How to get mew in the nugget bridge?

  1. My computer is slow and it dosn't let me see a video on youtube, so can someone tell me how to do it please.

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    souljaboy25 - 8 years ago

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  1. First, you will need a pokemon with Teleport/Fly and plenty of your favorite type of pokeballs.

    Make sure you haven't fought the Trainer in the grass next to the Nugget Bridge.

    Then, Teleport/Fly from that Trainer and fight either the Trainer with a Lv17 Slowpoke or the first Trainer in Misty's Gym.

    After that, return to the Nugget Bridge and Fight and Catch the Mew that pops up.

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  1. Approach the trainer in the grass to the left of negget bridge. Just as you come into his line of sight, push start and teleport/fly out of there. Just before you do you will notice the exclamation point appear above the trainers head, but you do not fight him.

    Now your start button will not work; this is normal. Cross nugget bridge again, pass 2 hikers and 3 trainers until you come to two more trainers: a boy and a girl. Fight the boy (I have read elsewhere that you should not approach him, but instead let him come to you). He should have a slowpoke.

    After the battle, teleport/fly out of there, then cross nugget bridge yet again. Your menu should pop up at some point; close it and a mew will appear.

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  2. You can't do this cheat if you have defeated the trainer on the road to Bill's house, the one above the girl and the two bushes with a level 17 slowpoke, and if you have defeated the first swimming trainer in Misty's gym. If you still have one of them open to fight, then getting mew is possible.

    You will need a pokemon that knows either Teleport or Fly, a pokemon that is capable of weakening Mew (preferably one around level 10-12), pokeballs, and a pokemon that can paralyze or put the wild pokemon to sleep would be helpful.

    First, save the game (in case you mess up). Walk one step so that you're in line with the trainer in the grass to the left of nugget bridge, by approaching him from the top. Just as soon as you are able to see him, pause the game and teleport/fly with one of your pokemon and return back to celadon city. At this point your start menu will be disabled. Walk back over Nugget Bridge and up to the trainer with the level 17 Slowpoke. He is just above two bushes and a female trainer on the route to Bill's house. Leave a space or two away from him so he will walk towards you when he sees you. Fight and defeat his slowpoke then fly/teleport back to Celadon. Walk north across Nugget Bridge again and your start menu will randomly pop up when you are changing locations. Press B and you'll find yourself battling a wild Mew.

    From here you can catch it like any other Pokemon.

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