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One game to start them all, one game to find them03/02/03Aganar
A game that popularised role-playing games to everyone, where others failed.11/13/12BigCj34
Good game... and no, I'm not a Pokemaniac.05/27/01BrakZero
The greatest game boy game ever!05/23/06calendron
Pokemon lives on, and this is where it all started. See for yourself.06/15/09Chunkey Simmons
Yep, I bought into it as a kid, but retribution comes now.05/29/07del20nd
If Red is Blue and Blue is Red, my head must be off12/22/09EJRICH
One of my all time favourite games!11/20/02falsehead
It has clear problems, it divides gamers, and it's fun will never fade.11/19/10FuzzyJello
Now that the craze is gone, it's much easier to notice the many problems this game contains.11/15/04Haunter12O
The little cartridge that started a worldwide phenomenon10/20/08horror_spooky
Twenty years have passed since this game's original release; does it still hold up well?04/08/16hylianarmy
It came. It conquered.07/26/03IAX
This game made the entire nation want to "Catch 'Em All". Have you caught Pokefever?04/30/12Jerrynsteph4eva
Blue can mean sadness... The only sad part is the graphics!10/05/10KeyBlade999
I didn't want to give it this score, HONEST!!!12/03/00KingBroccoli
The myths of Pokemon put to rest07/18/01matt91486
Water. Oxygen. Pokemon.12/08/01MaxH
Ah, yes, those were the days...09/13/06missingn087
Face the truth: Pokemon is a force to be reckoned with.05/07/07MSuskie
You certainly won't be feeling blue after playing this game.07/14/14nastynate3118
Not once will I mention the word "Pikachu" in this review...04/14/03Phediuk
The journey to conquer Indigo League is one very much worth taking.09/25/15Ryan Harrison
The first Pokemon game released into the U.S.12/12/05shiningstone
This was THE defining Game Boy game08/08/06Shivan Reincarnated
On the road again02/24/03Snow Dragon
Pokey-man!? That's right, and it's still going strong today.04/02/10Sour
Pokémon: Perhaps you've heard of it?06/24/04terrisus
The Beginning Of The Hypnosis Of America...03/13/09TheRedneck14
Got you by the poke-balls.10/18/06Unleashed Vortex
I've been meaning to say this for a long time...01/11/04Xerian
Capturing the heart of many young souls back in the day.08/08/07zoradude

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The game that earned Nintendo millions of dollars!06/13/00CChan
It's a love-hate relationship...11/01/99cranium7
PokéMe PokéYou Pokémon!10/29/10Crestfallen Dreamer
A great game!11/01/99Dan7768
The game that started it all...10/04/10Dragon66116
Pokémon, the incredibly addictive game02/13/01Dranis
The game that's hard not to love11/01/99DWit
The Game that started it all...11/01/99DYang
The semi-hypnotic game of collecting and raising wee monsters and teaching 'em to be lethal.11/01/99El Gato
Pocket sized powers.11/01/99Failure
This is a reason to buy a GameBoy11/01/99Fenix
Although not as celebrated as Zelda or Mario, it's certainly enough to be a classic.11/01/99GCaparas
The most addictive game ever11/01/99GLocke
Excerpt: There has never been an RPG like this where you catch animals (unless you think about Chocobos, which aren't as fun to catch).11/01/99JeffreyATW
Fun but it gets tiring.....11/01/99JHealy
Mediocre, Decent.11/01/99Joji
You will keep playing it....But, you will be bored by the plot.11/01/99MasterReviewer
The hit Japanese game arrives to the US, but will it be a hit here...11/01/99Mmeeva
How can this hook thee, let me count the ways.11/01/99Morbydd
The best Gameboy game ever!!!11/01/99PContaminator
Gotta catch them all!07/16/01Psycho Penguin
The addictive cartoon comes to the Game Boy, but is it worth playing?11/01/99RCarlos
A legend in gaming09/19/07Shresh
Incredibly addictive, certainly the best game on Gameboy.11/01/99Stallion
This is the one thing that is making the gameboy live longer.11/01/99Truegamer
The Best Gameboy Game I have Ever Played11/01/99Zabunny

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