Where can I find Flash ?

  1. Where can i also get Cut & its specific location & directions?

    User Info: SweetLeo1

    SweetLeo1 - 7 years ago

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  1. You should have gotten HM01, Cut, on the S.S. Anne. At the far end of the ship, after you beat your rival and speak to the Captain of the ship, he'll give you the HM and then the ship will leave the port for the rest of the game.

    As Jungon said, HM05 (Flash) can be obtained by going through Diglett's Tunnel (the entrance is just to the east of Vermillion City). When you come out you'll see a house where a man looking to trade his Mr. Mime for an Abra lives on the bottom of the screen - go around it and you should see a bush just below the house. Use Cut on the bush, go further down, and you'll find a large gate building. Inside will be an NPC with glasses - Professor Oak's aide. Speak to him and, if you've caught or owned at least 10 different kinds of Pokemon, he'll give you the HM Flash, which you can then use to go through Rock Tunnel.

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  1. Cut is easy to get with HM01, which is part of the storyline, even.

    Flash is HM05, just after you get Cut, go across the Diglett tunnel near vermilion and then go south a little, in that house the Oak's aide will ask if you got 10 pokemons (so, you have to own 10 pokemons ... if you evolved caterpie and weedle to their maximum stages, that's 6 already)

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    Jungon - 7 years ago 0 0

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