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    Speed Walkthrough by Milcotti

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    90 minute blitz/Speed game walkthrough
    Gamefaqs name: Milcotti
    E-Mail: LegendaryGGFan@aol.com
    Table of contents
    I.          Introduction
    II.         90 minute blitz?  Speed game eh?
    III         The walkthrough intro
    IV.         The walkthrough
    V.          Credits
    I.          Introduction
    Welcome reader!  You are currently reading my first 
    ever FAQ coming from somebody who has been visiting
    this site for four and a half years and posting here for almost four years.
    I figure there's a first time for everything.  I am well
    known on the Pokemon Blue board as GGFan, 
    which is short for thegreatestgamefan, my first account name.
    I recently completed an extended version of a
    90 minute blitz to complete Pokemon Blue in a VERY
    short time of 3:07. Many people suggested that I make a FAQ on my 
    accomplishment and well, here I am now. 
    Keep in mind that this FAQ is not a walkthrough of the game. 
    II.        90 minute blitz?  Speed game eh?
    A 90 minute blitz is simple, see how far you can get in 90 minutes
    Without turning the game off.  Just because
    you made a mistake does not mean you should turn it off.
    I cover the entire game as if it were a giant blitz.
    III.      The walkthrough intro
    This walkthrough is based off my findings and experiences I
    had with my speed run.  You will receive valuable tips on
    how to achieve ultimate efficiency in a speed run,
    as well as reading a full length recording on my game.
    IV.       The walkthrough
    Part one: Start game-Pewter City
    -Start game
    -Go to options, set the text to "FAST" 
     and the battle mode to "SET"
    -Get the potion from your PC and head out.
    -Enter the grass, rush through the text.
    -Choose Squirtle as your Pokemon.  Very important.
    -Fight Gary.  
    -Have Squirtle use Tackle over and over.  
    -Use a potion if your HP gets too low.
    -Leave the lab, go to Viridian City.  
    -Run away from all random encounters. 
    -Get a potion from the kid in the route by talking to him.
    -Once in Viridian, enter the mart and get Oak's Parcel.
    -Go to back to Pallet, use the ledges to avoid the grass.
    -Enter the lab, rush through the text.
    -Go back to Viridian, once again running away 
     from all random encounters
    -Head straight to Viridian Forest.
    -Avoid the grass as best as you can. 
    -There is an unavoidable trainer battle ahead.
    -The bug catcher has a level six Weedle and level six Caterpie.  
    -Have Squirtle use Tackle over and over.
    -Use a potion if HP gets too low. 
    -Dont worry about poison.
    -If you do not have a potion for this battle, 
    -you could very well lose.  
    -Squirtle will level up to level eight and learn Bubble.
    -Walk around the trainer you just beat to avoid the grass, 
     pick up the antidote.  
    -The other bug catcher is easy avoidable, 
     avoid him.
    -Run away from all random encounters, 
     pick up the potion sitting in a corner
    -A bug trainer is blocking the way out.  
    -He has a level nine Weedle.  
    -Just use Bubble over and over.
    -Easy battle.  Squirtle levels up to level nine.
    -Head to Pewter City and heal Squirtle in the Pokemon Center.  
    -Now go to the mart and buy some potions.
    -Head to Pewter gym and fight the Jr. Trainer.
    -Note that you can avoid this battle but I recommend doing this battle
     because of the experience points.
    -The Jr. Trainer has a level eleven Diglett and a
     level eleven Sandshrew.
    -Have Squirtle use Bubble over and over, 
     use potions if HP gets too low.  
    -Squirlte will level up to level eleven.
    -Fight Brock.
    -Brock has a level 12 Geodude and level 14 Onix.  
    -They both fall victim to Bubble easily, 
     due to the 4X weakness to water.  
    -Squirtle will level up to level 13.
    -Head to the mart and sell the Bide TM then stock up on potions.  
    -Have 10-15 in your inventory. 
    -Heal at the Pokemon Center.  Head straight to Mt. Moon.
    Part one complete.
    Part two: Route to Mt. Moon-Bills Cottage
    -You can avoid the lass in the beginning but you'll be stuck 
     fighting a bug catcher.
    -Then after that you'll have to fight a youngster.  
    -After that battle you'll have the choice of 
     fighting a lass or a youngster.
    -If you choose the lass the lass will approach you and will block the way 
     and you'll have to fight the youngster as well.
    -Just battle the youngster so you can avoid the lass.   
    -You'll have one more battle with a bug catcher.
    -The battles will elevate Squirtle to level 16. 
     It'll learn Water Gun and evolve into a Wartortle as well.
    -Avoid the lass in the grass and heal at the Pokemon Center.  
    -All of the trainers except one are avoidable in Mt.Moon.  
    -You should easily be able to avoid the trainers here.
    -Run away from all random encounters.  
    -The random encounters can get very annoying.
    -I recommend taking a couple of steps then pausing then take
     another couple of steps before pausing again.
    -This will hopefully lower the random encounter rate for you.  
    -Avoid the trainers until you reach a hiker that is next to a ladder.  
    -Battle the hiker, he has two Geodudes and an Onix.
    -Quick battle, great experience points.  
    -Wartortle grows to level 17.
    -The rocket is avoidable, so avoid him.  
    -Keep going until you reach the unavoidable rocket
     near the super nerd.
    -Fight and defeat the rocket.
    -Fight the super nerd who is guarding the fossils.  
    -Just use Water Gun on all of his Pokemon.
    -Use a potion if HP gets too low.  
    -Watortle will be level 18 and will need few experience points
     to level up to level 19. 
    -Pick a fossil quickly and get out.
    -Go into the grass near Cerulean City and fight Pokemon
     until Wartortle reaches level 19.
    -Dont worry, it's only 2-3 battles.
    -Heal at the Pokemon Center.  
    -Get the Rare Candy in the back of the house where a man
     tells you the effects of badges.  
    -Find the Rare Candy.
    -Just take a step and press "A" and then repeat until
     you find the Rare Candy.  
    -Use it and Wartortle will be level 20.
    -Fight Gary.
    -This can be a very difficult battle.  
    -Have Wartortle use Water Gun on Pidgeotto, 
     pray it doesn't use Sand Attack.
    -Have it use Tackle on his Abra, it does more damage.
    -Use Water Gun on his Rattata but be aware that Rattata
     can deal good damage with Quick Attack.
    -Bulbasaur is deadly.  Vine Whip can deal serious damage, 
     Growl will lower attack and Leech Seed can
     be just evil.
    -Keep using Tackle and hope that luck goes your way and of course, 
     use potions.
    -Defeat the six trainers in Nugget Bridge, 
     use potions if HP gets too low.  
    -Go back to the Pokemon Center.
    -sell the Nugget at the mart
     and buy some potions if your stock is low.
    -Buy 5 Poke Balls.
    -Get TM45, Thunder Wave.
    -Catch the grass Pokemon that appears in your
     respective version.  
    -Oddish if playing Red, Bellsprout if playing Blue.
    -Weaken it with Tackle and catch it.  Keep it with you.
    -In the route to Bills Cottage, you can avoid several trainers.
    -You'll have to fight the hiker near the grass, a lass, 
     another hiker who is below the Jr. Trainer and a lass blocking
     the way to Bills Cottage.
    -Wartortle should reach level 24 before you fight the lass.  
    -Wartortle learns Bite at level 24, delete Tackle for it.
    -Bite makes the battle against the lass a lot easier
     because the lass has two Oddish.
    -Enter Bills Cottage and get the S.S. Ticket.  
    Part two complete.
    Part three: Getting the Dig TM-Vermilion gym battle
    -Head the to the house where the rocket stole the Dig TM.
    -Use Water Gun on his Machop, Bite on his Drowzee.
    -Teach Wartortle Dig over Tail Whip.
    -Go to Vermilion City.
    -You can avoid every trainer along the way except for
     two who are blocking the way.
    -The Jr. Trainer has three Pidgeys (UGH!)  
    -Beware of Sand Attack.
    -The male Jr. Trainer has a Raticate so use a potion 
     if HP is too low before the battle.
    -Heal at the Pokemon Center in Vermilion.
    -Buy some Super potions, at least three is good.
    -Go to the Pokemon Fan Club house and get the Bike Voucher.
    -Head the S.S. Anne.
    -Just go straight to Gary.
    -Easy battle.  Use Water Gun on Pidgeotto, though watch out
     for it's Sand Attack. Use Water Gun
     on Raticate as well.
    -Use Dig on Kadabra and Ivysaur.
    -Get HM01, Cut from the captain.
    -Teach Oddish Cut.
    -Go to the mart and buy two repels.
    -Use a repel to go into the grass to get out
     of the route quicker.
    -Go to Cerulean gym.  
    -The first trainer can be avoided but the second one can not. 
    -Just use Bite or Dig on Goldeen.
    -Misty's Staryu dies from one Dig.  
    -Starmie dies from three Digs.
    -Teach Bubblebeam to Wartortle, delete Bubble for it.
    -Head to the bicycle shop and get the bicycle.  
    -Use the bicycle as much as you can, this thing saves time.
    -I will assume you'll be using the bicycle as much as you can
     this is just common sense.
    -Cut the tree in Cerulean and go back to Vermilion, 
     use a second repel
     to go through the grass with ease.
    -Enter the Vermilion gym.
    -You can avoid all of the trainers based on the placing of
     the electrical locks.
    -If you have to fight one then it's okay but you 
     shouldn't have to fight two.
    -Fight Surge.  All of Surge's Pokemon die in one Dig.
    -Beware of his Raichu though as it's Thunderbolt can deal 
     tremendous damage and will knock out if
     it's a CH.
    -Keep the Thunderbolt TM with you.
    Part three complete.
    Part four: Road to Rock Tunnel-Pokemon Tower
    -Head to the mart and buy more super sotions, also stock up
     on repels as well.
    -Buy 20 repels. Have 7-10 super potions with you.
    -Go back to Cerulean. Use a repel so you can get through 
     the grass.
    -Head to the route to Rock Tunnel.
    -You'll have to fight a Jr. Trainer.  
    -Use Dig on all of her grass Pokemon.
    -You'll soon enough have an unavoidable battle with a bug catcher.
    -Yes, the Jr. Trainer in the end can be avoided, 
     stay away from her.
    -Heal in the Pokemon Center.
    -Cut a tree placed in a high place so you can 
     avoid the Jr. Trainer.
    -You wont have Flash in Rock Tunnel, dont worry it's not that hard to see. 
    -Just play this in a place where you have a lot of light.
    -Use your repels here, obviously.  
    -Whenever one runs out use another.  
    -Repels are very important.
    -You can not see trainers at all.  
    -You'll wind up fighting a couple of unavoidable battles.
    -It's not the end of the world, just do your best.
    -You can avoid the trainers outside, so do that.
    -Once in Lavender Town, heal at the Pokemon Center.
    -At the mart, buy 3 Great Balls and buy Super Potions 
     if you need any.
    -Go to the route to Celadon City.
    -You'll either have to fight a gambler or a lass.  
    -Choose the gambler, he uses fire types.
    -You can avoid the rest of the trainers but will come across
     a line of four trainers. 
    -You only have to fight the lass in the bottom.
    -Buy two fresh waters from the vendor in the rooftop 
     of the Celadon mart, 
     give one to the girl to get TM17, Ice Beam. 
    -Keep one for yourself.  Teach Blastoise Ice Beam and delete
     Water Gun for it.
    -Head to the secret house and get HM02, Fly.
    -Now enter the grass you saw before you went to the house
     and catch a Spearow.  
    -It will probably get killed in one hit from any one of 
     your attacks so just throw a Great Ball at it.
    -Dont worry most of the time you'll just 
     catch it in one attempt.
    -Teach Spearow Fly.
    -Go to the rocket game corner and defeat the rocket.
    -All of the rockets can be avoided, go to the bottom floor 
     and pick up the Lift Key by defeating
     the rocket in the corner.
    -Talk to him after you defeat him and he'll 
     drop the Lift Key.
    -Enter the elevator and choose B4F.
    -Defeat the two rockets blocking the way.
    -Fight Giovanni.  Use Bubblebeam on all of his Pokemon.
    -Pick up the Silph Scope and use Dig to get out.
    -If you didn't enter the Pokemon Center, you should wind up back
     in Lavender Town.  
    -You saved a little time there.
    -Go to the mart and buy some paralysis heal.
    -Enter the Pokemon Tower.
    Part four complete.
    Part five: Clearing out Pokemon Tower-Safari Zone.
    -Fight Gary.  Use Ice Beam on his Pidgeotto, Bubblebeam on Growlithe,
     Bite on Gyarados,
     Dig on Kadabra and Ice Beam on Ivysaur.
    -There are four channelers you have to fight here.  
    -One on the first floor of the channelers, one on the second
     floor of channelers.
     and two on the fourth floor of channelers.
    -Use Bubblebeam to defeat Marowak.
    -Fight the rockets, easy battles.  
    -Wartortle should evolve into a Blastoise
     before or after your battle with the rockets.
    -Mr. Fuji will hand you the Poke Flute.  
    -Fly back to Celadon City.
    -Heal at the Pokemon Center.
    -Go to Celadon gym.
    -There's only one trainer you have to fight, one of the three girls
     that surround Erika.  
    -She has a Weepinbell, Gloom and Ivysaur.  
    -Use Dig to take out Weepinbell, Ice Beam to take out 
     Gloom and Ivysaur.
    -Fight Erika.  Use Ice Beam on every one of her Pokemon.  
    -Watch out for powders like Stun Spore and Sleep Powder. 
    -Tangela will die in one Ice Beam, Victreebel and 
     Vileplume can survive one.  
    -She might use a turn to heal her Pokemon with a super potion 
     so if she does that, you can kill the Pokemon in the next turn.
    -Sleep Powder and Stun Spore are evil, you should have bought
     some paralysis heals.
    -Leave the gym and use the Poke Flute on Snorlax.  
    -Just use Bubblebeam and Bite to take Snorlax down.
    -Use a super potion to heal yourself if HP is too low, 
     head to Cycling Road.
    -You may or may not be able to avoid the first biker.  
    -Try to get as far away from him as you can and then head down.
    -All of the other bikers can be easily avoided.
    -Heal at the Pokemon Center in Fuschia City.
    -Enter Fuschia gym.
    -I'm not sure if you can avoid the trainer in the beginning.  
    -Try walking down really low to see if you can.
    -You'll have to fight two trainers who are right next to you.  
    -The first one has a three Drowzees and a Kadabra, 
     the second one has a Drowzee and a Hypno.  
    -Use Bite and Dig to beat these Pokemon.
    -Use Dig on all of Koga's Pokemon.  Beware that Muk can Minimize 
     and survive a Dig.  
    -So just use Dig and finish it off with another attack.  
    -Weezing is capable of using Selfdestruct, which is capable of killing 
     Blastoise if your HP is low enough.  
    -It'll also survive a Dig.  
    -For me, it always seems to use Selfdestruct
     when I dig into the ground.
    -Heal at the Pokemon Center.  
    -I hope you've been depositing items you don't need.  
    -You can put the Mega Drain TM and Toxic TM in there as well or 
     sell them at the mart.
    -Head to the Safari Zone.
    Part five complete.
    Part six: Getting the Surf HM-Cinnabar Island
    -Use repels to avoid wild Pokemon. 
    -I highly recommend you check a FAQ or play this in another 
     game so you'll know how to get to the
     mystery house. 
    -If you don't, you could wind up wasting a lot of time.  
    -Otherwise, this will take maybe five minutes.
    -Make sure to pick up the Gold Teeth.
    -Get the Surf HM and Teach it to Blastoise over Bubblebeam.
    -Use Dig to exit.
    -Give the warden his teeth and teach Blastoise Strength over Bite.
    -Get the Rare Candy from moving the boulder in his house.
    -Fly to Celadon City.
    -Exit Celadon and enter the building with the thirsty guard.
    -With the fresh water he'll let you into Saffron.
    -Go to the Silph HQ.
    -Take the elevator into the 5th floor and go to the place 
     where a rocket is near a warp portal.
    -Fight and defeat the rocket then take the warp portal.  
     Now take the warp portal back.
    -Get the Card Key and take the elevator to the 3rd floor.
    -Open a door on the left side with the Card Key and take the
     warp portal to meet Gary.
    -Use Ice Beam on his Pidgeot, Surf on Growlithe, Dig on Alakazam, 
     Strength and/or Ice Beam on Gyarados and Ice Beam and/or
     Dig on Venusaur.
    -Defeat the rocket guarding the door where Giovanni is.
    -Fight Giovanni.  
    -Use Surf on Rhydon, Surf on Kangaskhan, Dig on
     Nidorino and Surf on Nidoqueen.
    -Get the Master Ball from the President.
    -Use Dig to get out.
    -Fly to Saffron City if you wound up elsewhere and heal 
     at the Pokemon Center.
    -Enter the Saffron gym.
    -Check a FAQ to find out which portals will lead you to Sabrina.  
    -And yes, avoid the trainers.
    -Use Dig on Mr. Mime, Surf on Venomoth, Dig on Kadabra and
     Dig on Alakazam.
    -Take the portals back. Check a FAQ so you don't
     mess up.
    -Fly back to Pallet Town.
    -Use Surf on the water and head to Cinnabar Island.  
    -Use repels to avoid wild Pokemon and avoid the 
     trainers along the way.
    Part six complete
    Part seven: Pokemon Mansion-Pokemon League.
    -Use repels to avoid wild Pokemon.  
    -Check a FAQ on how to advance.
    -Make sure you pick up TM14 Blizzard and the Rare Candy.  
    -Both items are on the same floor.
    -It's up to you if you want to use Blizzard or not.  
    -I just kept Ice Beam on my Blastoise.   
    -Every trainer can be avoided here.
    -Get the Secret Key and use Dig to get out.
    -Enter Cinnabar gym.
    -Take the easy quizzes so you can avoid the trainer battles
     leading up to Blaine.
    -Fight Blaine.  
    -Just use Surf on all of his fire Pokemon.
    -Go to mart and stock up on Max Repels.  
    -Buy 15-20.  
    -Buy some hyper potions, 
     I'd recommend 7-10.
    -Fly back to Viridian City.
    -Enter the Viridian Gym.
    -You'll have to battle a Cooltrainer who is
     above the three trainers who
     form a "w".  
    -Then you'll have to fight a Blackbelt.
    -Exit the gym after beating the Blackbelt because 
     when the blackbelt approaches you, 
     he blocks the way.  
    -When you re-enter the gym, he's back in his
     normal position.
    -Fight Giovanni.  Use Surf on all of his Pokemon.  
    -Fly back to Cerulean City.
    -Head to the Power Plant.
    -Avoid the Pokemaniac outside the Power Plant.
    -Use repels to avoid wild Pokemon and find Zapdos, 
     it isn't that hard.
    -Use the Master Ball to catch Zapdos.  
    -Teach Zapdos Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave.
    -Use Dig to get out.
    -Fly back to Viridian City if you didn't
     wind up there.  
    -Head to the Pokemon League.
    -Fight Gary.  
    -Use Zapdos to take out Pidgeot, Venusaur, 
     Alakazam and Gyarados.  
    -Use Blastoise to take care of Growlithe and Rhyhorn.
    -Go back to the Pokemon Center and heal up.
    -Now head to the Pokemon League.
    Part seven complete.
    Part eight: Victory Road-Elite Four
    -Head to Victory Road.
    -Use max repels to avoid Pokemon, use Strength 
     to move those boulders.
    -All of the trainers can be avoided here.  
    -If you do this right Victory Road will 
     take five-ten minutes.
    -Buy some revives at the mart, stock up on 
     some max potions and full heals.
    -Blastoise should be level 49-51.
    -Zapdos should be level 50.
    -I clocked out at 2:49 here.  
    -If you got around here, good for you.  
    -If you got above three hours you could use some work.  
    -If you got under this time well then I'd better capitalize 
     on the mistakes I made last time.
    -Set the battle mode to "shift".
    -Make sure Zapdos is on the top of your team.
    -You'd better save the game.
    -I'm running out of thoughts.
    Part eight complete.
    Final part: Elite Four-Final Gary battle
    -Fight Lorlei.  
    -Use Zapdos to take care of Dewgong, 
     beware that Dewgong can survive Thunderbolt. 
    -Lorlei may use a super potion to heal it after it
     so you can kill it the next turn.  
    -If not, watch out for Aurora Beam, this takes off half
     of Zapdos' HP and a CH will kill it.  
    -Cloyster falls victim to one Thunderbolt, 
     Zapdos should level up
     and learn Thunder, delete Thundershock for it. 
    -Slowbro will either die or BARELY survive 
     Thunderbolt then
     use a weak move like Water Gun.  
    -Use Drill Peck on Jynx, if Ice Punch kills Zapdos 
     switch to
     Blastoise and finish it off with Dig.  
    -If not, keep Zapdos in and use Thunderbolt to take
     cripple Lapras.  
    -If Zapdos is dead, weaken it with Blastoise 
     and then use
     Revive and restore it's HP. 
    -Bring Zapdos back in to finish Lapras off. 
    -If Zapdos is in there when Lapras comes out, 
     use Thunderbolt and
     then use Blastoise to finish it off.
    -Restore HP to Zapdos and Blastoise. 
    -Use Revive if Zapdos or Blastoise died.
    -Make sure Blastoise is on the top 
     of your roster.
    -Fight Bruno.  
    -Just use Surf with Blastoise.  
    -It kills everything but Machamp in one hit 
     and for Machamp, 
     just attack it again after Surf.
    -Fight Agatha.  
    -Use Dig to take care of Gengar, 
     switch to Zapdos and use 
     Thunderbolt to kill Golbat. 
    -Switch to Blastoise and use Dig to take
     care of Haunter, Arbok and Gengar.  
    -Use a Poke Flute if Hypnosis puts you to sleep.
    -Use potions to restore health to Zapdos and
    -Use full heals to eliminate any status effects.
    -Make sure Zapdos is on the top of your roster.
    -Fight Lance.  
    -Use Zapdos' Thunderbolt to defeat Gyarados
     then switch to Blastoise and use 
     Ice Beam/Blizzard to beat his two Dragonair. 
    -Switch back to Zapdos and use Thunderbolt to 
     beat his Aerodactyl. 
    -Switch back to Blastoise and use 
     Ice Beam/Blizzard to defeat Dragonite.
    -Use potions to restore health to Zapdos
     and Blastoise.
    -Make sure Zapdos is on the top of your roster.
    -Fight Gary.  
    -Use Zapdos' Thunderbolt to take 
     care of Pidgeot.  
    -Then keep Zapdos in and use Drill Peck
     to beat Alakazam, 
     use Thunderbolt if Alakazam uses Reflect.  
    -Switch to Blastoise and use Surf to 
     beat Rhydon, switch back 
     to Zapdos and use Thunderbolt to beat Gyarados.  
    -Now switch back to Blastoise and use Surf 
     to beat Arcanine, 
     switch to Zapdos and use Drill Peck to 
     beat Venusaur.
    -YOU WIN!
    -Professor Oak inducts you in the Hall of Fame.
    -I clocked out at 3:05 here, check what you got.
    -Watch the credits, DON'T TURN THE GAME OFF.
    -After that, check your time after the credits.
    -I clocked out at 3:07 here.
    V.          Credits
    -Thanks to DevilLocker32, WestWilder, 
     RapidSpinner, TazenRahn, 
     and YoYoChamp. 
     Some of my friends at the Pokemon Blue board 
     who encouraged me to make this 
    -Thanks to Game Freak and Nintendo for 
     making this game possible.
    -Thanks for CJayC for making this site.

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