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    Boss FAQ by LJones

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                         |||||Pokemon Boss Guide|||||
                             |||||Version 1.1|||||
                            |||||July 6th, 1999|||||
                              |||||Guide By:|||||
                               |||||LJones |||||
                   |||||Lyndonjones@sprintsite.com ICQ 37769799|||||
         Well, to first start off, this site was sooo full of mistaked and
    mispellings and typos that I decided that I'd have better fix it....
    spending too much time on other FAQs!Well anyawys, that's off the FAQ.
    Well, I wanted this guide fixed as much as you did, it didn't even have
    a table of contents! How sorry can I get?So, now I present to you
    peoples, the new and improved Pokemon Boss Guide! I hope this is better
    than the last one!
    Version 1.0- The must... well , let's put it this way. This was not a
    good version of this guide, and I was embarassed to come on here and
    find out what I needed to fix on it... really
    Version 1.1- WOW! What a change! If it hadn't been for Gamefaq's
    Updating policy, I would have never seen my dream come true: to have
    this guide improved.Now, thanks to Gamefaqs, my site has been revived by
    one hundred percent! I hope it's alot better to your eyes as it was for
    mine!Thans again, GameFAQs!!
    |||||Table of Contents|||||
    3)Boss Guide
     c)Lt. Surge
    4)*Sob*The End!
     Hiya peoples! For all the people out ther who have not beaten this
    ridiculously easy game (well, easy if you follow these simple steps in
    the guide), I have made this site for you. As always, if you have ANY
    questions, e-mail me at the following adress:Lyndonjones@sprintsite.com
    ..you can just call me chocoholic, choco for short, tee hee, it's my new
    nick. Speaking of nicks, if you'd like to check out my kool new ICQ
    nick, just ICQ me at 37769799 for HOW to do the tricks and to get added
    to my ICQ list! Well, anyways, you're probably dying to start <Audience>
    Yeah! Yeah! Well, all right, all right....on with the show!
     Hi there! If you have been staying with me, you should already know my
    feeling about this game. This game is mind numbingly long <at least if
    you want to beat it> and a total letdown for me. I don't understand how
    people can actually like this game!It bringss back old vidoe game
    memories... like that time I played "Quest" what an odd "RPG" Well
    anyways, all you need to know about to basics is about the pokemon,
    which you already know. NOW onto the basics of this FAQ.Really simple-
    I'll explain the boss, and this star * will sybolize hhow tough he is,
    from mind boggingly easy < depending on which pokemon type you have-
    I'll only have the ideal and the most un-ideal types out there>which is
    one, and impossibly hard, five.So, with that knoledge in your head,
    let's get started! As they say, "the show MUST go on"
    3)Boss Guide
     The bosses are very simple- the muisic, I have to admit, I like THAT,
    at least.Well, the bosses inflict no fear in you, and unless you didn't
    raise your Pokemon right, thier pokemon will be levels and levels below
    you! My Venusaur was level 65 when fighting Koga! My starting pokemon
    was at level 100 when I fought Gary- when his was only level 65!
     My point, folks, is that you don't really need a Guide...it's just
    there to help people who don't know what to do, or don't own a guide of
    their own at home.. tee hee hee.
     Remember that boy, Brock who is in the Pokemon Show? And how Brock
    joined Ash in his quest and gave him the Boulder Badge out of the
    goodness of his heart? He does that here too, right? WRONG!!! ANYONE who
    thinks this is ovbiously wayyy behind the times or brain dead..well
    anyways, all you need to do is slip past the Jr. Trainer. Do this only
    if your Pokemon are at a hight enough level, say,ripe and ready to
    evolve < Make sure your Charmander already has, if you have one>If you
    don't have a high level pokemon, all you have to do is fight his pokemon
    for some experince, and they aren't hard. After that,  go up and talk to
    the guy. There he is- BROCK!!
     Now, Brock only has a level 12 Geodude and a level 14 onix, so they
    should be gone in no time. Like the second pokemon episode fight, Geodud
    will come first. Either drown him with several well aimed water guns
    <Squirtle> or soak him up with several vine whips. Do the same with
    Brock's Onix. Repeat the process until they are all fainted.JOY! Now you
    have access to Brock's Bouder Badge! He'll gladly hand it over- and a TM
    34 to boot ( It teaches Bide, and BIDE the way, the boulder badge raises
    defense on your pokemon a little higher.*- right pokemon ***- wrong
     This place is a abselote OCEAN! These people are so into water pokemon,
    they probably want to BE water pokemon! Anyways, if you fight Misty's  
    JR.Trainers, they  will have LOADS of water pokemon- Goldeen and
    seaking, for and example.okay, after you defeat the one girl next to
    Misty, go up to Misty, and she will tell you some junk, I don't really
    understand what, just that it's not very much before you go into battle.
    Here is the second boss- Misty, the Water Queen!!
     Misty, or course, isn't like most girls, who would GLADLY give up a
    badge to a cute boy such as Ash... she wants to fight fight fight first!
    And you remember the episode where she was so reluctuant to battle you
    at first, and had joined your quest? Thank she will do that in the game?
    NO WAY!!!She'll fight to the very bitter end, which isn't pretty. I bet
    you don't like to see a girl cry, do you? guesss what she does? Uh...
    never mind, tee hee.. so anyways, she'll have a  Staryu- level 18 and a
    Starmie- level 21. These guys aren't any real problem as long as you
    have an Ivysaur . Just soak up thier water with Vine Whip <Bellsprout is
    also good, if you don't have an Ivysaur.>You can also use a Pikachu who
    is about - around level 25. Just use pikachu's electrical attacks and
    you'll be fine. After you beat her, just talk to her agin to get the
    CASCADE BADGE, which makes pokemon up to level 30 obey you and TM 11,
    which teaches BUBBLEBEAM.JOY! Now you have two badges! Head to Viridian
    city.*- right pokemon ***- wrong pokemon
     You. The towering mass of army muscle from the popular Pokemon series
    on TV is back, and stronger than ever. Before you gut to the actual
    boss, you'll have to unlock a coded trash like thingie- just remember-
    when you hit a lock "the next one is right beside it"- which means it
    chould either be in any 3 trash cans or any 4 trash cans.You won't be
    able to dodge the three Jr. Trainers if you wish to get to the boss-
    besides, beating them makes them spill an important secret!DON'T use ANY
    water pokemon in here or pokemon with water type abilities- they will be
    friend by the Trainer's electrical power.Instead, use something like a
    ground type pokemon, like Digglett or Dugtrio or something like that....
    an Ivysaur with a Razor Leaf ability strapped to it will also fare well.
    After battling the trainers, go through the door and talk to the man..
    heere he is folks, the talented, the amazing, LT. SURGE!!!
    He isn't really hard.. as long as you DON'T use your DQuirtle or any
    other water type pokemon! He'll fry them like eggs in a pan, or eggs on
    a sidewalk, rather.His level 24 Raichu,level 21 voltorb, and level 18
    pikachu will put up quite a fight, but you will pull the plug on their
    electricity power if you do one of two things. 1:Use ground type- around
    level 25. 2: Raise your pokemon up to the highest level it will go
    without diobeying you. After you beat him, he will yeiwl the
    THUNDERBADGE, which will raise yourpower on all your pokemon a little.
    You will also recieve a TM24, which teaches your electric pokemon
    THUNDERBOLT. Teach it to your Electric pokemon or other pokemon that can
    learn it. Difficulty- right pokemon- * wrong pokemon- **
    d) Erika
     The mistress of green and leafy plants resides in this botanical
    gym.Her dozen handmaidens will valiantly try to protect her, throwing
    their strongest grass type pokemon at you, but if you have a flame type
    pokemon, you will quickly burn down thier evil plot...well, mabye it
    isn't evil, but they are trying to keep your from getting the badge so,
    I guees that's evil, tee hee. The quickest way to get the Erika < and
    the safest> is to take the left skinny path way, go up and battle the
    woman, cut through the vines, fight the other lady, just use a fire
    pokemon, then talk to the lady in black pants, ERIKA.
     ERIKA isn't hard if you do 1 of two things. As with last time,you can
    either use you best fire pokemon< Charmeleon , or Flareon> Her level 29
    Victreebel,level 24 Tangela, and level 29 Vileplume should be no problem
    for you, as long as you heed the advice above:Use Fire type pokemon ONLY
    or a level 42 Venusaur (Trust me: Venusaurs can stay this long without
    disobeying orders- at least, mine did!)After you beat her, she will
    yield the RAINBOW BADGE, which assures you that all pokemon, level 50
    and below, will obey you no matter what.Also, the TM 21, contains mego
    drain, that you might want to teach to one of your plant pokemon. YAY!
    With my good guidance and your good listening you have gained yet
    another badge! only 4 more to go!!Difficulty: right pokemon- * wrong
    pokemon ****
    e) Sabrina
     This boss - and her gym- are pretty hard if you don't know what to do.
    The only pokemon trainers here are channelers, which means all they have
    in their arsenals are one or two gastlys, mabye a haunter thrown in-JOY!
    You probably have already fought these guy before, so they should be no
    biggie- just use your best fire and water pokemon, and a really high
    leveled grass type pokemon. NEVER go into the side portals- you'll NEVER
    read it that way. All to do is just go to either the top or bottom warp,
    and PRESTO- you'll be there in no time... although you may chicken out
    at the last minte when you suddenly realize that your pokemon aren't
    fully healed and you want to escape but you can- but no worries- all the
    easy ways to beat SABRINA nest!
     SABRINA is just about as easy as it gets-just get a 47 leveled or so
    venusaur and that thing will be gone in no time- or course, there is
    another way to approuach this- first of all, DON'T use Fighting pokemon,
    you'd be killed in two turns, mabye less. Your pokemon WILL get comfused
    in this place, so be warned, as soon as one of your pokemon are
    confused, switch it with and un- confused one. Just use a bug < high
    leveled preferred> and you can have this battle over with in no time.
    Remember not to use fighting potions, have your pokemon level's higher
    than hers, give your pokemon potions no and then , and you'll be great.
    For defeating her, she will yield the MARSH BADGE, which looks more like
    a heart. Anyways, it WILL make surre that all pokemon up to level 70
    well obey you.Also you will get TM46: PYSBEAM. Use it on a pyschic
    pokemon (duh) .ALL RIGHT!5 badges down, 3 more to go! DIFFICULTY: Right
    pokemon: ** Wrong pokemon:*****
     I'll have to say, koga's gym is impressive, but the pokemon you find in
    there really .. I'll put it in a good way... all you need is ONE full
    heal...and that's it. Nothing more needed, nothing more said.The pokemon
    in this gym really SUCK. I'm sorry, but where do they get off giving you
    a KOFFING!? AS my venusaur got rid of thier pokemon, one by one, I
    laughed at their stupid ways- heck, I didn't even need the full heal!
    Anyways , that's off the point....the point is.. and I DO have a point,
    ya know.The point is- is that the invisible walls around the main room
    of  the gym will prevent you from EVER getting to the boss, if you don't
    feel each of the walls carefully!Feel free to fight the trainers, as the
    trainer's pokemon are easily defeated with Kadabra's devistating PSYCHIC
    attack will knock them out IMMEDIATELY.Then the battles only take a few
    minutes AND you gain all the pokemon EXP you want! Well anyways, once
    you come to the guy..you'll know it's him because he's the only guy in
    all black with black hair.Talk to him, and he will lure you into a
    battle.< or you will lure HIM into a battle , you can never tell , the
    people on these vidoe games never talk.>
     KOGA is easy- no, he's actually a piece of cake if you do one of
    several things. First, have full heals on hand, if your pokemon aren't
    that good and you need the potions to help you along. Then get your
    strongest psychic pokemon or strongest grass type pokemon, and if you
    use their special attacks for about.. four turns, his level 37 koffing,
    level 39 muk, level 37 koffing, and his level 43 wheezing will faint,
    and he will have to forfiet, as he has fun out of pokemon. Doing this.
    he will yield the SOUL BADGE.Kool! This badge slightly boosts the
    defense of all your pokemon! Now you're pumped! You can do anything with
    your new TM06, which can teach TOXIC to a poison pokemon.Well, can you
    defeat the firery Manic Blaine! Lets hope so, if you hope to get the
    VOLCANO BADGE!!DIFFICULTY:right pokemon:* wrong pokemon:****
     Blaine's gym is really the begging of the procrasinators nightmare. If
    you said to yourself, about the work of raising your pokemon to higher
    levels, if you kept on saying, " Oh, I can always do it later" well,
    you'd better do t NOW, and you'd better have all the new pokemon you got
    at Seafoam, including that artincuno.. have plenty of burn heals on
    hand, just in case...you have to fight and defeat each trainer before
    you can proceed into the next room, and you have to get the Secret Key
    before you can venture into his hottish home. Soon, after about mabye a
    dozen battles, either heal your pokemon here, or go back to the pokemon
    center <hey, it's free>Now, go up to the lone man at the end of the
    maze. You guessed it- it's Blaine!
     BLAINE isn't really hard, as long as you don't use Venusaur.. well, you
    could use venusaur, but you'd be sorry, unless it had a REEEALLY high
    level, like close to 70 or something.Of course, if you use your
    Blastiose, you can kill these thing in a couple of turn, no big
    deal.Fire against Blaine's level 42 growlithe, level 40 ponyta, level 42
    rapidash, and level 47 arcannine won't work.. all it will suceed in
    doing in doing is making the fire pokemon inflict even more damage!Well
    anyways, like I said, after a few turns with the Blastoise or another
    nice water pokemon <oh, did I mention that you can use a pokemon that
    has psychic and kill all the pokemon in only 4 turns! It's spectacular!>
    Blaine will lose, and in turn, he will surrender the VOLCANO BADGE,
    which boosts the powers of all your pokemon's special attacks, and TM 38
    which teaches Fire Black, the Kewlest fire attack- EVER! Teach it to the
    fire pokemon who had to miss out-flareon and Charmeloen<should be
    Charizard about now, don'tcha think?>Now, only one  badge left....
    DIFFICULTY: right pokemon:  Wrong pokemon ****
    h) Giovanni
     Remember the leader of Team Rocket that you fought so valiantly and
    beat so repeditively so many times? That's weird, but HE's the leader of
    the Viridian gym, and guess what type of pokemon he has... ground types
    ( duh, that's the pokemon that you beat before) They have a really high
    level, and so do the Trainer's pokemon that a scatterd along the room
    with the spinning transporters. After you dizzily find your way around
    the room, fighting Trainers and everything <I suggest using high level
    grass pokemon; all the way up to your limit> of all things I beg of you,
    AVOID ELECTRICITY TYPE POKEMON. I cannot stress this enought, I have
    gotten too many e-mails on it, lemme tell you, you use electricity, the
    pokemon WILL BE LAUGHING IN YOUR FACE, so you can either use psychic
    type pokemon, which are the preferred choice, or you can use high level
    grass type pokemon on the trainers. Sooner or later, though, you will
    face Giovanni, who is facing you in a black suit. Now, you will go into
    battle with him!
     GIOVANNI'S pokemon are a joke, once you have these psychic pokemon in
    your arsenal, you are UNSTOPPABLE.  If you don't have a psychic pokemon
    <only a fool wouldn't have one by now> , use your highest leveled grass
    type pokemon to squeese out a vistory. After you assault and killing all
    of his pokemon with Razor leaf, vine whip, and Psychic, Giovanni will
    <finally> surrender the Earth badge, which makes all pokemon obey you,
    no matter what their level.You also get TM 27, which teaches Fissure,
    which will kill pokemon instantly, or something like that, I read it off
    the game!Bummer you can only use it on ground types.. now you have all
    WAKE!! YEAH!!
    4)*SOB*The End!
     FINALLY, this horrendous wait is over! I've got the Guide comepletely
    made over, with a table of contents, basic, intro, and an ending! Oh,
    this is amazing! <breaks out in tears> Remember, if you want to have me
    answer ANY questions about the game, or want to send any comments, just
    e-mail me at Lyndonjones@sprintsite.com. I'll leave the elite four and
    Gary to yourselves, you need to do a little work, don't you, so don't e-
    mail me with questions about the elite four or anything. Over and out
    for now, see you on the Mortal Kombat 4 review!
    Copyright 1999<c> Lyndon Jones

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