the Ultima series look +bad.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/09/00, Updated 02/09/00

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