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Reviewed: 10/04/10

The game that started it all...

Today, when you think of Pokemon, you'll probably be annoyed at the fact that there's now over 500 of the little creatures (with much more to come). And how the plot is still the same. This game wasn't like that.

Pokemon Blue was the very first Pokemon game (along with Red). It brought players into a whole new RPG world. The plot is pretty basic. You play as a ten year old boy who embarks on a journey to become a Pokemon Master. Along the way, you will meet quite a number of Pokemon. 151 to be exact.

The game starts out in your house in the quiet Pallet Town. You are about to enter the tall grass outside the town when someone quickly stops you, saying how it's dangerous to go alone without Pokemon. That person is none other than Professor Oak. He then takes you back to his lab and offers to give you a Pokemon.

There are 3 possible choices. There's Bulbasaur, the grass type Pokemon, Charmander, the fire type Pokemon, and Squirtle, the water type Pokemon. It doesn't really matter which Pokemon you choose, but down the road, you most likely might be outmatched by other Pokemon with an advangtage over it. That's where having other Pokemon comes in handy. You can have up to 6 in your party and if you catch more, then will be store in a PC, where you can easily use in a Pokemon Center.

Speaking of Pokemon Centers, they are very important. If your Pokemon are injured, you should take them there. They will heal all of your Pokemon to full health, free of charge. These are very useful so I suggest you use them. There are also stores in the game where you can buy helpful items. These are called PokeMarts. They provide a ton of items you can use such as Pokeballs, Potions, Antidotes, Revives, and much more. You can get money buy defeating other trainers, incase you didn't know.

Going back to the plot, after Prof. Oak gives you a Pokemon, you have to face your rival. Down the road, you have to face him multiple times and cannot advance in the story until he's defeated. It sucks, I know. But if you train your Pokes well, you shouldn't have much of a problem.

You will also have the challenge of battling gym leaders. There are eight of them in the game, and they can be challenging if you don't prepare. When you beat them, you get a Pokemon badge, and if you beat all eight, you can challenge the Elite 4 and eventually the champion. Beware though. These guys are much more of a threat than the gym leaders, so you'll need to bring your best Pokemon to the fight.

The game doesn't end there though. After you beat the Elite 4, there's a whole bunch more to do. You can complete numerous side-quests, such as capturing legendary Pokemon, exploring new areas, defeating more trainers, and a lot more. The fun in Pokemon never ends.

To summarize this whole review, this game is incredible. There's so much to do that it will keep you busy for a long time. This is where Pokemon started and clearly, it will be here for a long time.

I give Pokemon Blue Version a 9/10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Pokemon Blue Version (US, 09/30/98)

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