What kind of link cable do I need?

  1. The cable you would need to play this would be a GBC or a GB link cable. Third Party link cables are known to have trouble with Pokemon games, so try to stay away from those. There is also a Universal link cables for both GB and GBC games.

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    The Universal link cable will NOT cover GBA games. It does, however, fit the slot and enables trading gb/gbc link games between the GBA and any other Game Boy except the Gameboy Micro.

    GBA link cables will NOT work for gb/gbc games.

    The way to tell the difference between GBA and GB/GBC cables is to look at the ends.

    If the cable has D-shaped ends then it's a universal link cable (The official one has an adaptor that looks almost like a USB plug on one side)

    If the connectors are O (diamond shaped), look different at each end, or have a socket for connecting in the middle, then it's a GBA cable and will not work.

    Finally, if the cable connectors look like a USB plug at both ends, then you have a classic GB (The grey brick edition) link cable.

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  2. Additional Details:
    If you want to buy one check ebay and/or other auction sites, or your local gaming store

    If you have any further questions, ask on the message board. Don't forget, auction sites can be costly!

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