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"A legend in gaming"

Pokemon Blue is arguable one of the best games to come out on any gameboy system. It has much value; and it will last forever as one of the games that started a phenomenon.

graphics: 7/10
alright, I'll be the first to admit the graphics aren't great. But they have an unusual kind of flair about them and some are particularly cute. remember, this isn't even under the gameboy color category yet. Simple graphics? Yes, but to be expected, and some (especially a few attacks) are particularly enjoyable. If you want graphics, try firered/leafgreen.

music/sound effects: 7/10
Fun the first few times, eventually becomes tedious. The thirtieth time you hear spearow's call you'll be out of your mind. But the music is fun and certainly passable.

Story: 8/10
The base plotline is that you have to go around to eight different gyms, beat the leaders, collect badges and then head to the final battles in the league. Sound simple? Not so much. There's a lot of training, team building and tactics to use between now and then.

Gameplay: 10/10
It not only started a phenomenon but a successful one. my Grandchildren may one day be playing pokemon games. It is fun and straightforward with a lot of unexpected twists. Strengths and weaknessess are very potent in this game, but even a pokemon that has the disadvantage can win easily with enough experience. There are, of course, 151 pokemon to collect between red and blue; a large number that will keep you busy the whole game. And the more pokemon you have trained, the easier the later gyms will be. So, rather than having a team of lvl 100 rattata,you have to train up various kinds of pokemon, from the lowly Magikarp to the Insanely poweful Mewtwo.

Replay value: 10000000000/10
This is the part where the game really shines. It is the perfect game to waste a bit of time on, it's easy, it's fun and it's a little different every time, depending on the strategies you use. It's just the thing for times when you have to wait or have nothing else to do. I know it's ridiculous, but this boots the game up from many a rank to a perfect one.

Overall: 10/10. An enjoyable game that's easy to play with hundreds of hidden strategies for you to use. The glitches can be fun, but they don't actually hinder gameplay. Pokemon, whether during the craze or not, will always be a legend in early gaming. It's just the thing for long trips and, honestly, well worth the ten bucks you would pay to get it. Buy it? If you have ever been bored on a car trip, then go for it. ten bucks really isn't that much money, and it is definitely worth more than that.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/19/07

Game Release: Pokemon Blue Version (US, 09/30/98)

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