How do i get past seafoam island?

  1. after I pushed the four blocks I went south then I went east and up I descended the steps into the water and I tried to swim to the right but it would not let me It kept taking me down

    User Info: kittenpaws30

    kittenpaws30 - 4 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Sadly, you can't. You have to go to pallet town and use surf to travel south to cinnabar island. I had the same trouble. But if you are there, try to catch arcticuno

    User Info: Mastersquirtle

    Mastersquirtle - 4 years ago 2 0


  1. Actually you can its a bit hard but you can do it........with the help of this site (if you want)

    And this site in general just for other things

    User Info: Uggy15

    Uggy15 - 4 years ago 0 0

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