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    Hints and Tips by Justin-

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     -Version 1.1
     -Document Written By: Justin¤ ( paintball@psxsucks.com )
     -©1999 Justin¤
    Version 1.0 - First version of Tips & Tricks
    Version 1.1 - I made it more descriptive and
    have added the Cloning Tip.
    Sometimes you will receive a Level 5 or lower Pokémon.
    Whenever you try and fight Level 25 or so Pokémon yours
    always faints so it cannot gain EXP points. First, select
    the weak Pokémon as your main Pokémon, once you run into
    a wild Pokémon simply switch to a stron one on your first
    turn.  Defeat the enemy Pokémon and your strong and weak
    Pokémon will splits the EXP points. It will take awhile,
    but soon your Level 5 will turn into a Level 20 and be
    able to defend itself.
    I didn't know this at the time, but once a Pokémon learns
    a Hidden Machine ability, it cannot be deleted. I didn't
    want my Pokémon to be stuck with CUT as one of their
    attacks so I kept those first Pokémon for CUT and got a
    new version of the same Pokémon with only fighting moves.
    I now will only teach Hidden Machines to Pokémon which I
    have already 'messed' up with the Hidden Machines.
    When a Pokémon learns a move, it will be more powerful
    than the Technical Machine version of that move. You
    can decide if you can wait for a more powerful attack,
    or get it right now. The good thing about Technical
    Machines is to teach Pokémon moves they will never learn.
    As many know, you can get up to 50 free coins from the
    various slot players, but here is a way to get almost
    200 more. Walk around inside the Game Corner pressing
    A, you will find anywhere from packs of 10 to 100 coins.
    They are located on the tiles inside the Game Corner.
    Soon, you will find them all since they do not reappear.
    I made this mistake and deeply regret it. Throughout the
    game you can find 3 or 4 Moonstones. At Celadon City,
    you can buy the other stones. However, do not use these
    stones on your Pokémon until they have reached their
    'maturity' level. The Pokémon 'maturity' level is when
    the Pokémon reaches the level in which it will not learn
    any new moves. Example- You have a Pikachu that is Level
    20, therefore it still has 3 moves to learn. If you turn
    it into a Raichu, it will never learn those 3 moves. So
    wait until it reaches its 'maturity' level, which happens
    to be Level 43, to turn it into a Raichu. Here is a list
    of the Pokémon that fall prey to this effect and their
    'maturity' levels. Once the below Pokémon reaches the
    below level, than transform it into its more powerful
    Evolution using the stone.
    Clefairy		48
    Exeggcute		48¤
    Gloom 			52
    Growlithe		50
    Jigglypuff		39
    Nidorina		50
    Nidorino		50
    Pikachu			43
    Poliwhirl		49
    Shellder		50*
    Staryu			47
    Vulpix			42
    Weepinbell		49
    * - Note: If Shellder is evolved into Cloyster, it will
    learn SPIKE CANNON instead of ICE BEAM at Level 50, but
    will not learn any other moves. Therefore, you can wait
    till your Shellder gets to Level 50, to evolve it and
    get ICE BEAM, instead of evolving it at 40 to get SPIKE
    CANNON when it reaches Level 50. 
    ¤ - Note: If Exeggcute is evolved into Exeggutor, it will
    learn STOMP instead of LEECH SEED at Level 28, but will
    not learn any other moves after or before that. Therefore,
    you can wait till your Exeggcute gets to Level 28, to
    evolve it and get LEECH SEED, instead of evolving it at
    27 to get STOMP when it reaches Level 28.
    Eevee can only be gotten once, and you can only change it
    into one thing, so you would have to have 2 other friends
    who pick different paths, right? Wrong. Copy your Eevee
    3 times ( Info on this forthcoming ) with a friend and
    have him trade you them back. You now have 4 Eevees. I
    recommend not building them up before you copy them, since
    you will lose some cool moves when you use stones on them.
    You now have a Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, anmd Flareon to
    add to your battle squad. Enjoy.
    First, get a friend who has a new game pack. Example, lets
    say you picked Bulbasaur, who of course is now a Venusaur
    with your training skill. Your friend starts a new game and
    picks a Squirtle and goes to the nearest Pokémon center and
    trades it to you. He/She repeats this. Starting a new game
    he picks a Charmander and again trades it to you. He/She 
    repeats this again. Now he/she starts another new game and 
    picks whatever you picked, in this case Bulbasaur, you trade
    him/her back one Squirtle and Charmander. He/She now has all
    3 Starting Pokémon and so do you. The main thing is what you
    originally picked, so if you picked Squirtle, make 2 copies
    of Bulbasaur and Charmander, and have your friend pick
    Squirtle. If you picked Charmander, make 2 copies of
    Squirtle and Bulbasaur, and have your friend pick Charmander.
    Let's say your friend has captured Articuno, but you missed
    out. First, get a weak, easy to find, Pokémon. Set up a trade
    with the game link. When the "Waiting" message appears, your
    friend should turn off his or her Game Boy. Then, turn off
    your Game Boy. Turn them back on and you will both have
    Articuno, but the weak, easy to find Pokémon, will be gone.
    More description on, "How To Copy Pokémon," and other things
    I learn that not everyone knows.
    If you would like to show this guide on your website link to
    the current .TXT file under the GameFaqs web address.
    Please do not copy any parts of this guide or this guide. Do
    not alter this guide in any form or way.
    -If you want people to see it, link to it.
    -Don't copy some of it or all of it and post it on your site,
    even if you give credit to me.
    -Don't change the wording or anything.
    -As long as you print the ENTIRE and COMPLETE guide, feel
    free to print 100 or so COMPLETE copies and pass them around. 

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